My First Date

What's Her SECRET? ...NO ONE can stay alive doing what she does?

What’s Her SECRET? …NO ONE can stay alive doing what she does?

I’d waited ALL of my sixteen plus years for this day to come about…

It was Saturday the Second of JULY, the Cedarville Steel Fabrication Plant was having their annual company employee picnic. Just bring yourself and your family, everything else will be furnished.

Bonuses were given to employees who’d been with the company ten, fifteen and twenty years. These checks were $500 and $1000 or could be even more. School teachers and other town people wanted to know how a business could pay so good and stay in business.

Shelby Gore

Shelby Gore

Shelby’s First Date with Willie Johnson

Willie Johnson looked awfully young to be the Plant Manager, but he’d taught Metallurgical Engineering for six years over at Rolla. His gorgeous Assistant Manager had been his Assistant Professor, both had one or more PhD s in Engineering, plus experience from South America. PSL Holdings LTD had bought this and other Steel Plants (one 11 miles west at Simple City and one at Marshland) to provide parts for their Advanced Aircraft Research and Development facility 12 miles north of Cedarville in Mtn High. That was a Government backed TOP SECRET site built underground in the old Carter Stone Quarry.

Flag of Colombia SA

Flag of Colombia SA

There were always stories in a town this size, but one thing was fore-sure Kare-Ann Young was sitting under a large shade tree. She’d just gotten married yesterday to the big handsome black man on whose lap she was sitting. Ozzie Ormand wore three gold stars on each shoulder, signifying the rank of Lieutenant General. This brought an end to all the stories about Kare-Ann and Willie, but why the Flag of Colombia flying over the main gate of their compound?

Willie had come to Shelby’s eighth grade graduation and set with her parents. He’d caught up with them at the Pizza Parlor and bought the pizza. That was last year, now it’s one year later and a lot of water has went under the bridge.

p align=”justify”>Shelby has been taking private golf lessons, tennis lessons, running at least two miles a day and swimming in the magnificent freeform pool at the Sanders’ home nearly every day. She eats dinner there every night and showers before heading for home with her Momma. Many nights her parents have joined them for dinner, discussing the future. It sure is nice to have a personal trainer and He’s her Best Friend.

THIS YEAR 1988: After the other team won the volleyball game, Shelby was to have been on his team, but the Union Steward made such a stink. Shelby in her cranberry colored bikini kept Willie’s mind off the game and she knew how to take advantage. His team didn’t have a chance.

Willie made the announcement about the newly weds. Kare-Ann and her General Ozzie danced solo to the first song played by the live 10 piece Country band. Willie danced with her to the second song, Shelby did her part, dancing with Ozzie. He really seemed nice, but Kare-Ann and Willie interrupted their thoughts, cutting in. When the song finished and the band took a break, Willie hopped up on stage with Shelby close behind, took the microphone to make an announcement. “Before any new stories get started, Shelby and I were dancing together. We are good friends, and I do plan to buy her a burger and fries, we might even take in a movie. Has anyone here noticed there are NO places for the youth of our town to do much of anything. She’s fed up with that fact and I am too. Together we’re going to do something about that.”

“With help from Cedarville’s Young’s Home Center, PSL Holdings LTD. of Bogota, Colombia SA has purchased the ground to build a Youth Center where the only cost to get in will be a student’s ID card. Roller skating with free skate rentals, 200-seat Theater, basketball courts and fitness Gym, indoor and outdoor Olympic size swimming pools, golf and tennis. Adults and out of town people can buy memberships like a YMCA. Shelby and Kare-Ann have agreed to work together on getting this done quickly.” this was news to Shelby, but she had talked to her parents many times.

perfect for sand volleyball

perfect for sand volleyball

“I’m going to be teaching her to play golf, play tennis. With Kare-Ann and Ozzie getting married, it’s time for me to move on. Facts are Shelby and I are friends with financial entanglements, NOT lovers. Do not make something out of something that isn’t. Legally, I’m going to be her personal trainer, hopefully within the next two years we’ll be making a joint announcement about the business.”

“Construction will be starting immediately; volunteers and full-time paid positions will be available. Well it’s burgers and fries, then find a movie. We also got to find her a dress for church tomorrow.”

They left the Company Picnic after dancing together to several more songs. Her father had requested Willie take her some place out of the town of Cedarville. Most Everyone at the picnic knew Shelby had a reputation, but a sixteen year old girl leaving with a twenty-nine(?) year old man could raise more than a few eyebrows.

For the last few years, Willie’d been talking to Shelby’s father. Shelby looked a great deal older than sixteen, she was the cutest blonde of any age in Cedarville, Missouri. If the locals knew as much as they thought they knew about this young couple, people would really be talking. Most people didn’t even know about Kare-Ann Young, people did know she owned the local Young’s Home Center, everyone at the picnic knew she was Willie’s Assistant at the Steel Plant. One Sunday a few years back after service, Kare-Ann started talking to the younger woman. She wanted to know about school, how was she liking being a High School Freshman? Did she have a boyfriend? … and if she could find extra time after school to come down to her store?

On Monday after school Shelby stopped to buy groceries for her mother, getting called to the Store Office. When she reached the office, the door was open and there was Kare-Ann. “Come on in and shut the door. We need to talk.”

“I’d like to be your friend, but we need to get a few things straightened out. Number one, How in the Hell do you use two to three dozen condoms each week. My pharmacist says you are in here every week buying more. You are a Slut, I understand that from talking with your father. Could you try to slow down a little, you are only fifteen and guys can go to jail for just touching you? …or at least you need to get an I.U.D. from your doctor.”

Kare-Ann, Willie's Asst

Kare-Ann, Willie’s Asst

Shelby thought for a moment, then answered: “They are not all for me, and I do have an I.U.D. since I was ten, but what business of yours is that?” why was this woman interested in her social life?

