Shelby age 9

Shelby age 9

Shelby Gore matured faster than most girls, absolutely gorgeous and the boys noticed her beauty early on. It was not the boys her age that were talking, it was the high school age ones who tried to get her attention.

Gus Gore had a good paying job and his family lived a comfortable lifestyle. Four weeks a year paid vacation, but when their little girl turned nine, things started to change. The Steel Plant got a new boss, William L. Johnson an engineer from Colombia SA with a lady friend who came onboard as the Plant Assistant Manager. Kare-Ann Young was an engineer with multiple degrees, who’d been teaching Metallurgy and advanced Structural Design with Willie over at the University in Rolla. Several new engineers came to work at the plant. Gus knew his position with the company was supposed to be guaranteed, but these people all had degrees, he didn’t.

Gus knew Willie and they had a little secret. From the first Sunday Willie and Kare-Ann came to the same church, Shelby noticed her Dad and the tall, handsome oriental Willie Johnson would be talking after church. Gus would hand an envelope to Willie and they’d go their separate ways.

Age 9, you can't drive yourself

Age 9, you can’t drive yourself

When she turned nine, something inside of her was developing different feelings: she sang, she played the piano and guitar. Her violin seemed to acquire an urgency as if he was the only one she was playing for. She’d try to get a seat a row or so behind the couple so she could get an idea of what they talked about? Gus had a talk with his daughter, explaining that she is only nine and there was plenty of time to develop relationships. Also she just might be interested to know Kare-Ann is engaged to some guy in the military, a General.

Gus Gore had the job of managing the third shift PERIOD: there was something about the third shift that most people had no need to know. Steel coils were received each night only on the third shift, being brought from a company owned foundry/roller-mill in Colombia SA. More engineers meant the Cedarville Steel Plant could hire additional workers. Hiring more workers came with it’s own set of problems, adequate housing, space in the local schools.

Employees who got called into Johnson’s office during the early 1980’s noticed one thing slightly odd, dozens of pictures of Shelby Gore were everywhere. Pictures of her from a baby to current pictures in blue shorts and orange top, on a bicycle, with a skateboard. There were pictures of Kare-Ann, some gorgeous brunette and four oriental girls. There was a large painted portrait of the Gore Family and the collection was growing every few months. Willie and Kare-Ann spent many late nights discussing the latest additions to their private photo albums.

High school boys from Cedarville High were bragging about spending the night with the hottest Junior Varsity cheerleader. They said she had pierced nipples just like her mother, so to set the records straight, she came to team practice and got ALL the cheerleaders to join her performing TOPLESS. Nothing happened until the next day, when ALL the cheerleaders were called to the Gym and given a good scolding for their actions, to which Shelby demanded to know: “Boys can take off their shirts and when we take our tops off, everyone of us girls look much better than any of the boys.” at which time ALL the girls showed what they had shown the evening before. “I’m proud of what I have and I’ll continue showing my C-Cup Girls whenever I want.”

The local AG church congregation requested that Shelby be removed as the church piano player, no matter how talented she was. This girl was showing a wild streak, some approved and many parents did NOT. Marcella and Gus showed their support for their daughter by taking her horseback riding every week or so, swimming, she was NOT about to go to the local community pool. Even on family trips to Branson, they did NOT use public swimming pools. The Gore’s did find an alternative where they could enjoy their preferred lifestyle.

Enjoying something grand

Enjoying something grand

Jessica and Jodie took the whole family to the beach style resort pool where they lived at the top of the hill. It was private, just for those people who lived here in this amazing complex with no required attire which made Shelby and her mother happy. For the next few years, this was their place to get away from the stories and enjoy their family and friends.

Boys being brought home, they had to be happy with the large stone spa in the Gore’s backyard. Most likely one trip here to enjoy the Natural beauty would be their one and only. She was exceptionally gorgeous, enjoyed being with boys, but she had NO INTEREST in developing a lasting relationship. This girl had one goal she was working towards and no-one would be allowed to change her direction. Shelby never told anyone about their secret place on top of the Old School Hill. Who in 1984 would have believed such a place existed? On the other hand, who would believe what happened each night on the third shift at the local Steel Plant?

