Early Years

Kare-Ann was the Competition

Kare-Ann Young was incredible looking Competition

Shelby Developed Early, Other girls were playing with dolls, She played with BOYS…

Marcella knew she looked GOOD

Marcella knew she looked GOOD

Gus Gore was the late night (3rd shift) Supervisor at the Cedarville Steel Plant. He and his gorgeous young wife Marcella had decided to adopt a baby girl when their own baby died at birth. With the new baby came some special instructions, Marcella was to be a stay at home Mom and Gus got a new job fifty miles east of their current home in Springfield. A renovated three bedroom, three bath brick house with partially finished basement and large privacy fenced yard came with the job.

Mid-May 1972 Gus Gore arrived home after work, got out of his few years old Chevy truck, walked up to the front door, put his key in the lock. That’s when he heard a woman’s voice call his name from around the side of the house. There stood Marcella Prine, a girl he’d gone out with only once, but had dreamed about for the last two plus years.

She’d said she would try to come back to see him again, that had been when she was sixteen… He went looking for her regularly at the local malls, Walmarts, supermarkets and every park in the area. He’d asked questions, sometimes he got some strange looks, there were people who told him that girl is bad news. Finally he went to talk with his pastor, Dr Gary Eakins who was willing to give him some answers. Marcella and her parents had attended church faithfully for years up to the time they died in the crash of their private jet. The girl has problems and does not need you in her life at this time. “Please STOP asking people about her, that can turn really bad for her. If it’s meant to be, God can bring the two of you together. When it happens, get ahold of me.” Gus didn’t know what to think, he just went to work everyday and prayed a lot.

Gus had hoped she’d come back to the Community of Christ church where he’d first met her. Two years of nothing, but here she was dressed in a pair of cut-offs, a short pink top, bare-foot, hair in a single french braid, smiling up at him on his porch. She had problems and wanted someone who’d listen while she talked; he said okay to the offer.

Marcella had just graduated from high school with a 3.0 GPA while five months pregnant, at this stage her tight athletic body didn’t show. He could still remember that one night like it was yesterday.

Marcella came to church

Marcella came to church

Gus was sitting near the back of the Community of Christ church sanctuary when she walked in and sat down in the seat beside him. After services, they talked and he took her to dinner at a local all-night diner on Kearney Street. They ate, then sat and talked for hours before both going to his house for the night. Monday morning his alarm went off at 5:00 AM so he could get ready to be at work at seven. Sometime during the night she’d slipped out without one word more.

Two years later, here they were sitting on the floor of his front porch. What she’d told him before was only part of the true story. Her father had been a well known Springfield lawyer, senior partner in the Prine-Walters Attorneys. Her parents died in a small private jet plane crash when she was fourteen, Tommy Walters was her father’s partner and immediately filed to be her court appointed guardian. He took every penny her parents had left including millions from their life insurance. Marcella received nothing except a roof over her head as long as she took care of paying friends. The last four years she’d been forced to be a teenage prostitute, some customers were nice, but Walters made her life HELL with help from his bitch of a wife. The one night she and Gus had spent together nearly cost her life. Walters had promised that if she ever tried to get away again, she would NOT be so lucky to survive.

When the teenager first learned she was pregnant, Marcella’d come to see Gus to ask him what she should do? Remembering how things turned out last time with Walters, his wife and the cop’s night-stick up her ass. She just watched Gus from across the street, then left without making contact, it was safer that way.

Now, four months later Marcella had to talk to someone. Gus had talked to his pastor who’d said to call if and when she showed up. She agreed to go see the pastor. He’d said to park around back of the church, Gus had noticed they were being followed, he drove and prayed as he drove faster. Dr. Gary Eakins asked if she was being followed? He said he’d made a couple of calls while they were on their way over. “Marcella, there are people Tommy Walters is scared to death of, those are the people I called. That’s about all I can do, but my wife loves a good adventure. Rochelle has people who aren’t afraid of anyone, you’ll have a second vehicle following you when you leave. If Walters people try anything, they get a bullet between the eyes.”

“Sometimes that’s necessary, Right now, I need you to talk to my wife and get an appointment to visit with her on her next open date in Springfield.” They made the call from the pastor’s office, Rochelle Eakins was in China that day, but she could see them on the following Friday at 2:30 PM.

Before leaving the church, Eakins had the young couple go into the thrift store behind the church. They were to choose clothes for Marcella, shoes, then pick out sheets, pillows and cases, towels and small appliances they would need for living in a house instead of basic camping like Gus had done for years.

Gus worked at a small steel machining and fabrication shop down near the railroad yards. When he asked his boss for a couple days off, the owner told him to take a week and was given his check, plus an extra weeks pay. “Gary Eakins called me, so the rest of the guys and I are going fishing down at Johnson Shut ins down at Middle Brook. Eakins has reserved four cabins so we can take our families. It’s about time you had a girlfriend.” his boss explained.

Gus got Marcella moved into the house his parents had left him when they died a few years back. It wasn’t fancy, but it was kept clean and both window air conditioning units worked. She helped him get the kitchen stocked, while their clothes were washing in his basement. The young woman had enough clothes to get by: she now had two dresses, two short skirts, six blouses and ten pair of shorts. She’d run with just what she had on, not even a pair of shoes. What she needed now was under garments and ALL the personal care items a young woman needs. She had less than ten dollars CASH, so she and Gus went shopping. Fortunately he’d been saving some of his money each payday for two and a half years, having worked out a budget and was paying ten percent to the church.

she never seemed to age

Rochelle never seemed to age

Wednesday and Thursday nights neither one got much sleep, they tried to work out a budget with tight money and her having NO insurance. If they were to get married immediately, it would still take several months for his insurance to cover her. Thursday morning they went down to the Greene County Courthouse and applied for the Licence. They needed to get a blood test and it would be Tuesday before they could get the Marriage Licence, tomorrow was Friday when they were to go see Rochelle, pastor Eakins’ wife.

Both had heard all the stories passed down over the last twenty or so years, a church pastor with a wife who both drive new pearl white Rolls Royce sedans each year and have matching jet planes with crews on stand-by. They live in a mansion out at the Happy Trails Quarter Horse Ranch, but the truth had come to light years back when a Public Disclosure of the wife’s financial holdings was printed in the Springfield News: 250 Design by Rochelle stores worldwide, Emerald, Diamond and Gold mines on several continents and the largest jewelry manufacturing company in the world. Their tax returns were leaked showing they pay out over $4 Million/Week to support schools and hospitals in Latin America, etc.

On Thursday evening, Rochelle called, asking if they could meet with her on Friday afternoon out at the Ranch. She told them she was in Moscow, Russia and would be back home sometime Friday morning after several stops in Europe. Gus and Marcella spent much of Thursday night discussing how much of the truth they should tell the pastor’s wife?

