Why Kidnap Me?

Works for Me Every day since I was Nine or so...

Works for Me Every day since I was Nine or so…

Either just STUPID, or they wanted to commit suicide? Shelby’s cute with quite a reputation, but lately some things have changed.

It’s her Freshman year in High School without one other student she can call her friend.

She had to update her life

She had to update her life

It was a warm sunny Thursday afternoon in mid-April 1988, the Cedarville High School had just let out for the day. The cute five foot eight blonde was feeling kind of down, NOT even one friend to walk home with her. She was looking forward to reaching her home only four blocks from school, then her Momma would drive the two of them up to the HILL for a long swim.

Take their clothes off and enjoy the cool clear water on their bodies as they lap the length of the magnificent free form pool. The place was like a small lake, except more beautiful and filled with their true friends like the Sanders family. A private resort right here in Cedarville, over a thousand acres containing multiple 18-hole golf courses, tennis courts, running track, riding stables and private jet-port.

She’d never been invited to enter any of the private homes, but she and Momma had developed a strong friendship with both of the Sanders wives, Jessica and Jodie. Both women come by every month to visit with her Mom and go over things on the computer in their home office down in the Gore’s basement. These monthly visits have been a regular thing since as far back as Shelby can remember.

She always pushed the minimum she was allowed to wear in school.

She always pushed the minimum she was allowed to wear in school.

A few hundred feet behind the young girl was a very slow moving SUV with dark tinted windows so prying eyes would not see the security people inside. They never crowded in too close, they were just always there. Jessica and Jodie had explained these measures were necessary because her Dad was important to the company and his family deserved help anytime they needed it. In the back of her mind, Shelby knew there was more to the story she was NOT being told.

Suddenly she became aware of a four-door Ford sedan ready to jump the curb, it then stopped on the sidewalk in front of her. Two men, one from the back seat and one from the front jumped out and ran toward her. They tried to grab her arms and put something over her mouth. She recognized the smell of chloroform and reacted quickly.

The two men grabbing for her arms were caught by surprise as she slammed their heads together knocking them unconscious with major concussions. Blood and bone flying as their heads busted open. One flew into the open back door where another man was emerging holding a gun in his hand, their heads smashed together in a splash of blood, bone and flesh. The second man’s head protruded through the driver-side rear window and the passenger side rear door slamming shut on the first man’s legs breaking both. You could hear the bones breaking across the street. The man from the front seat was sent flying through the air hitting and bending the steering column and breaking the steering wheel that became lodged into the dash. Reaching over the lifeless body, she pulled the driver across the front seat then slammed the passenger door so hard his head passed thru the busting window.

By this time the Security detail was on the scene, a gun toting woman looking to be in her late twenties, pulled Shelby back, trying to calm her down and get her to sit down in the open SUV. Three men who were working with the woman secured the scene keeping students out of harm’s way and called for the local police.

The woman smiled and inquired, “The guys said all we needed to do was clean up the mess after you’d do your song and dance number. How did you ever learn to fight like that? All four men are down and the car is totaled, you tore the car and the men apart. WOW!” trying to give support to the young girl, who wasn’t even breathing hard, she was already calm though splattered with blood and grime from her ordeal.

“Oh, I’m Captain Rita Turner, I’ve been recently put in charge of your security. Soon’s we can, we’ll get you home and let you get cleaned up. Then you and your Mom go on up to the top of the Hill and have a swim and your usual two mile run. We’ve got this covered. BUT first, the police will want a statement as to what really happened. Don’t sign anything anyone puts in front of you within the next month. Always let one of the Sanders family read all paper-work, that’s part of their jobs.”

Jessica Sanders

Jessica Sanders

Shelby was trying to put everything that had just happened into it’s proper place: “Rita, I need some answers, WHY would anyone want to grab me?” she exclaimed, but Rita was busy communicating with her people.

WHO was behind this failed kidnapping?

Within minutes, both Ted Sanders and his sexy blonde wife Jessica were on the scene, she ran to Shelby’s side to see if there was anything she could do to help her young friend.

Shelby asked her longtime friend: “Rita’s busy, so maybe you can help me, Do you think my indiscretions with school administrators and teachers brought this on? I’ve quit messing around like you both asked me to do, but that didn’t make a lot of people happy with me. I don’t have any friends left among the students or teachers.”

