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Is VooDoo REAL?

Is Voodoo REAL?

What is TRUTH?

…It’s NOT Lying Politicians, Movie actors and other Entertainers trying to destroy our once Great Country. People died every year since this land was formed to make it the Land of the FREE and Home of the Brave.

The Evening NEWS is nothing besides LIES: there are NO CURES for certain diseases, but if you will buy our prescription meds you may Live longer. Don’t stop smoking, don’t eat healthy, don’t take vitamins and supplements because they do nothing but take your money. EAT PORK, donuts, candy, cake, ice cream and prepared foods because they are EASY; then wash it down with your favorite POP and lots of BEER. YOU can drink a little WINE if you must, but do NOT believe the fact it might be good for you. Drink water as it comes from the tap with ALL the acceptable levels of poisons and contaminants. Don’t like the taste, just add some sugar filled flavors and food coloring, then it will taste GOOD as you get your daily dose of POISONS. TRUTH: Health Care is one of the LARGEST businesses in America and it only profits from SICK people.

TV Shows like: The Walking DEAD, Lucifer, vampires, werewolves, and zombies try to make teenagers want their power from EVIL. There is NO GOD, but you can get power from the DEVIL. Remember that everything evolved from NOTHING, so you are your own creator, YOU are God.

John Lennon wrote the song “GOD” proclaiming that he was God, shortly there after he met his end. John Lennon was DEAD! Guess that John Lennon was a phony God and died as any other mortal man.

“Sympathy for the Devil” is a song by the Rolling Stones, written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Sung by Jagger, the song is an ironic homage to the Devil, written in the first-person narrative from his point of view, recounting atrocities committed throughout the history of humanity. The Egyptians NEVER built the Great Pyramid or the Sphinx and even today the technology to do such a feat does NOT exist.

Learn the Facts that Make Life Worth Living

Learn the Facts that Make Life Worth Living

2.3 Million stone blocks weighing from five to fifteen ton (15,000 to 30,000 pounds each) were quarried, loaded and hauled down river for up to 300 miles. Then each block was cut to exact shape, smoothed and fitted into place with a tolerance of less than 1/10th inch. Mortar was mixed and applied for each block with 13 blocks being placed each hour twenty-four hours a day for TWENTY YEARS. Egyptologists want you to believe the work was done by slaves using COPPER chisels and water-soaked wooden wedges. The blocks were smoothed by using rubbing stones to remove the grooves and hoisted into place using ropes and brute strength of the slaves to drag the blocks up wooden inclines. WOW, this is the story Public Schools, Universities and the nation of Egypt want you to believe.

Earth and Beyond

Earth and Beyond

The date of 10,500 BC is the most logical and the construction was done by the ANNUNAKI long before the Great Flood of 5,200 BC. The ANNUNAKI lived in Southern Africa in the land they called Nibiru for as long as 433,000 Earth Years. Evidence of their construction techniques still exist worldwide from the under-water ruins West of Cuba to the ruins under the Black Sea. So-called scientists can’t understand the basics of ALL LIFE: all animal life comes from a fertilized egg, plant life comes from a seed both which reproduce in it’s own kind. The contemporary division of the year into 12 months, 24 hours days, hours into 60 minutes with 60 seconds are all documented by the Sumerians gotten from the ANNUNAKI.

The picture above depicts a T-528 transport overlaid with three inches of solid GOLD with a Special protective Coating. This craft is the preferred method of transport Archangels and other Rulers throughout the Universe for Billions of years. It can travel at the speed of thought, making it possible to cross the Universe in about eight hours.

Photo of Work at US Army Proving Grounds

Photo of US Army Proving Grounds

Here is a photo of one of the smaller black triangle spacecraft that’s flown continually since 1968 from this base (Dugway, UT U.S. ARMY Proving Grounds) to bases on Mars. The trip is said to take thirty-three hours each way, these craft use a process called Surfing the Magnetic Fields. ANNUNAKI and their allies have used this technology to travel within this Solar System, since before the Great Flood. The small solar System called Wormwood travels through this solar system every 3600 years causing much disastrous affects such as polar shift, increased volcanic activity and changes to entire planet eco-structure. NASA estimates the mass of Wormwood to be ten times the mass of the planet Jupiter, containing it’s own sun or dark star and seven to nine planets. ANNUNAKI Bases exist on Mars, Venus and our Moon, but nothing compares to the disclosures coming on August 21, 2017 and afterwards. Infrared telescopes are needed to view this mini-solar system, now visible in the Southern Hemisphere and the Giant telescope located at the South Pole.

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