“Do you understand anything about Age of Consent? Looking as old as you do, makes you one dangerous piece of JAIL-BAIT. How long have you been doing guys? …mostly High School boys?” the older woman asked.

“Yeah, I guess mostly since I was eleven and twelve, but I started learning how much fun they could be when I was nine and ten. I provide condoms to a couple girls with family problems. Drunken parents that don’t give a shit.” was her answer.

Today was to be different, Shelby wore a cranberry-red bikini for the annual sand volleyball game. Both Momma and Kare-Ann had approved of her choice. Willie had talked with her Dad about taking her out on a date and that was settled back in April; Hey! it was going to happen sooner or later and today was a good choice. This was July 2nd the date for the July 4th Annual Company Picnic, GOD, was this girl READY?

Soon as she arrived at the Fair Grounds where the picnic was being held, she saw Kare-Ann sitting on this giant black man’s lap, he was both tall and very muscular. She headed over to congratulate the couple, Willie had seen her and was headed the same direction.

Willie needed to dance with several of the women employees and she did her part dancing with the male members of the large group of attendees.

Momma was a looker

Momma was a looker

Shelby also danced with her Dad while her Momma was dancing with her share of the men attending. Her daughter could NOT be the only good looking blonde there.

Leaving the Company Picnic, As they got into Willie’s Caddie, Shelby thought she better ask an important question: “Willie, how many people know all the details on the two of us?” she hoped he’d have a good answer.

“Gorgeous, remember the RULES, we are NOT having sex. We are just friends and business associates going out for an evening, we’ll meet a few friends. Go to church in Springfield tomorrow and get back home before midnight. You and I’ve been over this several times since that night back in April. This will give us a chance to get better acquainted and for me to answer the questions you’ve been afraid to ask.”

“The Sanders Girls have your correct Birth Certificate as was put on your G.E.D. Test up in Springfield last week.”

When they had kissed, Shelby’d noticed they both smelled sweaty, maybe they should go take a shower?

“Ever eat a Bison Burger up other side of Simple City?” Willie asked as he reached over and squeezed her hand.

Shelby thought she was hearing him right, but she’d never had a boyfriend before. The rules for their relationship had been explained back in April. That was to change with this date, or so she’d hoped. “You’re wanting more than just a roll in the hay? Anytime you’re ready, I’ll suck you dry and ride you all night.”

Willie Johnson

Willie Johnson

Willie looked over and smiled, “Thanks Doll, but we have to both learn to control our bodies. Many people are depending on us pulling this union off without a single hitch. Have you ever talked to your parents about who you really are?”

Shelby thought she knew who she is, but the subject had never come up. “A sixteen year old blonde, head over heels in lust or love with an older man. I would like for it to be more if possible?”

Willie reached over and took her hand, “We need to clean up and change clothes before we go anywhere.” they headed toward the complex on top of Old School Hill. Stripped, took showers in the outdoor showers used by those using the amazing swimming pool complex. Just being close to this man was a test of her will-power, but they both survived. Leaving the showers, there stood the Sanders wives: Jessica and Jodie with towels, toiletries and clothes to get dressed into.

Willie smelled so great, his cologne was manly and wearing khaki walking shorts and pale blue golf shirt his muscles were so inviting. Shelby was dressed in a white halter top culotte mini-dress that would resist soil and stains (STAY WHITE).

Trying NOT to look like a Slut

Trying NOT to look like one Gorgeous Slut

The mirror showed her this was the perfect outfit for an evening out with a friend, she just hoped she could keep it looking white. “You and the dress both look great, now grab a pair of brown leather platform heels and you are over six foot.” he was reading her mind.

“Before I forget, you need to have one of the Sanders girls transfer a Million bucks over to the escrow account for the Youth Center to get started on Tuesday July 6th. You’re going to have to pay your share just like Kare-Ann. Rich girls can’t get by just on their looks no matter how cute you are.”

He saw the surprise on her face, she looked scared of something: “Marcella has never had you track your own bank accounts has she?” he already knew the answer.

“I don’t write any bigger checks than for school books, cheerleader uniform and that kind of stuff. Maybe two-fifty in my account at present and a few thousand in my college fund. You’re kidding about the money, Right?” she hoped he was kidding, otherwise this date was going down hill in a mad rush. In the last two and a half months they had never once talked about money.

She had to update her life

She had to update her life

“Honey, calm down and think for a moment. Jessie and Jodie have made monthly visits to see you and your Mom ever since you moved to Cedarville at the exact age of one year old. The girls have your Colombian Birth Certificate which shows a blue eyed blonde girl who will be seventeen on September 28th. Gus and Marcella have never told you that you are adopted, have they?” Willie thought he’d covered most everything to set her mind at ease.

Okay, that explained why her Missouri Birth Certificate described someone else. “Do I need to talk to Jessie and Jodie when we get back?”

Willie tapped his watch, and asked: “Jessie or Jodie, got a moment? Shelby needs a favor.”

“Sure can Doll, Shelby I’ll go ahead and transfer the money. Kare-Ann can be trusted, but always run things by one or both of us before you agree to spend any money. Okay?” it was Jodie Meyer, the coffee skinned woman who answered the call.

“When I get back, I need to talk with one or both of you. I would like to say Thanks for all you’ve done for me all these years.” Shelby heard the phone go dead.

“Kare-Ann said you two taught Engineering at Rolla. Doesn’t that take a PhD? You two were there for 6 years. You’ve been in Cedarville for six years.” she didn’t know how to ask the question.