Kare-Ann was determined

Kare-Ann was determined

Turning twelve was a major milestone for this young lady, Shelby could pass for sixteen or older and she used her good looks to get exactly what she wanted, except? After church each Sunday while Gus was talking with his boss, Kare-Ann used the time to try her best to build a friendship with the young girl. Asking questions about school, about boys and what amazing things she’d been doing. Since her first day here in Cedarville three years ago, this woman had made it her objective to own every business worth her time and money. Since her seventeenth birthday, Kare-Ann Young had used her good-looks and quick wit to get what she wanted from life. She’d known from the first day that her relationship with Willie Johnson was temporary, but that was okay with her, she had Lieutenant General Ozzie Ormand dreaming of her being his wife forever. That with all the money she’d accumulated over these years with Willie Johnson, their business contacts helped make her a force to be reckoned with. Twenty-seven years keeping this man satisfied and on-course had been her fulltime job. How many Colombian teenagers get offered eternal beauty, live forever and be able to earn Billion$ for just doing what she’d agreed to?

When she met Rochelle back in 1957, life was NOT treating her well at all. Gang raped, beaten and left for dead in a Bogota back-alley; a beautiful rich woman rescued her and took her to the right doctor. Dr Joe called the woman back to his hospital and suggested I might be just the one she was looking for. He’d saved my life, healed my scars and told me of what my life could be if only I was willing? Rochelle and her new husband (a preacher), talked with me, prayed for me and my life changed. They introduced me to Ozzie, who had 31 years to go on his tour of duty as a transport pilot. I signed the betrothal agreement for marriage July 1, 1988; but what was I to do in the meantime? Rochelle took me to meet her former companion of fifty-five years, that is how I met William L. Johnson. When he explained that he was eighteen thousand, two hundred forty-something years of age and waiting for his betrothed for July 1988… WOW!

T-era Rodriquez

T-era Rodriquez

At first we lived in Bogota while I attended a company operated computerized school and learned to study really hard. I’d never attended but a few lower grades of school, now I could do high school, then college and graduate school for Engineering. For the first four years while I was studying, we had little time to play around. Then Willie took me for a vacation, we spent months getting to know each other’s inner-most desires. We came to south Missouri, Mtn. High, living at the one million square foot PLUS Carter Castle in the middle of Camelot Lake. There I got my real education into how the family runs a business, what makes a Blackbird Transport fly and became friends with T-era who lived at the Castle with (General Xavier Emerson) her companion of about five-hundred years.

If you try real hard, there isn’t much you can’t accomplish in over twenty-five years when you have access to unlimited CA$H. T-era proved out to be a real friend, giving me financial advice so I didn’t have to make mistakes in judgement. That way the money went a lot farther. Mtn High was ready to grow, I bought the only grocery store in the town and expanded the product lines to much larger than anywhere else in the area, comparable to stores in Springfield and St Louis. The area needed additional housing, so I took over the bankrupt lumber/hardware store moving it next-door to my grocery store. Next, I bought the broken down drug store and added a clinic with real doctors and nurses.

One day I had mid-afternoon lunch at Ruby’s Diner across from the Court House and told her we were going to build a Terminal building at the Airport south of town. We had enough parking room to make a Truck-Stop with Fuel islands if we had an all-night cafe. There were three shifts at the aircraft plant, over one hundred transport 747 aircraft coming and going along with hundreds of trucks delivering supplies everyday. A town of a few hundred people had topped ten thousand and was only getting started.

By this time we needed a second grocery store/family center with clothing and home goods, so this was added to the Terminal/Truck-Stop making it into an indoor mall. This was completed by the Mid-70’s and Mtn High was growing, crime was moving into our little town. Bars, illegal gambling, drugs and prostitution and the local law would NOT even try to slow it down, they were on the take.

The General, T-era, Willie and I kept our businesses safe for our customers and employees; more than that proved impossible to maintain.

Life at the Castle

Kare-Ann & Life at the Castle

Carter Castle

Carter Castle, Camelot Lake, Mtn High

T-era not only owned one, but all three banks in Mtn High. The local schools were poorly funded and administered, so she funded a large Private School with help finding the right people to run the facility from Christian schools in Springfield.

Three Steel Fabrication plants in nearby towns were in need of added financial help just to keep the doors open and not have to layoff more of their highly skilled help. Willie and I took over ownership of all three plants back in 1970, but we couldn’t find enough Engineers to make the plants grow with our Technology.

At first we transferred people in from South America, Russia and China to train locals. The Engineering School at Rolla agreed to help train engineers if we could agree to provide professional instructors to teach the advanced technology we needed graduates to know.

Special formulated rolled steel in larger than standard coils could be brought in during late night hours if we had someone we could trust to oversee the operations. This is when we hired Gus Gore and started to fabricate our special structural beams needed in Mtn High, right here in South Missouri.