Jodie was halfway down the block with the Police, letting them know the girl in question was represented by lawyers everyone in Cedarville knew quite well. The first two came to the scene in Ted’s 2-seat Bentley convertible, Jodie was in town and riding her custom `89 Harley FXSTS bike.

Ted Sanders is the Chairman of the Board of Cedarville’s largest and now ONLY bank, he also is President of PSL Holdings that owns the steel plant. Jessie and Jodie are both lawyers and accountants who manage some super rich person’s assets held in a trust, which Marcella Gore helps out with. This trio moved here from Bogota, Colombia SA many years ago, now looking very young for the age they would have to be.

Jodie Meyer, the 2nd wife

Jodie Meyer, the 2nd wife

Shelby’d never quite figured out her connection to the trio. Every Sunday at church since she was a baby, Ted and Jessie had sat in the seat behind Shelby and her family. When she was nine the new steel plant manager Willie Johnson moved to town with his assistant manager and friend Kare-Ann Young. At first they sat in the seat in front of the Gores, then they moved back one seat.

Usually Gus Gore and Willie spent about an hour every Sunday after services talking. Kare-Ann made a point of striking up a conversation with Shelby ever since their first Sunday.

This present situation was nothing Shelby had ever expected, even though her number one goal in life was to go out on a date with Willie Johnson. Her dad had assured her that Willie and Kare-Ann was just a temporary thing. He’d came to her Eighth Grade Graduation and had set with her folks, then afterward at the local Pizza Parlor, he’d bought pizza and talked with her for some time while they all ate pizza.

Kare-Ann had complained he was totally brain-washed over Shelby, and she’d better stay away from him to prevent legal problems. That was after the Company Picnic last summer when Shelby was on his volleyball team, they won and she had kissed him directly on his mouth.

Shelby, come back to the present! This is Police Sergeant Mathews, he and I have worked up a statement for you to sign as to what happened. Four unknown men tried to grab you and you went ballistic. Two are dead and the other two may not make it through the night. I’ve got every detail covered on this statement and ready for you to sign.” handing a legal pad to the teenager.

Jodie's `89 Harley

Jodie’s `89 Harley

“Rita will take you on home on my bike, I’ll be asking a lot of questions at the school tomorrow.”

“Jessie and I’ll be talking with your Momma by the pool when you get through with your run.” Jodie explained, trying not to scare the young girl, not knowing how Shelby would react? It was the the Sanders Trio’s job to make sure the teenager did NOT know too much about real-life in the here and now.

Ted had called Gus and Marcella, telling them a problem had developed, but it was handled with Shelby getting dirty, but without one scratch. Clean her up, then she and Marcella should go on up to the top of the Hill like any other night.

Shelby loved the feel of the air blowing through her hair as the two young blonde women headed toward the Gore home. The teenager slipped off the seat when they got to the driveway, Rita saying she’d see Shelby later.

Mother & daughter

Mother & daughter

Momma opened the door for her daughter and hurried her directly to the large shower in her bedroom suite. Both got undressed quickly with Shelby’s clothes being put in a garbage bag to be thrown in their basement incinerator. Marcella helped her daughter wash off the blood, bits of bone and even some brain matter. Her blonde hair was a tangled mess, which took several tries with her usual shampoo.

Mother and daughter dressed in jean shorts and casual tops before heading to the top of the Hill. They let Gus sleep because he would be heading to work at the steel plant before eleven PM.

As the two blondes drove through town, Springfield TV-News helicopters circled overhead. Three TV-News trucks were parked by the town square with reporters trying to get answers and a good story from the local Police. Shelby was in NO mood for their questions, that’s why they were heading to the top of the Hill, out of reach of any questions.

Parking in their designated area, they took a golf cart on to the large pool complex. This is the only place in southern Missouri with live palm trees and flowers blooming year round. Employees and their families were making use of every facility at their disposal. Some women wearing bikinis, many going topless and several enjoying the freedom of being totally nude.

Marcella and Shelby slipped into the beautiful blue water and swam for a long time, until the daughter realized she needed to get on the track to get in her two miles before it got too late.

Wearing a pink bikini just in case she met someone she was NOT supposed to meet up with up here, she ran at a steady pace. Her mind was racing far ahead of where her feet were placing her solid tanned body, she increased her speed until she caught sight of the object of her nightly dreams. This was NO dream, there was William L Johnson running, his sweat covered muscles glistening in the fading sunlight. He turned and started running backwards, he smiled: “Am I going to have to stop for you to ever catch up?” he taunted her with a big sexy smile.

