UFOs in South Missouri

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There’ve NOT been UFOS in the Ozarks since 1954!

Most everyone from June 1954 who claimed to see a 33 ft dia saucer, are dead and gone.

Crazy So Missouri farmer

Crazy So Missouri farmer

Mountain View, Missouri has never been known for much. The town claims only two notable people as coming from their town: Randle Chowning, singer-songwriter, founding member of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. Then David Glass, former CEO of Walmart and current owner of the Kansas City Royals. That’s all well and good if you like shopping at Walmart and paying too much for your groceries.

The city wants to forget the most Noteworthy man who ever lived near their town. Back in June 1954 a young reporter (we’ll call Frank) from the Springfield NEWS and LEADER talked his friend who was a local jeweler and licensed single engine pilot/plane owner to fly down to Mountain View. This reporter and his pilot friend made the trip by air, then got their informant to drive them out to Buck Nelson’s small farm. The warm sunny day was quite humid with the wind blowing, the dust was thick for at least a quarter mile behind their vehicle. When they turned into the small drive to park, the dust just kept coming.

By the time the air cleared, a young man had come out of the house followed by an older man of maybe forty some. The three guests were offered a drink of cool well water in pint Mason jars for glasses, then everyone found a seat in the shade on blocks of wood or a tree stump. The young man claimed he was Bucky Nelson, a seventeen year old college teacher teaching English at a University on the planet Venus. He was on vacation visiting his cousin Buck, who his parents had named him after.
Next Sunday a week from today, he’d be heading back to Venus in his small personal flying craft which was currently hidden away nearby.

4-Star General USAF Curtis E LeMay

4-Star General USAF Curtis E LeMay

Frank the reporter ran the story of his interview in the Monday afternoon edition of the Springfield newspaper. By One PM in the afternoon the next Sunday afternoon, the local airport was full of small planes, every available car was in use taking people to Buck’s farm. Howell County Sheriff’s officers and the Missouri State Patrol had every man the could beg or borrow trying to direct traffic down a dirt country road. It was estimated there were over one thousand people on hand, maybe two-fifty more; these included the General Curtis E LeMay, commander of Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha. LeMay had asked his friends of many years to join him. These included Colonel Gray commander of the Project Blue Book at Wright Patterson AFB at Dayton Ohio, Charles Calame a close friend from WWII B-29 bombing and many more. READ MORE…

There is More than Anyone wants YOU to Know!

There is More than Anyone wants YOU to Know!

After about a half hour, Bucky came out of the house with his cousin and greeted their guests. He asked that no one should try to follow him as he went to get his craft. Thirty minutes later, people heard a slight whirring sound overhead as the dogs started barking. The round craft descended to the ground, a panel opened and there was Bucky standing in the doorway.

He asked the reporter, General LeMay and Colonel Gray to come onboard for a short flight. With some of the strange aerial maneuvers, many thought the craft was going to crash. It was just Gen LeMay getting used to the controls, following Bucky's instructions, these men spent some time talking onboard. When it was time for young Nelson to leave, he told LeMay that he knew the military was going to try to take his craft, which LeMay and Gray confirmed. Both men said they would stumble into the would-be boarding party so Bucky could shut the door. When his guests had left the doorway, it shut and the craft shot straight up several thousand feet, then headed to the South and out into space at over 5,000 mph according to USAF radar and the jet fighters that gave chase. General LeMay stated later the craft headed on a course that would take it directly to the planet Venus.

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The man you will never find mentioned is Colonel Gray, the Director of Project BlueBook located at Wright Patterson USAF Base at Dayton, OH. He was reported to have died on a night in 1956 while on the base in some sort of accident. This is the night that everything stored at that location was moved to Area 51 by unknown aircraft. One year later Colonel Gray wrote a book about Project Blue Book with interviews he did with other witnesses worldwide. I had a personal meeting autumn 1959 with General LeMay at which time he described what really happened that Sunday 1954 afternoon at Mountain View. Colonel Gray was coming and going from Area 51 and a USAF base in Hawaii during the years of the 1960s and 1970s.

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