1988 Business Update

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Shelby learns FAST

Shelby learns FAST

Everyone in Cedarville was in shock,

a local sixteen year old beauty (with a Reputation) had went out on only one date with Willie Johnson. William L. Johnson is the handsome, but young looking Manager of the local Steel Plant. Here in Cedarville, NOT everything is as it first seems…

Since he came to town six years ago, about eight hundred new employees have been added, wages have doubled while local contractors can’t keep up with the housing demand. Nobody wanted to think of the horrifying results that could be if anything happened to this town’s Golden Goose? What if he got charged with statutory rape and went to jail? YES! A lot of people in Cedarville Missouri are worried about what could happen?

The girl and Willie were married in only one week. Rumors are flying wild: her father was recently made Plant General Manager? Willie maybe quitting the Company? She’s spending Millions that are coming from no-one seems to know where?

It’s now the first week of August, Monday’s day shift is working hard to get orders out when a woman’s voice comes over the PA system: “Please shut your machines and equipment off, We’re having a company meeting in the cafeteria. Lunch time will be extended by thirty minutes. Thank You!” the woman’s voice stated.

Gus Gore and his talked about daughter were standing in the front of the room as the workers filed in. As the newly appointed Plant General Manager, Gus Gore told everyone to go ahead and get their plates filled and start eating.

Shelby is NO Slouch

Shelby is NO Slouch

Shelby took control of the meeting with full authority: “For the benefit of those who do NOT know me, I’m Shelby Gore, Joint C.E.O. of P.S.L. Holdings LTD., Bogota, Colombia SA. Myself and William L. Johnson, my now husband are full partners in management of ALL business interests of this company. We currently own over 100 iron ore mines, plus foundries and quarries worldwide. Colonel Ted Sanders, our Company President along with Colonel Jessica Sanders and Colonel Jodie Meyer have successfully managed my shares in this company since long before I was born. The Gores are my adopted parents, which I’m very grateful to for everything.”

“That being said, my Dad and I have some announcements to make. Willie, Ted and General Xavier Emerson, the Manager of our Aircraft Facility over in Mtn. High, today are meeting with our Number One Customer whom we build our Blackbird Transports for. They’ve given us some changes to SECURITY they want made to our three Steel Fabrication Plants. We are up-grading all three plants to full military Lock-Down Security as we have had for years in Mtn. High. New photo ID badges will be available for every employee later this week. When each employee comes through the gate, a scanner will read your badge as you place your thumb on a special reader. Also, as of next Monday with the third shift, and then this first shift crew, you will need to show up for work 30 minutes earlier. For five days, that means you get 2.5 hours over-time pay. Each day at the end of your shift when you change to your street clothes, throw your work cover-alls in the laundry bin for your size. Pickup a new white jump-suit in your size for the next day and put that in your locker. When you come in 30 minutes early, already have taken a shower and then change into your clean white jump-suit. Evenings you can take a shower before you leave. Starting Monday, we will have expanded showers available for both men and women.”

“Next on my list of announcements, Our plant will be closed for two weeks starting next Monday for customer requested plant up-grades. If you have vacation time available, this would be a good time to take a trip with the family before school starts. For all employees who want to continue working, there will be plenty to keep you busy.”

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People Want Answers to Their Questions

People Want Answers to Their Questions

Shelby flipped her watch and a large flat-screen monitor appeared overhead. “If you will please let me see a show of hands if you would like to live closer to your work?”

“We maybe able to provide a solution to your needs for affordable housing, someone please tell me what are used to make these very attractive structures?”

A man in the front row, commented: “Metal Shipping Containers; but what will such construction cost and who can do this type of construction?”

Shelby smiled and answered: “That’s right, extremely strong, we have this construction being used in South America, South Africa, China and Russia. The basic units cost very little and we have a way to move large quantities at one time at a very low cost.”



“Has anyone here visited our facility in Mtn. High and seen a Blackbird Transport?”

Several of those present, raised their hands. Shelby wearing a gray long-sleeved dress was seated at the table next to her Dad, “Okay, you’ve seen the size of our methods of Transport. We cut our cost of transporting raw materials, finished products and our customers have used these for many years. Our company has orders for these aircraft that will expand production for the next near thirty years. Our business is growing with a new LARGE plant opening soon in China.”

Back to the housing question, we’ll have Model Homes for you to see live within the next few months. Also, we now have model homes available East toward Camelot Lake in Mtn. High presently. If you drive over there, tell the Sales Agent that you are a Cedarville employee and show your ID. You can place your order there as soon as tomorrow. These homes are available in 1500 square foot, 2000 square foot, 2500 square foot and 3000 square foot homes. Options are virtually unlimited and you can pick all of your own finishes. These homes will be available for Lease Purchase, and anyone who’s been employed for six months or more will qualify to purchase. One hundred will be constructed within the next year. Then another one hundred the second year, YOU choose the size and construction you want. These will be total electric, with quality appliances, washer and dryer, air-conditioning, cable TV, Internet with home computer. Utilities are furnished with NO extra fees, insurance and taxes is ALL figured in for one monthly payment. Taxes and insurance is very LOW for this type of construction. This is for employees and their families ONLY, NO outside sales. If you ever want to sell, it will have to be to another employee.”

