Shelby’s Wedding

Willie's Dream Come True

Willie’s Dream Come True

Shelby picked up the frost-pearl-green Mercedes sedan and the requested supplies. Heading down the road she’d seen Willie take, she soon found the RV-Park. Sitting under a big tree, was their coach, Willie had everything hooked up, electricity, water and sewer. She walked around the 45 foot Freightliner rig to see what she might need to know for later. The day was HOT, the rooftop mounted air conditioning could be heard purring.

Inside the futuristic white coach, she found Willie with two glasses of iced tea poured, waiting for her to join him. “You do such a complete job of everything I ask you to do. I Love YOU! Sometimes I would begin to wonder if the day would ever come when we could be together, but I had a promise. Here we are and this time tomorrow, you will be my wife. Thanks for agreeing.” …she picked up her glass, took a large sip with him reaching out and taking her hand. There was a lot she was taking by faith, like how had this all been arranged so far ahead. Important people making room in their schedules to include her?

“How big is this boat we’re going on? Who is supposed to be there? I know you are very important to a lot of people, but how did I get included in all of this? Our first date was only last Saturday, we went to China for a meeting on Monday, got my driver’s license on Tuesday. Six people died on Wednesday, I broke four big tough guys arms on Thursday and here we are on Friday. What am I missing?” she knew there had to be more, a whole lot more?

“Gary and Rochelle took us to Atlantis for the Tabernacle Service where you got called out and were struck by lightening. You were NOT hurt, but at that moment your whole life did change. That’s how you can do things no ordinary human can do. The speech you gave in China changed a whole industry. You had never given a speech before, but you knew what you had to say and exactly how to say what needed to be said. You delivered your speech in perfect fluent Mandarin, one of the most difficult languages to master. You are something special and tonight you’ll learn just how special you are.”

“Kare-Ann, Ted, Jessie and Jodie are bringing your Mom and Dad. Rochelle, Jonathan and Sandra are here staying over at the Hotel. There is to be a very Special Guest who’ll be arriving shortly that will be able to answer many of your questions.” …somehow Willie had blocked her from reading his mind to learn who this person was to be.

Shelby was happy with her situation, she knew Willie really Loved her. “Guess we better get our three mile run in, then get back here, shower, get dressed and get down to the boat-dock by 8:30 PM. Diamond said we better not be late or we’d have to swim to the boat. How big is the boat?”

Old Man Carter's Lake Ozarks Yacht

Old Man Carter’s Lake Ozarks Yacht

He wore swim trunks, she wore an exercise bikini with halter strong enough to give her D-Cups their needed support for running. “The boat is about 90 ft. long and 27 feet wide with three decks, inside dining salon that can seat up to fifty. There’s open air hot-tubs with dance floor and plenty of seating and always a live band.” …it did not matter the speed she ran, he kept the same pace. The temperature was 98 degrees, but Shelby was running hard only stopping for her and Willie to each down a full bottle of water at the two mile mark.

Back at the coach, they cooled down with the outside shower. Sandra Wong and others had said Shelby needed to get her endurance built up quickly. She was NOT breathing hard, her chest did not hurt, her legs felt as if she could do another three miles. Inside they got into the large shower together naked, but nothing more. They had made a promise which they would keep, he shampooed her hair and it was fun bathing each-other. One more day and this man would be ALL her’s, he had such gorgeous muscles.

Willie remembered this young woman the first time he saw her as a newborn baby. He knew then she was perfect, at age nine when he saw her with her parents she was starting to drive the young boys CRAZY. Kare-Ann and Willie would see her at church most every Sunday, she just kept becoming more beautiful. His long-time companion kept him up on all the stories being told about Shelby’s escapades with high school age boys. Over the years, he’d given her parents little gifts of jewelry and clothes for their young daughter as she grew into a young woman.

Marcella, great Mom

Marcella, great Mom

Marcella's nipples

Marcella’s nipples

Marcella and Gus had known what their daughter’s future held since they first laid eyes on her as a one year old baby girl. Early on they discovered her dislike of clothes, running around the house with nothing on. As she got older, they convinced her to wear panties. As her body developed, they added a privacy fence for the back yard. To show their support for their daughter, they became a Nudist Family.

At age 12, when Shelby got her nipples pierced without permission they kept their cool. The very Next week, Marcella went to the same jeweler and had her’s pierced, but GOD it sure did hurt. The clamps squeezing her large nipples FLAT, then the large hypodermic needle cutting it’s way through. It did make her tears flow, but Shelby had survived even with her parents NOT knowing how she’d paid for the procedure. Without her knowledge, Willie had always made sure she had money in her account at the local bank.

They got dressed in a business like manner to live up to their position with the friends who would be attending. Diamond had said they could wear the bare-minimum, but Shelby thought about what would be more appropriate. These were all high ranking in the company, plus her parents needed to know their daughter was able to put on the right clothes for any occasion. So he wore gray trousers with a white shirt and she wore a custom designed short light-gray dress. They really made a statement arriving at the boat dock in the pearl-green Mercedes.

