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It’s 2017, the Major News Media LYING…

about everything that can Make America Great!

They LIE about President Trump and his Family who are the FIRST President and his family we as Patriotic Americans can be PROUD of. Homeland Security is Finally doing what is needed to make our land SECURE, removing people (Islamic Extremists and Drug Cartel members) who are sworn to do everything they can do to destroy our country.

The New World Order as promoted by the BUSH Family, the Clintons, Obama and George Soros financed two World Wars for Germany. Prescott Bush father of George H.W. Bush, grandfather of George W. Bush was EVIL thinking only of the money he and his friends (Ford Motor Co., Standard Oil, US Steel, etc.) could make from WAR all information available through the Freedom of Information Act. This is why the BUSH Family backed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US Election. Then there is Seth RICH who worked for Clinton: Seth Rich likely murdered over Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One ties, the offloading of 20% of America’s uranium supply to the Russians. Seth Rich murder case deepens as Podesta-Clinton Russian ties emerge to forefront. Hillary Clinton was SELLING OUT the USA, then tried to blame it on TRUMP.

Report: Sean Hannity to be fired by Fox News over Seth Rich murder coverage. The purging of anyone who questions the Seth Rich murder continues.

The Johnson Girls are NOT sitting still even if they are getting ready to get married… CLICK HERE; You can also check out some of their pictures of them and their friends from South Missouri

Two Daughters were Given to Willie & Shelby for 16 years of their lives...

Two Daughters were Given to Willie & Shelby for 16 years of their lives…

Queens of a Galaxy

Queens of their Galaxy

Becoming the Queens of a Galaxy does NOT come with an Instruction Book, you have to learn to fully trust your partners. There are to be three Queens: Karla, Mallory and AdLine, this was the girls’ decision and AdLine was over-joyed they would want to include her in their future as an EQUAL. For over ten billion years, AdLine had served her master well, never thinking of their relationship progressing any further. She’d been his constant companion, confidant and done everything to make his existence enjoyable. With 1474 populated planets in their care-taking, they stayed busy with finding solutions for the everyday workings of each planet. There were people in charge of each planet who were very capable, but things outside of their abilities do arise.

Since General AdLine was brought into the Johnson Girls Lives, there have been many changes. Being home in Cedarville, Missouri is rare, sometimes it’s just overnight, rarely for a whole weekend. Their duties take them FAR from the home they have known growing up. Their parents and grandmother Su-ZQ they see at the monthly Council Meetings. Jar-Mane, Supreme of the Galaxy of Archipelago (a Galaxy with 1474 populated planets), his duties consume much of his time, but they do get to see him at the Council Meetings. He tries to make joint appearances with his ladies a couple times each month for celebrations

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