Flex-Stainless is a unique formulation that is used throughout the entire Universe for building Blackbird and Disc-shaped Transports. Some of the larger T-528 (5,280 ft diameter) craft have been flying for over a billion years without any structural fatigue being shown. Old Man Carter and Su-ZQ’s transports are among this group.

Some of our earlier small Blackbirds are being used by NASA to shuttle personnel and supplies to and from bases on Mars since 1968. These craft use the US Army Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah, to visit you must have Top Security Clearance. These are approximately seventy-five foot long triangular craft.

So, the US Government say these craft DO NOT EXIST, ever notice how much the Government LIES about what is important? They say YOU have NO RIGHT to know the truth. The public schools tell you to believe in Evolution, there is NO GOD. John Lennon declared that he was god in his album: “GOD”. On Monday, 8 December 1980, Lennon was shot dead by Mark David Chapman in the archway of the Dakota, his residence in New York City. John Lennon is DEAD, God is alive and still running the Universe.

When little Shelby Gore turned seven, she received a rather unique gift, a beautiful horse named Melon. When she first met her gift, she learned she and the horse had a great connection… They could converse using telepathy holding meaningful conversations. Her Momma had taken her up on the Hill to see the horse that was waiting just for her. She’d been riding for almost two years, just whatever horse was saddled and waiting. There were many horses stabled up these for residents and their guests, but now Shelby had her own personal horse named Melon. It looked to be a Rocky Mountain mare, very dark brown, some would call it black with white mane and tail. She asked how old Melon was, the horse cocked it’s head to one side and Shelby got the message: “My name is Melon and I’ve lived on the Island of Atlantis for the last three hundred fifty years.”

Shelby asked Jodie who was sitting in her car nearby: “This horse just told me her name is Melon and she’s lived on the Island of Atlantis for the last three hundred fifty years. You found me a talking horse? Is she really that old?” A seven year old girl will believe most anything a horse tells her.

Jodie explained, “This is your horse, she’s definitely one of a kind. Melon stays up here on the Hill where we can care for her, but you will need to come up at least every couple days to give her exercise and spend time together. All the horses run free in the pasture and our people give each one lots of care. Melon is a special horse that you will need to spend time with.”

Jodie always flaunts sexy

Jodie always flaunts sexy

Shelby had a question: “Melon said I can ride her bare-back, what does that mean?” the horse was communicating by telepathy, not in an actual voice.

Jodie was quick to answer: “It means you could ride her without a saddle, but at you age and size, I do not recommend this approach to riding. If there is ever a time you need to ride when a saddle is not available, then that option is available.”

From about twenty feet behind her horse, Shelby made a run, jumped up placing her hands on the horse’s rump, propelled herself to the saddle area. Horse and rider took off as one with the girl bent over, arms around the horse’s neck. Over the years that have followed, Melon and Shelby have built a close friendship not as the average horse and rider, actual friends.

Marcella Gore and the two Sanders women had many long conversations deciding how far to let their young girl be allowed to go. It was decided that Shelby should be kept busy with chores at home like mowing the large lawn, helping her Momma with caring for their house. Then daily late afternoon trips up to the Hill for swimming, horseback riding and learning to run at least two miles a day by the age of ten. On Saturdays and Sunday after church going to nearby retirement homes to visit and entertain the residents. Shelby taught Marcella how to play the guitar and piano, while she developed her bluegrass style on the fiddle. Sundays at church Shelby played the piano by the time she was eight until she was fifteen. Shelby behaved herself fairly well all the while building her muscle tone, strength and endurance with running, swimming and increasing the weight of the kettle-bells she used for her daily 30 minute workouts

Nearly everyday during summer vacation from school, Shelby would grab her skateboard and head east to buy whatever her Momma was needing from Young’s Home Center. Most days she’d stop at the City Square to talk with the old men who congregated there to play checkers and tell stories. The Old guys enjoyed having a cute young girl stop and be friendly, she was quite a refreshing break in their otherwise boring lives. They’d tell her about how the town was when they were younger, how they met their wives and when their lives were happier.

Most days Shelby would give the old guys a thrill watching her do part of her exercise regiment. Most had never seen an almost teenager this beautiful up close, at least NOT for many years. Shelby Gore was what is known as an Early Bloomer, looking far older than her limited number of years. She was already five foot six and filled out like most eighteen year olds only wish to be. With firm, full C-cup breasts that she liked to show off, her nipples were already pierced like her Momma and older friends.

The summer of 1984, after she’d turned twelve the previous September 28th… It was the end of May when she overheard some of the old guys sobbing about how little food they had at home. Some were eating very little so their wives could have more, there just was NOT enough food to go around. “Guys, my friend Kare-Ann down at Young’s Home Center I’m sure can put together lower prices for a selection of good wholesome and healthy food items. I’m going down there now and I’ll get it put together.” Shelby was offering when a couple of the Old Guys tried to explain their futile plight.

