Friday Night CRAZY!

Without a single Date in 3 and a half months

Without a single Date in 3 and a half months

4 years of Friday Night Parties were FUN, but the problems they caused were destroying friendships. This year of 1988, Shelby was just trying to start off her New Year Right.

She DID have one friend, or group of friends she could count on. They were always there when she needed them, but she had NO friends at school.

Could all of the students be jealous? Then on a Thursday afternoon everything had changed. READ Why Kidnap Me?

Like drinking an empty cup of coffee

Like drinking an empty cup of coffee

The girls rode their horses east to a small spring fed lake, where they dismounted and sat on a large limestone rock, talking. As time passed their former friendship was fast returning. Susie was explaining the problems she’d had the last few months with the boys she dated. Not one relationship had developed, kinda like trying to drink an empty cup of coffee.

It was getting late, Shelby said Willie should be coming home from work and they could go for their evening two mile run. Momma would be by the pool by now, so she and Susie could go for a swim or play tennis, golf or something. The horses galloped all the way back to the stables, the girls slipped out of their clothes and headed for a quick shower.

As the showers were coming to an end, they could hear someone standing behind them: “Now isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, there’s two of them. I’ll take the tall blonde with the pierced nipples and amazing tan. The shorter brunette has quite a tan too and she has a beautiful body. You grab her and I’ll grab the blonde.” the voice had to belong to Willie Johnson, but who was with him?

Both men were still dressed in dress slacks and pastel colored short-sleeve shirts. Shelby jumped her man with one jump, arms around his neck and legs wrapped around his waist. Susie turned, decided the man looked well worth her time, so she jumped him and locked in on one deep French Kiss. The girls were still soaking wet, but when you have a beautiful naked woman with her legs wrapped around your waist… you just hold that cute butt tight.

After Willie and Shelby came up for air, still holding each other tightly: “Girls, this handsome guy is Marcos Delphene, he’s moved up to Cedarville from our Bogota office to be the Company’s Chief Metallurgical Engineer. He’ll be taking that job from me, so I can spend more time helping train your Dad to take over as the new Plant Manager.”

Marcos looked Good, what more can a girl ask?

Marcos looked Good, what more can a girl ask?

Susie thought for a moment, this guy is most likely married and I just made a total fool of myself, but the way Willie had talked? What the Heck? Susie didn’t have a date for tonight and this is FRIDAY and she was ready to get more than a little Friday Night CRAZY.

Giving the man she was wrapped around, a couple more little kisses, she hopped down. His clothes were a mess from being used for a towel to dry her wet body. She tried to brush off some of the wet, only finding that he had the right equipment to be a man. “Marcos, you available just for tonight or maybe longer?” Susie wasn’t beating around the bush, this man had her interest and just maybe he wanted her as bad as she wanted him? …MAYBE?

He held her at arms length, looked her up and down: “Your front side looks even better than your backside… You’re seventeen and don’t have a steady boyfriend? That’s what Willie told me.” the man was being cautious, but he pulled her back against his already water-soaked clothes returning to their previous position.

Shelby and Willie were leaving, he’d scrounged up a pair of sport briefs and she had on a white bikini bottom, as they took off to the track for their two-mile run. Susie walked Marcos over to the pool area where she found Marcella sunning her already beautifully tanned body. “UH, Mrs Gore, may I bother you?”

Shelby’s Mom set up and looked the couple over. “Have your friend strip his clothes off, remove his wallet and other stuff out of the pockets, then toss his clothes in that hamper. Laundry people will sort it all out. Give me the wallet and stuff and I’ll put it in my purse.”

“Susie, where did you leave your stuff?” the young girl had forgotten all about her wallet she’d left in the tack room.

“Honey, just go get it and don’t spend over an hour in there. Shelby and Willie want to have dinner, then I need to head for home so Gus can get to work ontime.” she said with a wink, indicating she had sexy plans that needed fulfillment.

“Marcos, can you take Susie home when you two get through here? …or at least call her mother so she knows what to plan on.” Marcella could hold any man’s attention.

“Come on big guy, let’s get my wallet…” Susie made her request wanting to get her handsome companion alone, pulling him along toward the stables.

