Shelby age 9

Shelby age 9

Shelby Gore matured faster than most girls, absolutely gorgeous and the boys noticed her beauty early on. It was not the boys her age that were talking, it was the high school age ones who tried to get her attention.

Gus Gore had a good paying job and his family lived a comfortable lifestyle. Four weeks a year paid vacation, but when their little girl turned nine, things started to change. The Steel Plant got a new boss, William L. Johnson an engineer from Colombia SA with a lady friend who came onboard as the Plant Assistant Manager. Kare-Ann Young was an engineer with multiple degrees, who’d been teaching Metallurgy and advanced Structural Design with Willie over at the University in Rolla. Several new engineers came to work at the plant. Gus knew his position with the company was supposed to be guaranteed, but these people all had degrees, he didn’t.

Gus knew Willie and they had a little secret. From the first Sunday Willie and Kare-Ann came to the same church, Shelby noticed her Dad and the tall, handsome oriental Willie Johnson would be talking after church. Gus would hand an envelope to Willie and they’d go their separate ways.

Age 9, you can't drive yourself

Age 9, you can’t drive yourself

When she turned nine, something inside of her was developing different feelings: she sang, she played the piano and guitar. Her violin seemed to acquire an urgency as if he was the only one she was playing for. She’d try to get a seat a row or so behind the couple so she could get an idea of what they talked about? Gus had a talk with his daughter, explaining that she is only nine and there was plenty of time to develop relationships. Also she just might be interested to know Kare-Ann is engaged to some guy in the military, a General.

Gus Gore had the job of managing the third shift PERIOD: there was something about the third shift that most people had no need to know. Steel coils were received each night only on the third shift, being brought from a company owned foundry/roller-mill in Colombia SA. More engineers meant the Cedarville Steel Plant could hire additional workers. Hiring more workers came with it’s own set of problems, adequate housing, space in the local schools.

Employees who got called into Johnson’s office during the early 1980’s noticed one thing slightly odd, dozens of pictures of Shelby Gore were everywhere. Pictures of her from a baby to current pictures in blue shorts and orange top, on a bicycle, with a skateboard. There were pictures of Kare-Ann, some gorgeous brunette and four oriental girls. There was a large painted portrait of the Gore Family and the collection was growing every few months. Willie and Kare-Ann spent many late nights discussing the latest additions to their private photo albums.

Shelby was a FAST Learner

Shelby was a FAST Learner

High school boys from Cedarville High were bragging about spending the night with the hottest Junior Varsity cheerleader. They said she had pierced nipples just like her mother, so to set the records straight, she came to team practice and got ALL the cheerleaders to join her performing TOPLESS. Nothing happened until the next day, when ALL the cheerleaders were called to the Gym and given a good scolding for their actions, to which Shelby demanded to know: “Boys can take off their shirts and when we take our tops off, everyone of us girls look much better than any of the boys.” at which time ALL the girls showed what they had shown the evening before. “I’m proud of what I have and I’ll continue showing my C-Cup Girls whenever I want.”

The local AG church congregation requested that Shelby be removed as the church piano player, no matter how talented she was. This girl was showing a wild streak, some approved and many parents did NOT. Marcella and Gus showed their support for their daughter by taking her horseback riding every week or so, swimming, she was NOT about to go to the local community pool. Even on family trips to Branson, they did NOT use public swimming pools. The Gore’s did find an alternative where they could enjoy their preferred lifestyle.

Enjoying something grand

Enjoying something grand

Jessica and Jodie took the whole family to the beach style resort pool where they lived at the top of the hill. It was private, just for those people who lived here in this amazing complex with no required attire which made Shelby and her mother happy. For the next few years, this was their place to get away from the stories and enjoy their family and friends.

Boys being brought home, they had to be happy with the large stone spa in the Gore’s backyard. Most likely one trip here to enjoy the Natural beauty would be their one and only. She was exceptionally gorgeous, enjoyed being with boys, but she had NO INTEREST in developing a lasting relationship. This girl had one goal she was working towards and no-one would be allowed to change her direction. Shelby never told anyone about their secret place on top of the Old School Hill. Who in 1984 would have believed such a place existed? On the other hand, who would believe what happened each night on the third shift at the local Steel Plant?