“Little Missy, our problem is we have NO MONEY, there’s these car loads of punks that come over from Mtn. High, they know what day we get out Social Security checks. We all go to the Post Office and pick up our checks, then go to the bank to get them cashed, for both us and our wives, those of us that have wives. Then we come over here to the park and wait, about ten in the morning they roll in. If we don’t give them every penny, they rough us up and then go for our families. One time my wife got her arm broke, Old Roy there his wife got a hip busted, so it’s best to just pay up. There’s too many of them for the cops to stop and they shot one of the cops over in Mtn. High that tried to help some of our friends over there.”

Shelby age 12 heading Downtown

Shelby age 12 heading Downtown

Holding her hands up, Shelby exclaimed: “Hold On! How long has this been happening?” her mind was racing, trying to find a solution to her friends’ problems. She knew her Momma would be willing to help and the Sanders women would most likely be counted on.

Looking back up the street to the west, there set the ever-present blue-green over black GMC Suburban that followed her everywhere she went. Going out to the edge of the street, the young blonde waved her arms franticly trying to get their attention.

Tires squalled and smoke came up from burning rubber, the vehicle slid to a stop next to her. The front passenger door window went down, a muscular built hispanic man most likely from South America: “Miss Gore, is there a problem?” looking in the window, she counted two men in the front seat, then four more in the back with computers, radios and guns, lots of guns.

“Yes! I need your advice; everywhere I go, you guys follow me and even when I’m with my family. So, do you work for the people up on the Hill, you are concerned with my Safety?” she asked, able to read their thoughts she’d gotten answers before any answer was given.

Before they could answer, “What should I do, these old guys are having their SS Checks stolen every month for the last year. Can you talk to the local police and make sure they stay out of my way when I’m ready to meet these punks? June first is on Friday of next week, I’ll get down here about eight-thirty. They threaten me, it’s self-defence, RIGHT?” she waited…

The man looked at her quizzingly, “Our orders are to make sure no one slips up on you from the back side, then keep innocent bystanders out of harms way. We’re told you’re a very capable young lady. How many of these people are there? Uh, just a minute.” he was conferring with someone in the back of the vehicle… “Police in Mtn. High say they run in a pack of twelve; YOU really want to take on a dozen? …Yes Mam! Jodie says let the little Darling have her way. Okay, You can count on us to watch your back. Talk to you Friday about eight AM.” and the window rolled back up.

Shelby glanced back toward the old men watching from a couple benches in the park. She headed back to her friends who were in need of help. “Hey Guys, I’ve got a deal for some help soon as today. I’m heading on down to Young’s, we’ll put together a noon meal delivered to the Senior Center for fifty.” the old men thanked her, even though they didn’t yet know for what. The cute blonde was on her skateboard heading on east toward her next objective. Surely, well Kare-Ann had often said if there’s anything you need just ask. Well?

When Shelby entered the store, she asked the cashier where she could find Kare-Ann. “Oh Honey, she’s at the store over in St Roberts; can the manager help you? …she’s in the office.” pointing to the office in the back.

Going through the door after knocking, “Hi! I…” she saw the woman was on the phone, but pointed to a chair for Shelby to sit down.

“I have Kare-Ann on the phone, she wants to know what you are needing.” then just handed the phone to the young girl.

“Thanks!” Shelby answered the woman as she took the phone.

“Shelby, shut up and listen. You’re not the only one who can read minds. Your Security Chief called me, then Jodie called me with the same story. So, let’s see if I got this straight… You want to cater a FREE Meal for fifty down at the Senior Center today. I’m out of town, but your Mom and Jodie are willing to help. My people there in Cedarville need more time than two hours for that size meal, we’ll do salads, some sandwiches and desert. Your Mom and Jodie will bring everything else from the kitchen up on the Hill. Got to go, so I’ll talk to you Sunday after church.” the phone clicked before Shelby could even say “Thanks.”

Leaving her skateboard in the office, a worker from back in the large deli department met her outside the office door. “Shelby, the manager sent me to get you, follow me back to the kitchen. Wash your hands and we’re putting you to work.”

In the kitchen, cooks were busy making extra pasta, cooking peas and Shelby was put to work cutting up boiled eggs, carrots, celery, green onions, cheese, beets, apples, walnuts, grapes and more items just kept coming. Somehow the truck got loaded and by twelve-o-five the tables at the Senior Center were ready for old folks to fill their plates. Everyone was having a good time and getting a full stomach. Some hadn’t had enough to eat in many months due to their Social Security checks being extorted.