Once inside the tack-room, Susie had other things much more important on her mind rather than looking for her wallet. He was just as anxious as she was to quickly become more than hand holding acquaintances. Miss Wilson had NOT had a fulfilling date in months, if it had not been for her friendly dildo she might have already lost her sanity. Tonight she’d finally get Friday Night CRAZY, this guy was just too good to let slip through her… He was going to be allowed to do a lot of slipping. God, I need to get busy!

Marcos was the one to call their playing to a close: “Susie, Doll you are amazing and a dream come true. We kinda promised Marcella we’d be back in an hour. Time’s up, but if you can come over to my apartment… What you’ve done for me is great, but we do need to sit down and talk about the future… If you are interested in making this more than a One Nighter? I sure hope you are?” they shared one last hug and kiss before heading back to the pool area.

Outside, in the distance you could tell it was getting dark. Marcella had gotten appropriate clothes for everyone to wear for dinner. Shorts and tops for all was provided as they headed over toward the main stone, glass and steel structure. “Think I’ll head on home, while I was waiting one of the attendants brought me a French-dip steak sandwich with salad and iced-tea.”

“Shelby, I’ll see you and Willie up here sometime tomorrow. Two and a half months is a lot shorter than five years and four months. Honey, You’ll understand the why in the very near future.”

See everybody!” and she was in her car on her way home.

Shelbys ring

Shelby’s ring

The two couples entered the dining hall, both girls were amazed at the gigantic size of the room they entered. Staff were busy keeping everything fresh and well supplied. There had to be at least a hundred people eating, more leaving and more coming in. Shelby was not at a loss for words: “Willie, what’s the reason for so many people here? The track tonight was filled, the pool area, the tennis courts, the golf courses…”

Willie set his partly filled plate down in an empty area of the serving table, “Stop just a minute, I need to make an announcement, follow my lead. We need to get some things settled…” he gave out a loud shrill whistle which got everyone’s’ attention.

“Shut up, I need your attention for what I’m about to do.” almost instantly the Sanders trio showed up next to the couple.

“Willie, you really think this is the time and place for this? You know the Rules that you two must comply to.” that was Ted Sanders giving his cautionary comment.

Jessica brought over a chair as Jodie ask their young friend to take a seat: “Honey, you’re going to need to be sitting down for this. The three of us are your friends and more. Your Momma helps us keep everything updated on the computers. This way we have more time to handle other things like the bank and to help Willie with the business.”

Susie'd heard of places like this

Susie’d heard of places like this

“As you may have noticed Kare-Ann is not here. She’s with General Ozzie at their new home near the Guard Station entrance to this complex. They’ll be getting married July first, so Willie wants to move your lives forward faster than he’s supposed to be doing.” Willie held up his hand.

“Jodie, you’re cute, but shut up I’m making the announcements.” Willie was showing his authority…

“Shelby Honey, Marcella and Gus moved you to Cedarville on your first birthday September twenty-eighth nineteen seventy-two. Long before that, many years before you were born; my father and I had a meeting with your birth parents to sign an agreement for a future marriage. It’s called a betrothal agreement which I believe you should have the right to make up your own mind. Tonight you have the right to walk away and we’ll just remain friends. I hope and pray you’ll want to remain friends…” Shelby stopped him, maybe she’d not made her intentions clear?

“When I first saw you at church when I was nine, something happened inside me. I just wanted to run over and grab you and tell you I was in love, but instead I talked to my parents. My Mom and Dad told me I could have whatever I wanted if I was willing to wait until the right time. My Mom has always been my best friend, any question I asked, she gave me the truth.”

“Kare-Ann and I’ve had many discussions about my feelings for you, my age and everything. I can read minds just like she can, so I knew about being adopted many years back. You’ve wanted me as bad as I’ve been wanting you, so get the ring out of your pocket and it’s official. I love you William L. Johnson!” she was already on her feet with her hand in his pocket got the ring, put it on her own ring-finger.

Jessica Sanders

Jessica Sanders

“Hey that’s some ring, matches my nipple bars. Thanks!” she said showing off her other jewelry.

Willie hugged his woman and they kissed passionately as the whole room erupted in applause.