Shelby always looking Good

Shelby always looking Good

She was at a loss for words, what should she do? Both Sanders women and Kare-Ann had cautioned her NOT to have any contact with this man until later, but how much later?

Reading her mind and knowing the stress she was under he tried to set her young sexually charged mind at ease. “We are just running, talking and becoming friends.”

“I was hoping you would come along so we can talk.”

“Sorry about your problems coming home from school. Our security people said you were a super woman, YOU handled yourself with strength and self-confidence like we were sure you would when and if problems ever arose. Not a bruise or scratch on you anywhere. YOU are an amazing young lady to say the least.” Willie was saying as they ran side by side.

Suddenly, Shelby came to a stop, leaned down with her hands on her knees like she was getting tired. Willie stopped and came walking back to his young friend. He knew what she was thinking and it was alright with him, as he bent over to see if she was okay, she sprang forward throwing her arms around his neck tightly and went in for a heavy french kiss. Shelby darted her tongue inside his mouth as he obliged to their mutual satisfaction. They made the most of the moment and for at least ten minutes more. “You’ll have to admit that was better than just talking. My stomach flipped upside down the first time I laid my eyes on you when I was just nine years old.” she was saying as they continued to hold each other tightly.

Up on the Hill, by the pool

Up on the Hill, by the pool

“When we make it back to the pool, I want to have Jessie or Jodie take a few pictures of us together. I’ve got some ideas that I hope appeal to you.” Willie explained.

“Shelby, you and Marcella come up here to the compound almost daily, Right?” Willie inquired of his cute and very affectionate friend.

“Yeah, Kare-Ann gave me a talking to the week after last year’s company picnic. My age is a problem if we get caught having sex, but why can’t we be close friends?” she knew there had to be some way for them to be together, at least some of the time.

Instead of running, they walked hand in hand back to the pool area and found the Sanders women with her Mom.

Shelby started the conversation: “Hey You Two, I don’t expect for you to give me the facts about WHY I can do what I can do. I just killed two grown men and by morning it may be four.”

“Young lady, if you count Tommy Walters when you were only four, then those twelve in the town square when you were twelve, you have seventeen. Both of the other men are now dead, they didn’t make it to the hospital, died aboard the chopper.”

We have an ultimatum for the both of you.” Jessie was saying when Jodie cut her off.

“Shelby, you want answers; we have your correct Birth Certificate, blonde, blue eyes, born September 28, 1971 not 1972 like the other one says. That makes you sixteen, seventeen later this year. Ted contacted her mother and father and they have a suggestion, Willie you will be Shelby’s personal trainer. Running, swimming, golf, tennis, horse-back riding, even hugging and kissing, but NO SEX. Is that understood by both of you? You two are not to be together outside this compound, pass the guard house and she’s off-limits until she turns twenty-one. Willie, you will be shipped off to Bogota until that time comes about. UNDERSTOOD?

Enjoying something grand

Enjoying something grand

Both answered together: “YES MAM!

Shelby had her own ideas, “From talking to Kare-Ann after church, isn’t this General Ozzie of hers supposed to arrive about any day? I thought Willie and I could go out on our first date after the Company Picnic this coming July second, if we do NOT stay in town. Am I wrong?” nobody was going to slip one by this Super young almost grown Woman.

Okay young lady, there are stipulations for that to be possible. YOU must pass the G.E.D. Test in Springfield before that date. I think the only time you can take the test is Mid-June, if you flunk it that delays things until late August. Agreeable?” Jodie asked with an all knowing grin.

“Willie, July second I’m your date for the picnic and then off to Springfield.” Shelby wasn’t waiting for him to ask her.

Doll, you better not stand me up… There’s going to be lots of other women there.” Willie taunted her.

“That’s YOUR problem. I’ll be the best looking bitch there, so catch you tomorrow night Handsome.” giving him a little kiss on the cheek as she and Momma headed off in the golf cart.

When they got home, her Dad was getting ready for work at the Steel Plant, but wanted to talk. “Willie just got off the phone with me. Sounds like you had a little excitement, four grown men DEAD. Glad to hear you came out on top like your usual results. Security is being increased for your Momma and your safety. Two Suburbans and guards walking through the yard all night.”

“The orders to grab you came from a drug cartel in Colombia, as I understand their house and compound ignited and burned to the ground.”