Shelby fit her Clothes

Shelby fit her Clothes

Willie did make a call to the hair salon over at the Hotel, they just happened to have a cancellation at that very moment. Their top stylist cut and styled her hair and then helped her on her makeup. All Shelby could think was “WOW!”

It was only 8:15 PM, but everyone was already here, well except for the special guest. Diamond said the woman would be coming by transport and dropped direct to their boat.

She greeted her Mom and Dad, then made sure everyone knew each-other. Jonathan and Sandra were the only two who didn’t already know her parents.



SUDDENLY, there was a flash of light as something high up in the sky reflected the last remaining rays of sunlight. The special guest had arrived, sure enough her thoughts had been correct. Walking straight toward Shelby was the Queen of Atlantis, Su-ZQ whom she’d met only briefly last Sunday morning at the Tabernacle service. She hugged Shelby tightly, whispering: “I’m so proud of you. You’ve made it through this last six days still in one piece. Well, except for your hair, it’s very elegant and really sets you off.”

The young woman returned the hug, as she whispered: “Thanks for coming, I finally get to meet my Birth Mother. I had to be raised in the environment in which I would have to live my life with Willie. Growing up in Atlantis would never have worked. The Gores have been the best parents I could’ve ever asked for. I love them dearly, let me introduce you.”

“Honey, I know Marcella and Gus; we’ve gotten together for updates on your progress every few months. It was hard leaving you for awhile, but you do understand why your father and I had to make that decision?” Su-ZQ inquired, knowing she’d made the only decision that would work for ALL involved.

“Well, that day has come and here they are ready for their Big Day. Thanks for letting Gus and I be a part of Shelby’s life.” Marcella was talking like she thought something was ending.

“Mom, you and Dad have been there for me every day. YOU are my parents who’ve raised me for over fifteen years. You, Dad, Willie and I will be having dinner with Kare-Ann and Ozzie most every night. Your house is the next house West from where I’m living. We’ll both learn how to play golf and tennis. There’s plenty of room in the swimming pools and on the running tracks. Kare-Ann and I will be using your help with keeping our store records straight. The only thing changing between you and me is hopefully I won’t be such a brat as I’ve been. I still will NOT be wearing clothes much, remember I’ve always been a Nudist and always will be.”

Marcella, Shelby's mom

Marcella, Shelby’s mom

“OH, by the way, I love your dress, you do look gorgeous, more like a sister than my mother. With your clothes off, YOU look even better.” Shelby was proud of her parents, but now she had two sets.

How was she going to keep everyone straight when she would be talking? “Excuse me! Everyone here are all friends, so I have a statement to make. I would like to Thank my adopted parents, the only parents I’ve known for the last fifteen, almost sixteen years. You’ve went out of your way to keep me from feeling alienated, stupid for my reckless decisions and let me have my own way.”

“MOM, I saw the tears in your eyes when you had your nipples pierced. DAD you threatened to make me sleep out in the yard if if they got infected. They did just fine and look exceptionally GREAT. My DAD spent many hours out in the back yard, just talking trying to convince me I wasn’t going CRAZY.”

Willie, I LOVE YOU! Thanks for NOT changing your mind about me when you heard all the stories about my escapades. Kare-Ann, THANKS for the lecture down at your store. You got me to thinking, not just hopping in bed. Thanks for the supplies you gave me for the other girls, You are a RAT! …but if you hadn’t kept Willie up to date on my many indiscretions over the last five or so years. Well, he can’t say he doesn’t know my History. When we get married, I will make him a very HAPPY MAN. Just a few more hours YOU Lucky Rascal!” …this girl was on a roll, so might as well finish up her statement with more, a lot MORE!

Kare-Ann Ormand

Kare-Ann Ormand

Willie, you’ve had a long wait. BUT, you did have some great companions along the way. Diamond and the three other Gemstones kept you happy for over seventeen thousand years. Then the quite lovely Rochelle for fifty-five years kept you from getting lonesome or, Well I bet you two had a lot of FUN. Okay, for the last thirty-one years Kare-Ann has filled your boring life with a great deal of excitement.”

“You do have a gorgeous pair of tits and everything else looks pretty good too. Thanks for inviting me to be your business partner. Thanks for the nightly dinners, Thanks for including my parents and I enjoy having our own Private Nudist Resort. YOU do know, You and Ozzie are always welcome at the Big House.”

“Willie, last Saturday was really special. Our first date, you told everyone at the Company Picnic you were taking me out. You announced Kare-Ann and I would build a FREE Youth Center for Cedarville. That’s when I took the mic and described a Country Club setting with extras. WE are financially able and are doing it with help from several of you helping.”