Image Credit: Mecum Auctions

Image Credit: Mecum Auctions

Momma and Jodie were there with meats, juice, coffee and tea. Then Jodie made the announcement that other free meals would be coming, Sunday after services in the Community of Christ church basement, then on next Wednesday here at the Senior Center all made possible by the generosity of Young’s Home Center and management at Cedarville Steel.

After everyone had ate their fill, but while workers were clearing the tables, Jodie took hold of Shelby’s arm: “We need to have a talk, your Mom will pick up your skateboard from the store office. Then Marcella will pick up your Dad from home and join us on the Hill. I would like to have you ride with me so we can talk in private first.”

As the two friends headed outside, there set Jodie’s red 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO parked under a nearby tree. “Jodie, I’m sorry I pushed our friendship past the limit, without asking you first. These old folks don’t even have cat food to eat some days, I just kind of snapped.” she could tell that Jodie wasn’t mad at her.

“Shelby, I understand your way of thinking, punks can’t be reasoned with. Even if you were to give them money they’d still come back for the monthly check money. Old folks are easily intimidated and scared of brute force. We’ve known about this for almost a year, our people can’t help these people, but you can.”

exercise pays dividends

exercise pays dividends

“You are a very special person and listed as a natural born citizen of the USA. Jessica, Ted and I are still legally citizens of Colombia SA, as are the people in your Security detail. The Hill complex is a duly Registered Consulate for the country of Colombia in South America; if that makes any sense to you.” Jodie was explaining as they were flagged on entering through the guard port.

This was Wednesday afternoon, for a week and a day Shelby was driven HARD to learn the fighting moves she would need for her upcoming battle on June first. Doing 100 pull-ups, then one hundred sit-ups and go out to the track to run not two miles, but two in the morning then run another two just about dark. Who’d believe a twelve year old girl could press over three times her own weight of one-twenty?

Momma would take her up to the Hill at seven AM, then the Security crew would follow her as she skateboarded home after dark each evening. The only time she took off was to attend church on Sunday, then talk with Kare-Ann as they both helped serve over five-hundred meals from the church basement.

Cedarville Community of Christ Church 1972

Cedarville Community of Christ Church 1972

Many people who attending other churches in the Cedarville area complained WHY any congregation would need such a large facility? There is NO WAY they could have attendance to support such a extravagant structure as the Community of Christ had built. Those attending their services for the last eleven years knew the answer. By the time the building was completed in the fall of 1972, the average number attending Sunday mornings was over 500.
This was due to all the people from up on The HILL deciding to join a congregation twelve miles closer to home, plus the Sanders (Ted and Jessica) had asked them to attend. Then back about 1981 when Shelby was nine, Willie and Kare-Ann started attending, sitting on the same seat as Shelby and her folks.

Melon knew Shelby well

Melon knew Shelby well

Now three years later, Shelby has a good friend in Kare-Ann or else one young girl would be serving food by herself. As the people were going home, it had been announced these Sunday meals would be an every week thing. Outside in the parking lot, Shelby slipped into the backseat of her parents car to change into shorts, top and running shoes. Running the mile and a half to the top of the Hill was a good chance for exercise, flagged past the guard gate she ran on back another quarter mile to the stables. Melon knew Shelby was coming ever since she left the church parking lot, then saw her coming from across the pasture and galloped to the stables to meet her friend.

This horse (Melon) and her rider have a unique relationship, able to converse with their minds; the horse knew what was being planned for less than one week away. After a one hour ride, both horse and rider felt they’d learned much from their time spent, repeating their sessions thru the coming Friday.

Shelby got up early on Friday morning, helped her Momma fix breakfast, Gus got home early for him about seven-fifteen, everything was up-beat. Shelby’s out-come was a foregone conclusion, the Gores knew their daughter had a secret: Shelby is Blessed!

Black GMC Suburban

Black GMC Suburban

Straight up Eight o’clock Shelby Gore grabbed her skateboard and was out the door, rolling down the sidewalk toward the street, waving to the Security Detail in a Black GMC Suburban that looked ahead of it’s time. They flashed their lights as she turned South toward downtown Cedarville, speeding along for the four blocks to the city center park square.

Shelby knew how to control her skateboard quite well, jumping over curbs, crossing the streets and stopping when she hit the grass. The board jumped into the air, she caught it and proceeded to the benches where the old guys usually sat, leaning her board up against the back of the first bench.

