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Finally, allowed to hold hands in church

It was Back in 1988, a cute 16 year old Hottie went out on a date with an Older man. WOW!

…did that get people in the small town of Cedarville, Missouri talking. Everyone in town knew Shelby, her Mom looked like an older addition of the daughter, many thought they were sisters when they first saw the two.

Shelby does NOT like clothes

Shelby does NOT like clothes

OK, this girl had developed quite a reputation over the last four or five years of her young life.

There were stories from parents about the weekend parties their sons and daughters had attended. Everyone had heard about the High School cheerleaders ALL taking their tops off at practice to inspire the sports teams to do their BEST. Most everyone heard about her pierced nipples, when their daughters wanted to have their own done, HOW could this girl afford to have Emerald and Diamond ends on her Nipple Bars? Didn’t her parents care what their daughter was doing?

Going past the Keep Out sign

High School students knew to keep their mouths shut if they wanted to get invited back to Shelby’s backyard Hot Tub parties. Six boys and six girls fills the the Hot Tub in her backyard with NO clothes allowed. Shelby makes her own rules and her friend down at the local Young’s Home Center supplies a sack full of what’s needed to keep problems at bay. She’s known as the school’s #1 SLUT, been running with the High School crowd since she was eleven. There have been lots of stories about her spending one or more evenings in the boys’ locker room enjoying playing in the showers. Being a straight “A” student taking more classes than any of the other students, NO Study Halls, she couldn’t be doing ALL the stories that people told. She played the piano for all the school activities, also played the violin and guitar like a professional.

There were lots of stories, but that was all they were, just stories to keep people talking…

Shelby has One GOAL and NOW it's Time to ACT!

Shelby has One GOAL and NOW it’s Time to ACT!

Shelby looked beyond her age at 9

Shelby looked beyond her age at 9

This girl did NOT look like a girl of her age, five foot eight with firm C-cups at age twelve. She’d destroyed several men’s hopes for a better career, WHAT would happen when she tells someone that she was their LOVER at the tender young age of eleven or twelve.

When Shelby was thirteen, someone got scared she’d talk so they had a car load of men wearing masks stop her walking the few blocks to her home. The old sixty something Chevy pulled up along side of her and ordered her into the car. That was a big mistake on their part, her running shoe smashed the passenger side door at least a foot past the edge of the seat. The back door opened for two more men to try to grab her, both got arms broke and the door came off the car. By this time two bullet-proof Mercedes SUVs had pulled up each with two muscle-bound bodyguards. They asked if she needed their help, to which she told them “NO!”

For years she’d noticed someone was following her everywhere she went. Did Mom and Dad think she needed to be watched, or was there some other reason

Had he even Noticed her?

Had he even Noticed her?

Had HE even noticed her? That gorgeous man was all she wanted, but she would have to be BETTER than other women. Shelby was ONLY age 10 when her womanly instincts were taking over where most girls her age had NO DESIRES. Momma was always willing to talk, How had she landed Dad?

She’d snuck into their bedroom and watched what they did in there. Out in the Hot-Tub, to say the least they were a frisky pair and splashed water over the edge. For the last year or so Shelby had noticed her control over those of the opposite sex, older boys wanted to walk her home from school. Their kisses were exciting, playing in the hot tub with a boy was more fun than being in there alone. Quickly learning why her parents did the things they did in the warm bubbling waters. She was NOT interested in a relationship, sho only wanted the experience to hone her womanly skills she’d need for Willie Johnson.

Enjoying something grand

Enjoying something grand

Young Shelby had lots of Questions to ask about what were her chances with that William L Johnson. Maybe she should ask her questions when Jessie and Jodie made their visits, get Mama and those two in the hot tub and the four of them could have a bare discussion of the real facts. Jessie and Jodie invited Shelby and her Moma up to the Top of The Hill to use their unusual pool.

When she and Moma made their first trip up to the Top of The Hill, everywhere she looked it was like a resort. Lots of beautiful people swimming, playing golf and tennis ALL looking their natural best. This was even better than in her own backyard where her family lived their own private lives. Willie had NOTICED this young woman, he’d gotten many pictures of her progress to womanhood…

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