“Burgers and a movie, we got the burgers, but still there’s been no movie. We went to Fassnight Park, set down on a stone wall and talked. You told me we needed to abstain from SEX until we get married. We’d be starting NEW, we walked to an ice-cream joint and got pineapple shakes. A skating rink was having a dance, so we danced and danced until midnight. Rochelle had suggested we spend the night at their Ranch. Gary made pizza, then asked if we’d like to attend the Tabernacle service on Atlantis.”

WOW! …I had no idea what was in store. One week later we’re getting married. I just want to say THANKS to everyone here for ALL you’ve done in my life.” She hoped she had covered everyone.

Diamond was Hosting

Diamond was Hosting

“Shelby Dear, would you mind just sitting down and shutting your mouth? I’m the one hosting this dinner and my people would like to serve the food. So please everyone grab a seat, our special guest, Queen Su-ZQ will say a prayer giving Thanks for ALL of our Blessings. Then we can eat. If that’s Okay with the young lady in the gray dress?” Diamond was a power to be recon with, this is her boat.

“Sorry Diamond, I just… forget it. Thanks everyone.” Shelby took a chair next to Willie, Diamond set on the other side, Su-ZQ set next to Shelby. The Gores and Kare-Ann set on the other side next to Rochelle, the Sanders Trio. Towards one end of the table General Emerson and T-era set across from Jonathan and Sandra.

The meal started with a toast given by the Queen: “As most of you know we were planning on a double wedding tomorrow. That has changed, Jonathan.”

Sandra Wong

Sandra Wong

Jonathan got to his feet to make a request: “Willie, Shelby, Xavier and T-era as you all know Sandra and I’ve been Compatible Companions for several hundred years. Sandra has wore the ring I gave her for many years, but we never thought the time was right. Would you be willing to let my lovely Sandra and I join you at the alter. Su-ZQ says a three couple wedding can be done if you four are willing.” taking his seat, grasping Sandra’s hand.

Willie looked at Shelby, she nodded her approval: “Great, we’ll have three couples going forward as Compatible Spirits. We are three extremely fortunate men, Blessed by the Almighty Creator God Yahweh. Su-ZQ continue your toast.”

“It’s a great honor to be here with my one and only birth daughter. Thanks to the Gores and each of you for helping her to reach this point in her young life. I thought what she said earlier was perfect for this occasion. She and Willie have great responsibilities lying ahead of them on their chosen journey.”

“The next twenty-four hours will be monumental bringing these three couples together as wedded partners. Reaching your completed GOALS is worth the effort necessary to complete the task.”

“Let’s enjoy this meal and our time together with our friends. Rochelle, do you have something you want to add?” …everyone had noticed Rochelle and Kare-Ann were in deep conversation with Marcella.

Golden Sandals

Golden Sandals

“Rochelle stood to her feet, “Su-ZQ, Thanks for being here tonight. I know you have a busy schedule and have to be back for the Tabernacle service. Lets eat, then Kare-Ann and I want to take the three Brides to be for a tour of this boat. If that’s Okay?”

Su-ZQ and Diamond both thought that would be a good idea. Everyone ate all they wanted, then the five women left the room, going out on the open deck.

Wedding Stairway

Wedding Stairway

Sandra opened the conversation: “I know why you brought us out here, I’ve attended several weddings over the years here on Earth. The stairway up to the altar is a long climb. On Monday, I told Shelby she’d need to increase her daily runs to three miles.”

“Oh, Willie and I are running three miles both morning and evening. What’s so hard about the stairs?” Shelby inquired, knowing there must be more than just climbing the stairs. “T-era runs many miles around the Castle grounds each day. Sandra told me to increase my daily runs, so this is why?”

Kare-Ann added her two-cents: “I got married less than two weeks ago, YOU girls can ALL make the climb, but you may have to help drag each-other over some of the rough spots. Shelby, you are a real Smart-Ass sometimes thinking you have everything figured out.

Wedding Gown

Wedding Gown

The stairway you saw when entering the Tabernacle, is only the entrance. The actual stairway lies in it’s own dimension, making you have to run uphill for five-miles on stone steps. You do not get to wear running shoes, but you will be wearing the Atlantean high-heeled golden sandals every other bride before you has worn.”

“The gowns are short which does give you freedom of movement. They look sexy, keep your man’s mind on His woman and how beautiful you are. They are made of white silk and make you look your best even after the long run which will get you sweating. At the end of the ceremony you and your husband will run back down the stairs together, out the front door of the Tabernacle and you will jump into the lake for a swim. It will all be explained when the proper time comes.”

Willie came out to get Shelby and get her to bed in one of the State rooms. She was to use his sleep learning system so she would be ready for a test she had to take tomorrow. She had no problem falling to sleep.

Next thing she realized, it was morning, she was still wearing the gray dress from the night before and Willie was laying by her side watching her sleep.

“Hey Gorgeous, you really slept solid so the system should have done it’s job. Have any dreams?” he inquired on the way to the shower. He helped her undress, showering together, they dressed in casual style, then headed out for breakfast with the other guests.