Shelby was dressed in her usual provocative fashion, jean shorts and small black flowered halter, not looking like a mere twelve years and eight months in age. Seated on one of the park benches, so she could have a good view of ALL three directions traffic could come from, first the old men heading to the Post Office to get their checks. About eight-thirty they could be seen going into the bank as a group to get their checks cashed, having no idea what Shelby had planned.

She’d checked the Police sub-station at the southwest corner of the square, there was a Black GMC Suburban setting nearby, with nobody in view. The old men were heading across the street talking among their selves to where she was seated. One she knew as old George spoke up: “Shelby Honey, this is no time for you to stop by for a visit. We have business to attend to and we do not want to see you get hurt.”

She smiled at them, then started to explain: “See the black GMC Suburban sitting over by the Police building? The men in there are with me, so when your not so friendly friends show up, do whatever my guys tell you. The punks from Mtn High will NOT ever be coming back after today. Twelve guys in two cars left and are heading here. A dark red Chevy and an older white Mercedes is what they are driving.”

Old George questioned: “A dozen criminal types, What can one very cute little girl expect to do against, these guys do carry guns and you’ll get hurt bad. PLEASE go home or go over with your friends, we’ve survived this long and the free meals have really helped. The way you are dressed, they’ll grab you and it will not be good for you.”

Shelby smiled, “I hope they try to grab me, that’s why I’m all dressed up. When my guys tell you to get back, just do what they tell you. I’m here to have a good time and break some bones, maybe get a couple guns spitting bullets.”

“There’s the cars, so it’s almost SHOWTIME! I’ve been looking forward to this for over a week now.”

Men came piling out of both cars, some really ROUGH lookers ready for trouble, or so they thought. As they walked over toward where Shelby was sitting between the old guys. One yelled out loudly: “One of you old bastards bring your cute granddaughter with you. Maybe you want to trade her for getting to keep some of your money? Tell you what we’re going to do, we’ll take all of your money and take her too.”

“Honey, we’re going to ride you until you stop breathing, then throw your remains in a dumpster somewhere.” getting closer all the time.

“Big Talk for such a scrawny bunch of punks. Maybe you can dance with me for at least ten minutes!” She was standing in front of the bench, squeezing both of her breasts in her hands, took a deep breath, straightened her blue jean shorts. Suddenly, the lead guy who’d been doing the talking grabbed for her right arm.

You could have easily heard his arm bones break above the wrist as blood squirted out of the compound fracture. Grabbing both of his shoulders, Shelby smashed his ribcage over her raised knee with a forward somersault went between the next two guys trying to grab her. Both received a solid kick to their heads, before their bodies went down, two flying feet caught them from behind shattering both men’s pelvises. From somewhere someone yelled out: “Shoot the Bitch!” which was a really big mistake.

Three men brought out their handguns, shooting each other. While that was happening, the cute young blonde dynamo did a backward somersault catching two fleeing men in the middle of their backs with the loud sound of breaking bones. Landing on her hands, her feet shot out taking two more down with broken lower legs.

The remaining two made it to the cars and burned rubber as far as their cars could be seen. They hoped to make it safely back to Mtn. High, but a roadblock was waiting for them at the US four-lane highway. Jumping out of the cars holding guns was a BIG mistake, both received at least twenty bullets to their upper torsos.

Shelby was trying to catch her breath, standing bent over with her hands on her knees looking over the bodies laying three dead at their own hands. Seven others were screaming in pain, police swarming the area to remove any weapons so emergency medical technicians could tend to the injured. The old guys slowly approached her location as the members of her Security Detail surrounded her position, their commander slipped an arm around her shoulders: “Shelby, Honey are you okay? …Got any pains?”

Shelby straightened up, looked down her body which was dripping blood and pieces of flesh remaining from her battle: “Yuck! I’m really a mess, got any suggestions of what I should do now?” …she’d never thought this far ahead, only just knew she would be victorious.

2-ct diamond nipple shields

2-ct diamond nipple shields

One man brought her skateboard over and handed it to Shelby, then said: “Your Momma wants you to come straight home, so she can get you cleaned up. She’s going to hose you down in the back yard naked, then put your clothes in your propane trash incinerator down in your basement. Use the basement shower as hot as you can stand. But first remove ALL of your jewelry from ALL of your piercings, everything. Place it ALL in a stainless steel bowl with half bleach and half water to soak while you are cleaning up in the shower. Use a turkey baster to blow any debris out of the holes, especially your nipples. Afterwards, get in your family sauna for at least a half hour. Afterwards, take another shower, wash your jewelry off under running water with the drain closed. Don’t want to lose anything. Get dressed and your Momma will take you up on the Hill.”