“Shelby Honey, you do not have to ask, cause I can read your mind, as Kare-Ann can and another woman you will meet in another hour or so. When Ozzie got here a few weeks back, she and I had been together for thirty-one years. She was seventeen when we first met. Rochelle and Gary Eakins are the couple that own the Happy Trails Ranch where we’ll spend the night. Rochelle introduced me to Kare-Ann, at that time she and I’d been together for fifty-five years.” they’d just pulled up to the side of the Bison Burger Cafe.

Willie got out, hurried around to the passenger door and opened it for Shelby, taking her by the hand. Inside they found an empty table and immediately people started coming over to their table. “Mr Johnson, how was your plant’s picnic? Was Kare-Ann and her new husband there? Who’s your friend? …and …and”

Shelby got introduced to each member of the group, who were employees of the local Steel Plant.

By the time their burgers, fries and iced tea showed up their visitors had moved on.

Rochelle looks great day or nite

Rochelle looks great day or nite

“Okay Willie, back to your story… You and Kare-Ann for thirty-one and this Rochelle for fifty-five. Any other women you have a history with? Guess I don’t need to be worried about my few years of escapades?” Shelby was sure this story was supposed to make her laugh for being so ridiculous.

Willie looked her straight in the eyes, “Sweetheart, we are going to have to learn to be able to trust each other. I will never lie to you and I expect the same from you. Yes, I am a lot older than you; thousands of years older. I traded four ladies to my father for Rochelle, their names are Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby. They are all four married to my father since 1919. We made the trade in 1902, Rochelle met Gary in 1957 and they got married immediately. Diamond is seventeen thousand two hundred seventy-three years old now, she was fifteen when I met her. I’m one thousand years older and had never been with a woman before this friend. I was too busy getting my education and doing errands for my father.”

Willie paid their ticket and they headed back to the car. A scrappy looking man was sitting on the hood: “Mr High and Mighty Johnson I presume. What’s the big idea of getting me fired?” the man said as he got up off the car and headed toward them.

Handing her the keys, Willie told her to get into the car and lock the doors. “Okay, you’re Barney that was let go for failing a random drug test. We can’t have drug users working in our plants. Our Quality Standards have to be exact. Stay clean for six months after completing a regulated rehab program, we might be able to use you on a construction crew.”

The guy had been drinking and slurred his speech, “But I got bills, how am I supposed to pay them?”

“I’m going to do you a favor you do not deserve. Here’s my card, Monday call Billie in HR, make an appointment and keep the exact time she gives you. Request her to help you fill out a Drug Rehab Request for the Treatment Center at St Johns Hospital. Commit yourself for treatment, but when you see Billie, give her a complete list of your monthly payments. You’ve got an ex-wife and three kids, if she’s interested maybe we can put her to work in the lab.”

Willie handed him the card, turned and got into the car which Shelby had running. The man stood there for several minutes looking at the card, then put it in his pocket and left.

They took out west heading toward Springfield, discussing what had just happened. Then they got back to their previous conversation, “If I live a normal life expectancy for a woman my age, How long will we have together? Do you think there is a chance we might get married some day? What does our future look like?” How was she supposed to keep up with a man who had lived for such a long time and still looked to be in his twenties?

Emeralds & Diamond

Emeralds & Diamond

“We’ll never get married until death do us part, Rochelle and Gary, Kare-Ann and Ozzie, my father and his four wives ALL got married FOREVER. That’s what I plan on for us; YOU are something Special and you deserve to stay looking beautiful forever.”

Shelby stayed quiet until they reached the Battlefield Shopping Mall, just fiddling with her jewelry. It always felt good to tug on her nipple bars and her navel bobble. “What are we getting here?” she just wondered, being with the man who had given her $15,000 worth of jewelry without even one date.

“We’ve got to pick out something for you to wear to church. Gary is a Senior Pastor of the church we’ll be attending tomorrow. Rochelle would not be very happy to have you show up looking like you do now. There is a time and place for most everything. You do sizzle in that outfit!” he said, not wanting to insult this woman.

Designs by Rochelle LTD (Bogota Colombia SA), was opulent in every detail. The glass in all the windows were etched. The displays looked so life like, but the women waiting on customers looked like they belonged in a Victoria’s Secret catalog. They were just going through the entrance when a sexy young redhead came over, “I’m Annette, may I help you? Oh, I remember this set, How have the Nipple Bars worked? Are they comfortable when you sleep?”

Shelby looked at the woman and asked, “You’ve been here for ten years? …and I’ll bet you have pierced nipples too?”

“Yeah, I’ve been with this company for over twenty years. I have a gorgeous set of Star-Sapphires, got everything including a matching stud for my tongue.” Annette was saying sticking her tongue out so Shelby could see.

Rochelle older than she looks

Rochelle older than she looks

Willie!” someone yelled from farther back into the store. Shelby looked toward where she heard the voice and saw one sexy HOT brunette running toward her man. She threw her arms around his neck and jumped up wrapping her legs around his waist.

Annette tapped Shelby on the shoulder, “Ignore her, she’s putting on a show for your benefit. I better get back to work, nice getting to meet you Shelby Gore. You can tell your accountant we’re having a great day, Over one Million dollars in sales before noon.” she shook Shelby’s hand and she was gone.

“Shelby, you Baby Doll, COME HERE! This is…” Willie was saying when Shelby interrupted him.

“Rochelle, the five hundred eighty-one year old HOTTIE! God, I hope I look that good when I reach your age.” Shelby announced giving the older woman a tight hug and sticking her hand inside the woman’s open dress top. Her breasts felt as firm and young as her own.

Rochelle took them back to her office, electronic glass that changed from clear to frosted when Rochelle flipped a switch. All the furniture and interior walls were hand carved black walnut, tables covered with inlaid glass. The carvings were of ancient Aztec designs. There was a large painting on the wall behind her desk of a handsome coffee skinned man. The inscription below read “Dr. Gary Eakins“.