Shelby likes her Coffee

Shelby likes her Coffee

They did some hugging and kissing, but that was all. This was to be their BIG DAY and nothing was going to screw it up. Nudists can have self control, especially if it’s Willie Johnson and Shelby Gore. For years they had both watched the other from a distance, longing to be in the other’s company.

As they entered the Grand Salon for a Saturday morning smoothie and coffee, lots had changed from the night before. NO formal dress here, the women were all more to Shelby’s desired dress code, lace panties and pierced nipples showing. Most all the women commented on her diamond and emerald nipple bars, which she quickly explained came from Designs by Rochelle. Large Coffee, Shelby took the largest cup she could find, Louisiana Chicory Coffee, whole milk, honey and PH Booster Drops made a smooth, healthy drink.

Suddenly, in through the doorway came Diamond followed by three other beautiful young looking women. Shelby figured looks could be very deceiving, for all four were over seventeen thousand, two hundred and seventy years old. They looked so healthy, young and vibrant; all four had flawless skin-tone and muscles as tight as any professional dancer. “Hey Step-daughter-in-law to be, here are the rest of Willie’s step-mothers. This is Emerald, this is Sapphire and that Bitchie one on the end is Ruby. She keeps trying to take my place with Michael as Number One Wife. Thinks she’s so smart because she designs Golf courses. Can’t seem to remember it took all four of us with Willie to figure out how to build an eight sided pyramid, then Michael engineered the interlocking stone blocks to a tolerance of 1/100 th of an inch.”

Shelby was absolutely sure this was one of those times when it’s BEST to just keep your mouth shut. These were four women that she wanted to stay on the good side of ALL, not just one or two or three. Diamond had a big smile, while the other three were waiting to see how the new girl would react. These four looked as if they enjoyed causing trouble every chance they could cause to happen. This was NOT going to be one of those times.









Willie looked at his soon to be wife and said: “Smart Girl, they love to cause DRAMA. The Old Man is wanting to meet you out on the deck, so let’s get out of here.”

As they headed for the door, Shelby turned to the four and said: “Nice to meet all of you, guess I’ll see you again at the Wedding Dinner at Su-ZQ and my Father’s Castle up on top of the mountain?”

“Sure we’ll be there, …Want to play golf with us some day this week?” that wasn’t going to happen until she at least learned the basics.

Old Man Carter

Old Man Carter

She saw Willie’s frown, so she knew how to answer their offer. She was having no luck at all reading these women’s minds. “I think I’ll observe from the sidelines, Well, I’m going to learn as soon as he has the time to teach me. It’s going to be awhile before I’m ready to compete on you girls level.” and Willie and Shelby headed out the door.

On the main deck headed toward the bow, she saw a tall man sitting on the side of the large spa, the man looked like a slightly older version of Willie, just bigger. This was the second time she’d ever seen a man seven feet tall, Melchizedek (the man she knows now is her birth father) is the other. “Shelby, you are every bit as beautiful as he’s said you are. WE have been waiting for many thousands of years for this day to come. Willie now knows you’re everything he’s dreamed you could be. Thanks for becoming a part of our family. I look forward to our future as being one family.”

“My four girls have been anxious to welcome you, you can trust them NOT to stab you in the back. They will give you some good golf lessons while you are here so go out on the courses with them.”

“Rochelle has your parents on-board with Kare-Ann, Jessie, Jodie and Ted. The other two couples getting married today are on-board too.

“You have a test to take with my Pilot and Navigator; Willie will get you on-board.” his father explained.

Before the FLOOD and still here today...

Before the FLOOD and still here today…

Willie took her hand and led Shelby toward the upper-most deck where he added a few details, “Traveling between dimensions is how we cross the Universe in approximately eight Earth hours. Our command pilots all must have the rank of General having developed a long relationship with their navigator. These couples may be required to live together on-board, never leaving their assigned transport for one hundred years or more per deployment. Ozzie’s last deployment was only 31 years.”

“Kare-Ann and Rochelle both know about having to wait, Rochelle was fifteen when she met Old Man Carter, then 475 years later she and I started our relationship of fifty-five years while she hunted for Gary. Now after they’ve been MARRIED for thirty-one years they both seem very satisfied with their choice.”

“As for the Gem Stones, they were happy for over 17,000 years as we traveled the Universe. Then during the 1800’s we spent too much time on Earth. Average Earth women on the street complained about the way these sweethearts wanted to dress. People on the streets were calling them whores and floozies, women screamed at them to put on more clothes. A dress for them was a short Roman-style gown. All four are proud of their lovely bodies, having some stranger tell any of them to cover up their legs really set them off. Usually all four travel together, shopping, golf, tennis, swimming and running, in those days nearly NUDE TEENAGERS caused riots.”

