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Shelby Gore was NOT born to be Average …

5 ft 7 at age 11

Age 11, 5 ft 7, full B-cups

She had one purpose in being, to complete two Eternal Lives… First time she really noticed him, she was only NINE, but her heart jumped and her stomach quivered. The young woman he was with was so beautiful, for the first time Shelby felt Jealousy swell up inside her body.

By age twelve, she’d done most every high school boy worth her time. Her reputation developed FAST, she was a one time wonder. If you got one date you should feel very LUCKY, but she did NOT develop into any relationships. The boys ALL wondered what they did to turn her OFF? NO ONE knew her goal was just to get practice… Hone her womanly talents to be the BEST LOVER she could possibly be.

There was only one man she could ever be truly happy with, but he was OLDER, how much older, she didn’t really care. He came to town when she was nine… William L. Johnson was her Dad’s boss at the Steel Plant, the young brunette he was always with was Kare-Ann Young the Assistant Manager. They drove matching Caddy convertibles, then they became regulars at the same church Shelby and her family attended. Every Sunday after services, Willie and her Dad would be talking for quite some time. Kare-Ann would make it a point to come over to the girl and start their own conversation, How is school? Do you have a boyfriend? Hear you and your Mom enjoy using the swimming pools at our complex. Nice to be able to go somewhere you can swim and relax enjoying nature to the fullest.

Jodie Meyer

Jodie Meyer

Jessica Sanders

Jessica Sanders

Shocked, Shelby was starting to wonder how much this woman knew? “You and Willie live up on The Hill? I thought that’s where the Sanders family live?”

Jessica and Jodie were the two women who came over to visit with Marcella and Shelby once a month as long as she can remember. They go over stuff on the computer setup in the basement office area with Marcella and discuss how things are going with her. Sometimes they take off their clothes and the four of us hop in the hot tub talking and relaxing. I can ask them anything and they give me an honest answer just like talking to Moma.



“Yeah, they’ve lived up there since long before Willie and I moved here. They take care of business and legal matters for Willie’s business partner.” the sharply dressed brunette had explained. “If there’s ever anything you need or want, just ask.”

Most everything continued about the same, Shelby went to school, kept up her straight-A grade average and building her growing portfolio of broken hearted boys. Two or so times each week Moma would have her walk down to Young’s Home Center for groceries and anything else they might be running low on.

Shelby Gore gave the old men in the Town Square park something to talk about with her short shorts and small tops. Old men love young women with little to cover anything they need to cover, but some days she’d stop and talk with them and accidentally let one of her amazing girls show. Nice sized tits were put on a girl’s chest for only one reason: to INSPIRE the on-lookers. When you’ve got it, FLAUNT IT!

Worked for Me Since I was Nine or so…

Age 12, pass for 18

There’d been one occasion when Kare-Ann had lost her temper with her young friend. When you are trying your BEST to satisfy your partner and all he can talk about is another woman, it can cook anyone’s goat. She’d been with Willie Johnson for thirty-one years since she signed the papers for the betrothal to Lieutenant General Ozzie Ormand. Willie was also betrothed to someone and BIG changes were about to happen for them both.

Kare-Ann & Shelby kept talking after church, just NOT at the store, but the clerks would add something to her bag most every-week. Willie came with her parents to Shelby’s 8th Grade graduation, Kare-Ann said she was too busy to attend.

Marcella and her daughter were up at the Sanders’ using the pool and other facilities many days during the summer of 1987. At the annual company picnic, Shelby was on Willie’s sand-lot volleyball team and like the last few years they won. While everyone was jumping up and down, women were giving Willie kisses and not to be out done, Shelby threw her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist when she kissed him. He pushed her back and told her “Not now, Not at this time. We can’t.”

She was His reason coming to Cedarville

She was His reason coming to Cedarville

The following Monday when Shelby was buying groceries, she got called to the office. When she entered the door, Kare-Ann told her to close it, then: “YOU stupid piece of JAIL-BAIT! Do you not know anything about the age of consent and what can happen to any grown man caught with a fifteen year old?”

Shelby corrected her: “Fourteen!”

“Screw it! Keep yourself OFF of Willie, we do NOT need that kind of trouble. YOU are a Slut and most of the people in this town know your reputation Don’t come in my office again, if we need to talk, we’ll talk after church. As for you and Willie, BACK OFF! You’ll get what you want, but do NOT upset the applecart. Things take time and you need to get your desires under control. When you are going for a swim and you see Willie, do NOT go near him! Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Shelby was thinking really FAST: “I can still buy groceries here? …and use the pharmacy?” I wonder what she’d say if she knew about…

Kare-Ann could read her mind: “Young lady, there isn’t anything you’ve ever done that I do not already know about. Your hot tub parties, where you threw down a blanket in the backyard and what goes on at school. YOU need to cool it, talk to your Mom and Dad and listen to their input. Okay?”