Her parents died when their small jet exploded in mid-air somewhere over southern Illinois. Her father was a local lawyer with a partner living in Springfield. The partner Tommy Walters got papers filed to become her court appointed legal guardian. Soon after going to live with the Walters, she discovered both Walters and his wife wanted Marcia as they called her, to be nice to their friends. Business associates kept the fourteen year old busy several nights each week. This went on for four years, making it very hard for the young girl to keep up with her High School classes. She graduated with a 3.0 GPA and five months pregnant with no idea who the father might be.

Almost noon on Friday the two young friends headed out, stopping at a Steak’n Shake for burgers, fries and shakes. One thing was certain, there was a car still following them. They’d seen the same car Wednesday evening going to the church, then parked two houses down the street since Wednesday night. The pager Walters made her carry had went off dozens of times during the past two days, which she ignored. The car had followed them when going to the grocery store, the court house and back home.

1972 GMC red

1972 GMC red

Taking US Hwy 65 North from I-44, now there was a red pickup also following them, which proceeded to run the car off the highway. The pickup soon caught up and passed Gus and Marcella, but honked and the man on the passenger side motioned for them to follow the truck. When getting near the turn-off for the Happy Trails Ranch, the truck turned on it’s turn signal and turned in ahead of them. Stopped and punched in a code for the electric gate, then waved them to go on up to the house.

The epoxied pea-gravel driveway led up to a large circular drive going around a group of fountains. The house was large multi-story stone, wood beams and glass that seemed to go on forever, but the entry was easy to make out. There were several armed guards that could be seen randomly patrolling the grounds, some on foot and some on horseback. Gus parked his pickup and the young couple hurried to the front door which was being held open for them to enter by a young dark-haired woman in a maid’s uniform.

“Rochelle is waiting for you out in the sun-porch, straight ahead through the kitchen, then about a hundred feet the door will be on your left.” the maid told them, then leading their way.

Come on in and grab a glass of wine. I’ve already poured a glass for each of you, relax and enjoy. It comes from one of our own vineyards down in South America. Marcella, you may be only eighteen, relax this is my house and I make the rules. I’ve done some checking on both of your backgrounds and most likely I already know every detail since you were born.” the scantily clad gorgeous brunette leaning against a window sill, was saying.

Gus, I know that I’m absolutely gorgeous, but the blonde with you is pretty sharp too. Also, I’m over five hundred of your years old, Gary and I’ve been married since 1957. You two are here to discuss Marcella’s problems which neither of you realize how serious those problems are.”

“You’ve both wasted a lot of time discussing how much to tell me. I read minds, I’m telepathic and I’m good at doing research, plus I own the largest Law Firm in the world: Linscomb, Linscomb & Linscomb, which also manage my properties such as the Bonaparte Shores Country Club here in the Springfield area.”

Stunning In the Right Clothes

Stunning In the Right Clothes

“Put that all aside for the moment, your legal guardian appointed by the court is Tommy Walters. You’ve lived with them for the last four years since your parents were murdered along with their pilot by a bomb on-board their jet plane. Walters and his wife Carol placed the bomb, because your parents were in the process of filing charges against Walters.”

“For the last four years, the Walters couple have rented you out to their friends and clients. Teenage prostitutes bring in some big bucks for people like the Walters, who run the money through Tommy’s law firm. You have spent the last four years doing tricks with both men and women. It’s amazing that you have kept up passing grades in school. NOW, you’re five months pregnant and they are demanding you submit to an abortion.”

“I have a little SURPRISE worked out for the Walters couple in the form of an extremely clear video of them discussing your parents murder. The FBI have already got Federal Warrants for both of their arrests: three charges of First Degree Murder, Prostitution, ten charges of Trafficking underage girls and other charges including Money Laundering.” Rochelle was explaining.

Marcella looked bewildered at Gus, then asked: “Nothing was done in the last four years, suddenly you come up with evidence that will convict the Damn Walters pair… HOW? The guys in the pickup that led us in here. HOW?”

“Honey, all you two had to do was ask. My hands were tied until you asked for my help. Let’s get your clothes changed so Walters won’t recognize you immediately. Gus will need to stay here at the ranch while you and I go to the Country Club.”

1978 Rolls Royce

1978 Rolls Royce

Out the door and down the road, Rochelle explained the car she was driving: “It may be just 1972, but I already have this 1978 Rolls. When I place an order for most anything, the Sales People TRY harder to give me extra service.”

“Are you still getting sick mornings? When did you last see a doctor? Are you needing money to pay bills? When we get back to the house, I’ll have some ideas for you to think about.” Marcella didn’t need to answer, the woman was reading her mind.

“When we get to the Country Club, the FBI will already have Carol Walters taken away before Tommy arrives. The FBI will have several agents present, plus a Federal Judge will be on hand to witness all of our I’s are dotted and our T’s are crossed. You and I will be allowed to have some fun with Walters, he doesn’t know what I look like, just by reputation. He thinks the Linscomb Brothers own the Country Club, they manage it for me, kind of handy that way.”

“See how pretty your toes look all polished up. Feel the end of your shoes, YOU can kick any man in the nuts as hard as you want and your toes are safe. When we get inside, just follow my lead.” Rochelle drove around to the back side of the Club house, there was a private garage door that opened, they drove inside and the wall went back to a solid one piece.

A tall handsome tanned young man came running to see if they needed any help. He explained that the FBI had already taken Carol Walters away. She was caught completely off guard, confessed to everything right in the parking lot.

Rochelle Eakins

Rochelle Eakins, captivating

The two sexy gorgeous dressed women went straight to the bar, where Rochelle ordered a glass of 1846 Burgundy and chilled grape juice for Marcella. Rochelle’s black mini-dress was revealing showing almost too much cleavage right to the nipples. Tommy Walters walked in, looked around and headed toward the bar as the two women headed to their reserved booth. Seating herself on the edge of the table, Rochelle gave a loud shrill whistle that got everyone’s attention in the large crowed room. “Tommy Walters, get your ass over here. We have some things we need to discuss!”

He walked over, not knowing what to expect, “Okay, I’m here, what business do we have to discuss?” something about the other woman looked familiar, then he recognized Marcella Prine.

“I don’t know what this little two-bit whore has been telling you, but it’s most likely a lie. And who the hell are you? I was told to come out here to talk with the owner. Where’s one of the Linscombs at?”

“Marcia you little bitch, you got two of my best investigators killed today. What are you trying to pull?” Walters knew something was coming down, he kept looking around the room to see if Carol had gotten here yet.

“Tommy, Carol arrived before you and stuck her foot in her mouth. She had to leave!”

The Linscomb Brothers Property Management Company do manage this property for me, as they do many of the other properties that I own. As for your investigators, enforcers that were caught following two of my friends since Wednesday. They pulled out guns and pointed at one of my guards, he protected himself and his driver by blowing their brains out all over the inside of their, your car. The car was registered to you.