“These sweet beautiful girls would spend their time at home screaming at each-other, or just crying and begging to be taken to another world. I hated to see them so unhappy…”

“Like you, any woman who’s went through the pain to have her nipples pierced, want to be able to show their girls. They’d all had their piercings done over 16,000 years ago and were used to wearing very little.”

“1902, my father came to Earth for a visit; this is when we suggested a trial swap. Rochelle was willing and the Four Gems just wanted to get away from Earth and stupid people.”

Looking Good

Looking Good

“You don’t Tell Rochelle to put on more clothes, she’ll take everything off where-ever she’s standing, except maybe in church. Rochelle is great on looks, smart and always ready to do her part of any project. The rest is history.” Willie explained.

Willie took Shelby up on the top deck, then waved his hand in a fast circle toward the sky. Her eyes nearly bugged out, good thing Kare-Ann had shown her the Blackbird at Mtn. High. There hovering in mid-air over the boat was a large golden discus shaped flying craft. When he did a reverse wave the craft disappeared. “Can’t leave it visible for more than a few seconds. People start calling in reporting UFOs.”

“That’s my father’s T-528 transport he’s used continually for more than a billion years. You saw it in the painting of ancient Egypt hanging over the bed in the suite we used last night. It’s one mile in diameter and five-hundred feet tall, covered in three inches of pure gold, sealed in a special coating.”

“The current crew has been in place for over one-thousand years. When we get on-board, General Rhutan will give you a tour and question your knowledge.” Willie gave her a tight hug, “You remember what you were learning while sleeping last night. Now, you’ll see much of that first hand.”

“Put on a pair of shorts and mini-T over the lace panties and cupless bra you’re wearing. We’ll get headed out in a few minutes.”

“A lot of the problems the Gemstones had were my fault, I had kept them looking like teenagers, instead of letting them become the beautiful young women they are now. Let’s make a deal right now, anything you want to be different, let’s set down with a few friends and discuss the options… Okay?”









Wheel House

Wheel House

Old Man Carter's Lake of the Ozarks Yacht

Old Man Carter’s Lake of the Ozarks Yacht

1987 90′ Azimut (27.5),HULL MATERIAL: Fiberglass, photos below courtesy of Sarasota Yacht. It’s the largest boat on this lake, It’s here when he arrives and is gone when he leaves. He has much larger boats for his other locations like the Black Sea, South Africa and Australia. Much of what Old Man Carter‘s yacht had then was many years ahead of what the public could even imagine.



Beautiful and Deadly

Queen Anita, Beautiful and Deadly

Old Man Carter joined them on the top deck, “When we get back tonight, we have guests coming for dinner. Anita Alvarez is known as the Snow Queen, she is the absolute head of the Santeria Religion. You might know it better as Voodoo or Witchcraft. Queen Anita oversees the Colombian drug cartels, labor unions and pretty well controls the Catholic Church in all of Latin America. Our steel foundries, mines and even coffee plantations must have a steady supply of reliable workers. As long as she does her part, we pay her quite good; works out better than dealing with United States politicians.”

“The Gem Stones will arrive back here ahead of everyone else, they’ll greet everyone and serve great wines. We’ll arrive just before dark, you and Willie will come in first and make an important announcement, followed by Rochelle and Kare-Ann. A slight pause, I’ll enter with General Emerson and T-era, the Jonathan and Sandra, followed by the Sanders trio.”

“Your parents will be taken on back to Cedarville, not joining us for dinner. Just tell them you’ll see them in a couple weeks, before you leave the transport. And this will be a full dressed gala tonight.”

Suddenly, everyone just vanished from the upper deck of the yacht, arriving on-board Old Man Carter’s luxurious transport. Why not travel in total comfort when trips from one end of the Universe to the other end can take eight to ten Earth hours?

A lovely blonde woman came to greet them. She and Rochelle were acquainted, as Rochelle introduced her as the Ascended Master Muriel. Her exploit today was to witness the multiple Joining Ceremonies being held at the Tabernacle on Atlantis.

nothing but business

nothing but business

Another attractive woman, this one redheaded greeted them and asked Shelby to join the Commanding General at his console. Shelby left her friends, proceeded to where she was told and took the smaller, but comfortable seat she was offered.

The General, a tall, handsome black man, asked Shelby to fasten her belt/harness. “Now, scoot the seat up to the instruments, look them over and I’ll start asking you for readings. Take enough time to be accurate, but we have places to be.”

This was exactly the system she’d seen in her dreams as she slept last night on the yacht. All the readouts were digital, smaller versions of those being displayed around the perimeter of the control room. The General started asking for readings of various systems: thrust power, force field, altitude, aircraft in the area. The T-528 was traveling extremely fast.

“Miss Gore, Anastasia, my Navigator will give you a tour and answer questions in various regions of this craft.” returning to his pressing duties. “I can tell you are going to be a pain in the butt just like Willie. She’ll explain what you need to know.”

Control Console

Control Console

The redhead was ready with her first statement: “You may feel a slight tremble of the craft as we enter the next dimension.”

