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Every Young Girl has Many Fantasies!

Fifteen year old Shelby Gore was well known as “Boy Crazy”, not one girl at Cedarville High was her friend. There wasn’t one boy worth doing, that she had not already done before she turned thirteen. Talk to any girl in the school, they all hated her except no one wanted to admit her secret was she was just better looking.

Five foot eight, her sexy long tanned legs looked like a cross between an athlete, a dancer and a porn star. One advantage she had was the fact she filled out early, C-cups at age eleven, and full D-cups at age thirteen. She was not interested in building a relationship, unless she could get Willie Johnson, even though she had no idea how old he was. She’d never really noticed him until the summer she was twelve, since she was nine he was just her father’s handsome boss.

The local Steel Factory where her father worked as a night Supervisor, every year had a Fourth of July picnic. Willie was the plant manager, moved in and took over when the plant was bought by a company from South America.


Kare-Ann Young

He and his Assistant Manager Kare-Ann Young drove matching Caddie convertibles. They lived together high up on the hill east of town, with armed guards behind a tall fence and a big Security Gate. This woman her first day in town bought the only grocery store in Cedarville, then the hardware store, the drug store and auto supply. She and Willie came to the same church where Shelby and her parents attended. After turning thirteen, Shelby started sitting two rows behind the couple so she could get an idea of how serious they were.

Telling her father about her concerns, Shelby did feel better when she found out this very sexy looking woman was engaged to some military guy. Willie and her father were developing a friendship, she was the topic of much of their conversations. Willie thought she looked much older than her age. Her D-Cup breasts with large pierced nipples, just couldn’t be on a girl her age. Wearing thin white mini-Ts and cupless bras did show great womanly detail.

When she was fourteen, the 4th of July picnic had the usual sandlot volleyball game. Shelby got picked for Willie’s team, too busy looking at her, he missed a couple returns, but with her help their team won. Shelby was a real looker… When everyone was jumping up and down after the win, She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him straight on the mouth. He told her: “No! I can’t at this time.”

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Dressed like the Town Slut

Dressed like the Town Slut

Shelby realized that was NOT a permanent NO, just until the time was right. When weeks later she was shopping for her Mom at Young’s Home Center, the other woman asked Shelby to come into her office. Once inside and the door was shut, Kare-Ann smiled and cut loose.

“Shelby Gore, I have come to hate that name. Every time we’re making out, he brings up your name, you fourteen year old piece of Jail-Bait. Do you realize how dangerous the game is you are wanting to play? Willie could go to jail, that’s why you are called Jail-Bait. You teenage SLUT! Tramp or are you just a want to be WHORE? I know your history, you’ve already screwed over half of the boys in the High School and you are only going into the Freshman class. Both the High School Principal, Superintendent and at least three teachers have made it with you repeatedly.”

She continued the tongue lashing of the young blonde, who looked far beyond her actual years: “My pharmacist tells me you go through condoms like most girls your age eat chocolate. How the Hell can you use two dozen or more condoms every week? That’s 24 to 30 guys a week.”

Shelby cut in, “I only use two or three a day, the rest I give to two other girls so they won’t get into trouble.”

It was her office, so she could ask the questions: “Are you arranging dates, or what? I want to know!”

Shelby thought what could it hurt to answer? “I’m extremely fortunate, my parents are great, but these two girls are not that lucky. Their parents drink and smoke drugs, their mothers are no help and the fathers screw them several times a week. These two hide out and don’t go home some nights, sleep under a bridge. They have to get cleaned up for school, so it’s round two.” she didn’t know what good it could do telling the woman, but?

“I’ll give you some stuff, vaginal foam, Vaginal Contraceptive Film, for both girls. Do NOT tell anyone where you got this stuff.”

“Now, sorry about all the names, but you must understand the problems you can cause. In less than a year, I’ll be getting married. Ozzie Ormand is a Major General with a job here in town; that’s all I can tell you.”

“Learn to keep your pants on when it comes to men. You’ll get what you want, but don’t rush the process. There are legal issues here that affect your future, but they do take a little time. Talk to your father about Willie, tell him that I said it’s okay.”

“Do NOT ever come to this office to see me. Remember, I hate your guts you little Bitch! Get out of here!” Kare-Ann said with a wink. “I am serious.”

Shelby got up and left, with the door slamming behind her…

“God, I wonder what that was all about?” Shelby tucked the small sack in her back-pack, found the groceries she needed and headed down the street toward home.

Emeralds & Diamond

Emeralds & Diamonds

About every two weeks when she was buying groceries, the clerk would drop a little extra package in her sack. One week when she got home and was going through to see what she’d been given, she found a small wooden jewelry box. Inside were a pair of earrings and a matching bobble for her navel, also were two nipple bars with green and white stones of the same size. The microscope she had was not strong enough to see the stones really well. SO, Next time her mother went to Walmart over at Ava, Shelby requested to be dropped downtown by the square.

There was only one jewelry store in this town, but she knew the owner extremely well. Harvey had done her piercings and her mother’s too. “Come here! I can see that stuff when you came through the front door. Got a new boyfriend or did you take up with a Sugar-Daddy? Here, let me have a closer look?” it was after school on a Thursday, business was slow.