“I just got the watch delivered today, everything else came in earlier this week. The dress and shoes are out at the house.”

Willie reached over to a walnut jewelry box and took out a one and a half inch diamond and emerald bracelet. “Shelby Honey, there is one rule you must live with: Never take this watch off for any reason, shower, dig in the mud, swim with it on your wrist all the time. When I put it on, it joins your chemical make-up. Look at it direct, it’s a watch, tap it and say the name of any family member and they are contacted. You can talk back and forth with that person. It tracks where you are at for your personal security. Promise you will never take it off.”

“WOW! …it’s gorgeous. I promise, things can happen quick like the man sitting on your car at the cafe. What if I loose a stone out of the band?” she had to know, if she would get her butt spanked or kicked out of the family.

Rochelle answered her question: “Shelby, we first met when you were a baby. Don’t worry about the watch, it’s coated with let’s call it a force field. It will not get damaged, but it will automatically get updated from time to time. I know your parents, Marcella and I are good friends. Anytime you can use my help, just tap the watch and ask for Rochelle, I’ll answer right back to you.”

Mayan calendar (3114 BC-2012 AD)

Mayan calendar (3114 BC-2012 AD)

Shelby was walking around looking at the antiques from all over Latin America. Many were Aztec and Inca originals like you might see in a museum. “Where did you get all this stuff?”

“Shelby, I spent 485 years with Willie’s father, who designed pyramids, temples and much of the stone antiquities you’ll find here on Earth. Willie and I spent over fifty years down South; I got to see it all.”

They didn’t see any movie that Saturday night, instead the two Best Friends went to Fassnight Park and sat on a stone wall in the dark. They kissed, hugged and talked; she had at least a Million Questions that needed answered. They walked in the light from antique street lamps until they found a Dairy Queen where they could get a couple pineapple milkshakes. When they made it back to where they parked the car, they started to drive. A Roller Skating Rink looked inviting, but inside it was Saturday Night dance time. They danced until the place closed at midnight, then headed north. Shelby was sure this was the beginning of what she really wanted for the rest of her life.

Turning down a small blacktop road, then turned in at a sign for Happy Trails Quarter Horse Ranch. Stone covered square posts with enclosed flaming lights on top lined the long drive. They drove for several minutes, just over a half mile before they came to a giant fountain with the drive going round. Signs pointed to an Air-Strip, Stable, Office and then finally they came to a stone house large enough to house over thirty bedrooms, all with their own bathrooms. Parking off to one side, Rochelle came running out to greet them.

“Gary just baked his special everything pizza. Should be done in a few minutes; bet you two had fun talking and dancing. Sometimes that’s what a couple needs to do. Gary and I drive into town about once a week, no plan, just grab Bar-B-Que one time. House of Pancakes, Waffle House or a Fish Shack, we’ve hit them all. Fassnight Park is a good place to talk or take a walk and talk. Shelby, it’s time to be a grown up; you’ve wanted to know what it’d be like to be with Willie. YOU are his One and Only for the next one hundred thousand years, then you can start your second hundred thousand together. That’s why it’s called ETERNITY!

How much did he know?

How much did he know?

“Shelby was keeping her mouth shut, she didn’t want to mess up a good thing. YEAH, she was out with Willie Johnson, but would he want to keep her around when he really found out every thing she’d done. Had Kare-Ann told him about their little talk. To say the least, Shelby Gore was getting NERVOUS!

Willie caught her by the shoulders and turned her to face him. “Kare-Ann and I have NO secrets, YES she told me about all the names she called you. Remember, someone put the little box of jewelry in your sack a couple weeks later. I know how you paid for getting your nipples pierced four years ago. Remember Jodie had a talk with the High School Superintendent, Principal and the three other teachers. They are over-joyed to never touch you again, after they saw the videos we had of their mistakes in judgement. YOU have never done anything I don’t know about; if you had not done all that you’ve done, then you would NOT be my Shelby Gore. We’re going to find a job for each of your two friends and a place for them to live that is safe. Okay?” he bent down, looked her straight in the eyes and said: “I Love YOU Shelby Gore.

The cute sexy young blonde went weak in the knees, so to avoid falling she threw her arms around his neck and gave him a french kiss to be remembered for awhile. “Willie Johnson, Thanks! I love you too; and Thanks for wanting to be my friend. I’ll make you proud of me.”

Once inside the magnificent stone, steel, wood and glass house, she got to meet Gary. He looked just like his portrait in Rochelle’s office. “Last time I saw you, you were just one year old. Sure wouldn’t recognize you now from what you looked like then. You’ve gotten taller!” he said with a wink.

Rochelle talked as they all started on the Pizza, “We do not have any bedrooms with twin beds, so you two will have to make do.”

Gary asked: “Uh, Shelby, do you believe in Atlantis?” then he waited for her to answer.

“I don’t know, MAYBE it could be in another dimension? Have you ever been there?” with this group, she was learning not to rule anything out.

“It’s one thirty, that gives us about twenty minutes to make Tabernacle. Let’s change clothes and go.”

Tabernacle in Atlantis

Tabernacle in Atlantis

A very quick shower, Rochelle helped the younger woman into a great opulent gown. The four friends headed down a stone hallway, Gary said contained a “portal”. Some how they were standing at the bottom of gigantic stone steps leading up to what looked to be an ancient Temple. Enormous flaming torches destroyed the nighttime darkness. Crowds of people were hurrying toward the twenty foot high doorway far above.

The seating arrangement was unique with twenty levels of balconys surrounding the front high level platform where the priest was speaking from. “This morning service has brought old friends and a new face to us. Shelby Gore we’ve all waited a long time to have you join our family. Will you please stand.” the High Priest was saying.