“Just keep your cool at school tomorrow, then Willie wants to see you late evening.” it was ten-thirty so Gus headed off to work.

Looking Great for School

Looking Great for School

Life in Cedarville, Missouri has it’s good days and some NOT SO GOOD. Shelby didn’t know how to explain yesterday she got good grades in all of her classes. On her way walking home four men tried to grab her; then while running her usual 2 miles up on top of the hill, something happened that would settle her future.

Shelby was thinking nothing but GOOD THOUGHTS as she headed to school on foot walking the four blocks from her home on Main Street. When she entered through the front door of the High School, the School Secretary announced over the PA System: “Shelby Gore come to the office this instant!”

When she entered the office area, the Secretary announced over the PA System: “Shelby, you endangered many of your fellow students with your antics down the street. There were people with real GUNS, the Police had to be called to clean up your mess. YOU can’t think you’ll get away with killing those men just because their car turned in front of you.”

Her day had just got flushed down the drain, Shelby Gore reached across the counter and took the microphone away from Miss Leonard. She clicked it on and started in as the woman tried to stop the teenager: “I was minding my own business, walking home by myself. The four men were sent to grab me by the Hugo Ortega Drug Cartel, down near Medellin, Colombia in South America. Call any News Source in Bogota this morning and ask them about that organization which is credited with killing hundreds. Their compound high up in the mountains burned to the ground before dark last night.”

“My Security Team kept everyone back from the violence down the street, not a scratch on one student. I have a right to protect myself!” Shelby let up on the microphone key.

“Miss Leonard, should I go ahead and ask you about the kid that mows your lawn. The PA system will make it loud enough so everyone can hear the details.” the woman pulled the microphone cord out of the amplifier.

The Principal and Superintendent came out of their offices to back up the Secretary. Being a friendly person, the teenager announced a few facts: “Hello Boys, Jodie Meyer should be here shortly. She wants to talk with both of you, your Coach, Math and Science teachers, the six of us have had a lot of fun. Let’s see, I was twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen and sixteen, Guys that’s quite a relationship, lots of marriages don’t last that long. Don’t start the old ‘it’s your word against ours’ routine, Jodie has some real nice videos for you to watch. It wasn’t very smart on my part letting everything happen, but don’t make the mistake of thinking I’m a total idiot either.”

The cute blonde in her short black dress, turned and walked out of the office into a lobby full of students with many questions. Shelby explained: “Miss Leonard stuck her foot in her mouth, but she did piss me off.”

“Any of you who do NOT like me, that’s Your Problem, NOT MINE! I’m going to my first period English Class.” her Momma had told Shelby that maybe she should stay home today, but Monday wouldn’t be any different. Same people, only another day.

Former friend Susie Wilson

Former friend Susie Wilson

When she entered the English Classroom door, someone yelled out: “Hey Killer is here!” and others wanted to know WHY she had private security following her everywhere? Why did the Sanders couple show up in a Bentley Convertible? Jodie Meyer was riding a Harley, What’s your connection with these people?

Questions, questions and more questions; then Shelby’s former friend Susie Wilson, the Cedarville State Bank president’s daughter whispered in Shelby’s ear: “My father is going to run your whole family out of town.”

As the teacher tried to call the class to order, Shelby Gore had reached her limit, got up and headed for the door: “Shelby Gore, get back to your seat so we can start class.” the young blonde teenager just kept walking, down the hall, past the office and out the front door.

Down the street to the south, she saw Jodie’s Harley bike sitting on the sidewalk and it’s owner was squatted looking at something on the ground. Jodie was one of her few true friends, so she’d better go and let Jodie know what was happening. “Hey Jodie! Thanks for all of your help last night and what you’re doing today.”

Jodie, lawyer, accountant and friend

Jodie, lawyer, accountant and friend

“Shelby, let Ted handle things with Wilson. No use making a scene over what is most likely just a smart remark by George’s daughter.”

“Honey, you’re NOT listening. Don’t hurt anyone; PLEASE. Ted’s going to know you are coming.” the brown skinned beauty pleaded to no avail.

As Shelby came in through the front door of the Bank, Ted Sanders hurried across the floor to cut her off. “Shelby, hold up, we need to talk. As Chairman of the Board, I’m George Wilson’s boss. I’ve already talked to him and he don’t want to listen to me. I’ll call him to his office, but I should be there when you confront him.”

“Susie says he’s going to get my Dad fired from the Steel Plant, and my whole family run out of town.” the teenager explained.