“NOW, how about answering my questions? Tommy Walters, What is your connection with this young lady, Marcella Prine? I understand from her that you and your wife have RENTED her out to your friends for the last FOUR years. That means YOU and your wife Carol forced Miss Prine here into prostitution at the age of fourteen. Now she’s pregnant, got any ideas as to who the baby’s father is?” Rochelle was asking.

“Hey, HEY I never touched her, she can’t prove anything ever happened. It’s the word of a lying tramp that has stolen money from us, after we were kind enough to take her into our home when she had no other place to go. We felt sorry for her, her father was my partner, but he was taking money from our business.”

REALLY? …I’ve got to go to the restroom, so I’ll leave the two of you to talk over your disagreements.” she turned and headed back past the bar.

Marcella looked across the table where they were still sitting: “Tommy, you shoved that night-stick up my ass the first night you took me into your home. I was a virgin when Carol put lube on her hand and shoved it up me. GOD, I thought I was going to die, I was bleeding for a week while you two kept reaming me out. You did get me to a doctor who made sure I wasn’t injured too bad. He gladly became a regular weekly customer. Once a month since the beginning I got the night-stick shoved up my ass just to keep me in line making sure I didn’t forget how it felt. There were other girls that I could hear screaming, I guess Florence Foster didn’t survive. YOU didn’t know about the video tapes did you?” The young blonde said with a grin.

Walters had heard enough, the other woman was gone so he reached across the table and took Marcella by her left arm: “YOU keep your mouth shut BITCH and we’ll continue this conversation outside.” holding onto her arm he slid out from behind the table, pulling the young woman with him.

REALLY, three murders not counting Florence Foster, RAPE and forced prostitution for four years. YOU want me to keep my mouth shut?” she was screaming as she was now solidly on her feet. Her six-inch spike heel went through his custom alligator shoe and deep into his foot, where she twisted it to cause more pain. “I’m NOT going anywhere with you you dumb son-of-a bitch!” she screamed, pulling her shoe loose and bringing her knee up under his chin with such force some of his teeth flew out of his mouth. “YOU rotten Murdering BASTARD, I ought to kill you right here!”

Firm hands gripped her shoulders holding her back, it was Rochelle: “The FBI Agents will take over from here. Honey, it’s OKAY, they understand what you’ve been through.”

Marcella was concerned

Marcella was concerned

One agent handcuffed Walters, read him his Rights as two other Agents explained the charges he was facing. Three counts of First Degree Murder which his wife had already admitted her part in. Rape, prostitution of teenage girls and boys and a list of other charges. A Federal Prosecutor and Judge were both on hand to make sure Walters would have NO GROUNDS for any defense or claim of entrapment.

Marcella thought a moment about her situation… five months pregnant, NO job and getting married to the only man she thought she knew. Was this arrangement going to last? This woman who’d just helped her solve one problem, what was this help going to cost in the long-run? People don’t just help strangers, do they? This pastor’s wife was different from any pastor’s wife she’d ever heard tell of; church was a place where you went to hide from your troubles. The troubles were always still there, and was this going to be any different? What was going to happen to all the clients she’d serviced for the last four years? Were they just going to go away, or would they be finding her and wanting to continue the way things had always been? Was Tommy Walters and his wife really gone for good?

“Marcella Prine come in! Hello! Girl, I’m trying to be your friend and YOU have nothing to worry about. Gus, is he a good lover? What are your feelings toward this man?” Rochelle did have a couple good questions, the teenage girl just wished things were that simple.

“Rochelle, I do love Gus Gore, but I don’t want to see him get hurt. Some of the clients are NOT nice people and I’m afraid they’ll come looking for me and Gus could get hurt, or even killed.” Marcella looked older than her eighteen years, life had been hard the last four years.

“Don’t think about running away, I’ve got you covered. A press release that’s gone out to the media from St. Louis to Tulsa, Little Rock to Kansas City tells the world that the Walters couple were arrested for 3 counts of First Degree Murder. Prostitution is NOT mentioned, but the Midwest Independent Boys crime syndicate knows NOT to mess with me. You Marcella Prine are under my care.” Rochelle explained with a hand pop on the teenager’s tanned bare leg.

Marcella is CLASS

Marcella is pure CLASS

They talked on the trip back out to the Ranch, Rochelle offered the teenager an opportunity to work at her store at the Big Mall until the baby would make working impossible. This would be a good chance to learn how much the girl could be trusted. She could start as soon as tomorrow to which she agreed. Marcella needed a job for as long as she could work, but she knew she needed to see a doctor that could be trusted.

“Marcella, you need to see a doctor that can have you and the baby checked out. Some of the tortures you’ve endured could have done some permanent damage. Are you willing? I’ll pay for the doctor and needed tests. Okay?” Rochelle offered as she continued to drive North on Hwy 65.

Marcella didn’t wait for her new friend to withdraw the offer: “Yes, when may I get an appointment?

“I’ll call a doctor that I know who can give you a thorough going over, check the baby’s health so you can feel safe. Tomorrow morning, the clinic is on Commercial Street and they’ll expect you about 8:30 AM. Get done and come on over to the store, Annette will put you to work. She’s my long-time manager for over thirty years here in Springfield. You’ll fall in love with her, she’s worked for me for over fifty years at several locations. She’s NOT the kind who will stab you in the back.”

“Over fifty years? How old is this woman?” Marcella did NOT trust old people…

As they turned down the long drive, Rochelle knew she needed to answer a few deep questions the younger woman had: “Really, How OLD do you think I am?

Nice pool at the Ranch

Nice pool at the Ranch

Marcella thought for a moment before she spoke, she’d heard ALL the crap people spread about this woman. Rochelle was cute, nice and extremely RICH, but her age was a fabricated story. “I’ve heard the stories and you spread a pretty good tale, if anyone believes it, but you can’t be older than your early thirties.”

“Honey, I was five hundred sixty-one of your Earth Years my last birthday. I’m NOT from this area, neither is Gary or many of our friends you’ll be getting acquainted with. When you asked for my help, you crossed into a new time dimension. You needed our help, which we are glad to help with, but we’ll need you to become a team player. Do you have an open mind, able and willing to enter uncharted waters?”

The two women were now parked in front of the large ranch house, both got out of the car and hurried inside. Marcella was thinking no faster than Rochelle was reading her mind. How could this be possible? “How old is Annette that you said I’ll be working with?”

“She’s your boss, just do what she tells you and you’ll do just fine. I’ve got an idea that you’ll clean up pretty good. OH, she’s one hundred fifty and a great looking redhead.” Rochelle explained.

“Take your clothes off, throw them on the floor in my sun-room by the back door and go jump in the pool with Gus. Enjoy!” she added.

The young couple ate dinner at the Eakins table with some more conversation, then headed home to get their first worry-free sleep.

