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The Mother Ship does EXIST!

The Mother Ship does EXIST!

The Mother Ship does EXIST!

From the time of the Anunnaki, the people who built the pyramids before the flood. YES there was a Great Flood, not an Ice Age as educators want you to believe. The Atlantean Empire covered much of our world, it can be seen in the architecture that is built of stone cut in such a way as to withstand earthquakes. China, Mexico, Peru, Egypt and ALL of Africa, even North America still contain structures built of the Anunnaki. Egyptian pyramids are covered with encrustations of ancient marine creatures.

Yeshayiah or who you call Jesus is GOD the son. Read Pleiadians Today.

Mysteries Of The Bible Banned From The Bible

Published on Feb 3, 2013
Interesting documentary regarding certain books that should have been included in the Canon of Scriptures…

READ MORE and see the Videos

Why was the book of Enoch Really Removed from the bible? What they don’t want you to know

Like Daniel the prophet, Enoch was a very special biblical character, no doubt of that. The book of Enoch is beautiful and poetic; and also clearly and accurately describes and upholds the Messiah in greater detail than any other O.T. book of the Torah. But the book of Enoch contains unresolvable contradictions to Genesis, which could be one of the reasons for its exclusion from the KJV Bible. And also, the date of the KJV Bible was year 1611, (before the book of Enoch was discovered.) Therefore the KJV scholars would not have known about it. And it seems clear that Moses, born 13 generations after Enoch, was not aware of such a book

Book of Enoch, Read-Along Version – ENTIRE BOOK (R.H. Charles)

Pleiadians Today – 140+ Million ships in our Solar System

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