“Why not cut the force-field one percent and increase the thermal molecular converter rating by the same amount? Isn’t that how you usually solve that problem?” Shelby inquired.

Anastasia popped back, “Smart Ass! Willie said you’re a fast learner.” they took an elevator to the lowest deck, an area used for storage, talking as they hurried along.

She couldn’t believe her eyes, but it was real. Trafalgerized metal cutting blades of many sizes (5 ft to 20 ft diameter), for cutting exact proportion stone blocks with 1/100th inch tolerance. Electric Saws, powered by hydrogen fired generators, water filtering machines and cooling pumps.

“What would you expect, we do have active quarries in all parts of the Universe? Several of these blades were used in Ancient Egypt to cut stone blocks for the Sphinx and then the Great Pyramid. On that project, Michael wanted twenty stone blocks cut to exact specifications and delivered every hour for over twenty years. If you’re wondering, we used six T-132 Transports, only one quarter mile in diameter. Easier to maneuver in small areas, able to haul 250 blocks at one time. Three T-66’s were used to move the stone blocks into their final placement.”

Shelby learns FAST

Shelby learns FAST

“Oh Shit! Young lady, you need to go to C328B immediately.” the redhead stated.

“How long before we get to Atlantis?” Shelby questioned.

“Honey, we’ve been there for `bout half an hour. Now, where do you need to be?” Anastasia asked.

“I know, C328B, Is this where my Mom and Kare-Ann are waiting?” she jogged off toward the nearest elevator.

The redhead shouted: “Yeah!” and kept up with the younger woman. “I really think you need to increase your daily run to four miles instead of just two. We all just want you to be the best you can be.”

“Thanks, how long have you been assigned to this transport?” Shelby asked, wondering…

“The General and I’ve been together on this transport for 79,153 Earth years. There’s something new every day. Open the door and move on!” Anastasia commanded.

gown with golden sandals

gown with golden sandals

“Inside the large suite were her Mom, Rochelle and Kare-Ann talking and waiting. A gorgeous short white 2-piece Egyptian gown hung from a designer’s form, adorned with bands of emeralds and diamonds. The knee-high sandals were made of spun-gold and Shelby knew what was coming. Touching her watch: “Willie, can you come to C328B?” instead of a confirmation, he came running.

He came through the compartment door: “Problems?” he asked inquiringly.

“Willie, you do know I do LOVE you?” Shelby was starting to cry.

“Shelby, Sweetheart I love you and I’ve been waiting for you for over 17,273. A lot of things have changed for both of us over the last week. It will be a whole lot easier to answer peoples’ questions when we go to some church, my wife Shelby, my husband Willie.”

“Security will be much different since you are worth Billions, body guards will have to be with you for the rest of your life. At home anywhere within our compound, going outside around town with Kare-Ann, Jessie or Jodie when you go to school you’ll be safe. Anytime you are with me, there is no problem since you’ll be my wife. I should’ve taken more time to explain in more detail, just do not discuss your net worth or company business with anyone. Parents and Kare-Ann are the only people you tell the details. Okay?” then he was off somewhere down some hall with the man who was standing waiting.

Willie Johnson

Willie Johnson

The first time she could remember seeing Willie, her stomach churned to the point of feeling sick. She had soon understood that feeling as longing for this man to hold and Love her. Shelby Gore was so happy, just thinking of being the REAL Mrs. William L. Johnson, but maybe she should leave her name the same as it is now, at least until they got a Cedarville Wedding. Many thoughts were bouncing around in her head. WOW! Shelby Gore and Willie Johnson for REAL, it wasn’t just a DREAM? …her whole life had been a preparation for this… NOW, she could spend her time helping others.

One thing she was having to adjust to was the FACT that his friends were willing and wanting to be her friends too. Up until she first dated Willie, she only had one friend besides her wonderful parents. There was Marla, the little girl next door; then there was the two girls she and Kare-Ann had been getting supplies to. Maybe she could give them some money, OR they could help down at the Youth Center / Health Club. There had to be work they could do, stock shelves, clean equipment?

“Hey, Shelby it’s your Wedding Day. I can take care of details like those two girls when I get back home. They both started work on Friday, Freida Perkins has them helping her get equipment put together. She says they are pretty good with tools. Why look so surprised, I’ve always been able to read your mind. Even when you were sitting two seats behind Willie and I at Church.” her Best Friend, business partner and neighbor was explaining.

“Don’t look so shocked, How did you think I always got the sacks of supplies under the counter for the clerk to give you for your friends? When Willie and I were making out, we were both discussing you. YOU were always in the PLAN for this family. Rochelle described you exactly when she and Willie first got together, YOU are the reason she picked the seventeen year old girl down in Colombia. I was betrothed to Ozzie, but our joining was thirty-one years into the future. Willie and I just kept each-other happy and developed a friendship for eternity while we both waited.”