Annette 150 years old

Annette 150 years old

Saturday morning, Marcella made her doctor’s appointment, then headed to work for her first day on the new job. She wore the black pant-suit outfit Rochelle had given her to wear. Blondes do look absolutely GREAT in the right black outfit, her tight tanned bare midriff was an eye-catcher that was getting her attention as she walked toward the new job.

Designs by ROCHELLE is known worldwide as the place to buy custom jewelry and clothes NOT available elsewhere. People who can’t afford the prices should try other nearby stores for items in THEIR price range. As Marcella entered the up-scale boutique side of the store, every woman in the store was busy making their selections. This was only 10:30 AM and the place was crowded, but a gorgeous redhead who looked like she was ready to hop into bed came directly up to the tall HOT blonde: “Hello there Marcella! Rochelle said you are every man’s dream come true. She didn’t exaggerate in the slightest.”

“I’m Annette and if you’ll follow me, you can put your purse and jacket in a locker. I’ve got your special watch and name tag ready and you’ll be working with me today.” Everything went smooth as silk that day and every day there after for over three months.

Rochelle was rarely if ever in the store herself. The sexy-dressed redhead with a great tan was quite capable of running the store. Marcella had regular doctor’s appointments every two weeks and Rochelle would catch her on Sundays as she and Gus were leaving their church for a friendly chat. The second Monday of September, Annette called her early at home and told her to NOT come back to work anymore. Rochelle wanted her to instead dress casual and come out to the ranch for a personal meeting. The redhead assured the blonde mother-to-be, she’d NOT done anything wrong. Your doctor’s last test results are back and you have to quit working, it is September.

Marcella's Old VW

Marcella’s Old VW

So, Marcella got dressed and drove out to the ranch not knowing what to expect. Rochelle had been her friend and had made the last few months go by fast. Only one thing did worry the eighteen year old mother-to-be, the doctor had instructed her to keep doing her 30 minute kettle-bell workout everyday to keep her body toned and stomach muscles tight. Her waist had not expanded even one inch, she and Gus had always had sex multiple times everyday, but neither had ever felt what could be called a kick from the baby.

When she got to the ranch, the housekeeper she’d met that first Friday, directed Marcella to go out to the pool for a swim, Rochelle would join her shortly.

The cool water felt refreshing to her bare tired young body. Being able to swim nude was much better than having to goto some public pool where no telling who had done what in the water. She dove off the rocks at the deep end of the pool and swam back up past the palm trees in back of the house a couple times. Rochelle was taking her time showing up, but after about an hour of swiming and laying in the sun, the housekeeper came out to get the teenager who was having just too much fun in the pool.

Rochelle loves her wine

Rochelle loves her wine

“Rochelle will meet you now in the sun-room. She just got back from St Petersburg after 3:00 AM so we were letting her catch a little sleep. I have a glass of wine poured for you and you do not need to get dressed.”

Marcella used the outdoor shower to rinse the pool water off her young body, then headed inside to find Rochelle leaning on her favorite window sill. She reached for the wine and took a sip, to let Rochelle start the conversation. “Thanks for letting me work in your store these past few months. Working with Annette was a great experience. She called and said you wanted to go over the doctor’s tests with me. I’ve done my exercises and stayed on my diet everyday and measured myself daily. I’ve not gained an inch around my waist.” she was starting to get scared.

“Calm down, you’ve done great. Gus is so proud of you and he has a right to be… YOU are one gorgeous, sexy blonde with a perfect all-over tan. Annette has nothing but good things to say about you, customers love you. The doctor says your health is fine and you will make a fine mother.”

After a shower

After a shower

“I do need to explain a few details of what your doctor has told me. In case you are wondering, I do own the clinic so your medical expenses are covered. On September 28 you will need to be at the clinic at about 6:00 or 6:30 AM for the birthing of your baby. It’s extremely small, it just did not develop as it should have. This is do to what the previous doctor, Walters took you to, did trying to kill your little girl. She will be born alive, but outside of your body she can’t exist for more than a few hours.”

“A Birth Certificate will be filed with the State of Missouri in the Name of: Shelby LeAnn Gore, but there will be no Death Certificate filed. Sounds a little strange I know, but you and Gus do deserve a baby. Honey, don’t cry, it’s going to be something good coming for you two.”

“You and Gus are going to be flown to Bogota, Colombia, South America during the morning of Thursday the twenty-eighth. It’s only about a half hour flight the way my pilot flies at over five thousand miles per hour. Gary and I’ll be with you for the whole trip and we have two lawyers to take care of the paper-work. You will be adopting a one year old, extremely healthy little girl with the name of Shelby LeAnn Gore, using your daughter’s Birth Certificate. She’s no ordinary little girl, she’ll never be sick or get broken bones, but she will grow up fast and be a real hand-full. This is why she comes with Special Instructions.” Rochelle was explaining when the teenager cut in.

Unique Eakins Ranch House

Unique Eakins Ranch House

“HEY, hey-HEY slow down. My baby is NOT going to make it, SO, why would I want to take someone else’s little brat? Are her parents dead, wanted by the LAW in Colombia, or just why?”

Gary Eakins walked into the room, gave his wife a hug and kiss with a few squeezes in the right places. “Don’t look so shocked, we do everything you and Gus do. As my sweetie told you, we are NOT from around here, we have to do some things differently. We waited a lot of years to be together, actually I held one position with the InterGalactic Council for one thousand years. Being an under-study with Lord Sananda is the Greatest Honor in the Universe, then he sent me to Colombia to meet a woman he’d personally picked out before she was born. That was in 1957, we were married by the First High Priest to the Most High Creator God for ALL ETERNITY, we are compatible spirits forever.”

“Remember when I married the two of you, I did NOT say until Death do You Part, but instead I said for ALL ETERNITY. You and Gus have been picked for a very important parenting job.”

Suddenly she felt two wonderful hands cup her bare breasts, she leaned back to see Gus looking down into her eyes. “Hey Lover, how much of this do you already know?” Marcella had never been the smartest kid in the class, maybe the sexiest though and she had learned how to survive.

Gus loved this beautiful young woman of his dreams, he wanted her to be happy and feel fulfilled as a woman and mother. He’d realized the baby was having trouble when they never felt any kicks. He’d got an appointment with her doctor, who called Rochelle to help explain the circumstances. Marcella’s mind was considered fragile with all that’d come her way over the last four years. Working at the store had kept her busy, not able to take the time to let her mind wonder. He had not thought it necessary to tell her that he’d quit his job for another better paying job fifty miles to the East. ALL the details were settled, papers signed and he’d sold their house for a good price. NOW, was the time to explain his actions…

Nudists Make Great Neighbors

Nudists Make Great Neighbors & Lots of Packages get delivered to the Wrong Address

“Marcella, I didn’t know how to tell you about our baby. You are my wife and anything that causes you PAIN, I feel it too. I’m getting a New JOB as Supervisor on the late night shift down at Cedarville Steel Fabrication. We get a major RAISE in pay, a great 4-bedroom 2 and a half-bath brick house that’s recently renovated, plus a new truck each year. We’ll be a young couple moving to town with a one year old little girl. You’ll be a full-time Mom with no-need to work on any outside job.” Gus was saying trying to answer all her questions, but then…

What happens to your house here in town? Where do we get the furniture for this house in Cedarville? What about the appliances? Does the Air Conditioning work? What about the furnace and the wiring and the plumbing? Why can’t we just try again to have our own baby?” Rochelle stopped the young woman’s questions abruptly.