Mom looking her BEST

Mom looking her BEST

Trying to make changes in your lifestyle does NOT come easy, but she’d get up early at least a couple mornings every week to help her Mom fix breakfast for the family. Saturday and Sunday, she’d fix their breakfast by herself with no help. Boys were a harder problem, maybe she could just ask one over for Friday and Saturday nights? The more she thought on the subject, she started talking to her friends Jessie and Jodie… who told her almost word for word what Kare-Ann had said.

Shelby designed Cedarvilles

Shelby designed Cedarville’s

Her Freshman Year at Cedarville High seemed to drag on forever. The other cheerleaders were pretty pissed, they were NOT invited over for the weekend hot tub parties, so all they could do was find some place to park. It didn’t take long for new and bigger stories to spread, these girls were no longer her friends.

At the end of an important football game, the girls showed off their pyramid formation with Shelby at the top. One of the girls lost her footing sending the show-off slut to the ground. Shelby had realized what was being planned, they hoped she’d break a leg or maybe even her back. Surprise! when things started to collapse, she did a double somersault landing on her feet, sliding down into a split with her arms raised in victory and a smile on her face. The crowd all came to their feet with an extended round of applause for Shelby’s spectacular finish.

Her Freshman year was finally over without one former friend still speaking to Shelby. The very next day Jessica and Jodie had a project for her to complete by the last part of June. The basement computer was setup for her to learn enough to take and ACE the High School G.E.D. Test to be given in Springfield on Thursday June 23rd. Everyday she got up early and studied hard, but by noon it was time to head up on The Hill for a swim with Moma. Get back home about 6:30 and study for another hour, by June 20 she could do the sample test online in about an hour. Jessica called the University at Springfield and asked if the test could be taken on a computer, which they got a rapid response: “NO!”

Sanders `86 Lear

Sanders `86 Lear

The morning of June 23rd came early, the test could only be taken at 9:00 AM or not until the last of August. Jodie said she’d fly Shelby up there in her `86 Learjet and take a company car kept at the Division Street Airport over to the University. This was the first time for this teenager to fly in a small plane or in any plane, but if Jodie said they could make it and she knew how to fly the thing then it would be OKAY.

There was something strange about this flight, the plane didn’t take off down a runway, it went straight up and landed the same way. At the University Jodie knew right where they were going and had all of the young girl’s documentation in a large envelope. There was no one else taking the test, so Shelby got started at exactly 9:00 AM with two hours allowed to complete the questions. Forty-seven minutes later all of her questions were completed and she handed them in. The instructor said she might ought to check her answers over to make sure everything was complete, which she assured the man they were all complete. By noon she had her grade with a perfect score.

Shelby did NOT mind waiting

Shelby did NOT mind waiting

Jodie had went somewhere and was not back yet, so Shelby found a student lounge area and sat down to wait. Jodie walked through the door at exactly 11:00 AM, “Got done a little early? I had a couple of errands to run not far from here over at the Battlefield Mall. Already got your grade or do we have to wait?” she knew the answer without the teenager having to answer. Just before noon they received her certified results making Shelby a High School Graduate.

Leaving the University, they headed back toward the airport stopping to have lunch at a small neighborhood bar & grill. Shelby had questions and Jodie was willing to give her any answers she needed. “Kare-Ann is getting married on Friday of next week which is July 2nd. Gus & Marcella have given their OK for your FIRST DATE with Willie to be the Company Picnic on Saturday the 3rd. Think YOU can handle that?” Why keep her in suspense any longer?

Up on the Hill, by the pool

Up on the Hill, by the pool

“OK, more than OK, I’m going to love that man until he can’t stand up. I’ve wanted to make love to that man ever since I first saw him six or more years ago. Where can we go? What are we allowed to do?” Shelby was squeezing her full D-cup breasts. “Maybe I could catch him in the swimming pool when we get back to Cedarville? Do I really have to wait until the Company Picnic?” …just the thought of being with Willie was causing her stomach do flips, could she wait for a week and four days to be with him?

Willie Johnson was the most beautiful man she’d ever seen, she’d even seen him at the pool with his clothes off. Kare-Ann had told her how much FUN she and Willie had experienced over the last THIRTY-ONE YEARS! How could they have been together for thirty-one years and neither of them even looking thirty-one years old? Some things did NOT fit their story…

How Old is Jodie

How Old is Jodie

“Shelby Honey, it’s going to take the next week and four days for Jessica, your Mom & Dad and I to get you ready for a date with Willie. You’ve got questions that need answers and YOU need to learn to keep your pants on. There’s far more to life than just great sex. Do you think you can handle a few changes to your way of thinking? YOU are a High School Graduate now, but your education is just getting started.”