Mom, Rochelle and Kare-Ann all worked on getting Shelby dressed properly, the six-inch gold cuff bracelets could be bent to fit higher up, not just on her wrists. The right one had to be placed above her watch bracelet, since the watch had to be left in place. When they had everything in place, the women headed out into the hall.

There stood T-era and Sandra both were dressed in the exact same gowns and sandals as Shelby.

Tabernacle in Atlantis

Tabernacle in Atlantis

Rochelle and Mom were in front with Kare-Ann following with the three brides, she needed to talk with these women: “Shelby, this ceremony may seem rather strange to someone of your up-bringing. You three girls Just do what the High Priest asks and trust your men. I was here just eight days ago and it is a Life Changing experience.” talking as they walked down the long hall, suddenly everyone vanished.

All six women were standing at the bottom of wide and steep stone steps leading up to the entrance of the Tabernacle high above. The stone building was massive, with their way lit by very large flaming torches. There were a lot of steps, the higher they climbed there were more steps, finally they entered the building.

The doorway was arched stone looking to be over fifty feet high, with giant guards holding swords across their chests. The men were at least twenty feet tall Giants with shiny bulging muscles.

NOW Shelby had to walk in front of the other women. Thousands of people were standing on the many levels, all watching what had to be a hologram so that everyone was able to watch the same no matter where they were.

the Stairway

the Stairway

A light like the sun shone from the top on a winding stairway that seemed to continue on into oblivion or was it into the sky? Shelby, T-era and Sandra swallowed and started to climb the winding steps. They could hear the crowd of attendees shouting: “Holy! Holy! Holy!” Shelby knew from what she’d learned in going to church all of her life. You never look back, but the steps ahead were getting more narrow and they just kept going. Every day she and Willie were running at least three miles morning and evening, but today she’d not done her exercise. Her long muscular, perfectly tanned legs were not getting tired, they really hurt from the long climb. She did some deep knee bends and stretched her arms to relieve some of the strain her body was experiencing. The other two women were both doing the same. Shelby tried running up the steps for a short distance, nothing seemed to help.

Her mind was wondering, what if she would just stop and rest? Then she remembered Jonathan, the General were with Willie waiting for their women at the Alter somewhere above; not just Willie, but his father and her father too. They must have come this way and if they could make the climb, NOW she knew she would survive, just keep climbing. But her eyes must have closed for a moment. All three women kept climbing, Together Shelby and her two companions were continuing to climb for what seemed to be a long time. Finally her eyes started to clear to see a bright light and the end of the stairs. Her companions brought her through the bright light to where she could see Willie, the others and her father.

High Priest Melchizedek

High Priest Melchizedek

All three men were standing below a high alter, above with the alter was the High Priest and Willie’s father Michael, both clad in white robes.

The High Priest uttered: “Will the betrothed approach the alter from below?” Willie held Shelby’s hand as they climbed the steps to three square alters made of Gold, framed in alabaster standing just above waist high. “Both put forth your hands over the golden bowl.” …taking a ceremonial knife the High Priest sliced both of Willie and Shelby’s wrists. Michael placed one of Willie’s wrists over Shelby’s and the other under her’s, their blood running out into the bowl. “I hope and pray that both of you have a pure heart, for the Judgement of the Most High will soon rain down upon you both. May each of these three couples here before YOU Most High God be JOINED for Eternity.”

Their blood just kept squirting out of their wrists into the golden bowl. Shelby felt as if she could faint, Willie hooked his shoulder under her arm-pit to try and steady her. The 10,000 attendees could see a small light from above, sparking like a Tesla Coil. Suddenly a bolt of FIRE shot straight down on each of the three Alters igniting the golden bowls filled with each couple’s blood. Their hands were frozen within the fire, they couldn’t move, just pray…

Pray they did with the fire burning higher until it reached the roof far above. There was an explosion with fire raining down over the crowd, who were shouting: “Holy! Holy! Holy!

“Run into the Waters of the Lake below.” the High Priest commanded. Willie grabbed her hand and they turned and ran back down the stairs she and her companions climbed to get here. They ran and they ran, it was just as far as before, but with Willie by her side it was much easier. The farther they ran the stronger she began to feel, until she was leading their flight when they reached the bottom of the stairs. Out the door and down the steep high steps, across the court yard they ran jumping into the Lake beyond.

City surrounded by Water

City surrounded by Water

Swimming in the water, seemed to build their strength, or at least it was helping Shelby. Willie caught her and pulled her down under the water, holding her tight. Together the three couples came up from the water directly into the transport. The other members of their Wedding Party were not on-board yet, so they found a shower washed and examined each-other. There were no scars or blisters from their fiery ordeal, Shelby just wanted her husband to hold her. That was not possible as the other guests had returned.

Kare-Ann explained a change in events, that Shelby had known about, but forgot: “Su-ZQ and Mel want us to all take a horse back ride up the mountain to their castle for a special dinner they have prepared for us. It’s a once in their lives for them, their only daughter just got married. So, this is a must for all involved. Smart Ass, have you ever ridden a horse?”