Rochelle laying on a sofa

550+ Rochelle laying on a sofa

Rochelle was now laying on a sofa listening to the conversation, she needed to get involved: “Look, Marcella your parents were murdered, then you’ve been through Hell the last four years. Your baby would have major health problems if there was anyway for it to survive, It’s NOT your fault. With Little Shelby Gore you will have a healthy baby with a mischievous streak a mile wide, that will keep you busy trying to slow her down. She will be your child just like if you were the birth mother, without having to worry about her future. Her birth parents are major Royalty and her future husband is already picked. I know the guy quite well, Willie was my companion for fifty-five years before Gary and I got married. Down in Bogota you and Gus will meet the birth parents. Every month for the next fifteen years you will get together with Su-ZQ to discuss your daughter, and if there is anything you or she are needing.”

“If you have any questions day or night about anything, just call Jessie or Jodie right there in Cedarville. When the doctor contacted me about your baby, I thought I’d check and see if this was possible.”

“You asked Gus about having another baby, the doctor says that would most likely be a fatal mistake for you and the baby. So when you give birth, the doctor wants to do a total clean-out of your female organs. You and Gus will be very happy in Cedarville, plus many new friends will be waiting to welcome you into our family. Remember, you can call me anytime about anything or just to talk. You are keeping the watch and it works for calling anyone in our large family here on this planet called Earth.”

Gus & Marcella

Gus & Marcella

Marcella was feeling more relaxed in Gus’s arms, he’d changed her whole outlook on her life. Having a man who really LOVED her was a Great feeling, just maybe they could? Before she could voice her question, Rochelle was there with an answer…

“Girl, the pool can be a lot of fun when you have your man and there are no clothes coming between the two of you. Gary and I are going for a swim and a whole lot of loving. You two can do each other here or in the pool, we couldn’t care less.” and their hosts were out the doorway heading toward the pool.

The pool appeared more like a Central American jungle grotto than a backyard swimming pool, taking in over two acres. Gus squeezed her tightly, “Well, here or in the pool?” she knew well what he wanted.

“Here and in the pool could be twice as much fun.” …taking in the moment, their lives were changing really FAST. For the first time in over four years she felt safe and had a real lover who wanted to make her happy. NOW, it was up to Marcella to make his dreams come true; …What were they to do for almost two weeks from now to the end of September?

From the beginning she’d NOT wanted the baby, but it was the reason she and Gus had gotten married. Being married to Gus Gore was SPECIAL, here in Springfield in their house she didn’t have to wear clothes. At home, they enjoyed each other to the fullest, it’d been about two years since she first went out to dinner with Gus. He wanted to be her friend, talk about whatever she wanted to talk about for hours. They’d went back to his house and what a night they had, but she knew it could NOT last.

Tommy Walters had often told the gorgeous teenager what he’d do to her if she spent even one night not working for him. He caught up with her at the North Walmart, she gave him the best BJ she was capable of giving. Marcella Prine was not bashful or did she hold anything back, the better she performed maybe he’d go easier on her. He took her home and kept her naked until his wife got there, doing her every way she was able. Tommy held her tight while Carroll shoved the eighteen inch night-stick up her young ass. She could feel her insides tearing, but that woman shoved it harder the more the young blonde screamed.

Bikers worked for Criminals

Bikers worked for Criminals

Over the next couple months there were ten to fifteen mean, rough bikers every night and even more during the day. It was three at a time and they made her bleed and kept her bleeding. She thought she was going to die, so there were no more nights out to dinner with Gus Gore. It had hurt her insides too much, but she did get to see him a couple times a month when she could slip out and go to that big church over toward Commercial Street. She’d just been one more whore trying to do whatever she could to get by until tomorrow. Maybe something would change?

“OH, My God woman YOU are so beautiful… I can still remember the first time I saw you at their church. You were NOT exactly dressed for going to church, but you got my attention in that gray dress. I had no idea the kind of things you could do to a man, we must have had sex for four to five hours straight, got something to eat and drink and went right back at it again. I had no idea the pain you were going to have to endure. Thanks for giving me a second chance; We’ll make it this time with God’s help.”

Letting her mind wonder back, brought back some of the pain. They had a future now if she didn’t blow it out of the water. “Gus, I love you!” They needed to sit and talk and both knew the questions they needed to get answered.

Gary and Rochelle were back from taking a short swim: “You two have some questions that need answers. Your house here is already sold and your stuff was moved to Cedarville today. That house is ready, but we’d like to have you stay with us through the weekend. We make several trips to Atlantis each month, we’d like to have you both go with us to a 2:00 AM Tabernacle Service. Tonight is the only time we can make it when both the King and Queen will be at home. A couple days at their castle will give you time to get acquainted with this couple.”

Marcella was reading between the lines, Atlantis was supposed to be a fairytale and the woman here in the room is over 550 years old. Her husband had held a job working with the Head guy of the Universe for over one thousand years. A few short months ago, this teenager was facing certain death from her pimp who’d murdered her parents. Now, married to a wonderful handsome man of her wildest dreams, a great house in a new town where no one would know her; and Gus would be making more money. She would make a great mom if this little one year old baby girl would be willing to accept her and give Marcella a chance to prove her abilities.

“Will we be able to meet our little girl Shelby? That’s why we’re going to Atlantis isn’t it?” she inquired, sitting leaned back against her man Gus.

Rochelle looked over at her young friend, “You are getting smarter; Gary and I were given the task of finding suitable adoptive parents for little Shelby. Her parents are SU-ZAlana Quantinautilous (SU-ZQ) the Queen of Atlantis, wife of Melchizedek (7 ft. tall) King of Salem, High Priest to the Most High Creator GOD Yahweh the Eternal with NO beginning and NO end.”

Carter Castle

Carter Castle, Camelot Lake, Mtn High

“I’ve known them both since I was seventeen and became long-time companion to a man you’ll hear referred to as Old Man Carter. He’s actually Michael the Archangel and has many homes here on Earth, including Carter Castle out in the middle of Lake Camelot at Mtn. High, Missouri which is twelve miles north of Cedarville.”

“Okay, I’ll bite… How do we get to Atlantis? Today is Monday September 12, and two weeks from this next Wednesday is September 28. …Right? What do you want us to do over the next two weeks and three days?” there was a lot of details Marcella was not yet aware of.