“William L. Johnson has over one hundred degrees in everything from Electrical Engineering, Psychology, Aircraft Design, Stone Cutting, Business and lots of other stuff. YOU are destined to make his life reach a much higher level. The Universe is depending on the decisions you two will make.” Jodie was saying, with each word making the teenage girl more confused.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel inadequate. Willie has waited his entire life for only one woman and YOU are that woman. Willie and YOU are both very complex individuals that can only be made COMPLETE with each-other. Let’s get you home so we can all go for a swim.”

perfect for sand volleyball

perfect for sandlot volleyball

Back in Cedarville, the days past FAST, soon it was the morning of July 3rd the day of the Company Picnic. Shelby talked with her Mom and Dad about what they expected. She and Willie should go somewhere out of town after they would leave the picnic.

Shelby and her parents arrived at the park just before 10:00 AM, she found Kare-Ann sitting on a big tough looking black man’s lap. He looked just like his picture that Kare-Ann had shown her months earlier of her Lieutenant General complete with three gold stars on each shoulder. She was NOW the wife of Lieutenant General Ozzie Ormand. They looked happy to be finally together after having to wait for thirty-one years. As she and Kare-Ann just started to talk, arms reached around Shelby’s burgundy colored bikini top. He gave her a little kiss on her cheek, “God, girl you do look gorgeous, which is nothing new for you.”

She did NOT need any more urging, just turning and throwing her arms around his neck and pulled herself up his six-foot-six muscular frame. They gave each-other a much better kiss than either had expected so early. People were coming over wanting to talk with Willie, she tagged along for awhile, but soon decided to keep her Dad company. Lots of people were wanting to know from her Dad about something BIG coming just this next week. Willie came by with a large plastic cup of grape juice for her and wanted her to stay by his side.

When time came for choosing teams for the annual volleyball game, Connie Kelley the Union Steward was complaining about Willie and Shelby always being on the same team and always winning. Shelby yelled to Willie that she was going to go on Connie’s team. He was anything but happy and even less happy when his team got beat. Seeing her on the other side kept him from being able to concentrate on the game at hand.

Kare-Ann was looking good

Kare-Ann was looking good

The live Country Band cranked up the music for dancing, she danced with Willie, then Kare-Ann and the General cut in. Ozzie was big, even taller than Willie, then she danced with her Dad and back to Willie.

The band was taking a break, so Willie grabbed her by the hand to take to the stage. “As you have all no doubt noticed, Kare-Ann and Ozzie got married yesterday. For anyone who has NOT heard the BIGGER NEWS, Shelby Gore and I are going out on a DATE. I’m buying her a hamburger and we’ll probably take in a movie in Springfield tonight. WE are going to be a couple, but for anyone that wants to tell stories, just remember who signs YOUR checks. So I’m leaving you all in the capable hands of Gus and Ted.”

“There is one announcement we need to make, as you all know there is nothing for teenagers to do here. Kare-Ann Ormand of Young’s Home Center and Shelby are co-sponsoring the building of a state of the art Youth Center. Old Man Carter has donated the land for…” he was saying when Shelby grabbed the microphone.

“As Willie was saying, we’re going to have a theater, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, exercise health club, skating rink and study facility where you can get free tutoring when needed to get grades up. All it’s going to cost to get in is a valid Student ID. Others can buy memberships at reasonable prices. Construction starts next week!”

Willie's `89 Caddy Conv

Willie’s `89 Caddy Conv

With that said, the two jumped down from the stage heading for Willie’s Cadillac convertible as the audience erupted in applause. ONE problem for Cedarville was finally solved. Some people in the audience wondered if it was being replaced with an even bigger problem. Willie Johnson was this town’s Golden Goose.

Reaching the car, they kissed and she exclaimed: “We stink! Let’s go take a shower before we go anywhere.”

“You do know how old I am?” she inquired.

“Sure, you are sixteen. The girls have your actual Colombian Birth Certificate used for your G.E.D. The Gores have never told you that you’re adopted have they?” Willie asked, still holding her close.

Her heart skipped a few beats, but this answered the WHY the Gores had always tried so hard to make her feel SPECIAL. She’d always thought there was something else that she had that others didn’t. BUT why had her birth parents kicked her out to be adopted by others? WHY?

Trying NOT to look like a Slut

Trying NOT to look like her reputation of one Gorgeous Slut

“Your birth parents are still living and they do LOVE YOU, they knew you had to grow up in this world so we could be together. That’s One of the many things we need to cover tonight before the morning comes, no sex involved. Girl, we have many years ahead of us and our responsibilities include many people. I’ve known your birth parents for many years, long before you were born.”

Beautiful Girl, come back to the present. We need to take that shower. We’ll use the outside showers by the pool complex where The girls have our clothes ready so we can leave quickly.” he squeezed her hand before jumping out and running around to open the door for his woman.

This was a place where she’d dreamed of holding Willie Johnson and them making love. NOW here they are and they will have to wait. Shelby wants to hear what he has to tell her. Dressed and smelling a whole lot better, they get back in the car and head west toward Simple City.

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