As she stood to her feet and raised her right hand, a spotlight lit where she was standing. She had no idea what was expected of her.

The crack of thunder was heard as a bolt of lightening came down from the center cone of the roof. Flames shot up all around where she stood, but she was okay, actually better than OKAY. She felt like having downed an Energy Drink, only times twenty. All she could do was jump up and down and yell as loud as she could. Her life would be changed from this moment forward.”

Dressed Appropiately

Dressed Appropiately

The High Priest shouted: “Shelby, that is what we call a BLESSING from the GOD above all others Yahweh. We’ll be seeing you and Willie back here in the near future. This young woman is the “betrothed” of our longtime friend Willie, son of the Mighty Michael. May our God walk with you both.”

The service continued, she gripped Willie’s hand tightly; this was where Shelby was needed to be. The four friends arrived back at the Happy Trails Ranch at 4:00 AM Springfield time. Up at 6:30 AM, a two mile run, a smoothie for breakfast with a large coffee. Long hot Shower together, nothing more and nothing less, good friends looking forward to a long future together. Neither knew what the next 24 hours could hold in store.

She wore the same dress she’d worn earlier on their trip to Atlantis, Willie wore light blue pinstripe trousers and white shirt with the sleeves turned up. After the church service they took two cars to the Union 76 Truck Stop east on I-44 toward Strafford. Good food and a place to talk, kind of on the way back to Cedarville if you took the back roads.

After eating, the men were quite busy talking. Rochelle suggested to Shelby: “How about you and I taking a tour of the Steel Plant at Marshland? You are going to need to know what these places look like and how they operate. PSL Holdings LTD owns over 100 foundries and steel mills. They even have some cheap ass shit over in China, they stamp out steel wall studs for houses and office buildings, car body parts, bicycles and little red wagons. Let’s go!”

They headed off down the Interstate in Rochelle’s Rolls Royce sedan, got to the parking lot and drove up to the guard shack. They were hit with a retina scan, which identified them both. “What can we do for you ladies on a Sunday afternoon?” the guard inquired.

Rochelle explained she wanted to show the place to Shelby, then asked if there was a Supervisor who could show them around. “With the amount of stock you two own, I better be able to find somebody. We’re stretched a little thin at the moment, something rather unique just happened a few minutes ago. I never knew the Navy had anything to do with this place, but there’s an Admiral Green with six truckloads of steel coils out back unloading.” the guard was explaining.

Something didn’t sound right to Shelby, she hadn’t had a chance to use her new watch so here goes. “You call Willie and tell him what the guard just told us. I’m going to check-in with General Emerson over at Mtn High.” she touched her watch and asked for General Xavier Emerson.

“Hey Shelby, what can I do for you? I see you are calling from the Marshland Plant, is there a problem?”

Shelby was always thinking

Shelby was always thinking

“My father said you’re only involved with the US Air Force. There’s an Admiral Green here unloading 6 truckloads of Chinese Steel. None of these plants use that crap do they?” Shelby asked.

“Honey, you did the right thing calling me. All three plants are going on lock down. I’ll be there with an armed detail within the next fifteen minutes. Have the guard call the Supervisor and STOP the unloading. You two head on back to the back lot and take a look at the coils. See you momentarily.”

“Okay!” then she turned to Rochelle.

“Get hold of Willie?”

“Yeah, they are already part way here. Willie is having his Jet brought over with Kare-Ann to take his car back. You and Willie are heading to Hong Kong, then head on over to Beijing, People’s Republic of China for a Government meeting.”

“Why the Hell am I going to China? Do my parents know?” she inquired as they hurried toward the back lot leaving the white Rolls locked near the guard shack.

As they got to the back of the main warehouse where the coils are stored. Shelby could see the problem plainly. The coils were the wrong color, which meant this was low grade steel. “Admiral Green, STOP unloading the coils. My name is Shelby Gore and I’ve called General Xavier Emerson. He’ll be here on the ground in less than fifteen minutes. My fiancee is William L Johnson, he’ll be here in the next few minutes. I want to know who ordered this steel brought to this plant?” this little girl must think she’s someone important to be acting this way.

The Admiral didn’t budge, so the sexy young blonde in the short tight white dress. Using her right high heel shoe, tripped him and sent him to the ground. “Who the hell did you say you are?”

Flatbed Steel Haulers

Flatbed Steel Haulers

“Shelby Gore, and I told you to STOP unloading the steel coils. YOU are trespassing, trying to do CRIMINAL Damage to our products.”

“I’m here on Official Government Business, I have a signed order from Senator CupKak. This company is under a Senate Investigation. YOU are in violation of US Government Orders. Now get out of my way!” the Admiral exclaimed getting to his feet.

“Admiral Green, you are retired and in violation of your forced retirement. Why would you do something like this?” the tall broad-shouldered dark skinned General stated, coming to Shelby’s aid.

GOD! Look out!” Emerson screamed, jerking her backwards so abruptly she almost stumbled.

“Guess I owe you a big one. General are you okay?” he’d just been knocked sideways by the large coil of steel that had fallen from the nearest truck. Admiral Green had unlatched the chains holding the coil on the truck’s flatbed.

“I’m pretty tough, but it looks like Admiral Green wasn’t so lucky.” The coil had knocked him to the ground, then rolled over the lower half of his body.

The General took over with his crew. Rochelle hurried Shelby back toward the guard shack: “I think it’s for the best to get you out of here.

`97 Bombardier Challenger 604

`97 Bombardier Challenger 604

In the middle of the nearly empty parking lot set an extremely modern looking private jet plane. Only question bothering Shelby was “How could such a craft land here with no room for a runway?”