The two couples finished choosing seafood, salads and other healthy food to fill their plates. Glasses of wine were waiting for them as they reached the table reserved in a more private area. The Sanders women also came to their table to sit and explain the Rules more clearly.

Someone came by their table and said a prayer over their food.

This was Jessica’s turn for explaining: “This does NOT mean you two can sit next to each other at church or be seen together outside the complex. Both of you have to keep your sex-drive out of gear. Two and a half months is far shorter than five years and four months.”

Susie looked across the table at Jessie, “Excuse me, but those rules do NOT have anything to do with Marcos and I do they?”

“Susie, eat your meal, drink the wine and water, then LEAVE. You both need to do a lot of exploring as to what you want from a relationship. That means you both need to sit down and talk with each other. There’s more to life than just sex.”

“Marcos will be busy much of the time working for the company, that includes traveling worldwide. That will mean he’s going to be gone from Sunday afternoon or early Monday morning until Friday evening most every week. Can you keep your pants on while he’s gone? When August comes, you’ll start college in Springfield with your own apartment. There’s going to be lots of good looking boys wanting to get you into bed. YOU are going to have to decide what really matters. You and Marcos just met and it’s been a sexual thing so far. I’d hate to see either of you get hurt by the weaknesses of the other.”

“Enjoy your weekend together, be honest with each other. Marcella, Jodie and I will be out by the pool most every evening this week. Run your ideas by us, don’t just talk to Shelby.”

“The girl means well, but some of her ideas are a little off the wall. Things that just work for her will not work for anyone else. She killed four grown men and tore a car apart just yesterday after school, then went back to school today. That’s not average, nor is killing your first man at the age of four by ripping his head off his shoulders. The summer she was twelve, she tore up seven men and three more shot themselves.”

“Shelby needs you for a friend, she’s got some large hills laying ahead of her that she must climb. Willie can assist her in her life’s journey as no one else can. The betrothal agreement mentioned earlier was signed in the year of nine eighty-eight, that’s one thousand years ago. Her birth mother is the oldest woman in the entire Universe to give birth to a baby, yet she looks as young and beautiful as Marcella. Several of the people in this room are far past one thousand of your years in age. You and Marcos have a lot to talk over and those discussions need to be had this weekend.” Shelby interrupted the conversation.

Susie needed her coffee

Susie needed her coffee

Jessie STOP! Please, you’re scaring the shit out of her. I do need a friend whom I can talk with that has experiences other than just what happens here. The more you talk, the more Willie and I need to talk so I can understand my roll in this life.” the younger of the two teenagers was scared for her friend’s sanity. Shelby knew she could survive anything life would throw her way, but how would Susie stand up to daily grown-up life. Full-time relationships have more associated stress for a high school student than does sexy dating.

Marcos and Susie finished eating trying to hold on to the other’s hand as much as they could. As they finished, Susie asked for a cup of chicory coffee, this was her first try at wine. Lots of thoughts were going through this young woman’s mind.

How many times has Marcos been married? Does he have children? …if so, how many and where are they now? Where did he go to college and how can he be a Chief Engineer and still look so young? There’s something strange going on up here?

I know I’m not like Shelby, but she’s some kind of a Super-girl and this Willie must be an immortal to have been around over one thousand years ago. If I play my cards right, this guy may have some real money and that can make most any situation very bearable. He is cute and he’s one hell of a lover and he’s sure better than what I’ve had lately. I need to make this work, I’m young and he seems to be really into me.

Shelby was watching her friend, she was also running her friend’s thoughts through her own thought processor. “Susie I need to find a bathroom, you want to give me a hand?” There were potential problems growing in her friend’s mind that could cause her and several friends major problems. Two and one half months was a whole lifetime better than the alternative. This girl would not be the one to blab to the world, she needs a friend just as I do.

Willie had given Shelby the location of the nearest bathroom, so all she had to do was follow his instructions. He’d also given her some ideas that could help with making Susie into a true friend.

Susie was not sure

Susie was not sure

“Hey girl, that Marcos looks like a man who can keep you awake all night. Think you are woman enough to satisfy the wildest desires from the man of your dreams? Susie you wanted a relationship and in just one day you’ve got things started pretty good.” Shelby was getting plenty of feedback from her questions.