“Shelby, the girls and I are NOT going to let anything happen to your Dad, your Mom or you. Young lady, you are very important to us, to Willie and to many people.” Ted tried to console their young friend.

“Ted, go for a fifteen minute walk up or down the street. I’m not going to lay a hand on him. Get lost!” Shelby insisted loudly.

Going over to the President’s secretary, Shelby identified herself, then said: “I’m here to talk with Mr. George Wilson.”

The thirty some woman asked her to take a seat, but Shelby walked straight through the door and found herself a comfortable chair inside.

Wilson arrived in only a couple minutes: “I think my secretary asked you to be seated outside.”

“Well, I’m here. Your daughter tried to get me hurt at the basketball game, by having the cheerleaders slip and throw me off the top. I did a double somersault and landed doing a split with my hands raised like it was planned. Then your wife got the pastor to remove me from being the church pianist. Today Susie says YOU are going to have my whole family run out of town.” she was saying, when Wilson interrupted.

“YOU could save your family any more embarrassment and do for me what you do at school for the Principal, Superintendent and some teachers.”

“Really, that is what this is about?” she inquired.

“It’s either that or the young woman who is your father’s assistant on the third shift, will file a complaint that your father has been harassing her to have sex with him. It’s been going on for the last two or three years.” with that statement about her Dad, Shelby came out of her chair and shoved the heavy walnut desk toward the outside wall, pinning Wilson to the wall.

“You son-of-a bitch!” she screamed, turned heading for the door.

“You little bitch, if you go out that door, I’m calling William Johnson at the Steel Plant and your Dad is history.” Wilson called after her.

With that Shelby raised her foot, stomping the heavy, hand-carved walnut door, breaking it in the middle with it’s glass side panels and frame crashing to the floor against the secretary’s desk. Fortunately Ted Sanders had gotten everyone out of the area, just in case.

There’d been too many things happen over the last day or so, Shelby was at her limit for what she was going to take. Not even one student who’d formerly been her friends, even speaks to her. The people at church every Sunday look at her funny when she comes in and sets with her parents. Kare-Ann is always very friendly, and Jessica and Ted Sanders; Jodie isn’t with them, she goes to a church in Mtn. High with some of her friends.

Old Lady Cummins uses a walker, was trying to get through the front door of the bank, so Shelby stopped and helped her inside, then she was outside turning East. Maybe Kare-Ann would be willing to talk?

Kare-Ann is a friend

Kare-Ann is a friend

It was just a two block walk to the Young’s Family & Home Center; Kare-Ann had told Shelby not to ever come to the store to see her, they could talk after church. Today was an emergency and the teenager needed to talk to someone. She asked the cashier if Kare-Ann was in and she said back in the office. Shelby knocked, then stuck her head inside. Her friend motioned for Shelby to come on inside and grab a chair, she was talking to someone on the phone.

“George is on his way out there now, Okay, yeah she just came in the door, I’ll tell her. He don’t know which side of his bread the butter is on. She’s the one Gus is training to take his place. Let George see your office and I’ll talk to Shelby. Yeah, I love you too.” she was saying.

“Guess you and I have some catching up to do.” Kare-Ann said to Shelby as she hung up the phone. “Willie says you are one hell of a kisser and he loves you very much. Just don’t be telling all the kids at school. As for me, General Ozzie has moved into our house up on the hill. We’re getting married July first, You and Willie will be making the public announcement that you are a couple at the picnic July second. He’ll be bringing you up to speed on lots of stuff between now and then. Just don’t slack off on your studying for the G.E.D. Test mid-June in Springfield.”

Shoving the chair back from her desk, Kare-Ann stated: “Guess I better get you back to school; You hungry?”

Shelby wasn’t really wanting to get back to school of all the places she could go, maybe take her horse for a long ride?

Kare-Ann had an Excalibur

Kare-Ann had an Excalibur

“Young lady, you need to get back to school. We’ll talk over some pizza. One of the guys brought my car around to the back of the store.” she said as they headed out the back toward the warehouse area. A spiral staircase led to a lower area with a private garage door standing open.

Shelby took a couple minutes to walk around the white Excalibur Roadster, she’d never seen one up this close. Her Dad had mentioned someone had a whole collection of these works of art. Her friend was already in the driver’s seat and the door opened on it’s own for the teenager to enter.

