Shelby Gore her own person

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Shelby has Rights, she isn’t some Hollywood actress and she has been given a lot to do…

Jail Bait

Jail Bait

At age 16, she had to be removed from Public Schools. This girl was different, never been sick a day in her life, straight A student with very few friends. Every boy at Cedarville High School wanted a date with this gorgeous creature. Old men sat on the benches in front of the local grocery and drooled when she walked by. This girl was the best example of true JAIL BAIT.

American Public Schools teach evolution, because they lack the ability to investigate. Earth scientists teach that everything started with a BIG BANG creating the planet Earth, which was able to create it’s own atmosphere. Water, land and creatures of all kinds evolved from nothing, perfectly balanced with two arms, two legs, eyes, ears and all the internal organs. Then somehow able to reproduce in it’s own kind; dogs and cats do NOT produce elephants and cows. Ask any scientist which came first: the chicken or the egg? Ask them how the first Honey bee was able to survive without at least 150,000 more support bees in the colony?

Shelby is smart, but few people knew what she was really capable of doing. Gus and Marcella Gore knew more than most and tried to support her way out decisions, she hated to wear clothes, so they built a PRIVATE back yard. At age twelve Shelby had her nipples pierced, so Marcella had her’s pierced. Even the mosquitoes and other bugs knew better than to blemish her perfect body.

In 1988 at the local Fourth of July Picnic, the cat got let out of the bag. The local Steel Fabrication Plant which employs 1,000 men and women, furnishes the food, drinks and BONUSES to their employees. Everyone in town attends. Volleyball game, dancing to a live C&W band, this year something was different. Kare-Ann Young who owned much of the town’s businesses



had gotten married and was there showing off her new husband. Major General Ozzie Ormand was a tall, handsome black man and many in the town were shocked. She was the Assistant Manager at the Steel Plant having moved to Cedarville with William L. Johnson the plant Manager six years earlier. Both had taught Metallurgical Engineering for six years previous over at Rolla to get enough qualified workers for this facility. Willie and Kare-Ann had managed several Steel Foundries down in Colombia where they claimed as their home base for the company they both work for.

Anyone with eyes in their head, could plainly see Shelby Gore was with Willie. They played volleyball, danced together to the band, they danced with Ozzie and Kare-Ann. He grabbed her hand and they jumped up on the stage, Willie had an announcement: “Before all the stories get started, Shelby and I have a couple updates. Yes it’s our first date, we are here together, I’m taking her out for a burger and a movie. Second, many of you have noticed the newly weds, Ozzie and Kare-Ann Ormand. I’m going to let Shelby let you in on what can change this community for the better. Shelby!

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When this young cutie opened her mouth, the words just started coming out: “As you all know there is nothing for teenagers in this town to do besides eating Pizza and finding a place to park. That’s going to change. As of today, Kare-Ann and I are developing a Teen Center, skating rink, theater, 18 hole golf course, tennis courts, inside and outside swimming pool, gym with racket-ball, computer lab and free tutoring for all those who are needing help. All it is going to cost to be a member is a valid student ID. This will be available to Cedarville and surrounding towns within twenty miles. Adults and college age can buy memberships at reasonable monthly or annual rates. We plan to have it OPEN by the first week of school.”

Willie Johnson was Older

Willie Johnson was Older

“Young’s Home and Family Centers along with help from PSL Holdings LTD of Bogota, Colombia SA are footing the related costs and on-going expenses. We love you Cedarville and this is our community. Enjoy all the food and drinks, Willie and I are out of here.” as these two were leaving, Kare-Ann and Ozzie were already up on stage to answer questions.

Fastening her seat-belt in Willie’s Cadillac convertible, Reality hit Shelby between the eyes. What had she just told people? She looked across at Willie, who just smiled and said: “Girl, you just did a great job of making that presentation. Kare-Ann and I both read minds and you picked up my words without one mistake. You and I are going to make a great team. How soon can you come up with your check?”

Shelby looked at him with all of his tanned bulging muscles; he seemed to be serious. Thoughts were running wildly through her mind, this date was NOT getting off to a good start: “I hope you are kidding… I may have $250 in checking and $2,000 in my college savings.”

“Young lady, you better be kidding because you are the one who needs to pay $1 Million up front to get things started. What have you done with all of your money? Just a minute!

He tapped his watch and asked: “Who’s in the office today? Jodie, Jessica?”

A sweet woman’s voice answered: “Jodie here, Jessica and Ted went to oversee the moving details. I hope you’ve kept your mouth shut? I’ve already done a $1 Million transfer to the Youth Center escrow account for Shelby. Kare-Ann has put her Million in the account, the Old Man sent me a clear deed for the 200 acres with roads, stone-work and free concrete. PSL Holdings LTD will put in $3 Million. Does that cover it?”

“Thanks you sexy piece of coffee-cake. Shelby and I are heading to Springfield to meet with Rochelle. See you whenever I get home.” Willie canceled his call, shrugged and winked at his young blonde companion.

“That’s how YOU write a $1 Million check to a charitable cause. Hold on, here we are at the burger place.” he was turning into the Bison Burger Cafe.

Inside, they ordered, talked about the picnic, then she remembered she hadn’t even told her parents she was leaving. Shelby started to open her mouth, but Willie was answering her question: “Kare-Ann and Ozzie are having your Mom and Dad over for dinner tonight. They have a lot to talk about, papers to sign. Gus and I talked about where you and I are going this morning when he helped shut down the plant for the weekend. He’ll be taking over many of my duties as the new General Superintendent in Cedarville.” he reached across and squeezed her hand.

Shelby was getting nervous, local workers kept coming over to their table to ask questions. Some even knew her name.

Back on the road west he took a back road with a great parking spot. They hugged and kissed, but Willie had more surprises: “You and I can not partake in any sexual activity until we are married. We’ve both had many sexual experiences, together we’ll be starting NEW. Our relationship is different, we are betrothed. When we’re married, I WILL make it up to you, but in the meantime we have many details needing answered. YOU must learn who you really are. There are reasons why Gus and Marcella have made sure you were in church every Sunday since you were their baby.”

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Since about 1950, the Public School System in the USA has been trying to BRAINWASH American students. The text books have been totally rewritten to reflect an atheistic agenda…

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

Uploaded on Nov 16, 2010
This video is just a brief introduction to a very serious subject. There are six books listed at the end which will go much further into the subject.

The soundtrack is now available at:… and…

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The Dumbing Down of America – Can You Survive The Idiotocalypse?

Published on Nov 29, 2014

Godrules Forums:

YouTube’s Top Video Channel: PewDiePie – A guy who is maybe 25 years old acting like a 12 year old on crack.

Synthol injections to make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Synthol being basically oil that is pumped into your muscles: it does not make you stronger, and if you do it enough, you will die.

Saline injections to make your head look like a baboon’s butt? The latest fad to hit the scene. You will look so cool with a donut on your head!

And finally, our tests have been dumbed down.. Check out this test from 1910.. Are you smarter than a 20th Century 8th Grader? probably not.

And the movie Idiocracy, which predicts where our country will be in 500 years. God help us all!

Last, the important information. The smoking gun to why our schools have been dumbed down. Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt explains to us how the elite have a plan since 1890 to turn us into worker bees.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

Who is this nut might you ask? Oh, only the Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education. She writes in her book, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” how the whole system was implemented and how they first tested it on inner city children before taking it nation wide. Charlotte states that it was the Illuminati via the Rockefellers who were pushing this type of dumbing down of the classroom.

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