Susie wanted to get some answers: “Shelby, I have a few questions about Marcos…”

“Girl, age is not as important as you may’ve thought up until now. Marcos is much older than he looks, but like my Willie he’s in good condition for his age.”

“He’s been alone for several years up until now. He has no children and he could really use a friend with his new job. Someone he can come home to when his work is done.” Shelby turned her friend around and gave her a big hug.

When the two girls got back to their table, their men were ready to call it a night. Marcos asked Susie if she’d call her mother to see if she could stop by and pick up some clothes. Ask your mother if you can spend the night at my place. We need to spend some time talking and getting your questions answered.”

Marcos 89 Mercedes

Marcos 89 Mercedes

“Here’s a phone… make the call.”

Okay?” he asked.

Outside the couple headed to the parking area: “Which one? Throw me your keys so I can get the right car.”

Marcos threw his keys to Susie so she could hit the lock button, she punched the lock button and a black Mercedes SLR-560 turned on it’s lights. “I hope you’ve driven this monster. I still plan to drive this home if you’ll explain how many gears are where.” She found it was much more simple than she first thought.

There was not much said as they headed back to town from the Guard Station, driving west past the square toward Susie’s long time home. “Wow, this is one nice car; …Want to trade it for unlimited sex? That’s about all I can offer.” she was trying to break the ice she thought was growing between the two of them.

Marcos reached across the console and put his hand on her lovely tanned bare leg. “Susie Honey, you have a lot more to offer than just great sex. I need a friend that I can trust and you being so pretty is an extra bonus. Relax, this is not an audition, you already got the job.” squeezing her leg tighter trying to assure his new friend.

Susie's mother looked good

Susie’s mother looked good

The car responded well to Susie’s excellent driving skills, she turned up the double concrete track driveway beside the house she’d called home for the last seventeen plus years.

Watching out a front window, the Wilsons saw the car turn-in, then saw their daughter get out of the driver’s side, while a man of maybe six-foot got out of the passenger side. Her parents came out onto the screened in front porch with an overhead yellow bug-light turned on. Her father held the screen door open for the young couple to enter. Hugs for Susie and shaking hands with Marcos, Susie’s mother thought Marcos deserved a hug too.

“Mom, Dad this is Marcos Delphene, he’s taking Willie Johnson’s place as the company’s Chief Metallurgical Engineer. He’ll be based here in Cedarville and having to travel worldwide from here. That’s an `89 Mercedes SLR-560 I just parked in the driveway, sure drives smooth.”

“Willie introduced us and asked me to show him around. Marcos has an apartment up here around the Old Church corner…” she was running out of things to say, hoping someone else would ask a question.

Her father was never short on questions: “Marcos, how long have you been with PSL Holdings, down in Bogota?” bankers always want to know how financially solid are the new people coming to this town.

“George, that’s right isn’t it?” her father nodded and Her new friend continued. “I just transferred in to do the paperwork for coming here to this facility. I was Willie Johnson’s Engineering Professor many years ago, when his father wanted him to take up engineering. He and I’ve done several projects together including the pyramids at Giza when Ruby Carter went on her rampage.”



“Have you ever met Willie’s father Michael Carter?” Marcos inquired, looking for some kind of reaction. “You are the President of their bank here in Cedarville?” he waited for an affirmation.

“I’ve only heard rumors of Old Man Carter, I meet with T-era from over at the banks in Mtn. High fairly often. T-era works closely with Ted Sanders and his two wives. Do you know the Sanders?” George was mostly in the dark about what he’d been hearing. He’d been here in town with the company for near on to twenty years, this new guy had just arrived and… NOW, Little Susie can be a real asset if she plays her cards right.

“T-era, yeah, I know that little cutie. She and General Emerson make quite a pair, she owns most of the town and he oversees the aircraft plant for the US Air Force. They live out on the Island across the bridge on Lake Camelot. She ordered my car and delivered it so I could have it today.”

“George, How about just the four of us have dinner at the Castle some weekend soon?”

“Your daughter is gorgeous, I’m sure glad you married a good looking wife.” Marcos was saying as Charlotte Wilson smiled and adjusted her short provocative dress.

She asked: “What clothes should Susie take with her? She’ll be less than two blocks up the street on the north side.”