Rochelle gave her an equally confusing answer: “Honey, you haven’t seen anything yet, wait until it takes off straight UP. At 62,000 foot altitude, the pilot will kick it into gear. What you see right now is only an illusion, when you get on-board, it’s much larger.” she left Shelby with Kare-Ann, who was just coming down the steps from the plane.

“Shelby, I see Willie is heading this way. Okay, want to buy a half interest in a chain of stores? I have the opportunity to buy ten more stores up in Springfield, Consolidated Markets and a Drug Store chain to get their prescription catalog to bring into the in-store pharmacies at Consolidated. I need about fifty million to not have to go into debt, interested?”

“Whew! I got maybe a thousand, two thousand in my college savings account. A couple hundred in checking, guess I’ll have to pass.” Shelby was on the verge of laughing.

“If you had the money, you’d come in with me; Right?” the older woman asked with a big smile, knowing more about the teenager than even Shelby knew.

“Clothes are packed in the dressing room with everything you’ll need. Your Mom and Dad said to tell you HI! …see you when you get back.” and went running toward Willie, catching his keys in mid air, she headed toward the car.

Willie started to run toward Shelby, “Hey Girl, we got to hurry; I’ll explain everything as soon as we get in the air.” …caught her by the hand and nearly drug her up the steps.

Inside the craft was nearly ten times larger than it looked from the outside. “Willie, what is this thing? I can tell it’s no ordinary plane.” she landed in a large comfortable soft leather covered love seat next to her man.

Really 700 Years Old?

Really 700 Years Old?

“Got something to show you.” he said as he flipped his finger up from his watch. There in front of them was a large flat screen monitor. The parking lot and the whole Steel Plant could be seen fading into the distance below.

“As you heard, we are heading to China to do some necessary Business negotiations. It’s going to be your baby, I’ll be by your side. Mr. Jonathan Yen-Lee and Miss Sandra Wong will be present to verify financial ability, they manage the VAULT that holds this entire planets Gold Reserves.” Willie was saying, then changed his tone.

“Shelby, since your parents have never told you that you’re adopted, there’s more you need to know. You and I were set up one thousand years ago to be equal partners when the time would come for us to be together. That time has come.” he was saying.

“I’m adopted? That would explain; my parents try so hard to keep me on the straight and narrow. Church every Sunday, you see me there every week. I guess I’m a loose canon. I just…”

“Haven’t you ever thought you’re a little different from other teenagers? Have you ever been sick, had a broken bone or even a cold?” he asked Shelby, who was now deep in thought.

“Kare-Ann asked me something crazy back there in the parking lot. I guess it’s one of those things to run by Jessie and Jodie.” she was saying when Willie interrupted her.

“She wants to sell you 50% of her stores, including what she’s buying this week in Springfield. Fifty million US Dollars seems like a reasonable price for what you’ll get. SO, you’re wondering how you’ll pay for it? We’ll make a transfer from your interest account with PSL Holdings LTD Bogota Colombia, SA. That way you do NOT have to touch your Gold Reserve. Your birth parents are RICH, they wanted you to be raised in the area where we’d someday live together. They left you with the Eakins, long after signing a Betrothal Agreement with me.”

The Gores’ daughter was near-death when born, she was far beyond ever recovering life. They’d prayed for a healthy baby, but to no avail. They attended the Church where Gary pastors, so a one year old baby went home with the Gores. The State of Missouri balked on issuing a corrected Birth Certificate. You were born in Bogota, Jodie has the final copy that is correct. Your birthday is still September 28, but you will be seventeen. Got Questions?” he inquired, already knowing her answer.

the dress Shelby wore

the dress Shelby wore

“Can this monitor thing show me my accounts? Can you pull them up?” she was wondering several things…

“There you are:” Shelby Louise Gore, #3 Hillside Drive, Cedarville, Missouri…
Gold Reserve (144,000,000 OZ t) leave in place $435 oz = $62,640,000,000 7/4/1988
6 CC unlimited; Checking $1,000,000
PSL Holdings LTD (interest dividend account: $4.3 Billion USD) 50% family owned stocks, charges must be verified J. Sanders or J. Meyer)

Shelby just sat there and tried to act cool, calm and not overly excited: “WOW! I got money. I can pay for the Youth Center with all the wanted extras. Wait a minute!, I agreed to put up $1 Million in the escrow account, doesn’t that mean I’m overdrawn in my checking? Is that one Million in my checking a constant maintained amount?”

“That’s the girls’ job to keep everything updated.”

“What do I need to do in China?” she asked snuggling in next to Willie for the two hour flight over the North Pole direct to Hong Kong at over 5 thousand mph.

Then it was on to Beijing China to deliver the proposition of the Century. Shelby wore another plain white dress much like what she’d worn earlier, except slightly longer in length and the jewelry was more magnificent in every detail.

Emeralds an Diamonds

Emeralds an Diamonds

Emeralds an Diamonds

Emeralds an Diamonds

Shelby, Willie, Mr. Jonathan Yen-Lee and Miss Sandra Wong were seated up front as the members of the NPC took their seats.

NOTE: National People’s Congress (NPC), the President, and the State Council. Members of the State Council include the Premier, a variable number of Vice Premiers (now four), five State Councilors (protocol equal of vice premiers but with narrower portfolios), and 2978 deputies and heads of State Council commissions.

Mr. Jonathan Yen-Lee stood and introduced the other members of the four: “Ladies and Gentlemen of the National People’s Congress, we are here today to make a proposition that will aid the People’s Republic of China in many beneficial ways. With NO investment from the Government, we are ready to invest up to One Trillion USD in Gold being held at the VAULT. PSL Holdings LTD is the largest and most financially solvent company doing business here in the People’s Republic of China. The Steel Industry, they own 57% which employs over 1/2 million workers here in 1988. You are facing increased pressure from worldwide environmental groups to cut pollution. Expanding infrastructure to grow present business interests takes many years. My associate Miss Shelby Gore is here to offer a solution to these problems and increase your tax revenue. Miss Gore.”