Gary cut in, “We attend services at the Tabernacle once a week on average, most times it’s the 2:00 AM Sunday morning service. Next week Su-ZQ will be heading to the monthly Council Meeting where she makes her regular reports on Planet Earth. At present she takes little Shelby with her in the care of two nannies. This will not get this little darling acquainted with or how to cope with daily life on Earth. They are anxious to meet the two of you, so we want to get this relationship under-way, if you feel you are ready to proceed?”

“Rochelle, Gary you are going to help me adjust to being a parent? Will there be a menu and daily routines that I can follow? I’ve never been a parent before. I guess if you didn’t think I could do it, you wouldn’t have put me in the situation?” Marcella was a little nervous, but ready to get started.

Tabernacle in Atlantis

Tabernacle in Atlantis

Rochelle looked toward the hallway where the chef was standing: “Our chef has dinner ready, afterwards we need to get to bed and get up about midnight, shower and get dressed. There’s a direct portal to the bottom of the stairs outside the Tabernacle, located in one of our hallways. The four of us walk down this hallway holding hands and suddenly we’re there.”

The four friends had dinner, talked, went to bed and were up at 12:30 AM, showered and dressed. At exactly 1:30 AM they walked down the hallway holding hands thinking of Atlantis.

It was kind of dark like under a full-moon, a gigantic tall stone structure loomed just ahead of the four. Far above the entrance were two hundred foot tall stone statues of seated deities, Towers were on all sides topped with flooding lights. What appeared to be stone fire-pots were mounted on the corners of each level of the roof with strong white light emanating upward from each pot.

This complex was built over a large lake with water both underneath and surrounding the plaza area. Thousands of people were dressed in white rushing to get inside the broad sculpted stone entrance. Inside the building was even larger than it appeared from the outside, music from harps, horns and other instruments filled the air. Everyone’s attention was being drawn to a transparent speaker’s platform seeming to float above, but viewable from every seat in the whole structure.

Su-ZQ Queen of Atlantis

Su-ZQ Queen of Atlantis

A beautiful, tall, blonde woman was making announcements to the attendees: “I see our guests from the upper-world have arrived on schedule. Our long-time friends Gary and Rochelle Eakins have once again proven their great worth to the people of this world.”

Shelby when she met the Gores

Shelby when she met the Gores

At that moment, Marcella felt something or someone tugging on the bottom of her skirt, she glanced down to an amazing sight. A small blonde haired girl was there, maybe a little over two feet tall, the teenage mother to be squatted down and took the small outstretched hand. “Hi there, I’ll bet you’re my little girl Shelby.”

The little girl clasped her little face with both hands and exclaimed: “You are my new Mommy; YES I’m Shelby!” she stretched out both arms for Marcella to pick her up.

A young looking brown haired girl stood by where the small girl had been standing. “Hello, I’m Lou-Anda the nanny. Shelby wanted to meet you as soon as she could, so she picked this spot by the entrance. I just follow her lead, we have less arguments that way.”

“This little girl is years ahead of her age, she communicates fluently. If she says she needs to go potty, she does mean right this minute. There has not been one accident in the last three months at least.”

“Hey Lou-Anda, it’s been three months, two and one half days. Please, if you have to tell my history, get the facts correct. Okay?” Shelby realized she’d embarrassed the nanny. “Oh Lou-Anda I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, you’ve been really nice to me, teaching me lots of stuff so I wouldn’t look like a dumb little brat when my new parents got here. Thanks!”

Lou-Anda the nanny

Lou-Anda the nanny

“I’m sure going to miss my little friend, but it’s time for her to move on to the next stage in her life.” the nanny stated, leaning over and giving the baby girl a kiss on her forehead.

“Any time you want…” Marcella felt Rochelle’s elbow hit her in the ribs solidly and knew to stop talking.

“OH, Mrs Gore I’m a citizen of Atlantis and we do NOT cross over to the upper-world. Only the Queen can and is allowed to do that. I’m happy where I am and when Shelby is grown, she will return for visits. The Queen will see to it that I get updates on Shelby’s progress.” Lou-Anda explained.

Marcella wanted to be polite, this young woman had spent the last year helping little Shelby: “Lou-Anda, how old are you?”

The young looking woman tilted her head back, “I was almost twenty Earth years when I moved to Atlantis before the Great Flood. The Flood made it necessary to move our land into another dimension which took place about seven thousand one hundred fifty-five years ago.”

All Marcella could think to say was: “WOW!” that was not the answer Marcella was expecting, some people do NOT look like their age. “When Shelby leaves for the upper-world, what will you be doing then?” Marcella was wondering how she got elected to this job of caring for someone else’s baby. What if there is an accident and the baby gets hurt? I don’t even have a child seat for my old Volkswagen and maybe I need to trade it in when we get to Cedarville?

“I assist the Queen in whatever capacity she needs me. We travel to the Inter-Galactic Council Meetings once each month which takes one full week. Then there are the administrative duties here on Atlantis. I stay busy.” Lou-Anda explained.

Then she added answers to the questions Marcella was thinking: “You were picked because you are the ONLY couple Rochelle and Gary thought capable. You have done some living and survived, that’s important. You do NOT have to worry about Shelby getting hurt, she’s protected. As for that old Volkswagen, it’s already been turned in on something more suitable, a Buick.”

Shelby in Atlantis

Shelby in Atlantis

HEY! …here comes my mother the Queen.” exclaimed the little almost one year-old baby girl, pulling on her new Mommy’s arm.

visiting Atlantis

visiting Atlantis

Rochelle and Gary had went on inside and found themselves seats, leaving Marcella and Gus with the nanny and little girl. Lou-Anda saw the future parents were nervous, “Relax, she already knows everything there is to know about both of you including the hand you use to brush your teeth. You are to be little Shelby’s parents, that’s settled.”

The tall blonde woman seemed to materialize through the air until she stood in front of the young couple. “Hello, I’m glad to meet the people from the upper-world who will be raising Princes Shelby.” holding out both hands so she could greet both Marcella and Gus at the same time. “Follow me and we’ll get to our seats,
as service is about to start.”

Marcella carried the baby, holding her close as they followed the Queen through the crowded auditorium. Suddenly their feet left the floor behind and they were seated on a balcony above the stage. Gary and Rochelle were sitting in the same area, with Lou-Anda seated on the other side of Gus. Marcella asked the baby if she was Okay; the baby replied with: “Shoo-sh, my Father is starting to speak.” with a slight frown.

Gary and Rochelle went back to Springfield after the service; Marcella and Gus stayed on Atlantis until the Sunday morning service when Gary and Rochelle would return to take them back to their home in the upper world.