“Take that crazy horse of yours for a long ride. Stable hands say that animal is running around the pasture throwing a fit, she has Real Tears running down her cheeks. Your Momma needs to have a meeting with Jessica and Jodie, so both of you need to relax and have a good time. We’ll take care of things here. There’s another Security Detail stationed in your neighborhood.”

Shelby thanked the man, grabbed her skateboard and propelled herself westward along the sidewalk toward home. Just past her house sets another GMC Suburban, only this one is white. They flashed their lights and waved for her to come over to the car. The woman on the passenger side of the front seat opened her window saying: “I was asked to give you this.” …handing Shelby a small package wrapped in brown paper. The window went back up before she could utter a single word, so she took the small package and headed toward the house she called home.

Marcella Gore came around the east side of the house: “Shelby, come with me to the backyard, strip off everything so I can hose you down. What’s in the package?”

Shelby just laid the brown paper covered object on the concrete back step: “Don’t know, the Security woman out front said she was told to give it to me.”

Stripping naked, Shelby took up a position standing out away from the house past her Momma. “Okay, let’s get this show under way. Oooh! my hair has blood and brain stuff in it, must be from the three who had the shoot-out. Who ever has to clean up the area down in the park will be earning their money. I made one heck of a mess.” Making the best use of the water her Mom was squirting on her daughter’s young body. The water stayed red for at least ten minutes as Shelby got the worst of the mess removed from her hair and skin.

They said to get CLEAN

They said to get CLEAN

1-ct Diamond Nipple bars

1-ct Diamond Nipple bars

Drying herself with a towel her Momma had provided, then Shelby grabbed up the trash bag with her contaminated clothes inside, Marcella picked up the little brown paper covered package. Inside their basement, Shelby threw the trash bag into the incinerator, pressed the button to fire-up the unit and get rid of the contents. Next with Momma’s help she removed her earrings, navel bobble and both nipple bars, placed everything in a bowl like she’d been instructed. The hot water from the basement shower was quite refreshing on her naked young body, she stayed under the spraying water much longer than an ordinary body cleansing. The sauna was hotter than usual, but then another shower and Momma had a surprise.

That small brown paper covered package had gotten the best of Marcella, inside she found something her daughter was going to love. A black walnut jewelry box with the “Designs by Rochelle” logo, Marcella decided to let Shelby discover the contents on her own. Flipping the lid up, the inside was dark green silk with two pair of 1-ct diamond and platinum nipple bars and two pair of 2-ct diamond and platinum nipple shields. A small note said: “Share with a close friend“, so Marcella was able to update her collection in the present Thanks to her good friend and daughter.

Marcella and Shelby dressed and headed to the garage to back the car out, but when the door opened there stood two members of the Security Detail. Momma opened her door as the two women walked up to their car: “Mrs. Gore, we need to have you follow us in an alternate route to the Hill. There’s too much commotion with State Police, County Sheriff’s staff, Cedar County Coroner and others downtown. Out of town news people are hunting for a story. Stay up there until around dark, we’re leaving a few officers here until we get back, so your husband can sleep and will NOT be disturbed. We better get moving!” with that said, two vehicles took an out of the way route arriving safely up at the Hill.

Marcella could swim and work on her tan

Marcella could swim and work on her tan

Jodie Meyer, the 2nd wife

Jodie Meyer, the 2nd wife

Jessica had been working on an amazing tan

Jessica had been working on an amazing tan

Riding Melon did not require clothes, shorts & top okay

Riding Melon did not require clothes, shorts & top okay

The guard when they checked in, told Marcella to drive on up to the stable parking area. That way anyone who might come to the front gate would not see their car. Their Security Escort made a U-turn and was heading back to the Gore house.

Melon was giving the stable girl a rough time as she was trying to get Melon saddled ready to take Shelby riding. The horse pulled loose from where she’d been tied and headed for the Gore’s car. Shelby was receiving telepathic messages from her horse before they left the guard post, Melon wanted to see her in the flesh now, she’d been worried all morning for her friend’s welfare. NOW that she could see Shelby in front of her, everything was okay.

Being attentive to Shelby’s wants, Melon held still for her friend to jump sideways landing on Melon’s back and riding bareback over to the stable hand. “You can put the saddle away, I’ll ride her bareback today.” …horse and rider headed off to the east toward a small lake fed by the stream coming out of the cave they often visited.