Marcos gave a surprising answer: “Slacks or jeans with strong walking shoes, pull-over sweater and a jacket… I want to take her to see Machu Picchu down in Peru in the early morning. Then tomorrow night attend the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. We’ll be here for church on Sunday morning, so she’ll need a dress and heels for church, something casual for the show tomorrow night. Proper undergarments and if she has preferred toiletries.”

Susie found grape juice

Susie found grape juice

Susie’s eyes were wide open and her young mind was running in high gear: “How are we going to get any sleep if we spend all night flying? No way are we going to be back to Nashville by tomorrow night and church Sunday morning? NO WAY!” Susie was thirsty, so she got a glass of grape juice.

“Yeah, I kind of sprung that one on you, but I don’t use a jet. I have a personal T-3.3 transport that is totally cloaked in flight and setting still. I helped Ruby & Sapphire Carter when they took the contract for designing and constructing Machu Picchu. They and the other two girls were Willie’s companions back then.”

“We’ll be traveling just outside the Earth’s atmosphere so our speed will not be limited. Thirty minutes MAX to Southern Peru, spend the day seeing the sights, then leave for Nashville about quarter to Six. Two and a half hour show until ten-thirty, back here in Cedarville by eleven fifteen. Grab a late-night snack up on the Hill. Be home in bed by twelve-thirty…” Marcos explained.

Charlotte Wilson had to sit down, then she asked: “I guess we need to keep quiet about anything you tell us? You will get our little Susie safely back here in one piece?”

“Honey, I’ve been flying this old girl all over the Universe for over thirty thousand years. Made a few upgrades and redesigned the interior. Susie is a very Special young lady and you’ve done a pretty good job raising her these last seventeen years.” Marcos was leading up to some large revelation, but from what had been told to Shelby up on the Hill earlier?

Susie looked at her parents and could see they were in crisis mode: “Mother, Father… like Shelby, am I adopted? What did Willie Johnson tell you at lunch today?”

Susie, you are our daughter. We brought you home direct from the hospital where you were born. You were born in Hong Kong, not Springfield. Our instructions were to raise you and see that you would be in church every Sunday. Our understanding was that after you turned seventeen, you would meet someone that you were meant to be with. Willie told George that you and Shelby would be back to being friends this afternoon.” her mother stated with tears in her eyes; George was standing behind his wife with his arms around her.

“Marcos, where will you be taking Susie to live? Will she be able to graduate from High School here?” Susie’s mother was pleading.

“Charlotte and George I’m not running off with your daughter, she will only be two blocks away from here. That’s only until I get a house bought and renovated like she wants. We’ll be living here in Cedarville for twenty or thirty years at least. She may decide by the time we make it back to this town tomorrow night that we are not right for each other and we’ll go our separate ways. I’ll still be living in this town.” Marcos explained, reaching for Susie’s hand, she gripped his hand tightly.

Marcos 3.3-T

Marcos 3.3-T

Susie knew it was time for her to speak her mind on this subject: “Hey, you are the only parents I’ve ever known. I’ve been a problem many times and since the first of this year, no boy has even asked me out. That’s weird! I want to give this a try, a real try. I won’t believe Peru and the Grand Ole Opry until I arrive back on the Hill tomorrow night. Sounds to me like he has a flying saucer and I want to go for a ride in it.”

Susie and her mother put together the selection of clothes as Marcos had suggested. With case in hand, she kissed her mother and father and told them she’d see them at church Sunday morning. Back in the car, Susie gave Marcos a kiss and a couple squeezes in the right place to get his motor running.

Reaching the apartment complex, he had her drive around to the backside of what she’d known from driving by on the street. A garage door opened for her to drive inside, which closed after she entered. Susie got out of the car and met Marcos in front of the parked vehicle, but did NOT return the keys. The garage area was easily large enough to house two larger cars and had cabinets installed around the walls on three sides. He shut off the alarm system so they could enter, then re-armed the system.

“I had this alarm system installed so you could feel secure when I’m out of town. There’s a panic button to call Security up on the Hill, plus the built in phone does NOT use any wires, so it can’t be cut or blocked by an intruder.” he first took her down to the basement using stairs located in the garage.