“Nice car, but from what I’ve seen on my computer, this car looks a little different. Muncie shifter, digital gauges, upgraded seats and the motor sounds like a reworked Corvette. This did NOT come straight from the West Allis factory did it?” Shelby fastened her seatbelt wiggling herself solidly into the seat.

Not stock! …want to change seats? I know you do not have a driver’s licence, but I’m not even a US citizen. You drive!” Kare-Ann didn’t have to repeat her offer.

Shelby was in Hog-Heaven as the old folks in the Ozarks say, seatbelts fastened, revving up the motor just a little to watch the Tach jump up. The transmission slipped effortlessly into gear, the car had external cameras for the rear and both sides. Carefully pulling out into the alley and heading for the backside of the town square, she beeped her musical horns at the police officer getting out of his cruiser and waved. Continued around a couple more corners and pulled up at the west edge of the Pizza Parlor parking lot. Ate a couple slices of pizza, downed a cold iced tea and headed on toward the school, arriving just before the end of lunch break.

Shelby parked the car at the end of the main walkway to the school office, thanked Kare-Ann for being willing to talk then headed inside. Just before she got out from behind the steering wheel, the Musical horns played their melody. Now everyone knew Shelby Gore had returned and she still had friends to take care of her needs.

12:45 PM was time for Physical Science class, so she grabbed her books from her locker and hurried inside to find her usual seat. Just as she sat down there was a call for Susie Wilson to come to the office for a phone call. After a few more minutes, the Principal stuck his head in the door and asked Shelby to come out into the hall.

Susie was giving Shelby a Second chance

Susie was giving Shelby a Second chance

When she got into the hall, he was headed back toward his office. Susie Wilson was across the hall leaned back against the lockers, it was easy to see she’d been crying, makeup running down her cute young teenage face. “Shelby can we talk? …Please? I’ve been a little Shit-head lately… I’m Sorry! …I don’t want to live in a mud-hut and finish school somewhere in Central Africa.”

“My father says I’m not going to get to go to college when he gets fired.” the short five foot teenager was crying and dropped to her knees. “I’m Sorry, I’m the one who got the other cheerleaders to dump you off the pyramid. I was trying to get you hurt, …the other girls and I were mad because you quit the Friday night parties over at your house. We’re all just a bunch of SLUTS! I uh…”

Oh Shut UP! …STOP the crying, your father and I had a misunderstanding. As well as you know me, I’m the cause of ALL of you girls becoming Friday Night Crazy. Susie, I’m Sorry I messed you girls up… Can YOU ever see fit to forgive me?” Shelby was seeing how her misbehaving had affected all the girls who’d once been her friends.

She reached down and pulled Susie up so she could give her a good hug. “You like to ride horses?”

“YEAH! …you know some place where we can borrow a couple horses maybe on a weekend?” the smaller girl was hugging Shelby really tight.

“I was thinking we could go right after school, your mother is coming to pick you up after school? She could drive us up to the Hill…” Shelby was thinking, she knew Susie was really wanting to be friends, but a little bit scared Shelby might just be wanting to get even. This being able to read minds does come in handy. People can’t lie to you.

Shelby Ridin an Ropin

Jodie was coming down the hall toward the two girls: “Shelby, I’m going to stop by and see your Momma, then head on back up on the Hill… You want the stable-girl to have Melon and another horse saddled and ready for you by around 3:45 PM or …do you want to go for a swim first?”

Susie Wilson was not sure what was going on, it sounded like there was something being planned? Maybe?

“Jodie, Susie does not know we can read minds.”

“My horse is named Melon and she’s kept up on the Hill, I go riding most every day of the week, go swimming, running two miles a day on the track. My Momma will be up later for a swim and whatever else needs to be handled. We’ll take you home about eight-thirty or so.” Shelby was explaining as Susie’s eyes kept getting wider.

“Mrs Sanders Please forgive me for the way I’ve acted lately. I’ve disrespected you and the Bank where my father works, please do not hold my actions against my father. I’m sorry for the way I’ve…” Susie was saying when Jodie interrupted her.

“Honey, you and Shelby back to being friends is all I want to see. As for your father, he and Ted have talked; he and Willie Johnson had lunch today.”

“When you’re alone with your father, you need to explain to him that your whole family have many things riding on him ending his relationship with YVonne Allen. YVonne is the third shift Assistant Supervisor who’s being trained to take Shelby’s Dad’s job when he gets his promotion. I’d hate to see YVonne get fired for their affair of the last three years. Do NOT talk to your mother about this, she doesn’t need to know.” Jodie stated the facts as they needed to be understood.