Marcella parked her Buick, then took her pink bikini clad body to the pool area, but the Sanders women had other ideas. Both Jessica and Jodie just happened to be at the pool, very casually dressed. “Hey Girl, we’ve got to have a talk. Su-ZQ has sent message after message this morning, she’s been driving that poor horse crazy with requests for information. She does have some concerns and wants your complete co-operation with how to handle your daughter.”

“How is Shelby handling coming down off her HIGH, has she inquired as to the condition of the men she pounded the shit out of?” Jodie was being the spokes person of the two today, Jessie was just listening and trying to get more sun on her whole body.

Marcella answered: “Her only concern was how long it took us to get her hair really clean. That girl does NOT like to be seen by anyone when she’s not looking her best. The three that shot each other, kind of pissed her off. She wanted to take their guns and shove them down their throats with their hands still attached. Shelby was not happy that two got away unhurt, she really got a kick out of breaking bones. I did tell her the two didn’t make it very far until they died in a gun battle.”

Jessica joined into the conversation with: “As I’m reading her thoughts, she has no regrets for how things went down. Her mother wants her kept away from as many possible conflicts as we can foresee.”

“Uh… what’s your ideas about our little girl’s sexual appetite? When do you take Shelby to see her doctor next? It’s been almost two years, so her cork should be changed, don’t you think?”

Marcella appreciated how without any tension between herself and the other two women, she could always speak frankly about any subject. This was a subject that needed to be discussed: “How much do you know about her uh… adventures? I really do need some input, she asks questions and I try to answer her truthfully rather than letting her learn by trial and error.”

Jessica glanced at Jodie before she spoke: “Kare-Ann does her mind-reading act every Sunday without Shelby knowing she’s giving updates. Then she reports everything she’s learned on their way home, they have NO secrets after twenty-seven years together. They know everything she does and both consider she’s getting good experience for later in her life.”

School maybe a little iffy, since she got caught by a woman teacher having too much fun in a boy’s car.”

Time for Momma to put in her two cents worth: “Have you heard the rest of that story?”

“Yeah!” Jodie chimed in: “Our little darling got called to the office. She demanded the woman be included in their discussion on that matter. When the teacher arrived, Shelby cut loose on her in front of both the Superintendent and Principal, Hey Bitch, does your husband know you are screwing both the Coach and Math teacher? Nothing wrong with having a little FUN, but learn to keep your sucking mouth shut when around other people. Understand me Bitch?

Everyone has secrets

Everyone has secrets

“Maybe you’re just pissed because your husband enjoys me more than you? You are still married to the Science teacher, Right?”

Mrs. Lenior wasn’t ready to keep her mouth shut yet: “I’m the High School Music teacher and you are only sixth grade, barely Junior High. YOU do NOT tell me what I have to do. Are you trying to say YOU are having a relationship with my husband? I ought to knock the shit out of you, YOU SLUT!

“WHY are you guys just sitting there and letting the little brat run her mouth?”

“We’re supposed to be more than just friends with as many times as I’ve…” the dark blonde haired woman in her late twenties looked good, but she was a little confused by what she was experiencing.

Shelby almost giggled: “We’re NOT getting anywhere with arguing, YOU are a sexy looking TRAMP and I’m one cute SLUT. The problem we have in this school among teachers and administrators is five of these guys aren’t getting enough good FUN at home. For the last year, since I turned eleven, the school records try to say I was ten; I’ve been doing the same five guys as you. We alternate on different days after school.” the young blonde was savoring this confrontation.

“Here’s my proposal, WE both keep our big mouths shut, then we can all continue having FUN.” Shelby enjoyed being in control of adults.

Shorts and Tee leaving the midriff bare to show her jewelry

Shorts and Tee leaving the midriff bare to show her jewelry

The female teacher had her mouth hanging open as she looked at the two administrators she’d been more than friends with for over five years. “You’re… OH My God! …NOW, I’m having knowledge of… Even my husband is? If anyone gets caught we can ALL go to jail. I’ll be an old woman when I get out of prison. I could and most likely will die in prison!

Shelby thought the woman’s ranting was almost funny, but if she couldn’t be trusted to keep her mouth shut and word got out about what was going on. “Cool your complaining, there’s NO REASON for anything to go wrong. Let me talk to my parents and a couple friends, YOU or anyone else is NOT going to catch me out in someone’s car ever again. I need you to promise NOT to mention me and my adventures to anyone. Do I have your word?” Shelby was thinking for most likely the first time in over a year… There could be real consequences for her actions, those actions could mean real disaster to many people, not just to herself.

Marcella didn’t have all the facts on her daughter’s misbehaving at school.