“Do NOT under any circumstances order a home that will just get you by. Order ALL the options you want, we want you to remain happy with your purchase. Two baths is the standard with one (double vanity, toilet, separate tub and tiled shower) as part of the Master Suite which includes walk-in closet. Both kitchen and all baths have granite counter-tops and matching cabinets. Appliance packages include stainless built-in oven, induction cook-top, double stainless deep sink, dish-washer, carbon-block drinking water filter, double door fridge, whole house water softener, stacked HE washer and dryer. All homes include walkout basement with walled off two car garage in the basement.”

“I’ll be making this presentation for our second and third shifts. Also our scholarship program is being expanded to include employees, as well as your families who want to advance within this company.” she was out and gone.

Col. Ted Sanders

That night at 7:30 PM, Shelby was back in the cafeteria to give her same presentation, but this time people were standing up. Second shift Employees seated themselves soon as they got their food. Her Dad and Willie sat one on each side of her. Ted Sanders started off giving much of the information that Shelby had given at the noon meeting.

“Excuse me Mr. Sanders!” a man and woman at the rear of the room were holding up their hands to be recognized.

“Yes, I’ve seen you both with Springfield TV News.” Ted stated as he let them ask questions.

“Thank you, Miss Gore, we saw your demonstration of Arm Wrestling at the Young’s Family Center on West Kearney a few weeks back. Your first opponent that day was Michael Smith, whose arm you broke. Did you realize who he is?” the reporter inquired.

Shelby smiled and answered, “WAS! Michael Smith and his brother Leo ran the Midwest Independent Boys crime syndicate. They are both deceased having committed suicide, being replaced by Mr. Arvin Jones in Tulsa. Willie and I’ve met with Mr. Jones and he understands his boundaries. None of our businesses will tolerate extortion payments or any harassment of any kind. That’s all I’ve got to say on that subject! We want our customers to always know they are safe when they shop in any of our stores.”

“Tonight we’re here to discuss the Security up-grades at our three steel fabrication plants. This plant is first on our list. We’ll also be making affordable housing available to our employees. Before you ask, the Public Schools will most likely be unable to expand FAST enough to handle the much larger enrollment. Thus, we’ll provide transportation services to and from our Private Schools in Mtn. High. We can easily accommodate another 500 students each year there. Those schools are NOT taxpayer supported, but privately financed by PSL Holdings LTD and fully accredited.”

The reporters were literally jumping up and down wanting to ask more Questions: “Miss Gore do you really think you can tell the Crime Syndicate what they have to do? These people have built quite a reputation for being Ruthless in their dealings. WHY are you any different from any other retail business?”

Shelby smiled as she got to her feet: “I’ve allowed your questions because I’m trying to be nice, polite and ALL of that. Watch this video, that’s been prepared for your benefit.” the overhead monitor showed what happened at the St. Roberts Young’s Family Center. “Over 100 people ended up dead including Michael Smith at his own hand. I just watched as these people became their own executioners. I’m only sixteen years old, it would NOT be very lady-like for me to go around killing anybody. Just like what happened a few weeks ago in Mtn. High with the Mendoza Drug Cartel. Bad people some times get in my way, They want to do BAD things and they screw up.” she sat back down, “This is a business meeting with our employees. Make an appointment with someone in our Offices for our Media Releases.” Security escorted the reporters past the Guard Shack and off the property.

What's Her SECRET? ...NO ONE can stay alive doing what she does?

What’s Her SECRET? …NO ONE can stay alive doing what she does?

Willie took to the floor, “Those who want to take vacation time, fill out the proper forms at the Personnel Office by Friday Noon. Everyone else, show up 30 minutes early for your regular shift starting this coming Monday.”

Colonel Sanders, is there going to be a chance made available for our families to see a Blackbird Transport? People are always asking if we are building Flying Saucers, how do we answer their questions?” one of the second shift women asked.

Shelby took the floor again, “Do what I do when someone asks me that question: Yes, we build flying saucers, but you can get better service with the full dinner service by adding a cup and plate.”

“Small versions similar to the Blackbird have flown out of the U. S. Army Proving Ground at Dugway, Utah shuttling personnel and supplies to and from bases on Mars since 1968. What is known to the Public as Area 51 (Groom Lake) outside Las Vegas, Nevada has many types of space-craft flying over this Solar System. When you tell anyone outside this organization, they’ll just label you as nuts. Governments, scientists and the media ALL SAY we do NOT exist and Earth evolved from NOTHING. The Public accepts the LIES as being TRUTH, public schools are DUMBING the students down to be the future SLAVE Generation. Work for low pay and not want to get a college education so they will work in sweat-shop factories. Make sure your children get an education, this is why PSL Holdings LTD is providing their Scholarship Program.”

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