Kare-Ann was determined

Kare-Ann was determined

Turning twelve was a major milestone for this young lady, Shelby could pass for sixteen or older and she used her good looks to get exactly what she wanted, except? After church each Sunday while Gus was talking with his boss, Kare-Ann used the time to try her best to build a friendship with the young girl. Asking questions about school, about boys and what amazing things she’d been doing. Since her first day here in Cedarville three years ago, this woman had made it her objective to own every business worth her time and money. Since her seventeenth birthday, Kare-Ann Young had used her good-looks and quick wit to get what she wanted from life. She’d known from the first day that her relationship with Willie Johnson was temporary, but that was okay with her, she had Lieutenant General Ozzie Ormand dreaming of her being his wife forever. That with all the money she’d accumulated over these years with Willie Johnson, their business contacts helped make her a force to be reckoned with. Twenty-seven years keeping this man satisfied and on-course had been her fulltime job. How many Colombian teenagers get offered eternal beauty, live forever and be able to earn Billion$ for just doing what she’d agreed to?

When she met Rochelle back in 1957, life was NOT treating her well at all. Gang raped, beaten and left for dead in a Bogota back-alley; a beautiful rich woman rescued her and took her to the right doctor. Dr Joe called the woman back to his hospital and suggested I might be just the one she was looking for. He’d saved my life, healed my scars and told me of what my life could be if only I was willing? Rochelle and her new husband (a preacher), talked with me, prayed for me and my life changed. They introduced me to Ozzie, who had 31 years to go on his tour of duty as a transport pilot. I signed the betrothal agreement for marriage July 1, 1988; but what was I to do in the meantime? Rochelle took me to meet her former companion of fifty-five years, that is how I met William L. Johnson. When he explained that he was eighteen thousand, two hundred forty-something years of age and waiting for his betrothed for July 1988… WOW!

T-era Rodriquez

T-era Rodriquez

At first we lived in Bogota while I attended a company operated computerized school and learned to study really hard. I’d never attended but a few lower grades of school, now I could do high school, then college and graduate school for Engineering. For the first four years while I was studying, we had little time to play around. Then Willie took me for a vacation, we spent months getting to know each other’s inner-most desires. We came to south Missouri, Mtn. High and the Carter Castle in the middle of Camelot Lake. There I got my real education into how the family runs a business, what makes a Blackbird Transport fly and became friends with T-era who lived at the Castle with (General Xavier Emerson) her companion of about five-hundred years.

If you try real hard, there isn’t much you can’t accomplish in over twenty-five years when you have access to unlimited CA$H. T-era proved out to be a real friend, giving me financial advice so I didn’t have to make mistakes in judgement. That way the money went a lot farther. Mtn High was ready to grow, I bought the only grocery store in the town and expanded to much larger than anywhere else in the area for many miles around. The area needed additional housing, so I took over the bankrupt lumber/hardware store moving it next-door to my grocery store. Next, I bought the broken down drug store and added a clinic with real doctors and nurses.

I had mid-afternoon lunch at Ruby’s Diner across from the Court House and told her we were going to build a Terminal building at the Airport south of town. We had enough parking room to make a Truck-Stop with Fuel islands if we had an all-night cafe. There were three shifts at the aircraft plant, over one hundred transport 747 aircraft coming and going along with hundreds of trucks delivering supplies everyday. A town of a few hundred people had topped ten thousand and was only getting started.

By this time we needed a second grocery store/family center with clothing and home goods, so this was added to the Terminal/Truck-Stop making it into an indoor mall. This was the Mid-70’s and Mtn High was growing, crime was moving into our little town. Bars, illegal gambling, drugs and prostitution and the local law would NOT even try to slow it down, they were on the take.

Life at the Castle

Kare-Ann & Life at the Castle

Carter Castle

Carter Castle, Camelot Lake, Mtn High

T-era not only owned one, but all three banks in Mtn High. The local schools were poorly funded and administered, so she funded a large Private School with help finding the right people to run the facility from Christian schools in Springfield.

Three Steel Fabrication plants in nearby towns were in need of added financial help just to keep the doors open and not have to layoff more of their help. Willie and I took over ownership of all three plants back in 1970, but we couldn’t find enough Engineers to make the plants grow with our Technology. At first we transferred people in from SA, Russia and China to train locals. The Engineering School at Rolla agreed to help train engineers if we could agree to teach the advanced technology we needed graduates to know.

Special formulated steel in coils could be brought in during late night hours if we had someone we could trust to oversee the operations. This is when we hired Gus Gore and started to fabricate our special structural beams needed in Mtn High, right here in South Missouri.