Why’s Shelby Gore So SPECIAL?

Gus Gore and Marcella Prine met on the backseat of the Community of Christ Church in Springfield, Missouri on a Sunday night back in 1970. They talked after services for hours, then she was gone. Gus didn’t hear a thing for two years, she said she’d be back… Marcella was sixteen and Gus was nineteen.

Marcella had failed to tell Gus everything, he looked everywhere he could think of, Walmart, supermarkets, shopping centers and every park in the area. He’d asked questions, sometimes he got some strange looks, there were people who told him that girl is Bad News.

Finally he went to talk with his pastor, Dr Gary Eakins who was willing to give him some answers. Marcella and her parents attended church faithfully for years up to the time they died in the crash of their private jet. She has problems and does not need you in her life at this time. “Please STOP asking people about her, that can turn really ugly for her. If it’s meant to be, God can bring the two of you together. When it happens, get ahold of me.” Gus didn’t know what to think, he just went to work everyday and prayed a lot.

The Early Years tells what happened and why.

Rochelle Eakins

Rochelle Eakins

Dr Gary Eakins and his new, very young looking wife moved to the Springfield area in 1957. She’d spent ten years getting their Quarter Horse Ranch built and all the amenities just right before their wedding day. They moved here from Bogota, Colombia SA, when he was appointed to pastor a large church, but the congregation started to complain.

His wife is too young and beautiful to be a minister’s wife. They both drive new Rolls Royce sedans and each own their own private jets. Rochelle Eakins sells fancy clothes just for the rich and her jewelry business is hurting the big name stores. Is it stolen? So, he was asked to resign by January 1960; but that was soon discovered to be a BIG mistake.

The head office of the denomination started getting calls from hospitals, schools and churches all-over every country from the Mexican border South to Argentina. Where’s our expense money Dr Eakins has provided since 1957? The amounts being requested were far beyond what that organization could provide, many times their entire worldwide budget.

The local newspaper ran an expose on this couple, which prompted them to start the Community of Christ Church. The Eakins couple are both multi-Billionaires, donating $4 million/week to foreign missions in South & Central America. Dr Gary Eakins is much older than his wife, by how much no one seems to know. Who would believe the TRUTH anyway?

Be Ready,

the whole story is coming in our book series “Why’s Shelby Gore So SPECIAL?”. Covering the years up to 2017 and then after she turns forty-five.

This is the story of a Young Girl, her families and friends as they build their lives against what most would consider as HIGH ODDS for failure. Don’t make the mistake of picking on a four-year old, don’t pick on a twelve or sixteen year old either, Shelby is no ordinary girl walking or skateboarding down your street.

She’s done many things cute young girls are NOT supposed to do, even if your Dad is the third shift Supervisor at the local steel plant. Her full-time stay at home Momma, worked daily from her basement office using computers in the 1970’s and 80’s that do not even exist in 2017.

Shelby enjoyed using a network system then that exceeds the Internet of today earning Engineering and Business degrees before she finished her Freshman year of High School in 1988. Shelby Gore turned sixteen on September 28, 1987 …then she started to lose her school friends because she dedicated herself toward her longtime goal.

Melon is an unusual horse

Melon is an unusual horse

Shelby was happy running and playing with her Momma all around their yard in Cedarville, Missouri, swinging at the local parks, riding her horse, running and swimming up on the Hill.

The Hill (known by many as the Old School Hill), now contained 1200 totally PRIVATE acres: 18-hole PGA Quality golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool like none other, stables where her horse “Melon” was always kept, private jet airstrip and a rubber embedded running track of three miles in length.

Family friends lived here with a standing invitation allowing Shelby and Momma to come up here daily. Since the age of seven Melon did not allow her to miss more than one day at a time, rarely had she ever missed even one day. A young girl and her horse…