Shelby and Susie headed on back to class to finish up their Friday afternoon at Cedarville High.

Last class of the day was Girls PE (Physical Education); Susie had a talk with several of the other girls that had all once been friends. Shelby told all the other girls she was sorry for the way she’d messed with their lives. Most were in a forgiving mood, but some still held on to grudges.

After the last bell rang, both Susie and Shelby met Mrs Wilson at her car. Susie explained what she needed her mother to do for the two girls, drive them up to the Hill. Mrs Wilson was rather shocked to see her daughter together with her former friend, but quickly agreed. She dropped the girls at the guard station and made a U-turn to head on back to town.

Shelby & Susie on the Hill

Shelby & Susie on the Hill

The two friends had a fun time clowning around as they crossed a landscaped park on their way to the pool area to use the outdoor showers. Then it was time to pick up their horses, there were leather shorts and sport halter tops with western style boots for each girl laid out in the tackroom. A stable-hand adjusted the stirrup length on Susie’s saddle to match her shorter though well proportioned legs.

As they rode their horses, Susie wanted to talk about everything she saw, then her main question came out: “My father when he called me at school, said after he and Mr. Johnson had lunch, Johnson took him to his office to talk. As they entered the office, first thing my father said he saw was a whole wall covered with a montage consisting of at least one hundred pictures of you Shelby. There’s pictures of you from when you were a baby, but mostly cute, sexy recent pictures. In the middle is a full length picture of the two of you with his arms around you in a pink bikini. When did…?” that was enough to make a seventeen year old teenage girl (Susie’s about a full year older than Shelby, also she’s a Senior in High School, even though they both have some of the same classes) have questions.

“Susie, I’m going to have to get you to promise me: What you see up here and what I tell you is going to have to be our SECRET. Please do NOT tell anyone. This may not last, but I sure hope and pray it does. I first laid my eyes on this man when I was only nine years old, when they first came to our church. My whole insides flipped upside down.”

I wanted him to see me

I wanted him to see me

“He and Kare-Ann would set in the seat in front of my parents and me, so I tried to listen in on their whispers. So, they started to sit on the other end of the seat we were sitting on, damn that made me mad and she wanted to talk every Sunday.”

That woman was reading my mind, she knew everything I was thinking, guess they had fun talking about me on their way home. Anyway my Mom and Dad set me down and explained the facts of life to me. If you want something bad enough you have to work for it, but I was willing to do whatever. That’s when I started playing with any boy I could catch looking at my body.”

“I already knew from talking to my Dad, that Kare-Ann was engaged to General Ozzie, she knew everything I was thinking as we’d have our conversations every Sunday for maybe an hour while my Dad was talking business with Willie.”

Emeralds Diamond

Emeralds Diamond

“When I was twelve, a while after my Mom and I had our nipples pierced, I received a small package containing two pair of diamond nipple bars and two pair of diamond nipple shields which Mom and I shared.”

“Then last summer after Kare-Ann and I had a rather heated disagreement about me staying away from Willie, I knew she was right, but I didn’t want to hear it. Another package was placed in my grocery sack when doing errands for Mom, this time it was Emeralds and Diamonds. You’ve seen the necklace and matching earrings that I wear to school, also includes nipple bars and belly button ring.” Susie interrupted her friend.

Okay, OKAY, enough about the gifts. All I want to know is he a good lover? Knowing how Friday Night Crazy you can get, I’ve seen the muscles that man’s got, How long is…” Shelby cut her friend off.

That’s my problem! …Someone has setup RULES that Willie and I must follow at least until our first date on July second. We, the two of us can NOT have any sexual contact, and we can’t be seen together past the Guard Gate of this compound. If we break either rule, we’ll be kept apart until my twenty-first birthday. That would be September 28, 1993; Willie would be shipped off to Bogota until then. If we try to see each other in the meantime, there would be even more problems. I don’t understand it at all, but with these people, it’s BEST to not break the Rules.” Shelby felt like she could cry

“Last night we took a shower together in the outdoor showers for people using the pool. NO CLOTHING between us, just our bare bodies making contact as we kissed and hugged. I told him how I feel about doing him, but we can’t RISK the consequences. Good thing I have a big and long dildo I can use at home, or I’d be already crazy after just one day.” her whole body was trembling as she explained her situation.