Susie had More Questions

Susie had More Questions

A large room contained a pool table, ping-pong table, twelve foot long bar with mini-kitchen. Next, he showed her the computer room with several small computers with double flat 30 inch monitors at each of four stations. There were two large bedrooms for guests each with it’s own full bath all on the lower level. Going up to the first floor, Marcos showed her a fully stocked kitchen, laundry and half bath. The dining area was open to a thirty foot long Great Room with large fireplace, with seventy-two inch flat screen TV that could also be used as a computer monitor. Up an open wooden staircase took them to the top floor which was nothing other than the master’s bedroom, bathroom and two large walk-in closets. Both closets were full of clothes, one was for Marcos filled with his stuff and the other larger one was full of women’s clothes which were all in her sizes, shoes, coats, dresses, skirts, tops, slacks, jeans and shorts.

Seeing the concerned look on her face, Marcos explained: “T-era checked to see what styles you might like and since you and her are the same size, she had all this delivered and placed. You can always move things around like you want, it’s your closet. Monday she’ll open a bank account for you at the bank here, your father will have the debit and credit cards for the account so you can pick them up from him. The opening balance will be $100,000 in US dollars and she can add more anytime you need it. Your credit card is to be un-limited up to $1 Million, full balance PAID off monthly. The little black car is yours to keep even if we decide to go separate ways. I do NOT want you to feel trapped in this relationship.”

Susie turned and looked at him with a puzzled look on her face: “Trapped? You had me trapped when I first turned around and saw you. Then when we’re playing in the tack-room I decided you were the perfect Play-Mate for me. Just take me back in the bedroom there and… What time do we have to leave for Peru? The clock says it’s eleven-thirty now.”

Nothing more needed to be said, their clothes hit the floor. Good thing neither of them needed to get much sleep tonight. Sometime during that night they both fell asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms and legs. Nobody had thought to set an alarm, so eight o’clock was the time of waking up.

Ready for a long trip

Ready for a long trip

Marcos picked Susie up from the bed and carried her to the shower. The water seemed to know the right temperature as it was automatic adjusting. Now wide awake, dried each other off on the same big towel which got dropped on the floor. Down stairs to the kitchen where Marcos got a half gallon of pre-mixed smoothie out of the refrigerator and put it in his over-powered blender built into the stone countertop. The results were dumped into two large one quart mugs from a nearby cabinet, then the energy kicked in. There had to be some added ingredients that gave them both a needed burst.

Hand-carved mantel

Hand-carved mantel

While drinking her smoothie, Susie did some exploring. As the daughter of the local bank President, she’d always lived in a nice, large, well-kept home, but this apartment was like out of some Rich & Famous TV Show. Marcos asked: “Do you approve, if there’s any changes you want, just ask and it’ll be done.” he was leaning on the gigantic black walnut mantel of the great-room fireplace. As far as she could tell, there was a fireplace in every room.

“I’ve passed this apartment complex from when it was being built; How did I miss this one unit?” thinking she must have been blind.

He smiled and answered with: “Remember when you drove around to the back, did you see a garage door at first?”

“No! …the wall just seemed to open up and there we were?” Susie was thinking up new questions, but it was time they needed to be leaving.

As they headed out into the garage, the door opened so she could back out and turn to get headed past all the cars in the parking area. Marcos started to explain that he’s able to use dimensional cloaking to place most anything he wants any place he wants. It gives us absolute privacy when we do NOT want to be bothered. Just one advantage of being experienced and wealthy. I helped develop the process for those who needed to live on Earth, …about a million years ago.”

“Here’s the guard station, they’ll scan your eyes and enter them in their database.”

When Susie stopped the car, Marcos opened his door and stepped outside. “Hello guys, list Susie Wilson under my info so she can come and go as she pleases. This is her car and we’re living on West Main at the address you have on file. If she ever calls needing help, use the cloaking code you have in my file to enter our apartment. Thank you!” and he got back in the car as the guard nodded agreement.

Many times larger than it looked from the outside

Many times larger than it looked from the outside

Susie drove to the landing strip where several planes were parked, Marcos placed his hand on his chest and bowed his head. Another craft suddenly appeared, multi-colored like the rainbow, discus shaped with twinkling lights. Suspended in mid-air about four feet above the ground, a small area opened and steps came out to the ground.