Tianemen Square 05

Tienanmen Square 05

Shelby stood to her feet and began with a finger flip from her watch placing a giant flat screen monitor over the stage. A video was up instantly: “For today and today only I would like to propose at each of our Steel Foundries and Mills that we will provide our own electric power and gas production. These new facilities would use our advanced technology for extreme low emissions. NO smoke or fumes let out into the atmosphere, sewage would be burned with our own hydrogen gas. Our people have split water into hydrogen gas we can burn and releasing the oxygen into the atmosphere.”

“Up near the Kunlun Shan Mountains is a very large open pit stone quarry that is owned by Old Man Carter, we want to develop that space to build our advanced aircraft. We have standing orders for as many as we can build. This would mean expanding our steel production, making it possible to raise the pay of each worker by $1,000 per month. This would all mean more tax revenue for your government.”

“When we build a new facility such as the Aircraft Plant, we would also build housing for the workers and provide all needed infrastructure. This can be completed within a period of six months. Our transport craft can travel at an altitude of 62,000 feet and travel at over Mach 7.2, that’s just over 5,000 MPH. Today, we left Marshland, Missouri and were in Hong Kong in 2.25 hours. Sounds impossible?”

Hall of The People as it looks today

Hall of The People as it looks today

“I’m sure many of you have questions, well I’m here with the facts to give you answers. Has anyone here ever toured the VAULT? I would like to propose taking all members of the National People’s Congress who are present today to Hong Kong for a tour. I can transport your complete group there in about twenty minutes, it’s approximately 1228 miles, 1977 Kilometers. I see our staff has lunch ready, let’s enjoy a meal and then take a trip.”

The Premier stood and spoke for the group: “We appreciate your ability to speak in such fluent Cantonese. We can discuss your propositions when you can give us more accurate time tables for completion of each phase. We’ll need to have the costs involved, with the number of people needed to plan and do the actual construction. We should be able to reach an answer in maybe six months at best.”

Willie got to his feet with a frown on his face: “Maybe YOU did NOT understand what my partner Shelby Gore just told you. You have the paper work in front of each of you with ALL the facts. WE are not asking for you to put up one RED cent of anyone’s money. WE will foot the bill, cause we have the money and do NOT have to finance any of the costs. YOU all know your country’s history with my family and me. WE do not get involved with your STUPID politics, we just keep putting the Industrial sector back going one regime to the next.”

“YOU all know your history with William L. Johnson, that’s me; and you have a long running history with Old Man Carter who you know is my father. My question for each of you is, CAN the Chinese Steel Industry as a whole survive with a 57% LOSS of business? In two weeks time, I can cancel all of my production orders for every Steel Plant in China. I’ll pick up the production at other facilities we own in other countries. Those facilities are already being upgraded at the present time. Yet today, we can drop all of our 57% of Chinese Steel shares on the world market for $2/share. Those companies who buy at that price will not have the financial stability to keep the businesses going forward.”

“Someone at Bad-Boy Steel tried to slip some poor quality steel into our production lines at three of our Missouri Facilities. My little Sweet Shelby here caught a retired Navy Admiral and a US Senator trying to make the delivery. Accidents happen, Admiral Green tried to dump a coil of steel on General Emerson, whom you all know. He’s fine, but Green was crushed from the waist down by his own actions. Senator heard about Green and jumped out a seventh story window of his office in DC.”

“Our 400,000 employees at the Chinese Steel production facilities would appreciate an increase of $1000/month in their pay. Your Labor Unions will be allowed to look like heroes for making the deal. Less pollution in the air will make China look great in the press worldwide. But we do need the agreements signed today.”

“Hey Johnson, can you really take everyone here to Hong Kong and back in three hours? If you can do that, how about you take us by the Carter Quarry? If you can get us all back here safely within five hours. Those are our terms for us to sign today.”

Willie smiled, “Your Excellencies, Mr President and Mr Premier, Let me say a Blessing over the food, let’s eat and there will be a transport ready at that point in time. OH, contact your Air Force and other Military Security people and inform them, they are about to have a quarter mile long Blackbird transport entering this air space in fifteen minutes. Tell them to Stand Down, it’s Okay.”

“When the Blackbird un-cloaks, they will also see our jet plane looking transport hovering over this building. Let your people know what to expect. We always know in advance of any aggressive actions toward any of our craft and our people.”


Willie prayed for the members of the NPC, Thanked Lord Sananda and the Almighty High Prime Creator God Yahweh. Most everyone enjoyed their perfectly prepared meal, served by PSL Holdings LTD staff brought down from above.

The big Blackbird had plenty of Luxury space for all members of the National People’s Congress to travel in comfort. The trip took only twenty minutes as Willie had told them, they were then ported down into the VAULT for a tour. All members of the tour were warned, with a demonstration of the protection provided by the Vaporization Ray. All aisles had guard rails to protect visitors. Shelby tossed a piece of 2 by 4 board at the gold storage area and it just vanished in mid-air.


Visitors got to examine a few gold bars up close. Back on board the Blackbird they headed on over to the Stone Quarry which was quite some distance. Internal monitors showed what was too dangerous to examine on the ground, soon they were all headed back toward Beijing and Tienanmen Square. With updates to their long standing agreements with the Chinese Government signed, Willie and Shelby headed back over the North Pole to Missouri.

“WOW, How in the World did we pull that off?” Shelby was having trouble believing what they had just done.