Back in Cedarville at 10:00 AM Wednesday, Reverend Gaylan Tompkins of the local AG church was hurrying to make his appointment. Dr. Gary Eakins had called on Tuesday afternoon and said there was a lady coming to Cedarville that he should meet. “Take every word she has to say as Gospel, the future of your congregation is about to change drastically. I’ve known her for thousands of years, You and I’ve had conversations in the past and you do know who I am.”

Is an Eye-Catcher

Is an Eye-Catcher

He entered the church after unlocking the door, as he went into the main auditorium, there sat an atractive tall blonde woman near the front of the church on a soft-gray chair and couch he knew did NOT belong there. The couch had other casual furniture placed around within a few feet: “I hope you do not mind, I like to have my first meetings get off to a comfortable footing.”

“I’m Queen SU-ZAlana Quantinautilous, (SU-ZQ) the Queen of Atlantis, wife of Melchizedek (7 ft. tall) King of Salem, High Priest to the Most High Creator GOD Yahweh the Eternal with NO beginning and NO end. My presence here is to ask favors of you and our conversation is to go no further than this time we spend. You are not to discuss this with your wife or anyone in your congregation. With the only exceptions to be the Sanders trio, Ted, Jessica and Jodie who’ve been helping me for many years.” when he interrupted her.

“Yes, I know Ted and Jessica, they are here most Sundays, he’s an executive out at the Steel Plant, I see her around town and she’s friendly, she’s usually with a darker skinned woman. That’s this Jodie you mentioned, I remember Jessica saying her name is Jodie.”

Su-ZQ continued: “Jodie is Ted’s second wife, but she usually attends the Catholic church in Mtn. High on Sundays. Those three have been close friends since childhood a few thousand years ago. When it came time for them to get married, there was only one choice: they had to stay a trio.”

“They live in the company complex high up on the hill to the Northeast of town. They have several hundred people at that location who would like to have a trusted church home.”

Col. Ted Sanders

Col. Ted Sanders two beautiful Best Friends

Jessica Sanders

Jessica Sanders

Jodie Meyer

Jodie Meyer

Jessica and Jodie (Sanders wives)

Jessica & Jodie (Sanders wives)

“You will be working with the Sanders women while building your new church. Your congregation will be growing within the next few years to where you will need to be able to seat at least five hundred adults. I’ve brought the deed for the land you’ll need for the new church site, the ground is being donated by Old Man Carter. I’m sure you’ve heard that name, T-era Rodriquez signs the papers for him; she’s General Xavier Emerson’s assistant. They live in the Carter Castle out on the Island in the middle of Lake Camelot at Mtn. High. Your five acre property is debt-free with ALL utilities connected and located just south of US 60 highway. Old Man Carter’s son you’ve already met, William Johnson who’s attended several of your Sunday services. He and his assistant Kare-Ann Young teach Engineering over at Rolla for the next few years. Getting enough qualified engineers for their steel plants in this area has been a challenge.” Su-ZQ was explaining when she was interrupted.

“I know you mean well, but this church is only about one hundred people on a good Sunday. Our Sunday collections barely pay the expenses, I’ve been doing carpenter jobs during the week to be able to stay here. There have been a few good Sundays since the new owners took over the Steel Plant, but we can’t really count on that with people like the Sanders and their life-style. I’ve heard some stories about this Old Man Carter and his women and the way they live.” Reverend Tompkins was saying.

“Didn’t Gary Eakins explain who I am? He told you to accept what I tell you and that is exactly what I’m telling you to do. As for Old Man Carter, who’s been on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years. He commanded the Forces of the Almighty in the Battle for control of the Universe, he is the Mighty Micheal the Archangel. Today his job is to oversee many of the Galaxies of the entire Universe, he was awarded his four wives. They were with Willie for over seventeen thousand years, there were problems with a few decisions that Willie made having to do with the girls. Rochelle was with Micheal for four hundred seventy-five years, she offered to be traded for the girls. She was waiting for Gary to come to Earth, so she and Willie were together for fifty-five years from 1902 to 1957. She and Gary were married while living in Colombia in 1957, they moved to Springfield shortly there after.”

Willie is betrothed to my daughter since the year 988, the Sanders women have the responsibility of growing her financial net worth. That’s why I’m here, my little Shelby is moving to Cedarville with her adopted parents: Marcella and Gus Gore. Gus will be working as the late night Supervisor at the Steel Plant, Marcella is to be a full-time mother. She’s eighteen and he’s twenty-one but they will be great parents, they’ve already lived more than most do in an entire lifetime.” SU-ZQ could read his mind.

Looking Good @ 527 Years

Looking Good @ 527 Years

“The cost of building your new church is already covered, here are the blueprints for you to go over with your board, here’s a picture of the finished building with you standing in front of the building. I reached into the future for that, as I have a few special powers you will discover. A construction company we use is from Mtn High will do the building, with all costs covered by the $5 million escrow account that Jessica Sanders has set up for that purpose.” she was explaining

Reverend Tompkins was short of breath, gasping for air: “I have to run everything past the Church Board and they have to vote to approve all expenditures. They will not go along with this addition to our current building program. I’ll be fired in a minute if I propose this under any circumstances. Nobody is going to believe this is real.”

This is NOT a proposal, it’s what is going to happen here in your town of Cedarville. That is a picture of the finished building with you standing in front of the finished structure. Michael wants this to happen, he’s very persuasive and does NOT take a NO into the situation. You have the deed in your hand with the blueprints; the other paper shows the balance in your escrow account in the State Bank of Mtn. High. T-era Rodriquez is the Chairman of the Bank Board and it’s her construction company who will build your church. T-era will gladly meet with your church board and explain the details in such a way, they will only say YES! The company PSL Holdings LTD Bogota Colombia SA has moved here to Cedarville to make this their home for many years.”

Cedarville AG Church 1972

Cedarville AG Church 1972

“Your church is patterned after Dom Bosco Cathedral, located in Brasília, Brazil, Architect: Carlos Alberto Naves…”

“How about you drive me up to the top of the Hill, we’ll let Jessica and Jodie answer any questions you may have?” she offered.

After returning to Springfield, Gus and Marcella Gore drove down to Cedarville so they could meet with the Sanders family and to check out their new home. The remodeled brick home set back off the Main Street one hundred fifty feet, with large privacy fenced back yard. All new furniture and stainless steel appliances filled every room. The laundry was in the partially finished basement along with a computer equipped office, the same advanced system she’d learned to use working for Rochelle.

After about a week in their new home it was time to return to Springfield and enter the hospital to deliver her own doomed baby. In some ways it was hard, but that baby could not survive and little Shelby was destined to be their future.

Rochelle and Gary Eakins accompanied the young couple on the trip to Bogota, Jessica and Jodie were both there to make sure everything was done by the book.

Shelby seemed somehow different than when they’d met her in Atlantis, she didn’t talk and she was just not the same as when they’d met her before. The little girl cried when she had to leave Lou-Anda the nanny behind. There were no smiles until the family reached Cedarville, then it was straight to the potty and the little girl started talking. She asked questions about everything she saw, plus where was her potty seat for the grownups stool.