With the car keys securely in her pants pocket, the couple met in front of the car, each taking the other’s out-stretched hand and headed inside the waiting craft. Inside, the interior was much more spacious than it appeared from the outside. Susie thought for a moment then blurted out: “Dimensional Cloaking, like your apartment it’s much larger than it looked from the outside?”

where they are

where they are

“Now, you’re starting to understand how limited the human mind can be, compared to what can really be. It’ll take sometime for you to develop a true understanding of the work I do.”

“You ready to go hiking? We’re now landed here at Machu Picchu.” Marcos said with a smile, taking Susie by the hand and heading toward the exit. Outside the sun was bright, there was only a small cloud up near the top of the mountain.

“We land here in a flying saucer and nobody pays any attention…” she was saying as she turned to look back where their craft should be sitting.

Suddenly Susie grabbed Marcos and hugged him really tight. “Whatever you have planned, don’t forget to take me with you. I don’t even see the craft we came here in.”

“You should’ve seen the place when I first came to this mountain top several thousand years back. Long before the great flood seventy-two hundred years ago, we designed their construction as you can see in the lower structure. Those stones are cut to fit exact locations, no two are cut the same.”

“The stones interlock with each other, so earthquakes have no affects and stay standing for many thousands of years. The stone that’s been added thousands of years later keep falling off every time the ground shakes just a little. The Incas just stacked up loose rocks that were broken to a usable size.” Susie examined the stones and asked Marcos to take a few pictures.

The unique couple spent a good seven and a half hours climbing over the rock walls and taking measurements. Susie got a great feeling that made her warm inside being with the architect of such a place as Machu Picchu. Susie wanted to get pictures of all the work Marcos had done over the years. That would be a life-long project for the now seventeen year old. There were a couple questions that were bothering young Susie, but she would not let that or anything else mess with her here and now.

Hey Doll! …it’s coming up on the high side of five-thirty, so we should get back to our ship.” he reached over and took Susie by her hand as they climbed the steps to where the invisible cloaked transport was parked.

That's my man

That’s my man

Once inside, he led her to a transparent glass table with futuristic looking white leather chairs. “Have a seat while I get us a salad…” this girl was on his heels, not letting him do anything that she couldn’t observe first-hand, so Susie chose her own salad.

By the time they were thru eating, had a glass of wine… It was time to walk out the door into Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry. Their ship was left parked just above the top of the nearby trees. Inside the Grand Ole Opry House at Opryland, they were escorted to their seats in the front row. Before the show started, Marcos disappeared for a few minutes and told her to keep their seats. When he returned, Marcos was carrying a large bouquet of mixed color long-stem roses. He handed the roses to Susie and gave her a big kiss.

Watching the show was a major new experience for Susie, the music was great including a performance of Wilma Lee Cooper. Susie couldn’t contain herself, so she went up to the stage and gave the flowers to one of her favorite performers.

After the show, the two Hillbillies from the Ozarks headed home landing back where they had started many hours earlier.

They quickly disembarked and hopped in the small black Mercedes roadster waiting for Susie to fire it up with the keys she still had in her pocket. The couple headed directly over to the dining hall where they found Shelby waiting inside with Willie.

WOW! …You’re back right on time. How was Peru? …that’s quite a trip having such a short amount of time. I hear this was NOT Marcos first trip to that location. Pretty exciting being with the guy who knows the truth to all the questions archeologists can’t start to answer.” Shelby was exceedingly exuberant, just bursting with happiness.

Susie knew something was up with her friend, so she might as well ask as Willie and Marcos were deep in conversations of their own. “What’s up Girl? …you are acting like the cat that ate the canary.”

“We’d already left before you guys this morning. Willie took the little Cessna looking craft and flew us to Carter Island in the middle of Lake Camelot at Mtn. High. His father happened to be spending the weekend there with a couple of his four wives, Ruby and Sapphire. These girls are almost exactly one thousand years younger than Willie. His father is billions of years in age and looks not much older than Willie. He is seven feet tall with massive muscles and the wisdom this man possesses is overpowering.” Shelby was explaining.