“Honey, this is what is meant by Being Blessed, we get a lot of help from above. Remember to pray and the dream will continue. I’ve had to wait 18,273 years to be with you, there were times I wondered if this time would ever come to pass. Shelby Gore, I Love You. When you have a question, do not be afraid to ask me.”

“I guess I’ll have to get this explained. You can no longer just live your life as you always have. The money I showed you on the screen earlier has changed your future. When we finally got your Birth Certificate pulled up official, word spread about who you really are. Honey, you can’t go home to where you’ve lived before. During the picnic, workers were moving your stuff and your parents to a new home up on the hill. It will be a big change for your whole family, but Kare-Ann and several others will make the changes go easy.”

Shelby getting comfortable

Shelby getting comfortable

“Your father wants to continue in his job at the plant. Your mother wants to assist in our home office with the two main women who’ve been handling your affairs for the last one thousand years. You can trust Jessica Sanders and Jodie Meyer. They with their husband Ted Sanders are a very important part of the company. If they tell you something, take it as gospel. They do not joke around, all business, your business all the time. The Sanders family live in our compound. When you have a deal, run it past them, they are the ones who write the checks and make the large transfers, like buying the stores.” Willie was explaining when she interrupted.

“Where am I going to live? Did they get all of my stuff out of the house and where did they put it? If I’m really sixteen, when can I go get my License? Mom and I can take our pickup over to Ava Tuesday afternoon.” Shelby had questions and he said to ask.

“Shelby, Sweetie I guess I didn’t make it totally clear. YOU can’t just go anywhere by yourself or with your parents. When I can’t be with you, Kare-Ann, Jessie or Jodie must be with you. Honey you are a Star Child who has received a Blessing. At this point, you have no idea what you’re capable of doing. It takes time to learn to use your talents and to use them safely. That presentation you gave in China was very professional, I expected nothing less from you.”

“Shelby, I love you, but it takes time to learn a new way to live. We are all here to help you become everything you can be.”

“Willie, how am I supposed to know what to do? I LOVE YOU, but I’m lost. I’m used to taking my clothes off before going out to mow the yard. I’m a Nudist at heart, is there any place I can take my clothes off like Mom and I do at the pool complex and just be me?” she was crying, she had what she’d wanted but it some how seemed different than what she thought it would be.

Pierced Nipples

Pierced Nipples

He held her close and tried to make her feel at ease. “Inside of our compound, you can take your clothes off all you want. Your pierced nipples are absolutely stunning and need to be on display. Much of the time you may want to wear lace panties, but you can go topless anytime.”

“We’re back on the ground, so it’s time to see your new home. Remember this whole place was built just for you. YOU are my partner in all things, anything you want, just ask and it’s yours. I Love You Shelby Gore.” Willie was willing to wait until September 28 and she would be seventeen. Finally this was his woman.

Willie had something he had to do, but would catch up with her in awhile. Shelby headed to her parents new home. WOW, it was like looking at the homes of the Rich and Famous, the large windows, the wood beams and winding staircases up to the landing twenty feet above. Shelby’s mother met her just inside the front door: “Ever see anything like this? Kare-Ann said we need to live inside the compound, but your father can keep working at the plant. I knew someday there would have to be changes. I just never thought about anything like this. Honey, we get to use our own indoor swimming pool, hot-tub and exercise room no matter the weather. Girl, you have to see your suite, I don’t mean a room, I mean this gorgeous luxury suite.”

“Mom, head me in the right direction. I could get lost in this place without you for a guide.” upstairs, the bath was all her’s and that was what she needed right now. It had been hours since they left China, then she laid down to rest just a few minutes. Hours later, Willie kissed her lips.

“Shelby, it’s been four hours. Get your running shoes on and lets get the three miles behind us. Your parents will be over at Kare-Ann and Ozzie’s for dinner at eight. So, after the run we can go for a swim.” They made three rounds of the one mile track at the neighbors next door. A fifteen minute swim in the outdoor pool, then hit the shower, outside on a bench next to the fresh towels lay shorts, T-shirts and clean shoes.

Shelby wondered if this could just be a very realistic Dream? “Shelby, Honey this is REAL and we have a lot of work to do. I’ve got to be at the Steel Plant each day till noon Friday. That’s when I have our vacation scheduled up at Diamond’s Resort at the Lake of the Ozarks. My father will be there this weekend with all four girls. They are ALL anxious to meet you. SO, you and Kare-Ann have got several things to do in the meantime.”

Jodie Meyer

Jodie Meyer

When the couple of lovers reached the kitchen of the Ormand’s house, there sat Mom and Dad at the long bar with three people of which she did know two. A sexy, well endowed blonde, a coffee skinned Hispanic woman and a man that seemed to be very proud of his two companions. “Hi, I’m Shelby and you two are Jessica and Jodie, so Is this Ted?” that seemed to be logical.



“You guessed it, do we have to give you a prize or will dinner be enough?” the blonde inquired looking like she was ready to start laughing. “You do need to come by your office as early as you can in the morning. We’re always in the office by six.”

“What do I need to wear? Where I’ve always lived, I go topless, except when going out some place. God, I hate having to wear so many clothes. I can wear proper clothes when I have to, but I’m going to need to be told what is proper and when. I’ve just been a kid going to school and church on Sunday. I know I have to make changes to do my part for Willie and the business. Can I expect to get your assistance like you’ve always done in the past?” she wondered HOW she was going to be able to do things the right way?

“Shelby, Honey we all work for you. It’s our job to keep you in line when you are in public. At home you can do what you want, it’s your home. Jodie, show her your tits.” Jessica said pulling down the top of her dress to show Shelby her own pierced nipples. Jodie’s large nipples looked great too.

Tomorrow would be another day. What would it bring?

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