“Harvey, I do not have a boyfriend or a Sugar-Daddy. I just go out with who I want when I want. Could you check one of these under your microscope? …Shelby was no fool, she knew which he’d want, so she removed one of her nipple bars.

The jeweler checked her breast for any signs of infection or blood. “You look to be in great shape. Go ahead and put the bar back in. May I take a picture of you? You’re the best piercing job I’ve ever done.”

Shelby removed her mini-T shirt, then stuck her thumbs in her shorts: “How’s this?”

The jeweler took a few pictures, then she gave him one of the earrings to see if it had the registration numbers. Sure enough, “Okay, I got the info, this is part of a five piece set, all of which you’re wearing. The emeralds are listed as heirloom quality, custom cut and set for Designs by Rochelle, Bogota, Colombia SA. They were a Special Order for their store in Springfield, bought over ten years ago?”

“Do you want me to give you an appraisal for your insurance? You do have them insured?” he inquired.

“Probably better put your top back on. Think I could get a picture of your tall blonde friend Marcella, that had me do her nipples? She shed a few tears when I did hers, she hasn’t had any problems has she?”

Shelby's Mom

Shelby’s Mom

My Mom is happy with hers, my Dad just loves them. He hates for her to cover them up when she leaves the house. He’s proud of both of us for having them done.” Shelby saw a strange look come over the jeweler’s face.

“She’s your Mom? I wouldn’t have thought she was that old. That’s one beautiful body for a woman of her age.” Harvey was scared of something, Shelby wasn’t sure of what.

“Oh, she’s only thirty-three, she was eighteen when she had me. You just did me a favor, want me to suck your lollipop?”

Now, the man looked absolutely terrified: “NO! …get back on the other side of the counter. PLEASE! Don’t ever tell anyone I did your nipples, or we had any kind of sexual encounter. I thought we were friends, I did not realize you were only fifteen… You WERE only twelve when I did your nipples? GOD, am I in trouble! Please do not ever come back in this store again, tell your Mom…” he was turning white, his whole body was trembling.

Shelby’s Mom had just walked into the store, “Hi Harvey, is my daughter being a pest?”

He motioned for her to come back to the counter: “Would you be willing to wait a few minutes? I need to wait on these two customers, but I need to talk with you.”

“Sure! No problem.” Marcella looked at her daughter.

“What did you do? Was your jewelry stolen and someone just dropped it in your sack?”

Shelby Gore age 15

Shelby Gore age 15

Shelby answered: “NO! I didn’t do anything. Harvey gave me an appraisal for over $15,000. He said it was bought in Springfield over ten years ago. It’s not been reported stolen. He’s acting kind of funny ever since I told him how old you are. When I had my nipples done, I just signed the form, but didn’t fill in any age. I guess there must’ve been something in the form about how old I needed to be.” she didn’t see what the difference was if she was twelve or twenty. It was her body and she loved the way her nipples look.

Harvey got through waiting on the two customers, then headed back to Shelby and her mother. “I’ve got a sticky problem. This business barely keeps the bills paid. I do not have any money to pay you. Your daughter here looks a lot older than fifteen, PLEASE do not tell anyone I had my hands on your breasts today or anytime.”

“My wife isn’t fat, she’s just a little overweight and she’s a good mother to our kids. I really got carried away when I met Shelby, she offered to make a swap with me, signed the release form and I pierced her nipples. I had never been that close to a woman that beautiful, she could have asked me to pay her and I would have done it.”

“When she started on me, she just slid it down her throat with no effort. I’d seen such actions on sex videos, but always done by women in their twenties and thirties. Never any younger, but she did it that way at twelve.”

“Should I call the County Prosecutor? I’ll turn myself in… It’s going to be hard on my wife, but I just never thought. I should have never touched her.”

Shelby’s mother looked at this man she’d known for a couple years. He’d done good work, everybody was happy. “Turn yourself in for what? My nipples are just great, so are my daughter’s. Shelby is a SLUT! …she’s been that way for at least four years or more. We told her nice girls do NOT do things like she does, so she started bringing boys home for a few hours of fun. She did agree to use condoms, I had her fixed about two years ago. She didn’t bite your dick off did she?”

“NO, but my having any sexual contact with her at her age and especially three years ago is statutory rape. I should have asked for a driver’s license, a little late now for should have.” the jeweler was crying.

Willie Johnson was Older

Willie Johnson was Older

“Harvey, calm down, just do not get involved with any other girls her age. Shelby isn’t hurt, she could have been injured if someone else had done her nipples. My husband loves mine and her’s, so do the neighbors, and the UPS man and the FedEx man. We get a lot of packages delivered to the wrong address, so they can stop by twice. We neither one wear tops around the house, knock on our door and you get to see some gorgeous tits.”

“Shelby is different, she’s fallen for the guy who had the jewelry dropped in her grocery sack. She doesn’t have many friends, except boys wanting in her pants. This guy is just a friend of the family and they’ve NOT had one date.”

Shelby was never sure, she’d just hoped it was Willie.

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