Shelby was a happy baby

Shelby was a happy baby

Marcella was trying to read the installation instructions when Shelby grabbed the unit and installed it herself. She found a short folding ladder, scooted it next to the toilet and climbed up. This was Wednesday September 28, 1972, then Sunday October second was Shelby and her new family’s first time to visit the local church.

Little Shelby wanted to sit down on the seat herself, but she was too low to see anything, so she stood up in the seat, turned around and climbed down to the floor. She promptly announced: “Mommy, got go potty!”, grabbed Marcella’s hand and headed off down the aisle toward the back of the church.

Jessica Sanders reached over the seat-back in front of her and got the baby-bag so she could follow the pair to their destination. Marcella was going to need some help becoming a new Momma, Jessie had been warned what to expect, together they’d make the adjustments.

Cedarville AG Church

Cedarville AG Church

The pastor took the time while the three were tending to business, to announce the construction site for their new church already had the full-basement poured using a special concrete mix. The actual building was being put together in panels pre-fabricated over in Mtn. High. He’d been promised the building would be done and moved into before Christmas, because they were using NEW technology at no cost to the congregation. Plus Ruby Carter, one of Old Man Carter’s four lovely wives was a close friend of the Brazilian architect credited with the church design in Brazil. Ruby had used this design over 1,000 years ago for a Tabernacle on Alpha-Bardo in the Galaxy of Leandro. Many people who’d seen Ruby’s original design had copied it elsewhere, only the Cathedral in Brazil had the crucefix. Why did such a small Missouri town need such a large church?

It’d been just over two weeks since the Queen’s visit, already there were over one hundred new people here today. Many of the locals attended services in Mtn. High where a larger church existed. Mtn. High was just a few hundred people before the Military built their base there, now the population is nearing twenty thousand and and still growing. Whatever the black General Xavier Emerson was building in the Old Carter Quarry, lots of money is being invested into the local economy. Every make of car has it’s own dealership, there’s a jetport able to handle 747’s, with a truck stop inside the terminal which is also a shopping mall. Cafes and bars have popped up on every street corner and a few in each block. The town is bursting at the seams with over 1,000 military personnel to add to the confusion.

Those who are wanting to find a church home, just want to get out of Mtn. High for at least a few hours, home prices are skyrocketing. Ava to the south, Mountain Grove to the east and Lebanon almost forty miles north are having to absorb the excess housing boom. Workers need some where to live, also there is another steel plant in Simple City to the west and Marshland to the north and west. Most people feel the growing economy is a God send, while others especially the older folks believe it’s the Devil’s doing. PSL Holdings LTD has invested Billions of dollars into the South Missouri economy and some people are still NOT happy.

NOW It’s 1975: One of those people is Leo Smith who lives in Tulsa Oklahoma, he heads up the Midwest Independent Boys crime syndicate. Tommy Walters made Smith a lot of money from the Springfield area, drugs, prostitution and murder for hire. Now Walters was sitting in jail, making appeal after court appeal trying to keep from being executed for the triple murder he’d been convicted of. Walters wanted Marcella Prine DEAD and Smith offered Tommy a way to get the job done. He sent Walters a stack of books on Black Magic, occult practices and a copy of the Satan’s Bible and the Watchman Fellowship.

Shelby at 4 yrs

Shelby at 4 yrs

It seemed the Gores had the perfect life, nice home, good job and the perfect little family. One nice spring day when little Shelby was four years old, she and Marcella were playing with a ball in the back yard. A man appeared a few feet away, grabbed Marcella by the arm swinging her off her feet. Shelby knew this was NOT right: “Leave my Mommy alone!” the man swung his hand at the little girl, trying to knock her out of his way. She caught his arm, flipped herself through the air landing on his shoulders and ripped his head off. Jumping to the ground as the man’s body went down, she placed his head in his out-stretched hands. Blood was flying everywhere, covering Shelby and her Mommy.

Marcella instantly knew who the intruder was, it was Tommy Walters, but how? he was supposed to be in prison. She tapped her watch, “Jessica, Jodie, anyone! We have trouble!” as she pulled her little blonde sweetie to her for safety.

“Marcella, we are both here, am I reading this right? Tommy Walters is laying dead in your yard?” it was Jodie with Jessica on their communicators.

“Shelby, are you okay?” she inquired.

“Yes, mam. The bad man tried to hurt my Mommy, but I took care of him.” the little girl answered.

Shelby loved swinging

Shelby loved swinging

“Marcella, you and Shelby go in the house and take a shower, get cleaned up really good. The local police are on their way and I have a car coming your way. They’ll check your car over to see it’s not been tampered with. You go to Walmart in Mountain Grove or Ava, which do you prefer? Okay, Ava it is, but use the car we are sending over.”

Momma and little Shelby undressed, got into the large shower together using lots of soap and shampoo to get the blood out of their hair and off their bodies.

When Marcella and Shelby were done with their shower, Jessica and Jodie were standing in the bathroom holding towels. “Looks like Tommy has run out of court appeals, Shelby took care of his execution saving taxpayers a lot of money. When you get back, everything will be taken care of and your names will never come up. This never happened.”

Marcella parked the Mercedes in the parking area near the swings in an Ava park. Shelby loved to play on these swings.

The Sanders women knew how to do their jobs, and Rochelle Eakins’ Law firm could handle the legal matters. The State Prison at Jefferson City thought Walters was still in his cell until they checked. He was in his cell, sitting on the floor covered in blood and holding his severed head in his stiff hands.

Leo Smith soon learned of the planned murder going BAD, just glad no one else had to pay the price Walters had paid. One problem though, the way he learned what had happened. An alarm went off in his home office, his body guards came and got him explaining he better come and greet a guest. Entering his office, sitting in Smith’s large overstuffed leather desk chair was an absolutely terrifying figure.

“Leo Smith, when you got your franchise for the Midwest Independent Boys syndicate from Old Beelzebub, I told you then to stay away from my family and friends. So, to get your attention, your baby brother Waylon just crashed his Harley head on into an oncoming semi on I-44 between Carthage and Joplin. That leaves you with your brother Michael, I should not have to come back here ever!” Old Man Carter is quite impressive at seven feet tall and three hundred pounds of solid muscle. What he’d said was NOT a threat, but a promise that he is quite able to keep.

On the desk in front of where Carter had been sitting, lay a video tape. When they played the tape, it showed first Tommy Walters being found in his cell in the State Prison holding his severed head in his stiff hands, his body soaked in his own blood. Then another part of the film showed Waylon Smith riding his bike west on the 4-lane highway with several of his criminal friends. Suddenly they all turned into the median and crashing into several semi tractor trailer trucks, parts of both men and bikes flying through the air.