“Last night after you guys left, Willie and I were having a pretty heated discussion concerning our future together. I do now have the ring and what should I say when people ask who gave me a five carat diamond with four quarter carat side stones and eight leaf shaped emeralds? It matches my other jewelry, which I already get questions about.”

“The Sanders Trio were dead set that I should give the ring back to Willie until the Company Fourth of July Picnic. I told Willie that I wanted to keep what is mine.” Shelby held up her hand showing the ring still there. “Willie agreed he wanted me to be able to keep wearing the ring. Ted spoke up that Willie’s father could have the final say on this matter. He is over at the Castle this weekend and if we arrived before daybreak, he’d see us.”

“We were home, cuddled up and asleep in about fifteen minutes. Got up at three-thirty, showered, had a smoothie and coffee. Willie lifted us off the ground by four-thirty and we landed quarter to five.”

Ruby is credible

Ruby Carter

Sanders `86 Lear

Sanders `86 Lear

She was His reason coming to Cedarville

She was His reason coming to Cedarville


Sapphire Carter

“Two gorgeous oriental girls came running out to meet us, hugged us both and said Michael was in his prayer tower. He’d be down shortly, seems he makes no decisions without consulting a higher power to be certain what he should decree. This man is no ordinary being, he rules over thousands of galaxies across the Universe.”

“His authority was given him by the Almighty Creator GOD Yahweh after the War when Lucifer was cast down to Earth.” Shelby seemed to be getting even more excited. “He just seemed to appear from nothing, he was there and Willie bowed to greet him. I did like Willie, if his son bows, I’d better do likewise, this being is an archangel.”

Carter Castle

Carter Castle, Camelot Lake, Mtn High

“Willie and Shelby, I appreciate the fact that you both wanted to come to me with your questions. Your betrothal was a complex agreement made almost one thousand years ago.” he looked at me and I got a headache for the first time in my life.

Shelby, quit trying to read my mind. I’m Michael the Archangel, which means I reside in a higher dimension than you and Willie. The answers you are seeking, Who are your birth parents, is something you have no need to know at this time. They are concerned for your spiritual well being, for both of you. Willie is the only son I will ever have. You both must show us that you are able to control your own bodies and earthly lusts.”

“I understand that you Shelby have excelled in the tests you were given this week. As a reward for controlling your anger, we’ve decided that the two of you may attend church and be seated next to each other. This is the only contact you may have outside the complex until Saturday July second at the Company Picnic.”

“Shelby, you must pass your GED test with a perfect score. We understand that you will have completed two college degree programs by Mid-June. Willie is to teach you how to excel at both golf and tennis over the next two and a half months.”

“The girls, Ruby and Sapphire came over and ask us to follow them, our audience was over and we should head back to Cedarville. We bowed, thanked him for his help and left.”Willie and I’ve been on Cloud Nine all day, I even shot my first Hole-in-One on my first day playing golf. We played tennis, ran four miles, swam in the pool for over an hour and went horseback riding.”

Sorry about just babbling, I got to shut up. Girl, How long did it take you to fly to Peru? Willie says Marcos’ saucer can fly itself, Who did you see at the Grand Ole Opry?” Shelby was excited, she knew she was talking too much.

“Jeannie Seely Sings “Each Season Changes You” with Carol Lee and Wilma Lee Cooper” they were the best part of the whole show.

Susie Wilson was excited too, “We just got into the craft, within minutes we were at Machu Picchu. Marcos’ original construction was still in good shape and solidly in place after twelve thousand years or so. What’d been added on was crumbling and falling down, no way was it part of the same endeavor.”

“From Peru to Nashville, we sat down and ate a salad and we were there. Then two and a half hours of great music and we headed home.”

Here we are! I think Marcos agreed to take me to see other places in the future. Man that thing is fast! …You start and you’re there.” Susie was really happy and it showed as she almost glowed.

While the girls were talking, Willie and Marcos had taken the challenge of getting plates of food for all four. Garlic bread, Lobster, shrimp and a crab salad with some wine and concord grape juice. The four talked as they ate, but Shelby needed a ride home. The roadster would be left on the Hill and a Mercedes sedan would work better for the trip home.