“Yes, my parents have taken me several times to a farm outside of town, they have some wild horses, really spirited. They buck, run hard and jump side-ways.” Shelby answered.

Riding their horses up the mountain trail, Shelby was riding next to her Mother the Queen. Marcella and Gus had known this day would come, the daughter they had spent the last fifteen years with, loving, was moving on with her own life. “Mom, Dad come on up here. The trail is plenty wide and we have things to talk about.”

“Mom and Dad, Willie and I will be traveling quite a bit. I’m going to need you two to keep track of what’s going on locally in Cedarville. Stop by the Health Club and see how the customers are getting along. Go by the Youth Center project and talk to some of the workers, see if there is anything we are needing to change. Talk to the pastor and see what questions he’s wanting to ask Willie and me. Please keep Kare-Ann up to date of anything you discover. Dad, I understand your new duties at the plant will be keeping you extremely busy… but I want both of you at Kare-Ann’s every night for dinner just like if Willie and I were there. I need you to keep Cedarville together for us as a family. Thanks for being there for me these past years, NOW we have a lot to get done. You wanted to adopt me, so that makes us FAMILY from that moment on. It does NOT end just because Willie and I got married. Okay?”

traditional dining

traditional dining

“Mom and Dad, I Love you and always will. You’ve done so much for me, getting me to this place in our lives. Our family is just getting bigger and more complex.” Shelby was saying, reaching out to take her Mom’s hand. They all rode together on up the mountain to the Castle on the Mountain top.

Everyone had a great time, but Shelby did have concerns. The floors were made of gold bricks, the walls emitted what seemed like sunlight, but they were made of stone. All these fancy folks and she did not know what all the dishes and silverware was for? She got left behind when there was more than two plates, two forks and maybe two knives and two spoons. As William L. Johnson’s wife, she might have to dine with Kings and Queens… Wait a minute, here we are today with two Kings (Melchizedek and Michael) add to this the 4 Gem Stones and Su-ZQ who are ALL Queens. That day has already come and Shelby was NOT ready.

It was plain to all four of her parents, Shelby was concerned. Su-ZQ looked at her daughter and said: “Shelby, you will do just fine. YOU will always be our daughter and Willie is YOUR husband and he will be there to help you no matter what the circumstances. He loves YOU; we love you and ALL of your friends are here to help you succeed. YOU and Willie are EQUALS is all that life may bring your way. Do not concern yourself with which spoon to use, or how to properly set you table. You have staff who know the proper way of doing all of that.”

ALL Angles Looking Good

ALL Angles Looking Good

“Last Monday in China, you put together a Trillion Dollar business deal. That was a FIRST for anyone, you two working together got the Chinese Government to accept that deal on the spot. Once again, that was a first. Thursday in Springfield, YOU beat ten tough guys in arm wrestling, busting four of their arms. You beat Michael Smith who was the reigning North American Arm Wrestling Champion. You had people there to back you up, those same people are here now. It’s their jobs to be there when you need them. YOU are a real live Princes, the daughter of a living King and Queen. WE all love and support you. YOU will know what you need when ever it is needed, that’s how being Blessed works. My Darling, you are Blessed and that is a proven fact.”

Shelby was now feeling at ease, she still had the parents she had learned to depend on; …but now there was another set of parents she had never imagined existed. Thanks to ALL four parents and the GOD above all else. She and Willie had been brought together over a period of Eighteen thousand Two hundred and Seventy-three years. They had come together across the entire Universe with the help of many people. Together they were going to change the world for the Better. Helping ALL their employees afford Better Homes and helping those employees’ families afford a Better Lifestyle.

Right now, it was finish this Special Dinner, say “BYE” to her birth parents and head back to the Lake of the Ozarks for the Dinner tonight with whatever maybe on the way. Together she and Willie would face these Special Guests head-on. She and Willie needed to be dressed for the nights festivities back on the Diamond yacht at the Lake of the Ozarks.

When they returned to Michael’s transport, Anastasia the Navigator pointed out the suites each couple could use. Inside everything was laid out, just take a shower and get dressed. Well, that is if you don’t count the FUN in between. Shelby made Willie’s dreams come TRUE in record time, they’d made a PROMISE and they had kept that promise.

Necklace, earrings an navel bobble

Necklace, earrings an navel bobble

Shelby walked across the deck of the yacht, just a few steps ahead of Willie as they walked into the Grande Salon to meet their guests. She wore a short white 2-piece Greek goddess style gown and Willie wore a white tuxedo with an emerald green sash. Her 10 carat Pear Emerald Teardrop Pendant Necklace with 5 carat Diamond, matching earrings and navel bobble sizzled. The shoes were a work of art, white strapped sandal top with clear platform sole and six-inch clear acrylic spiked heels filled with matching emeralds and diamonds. Hey, this is Willie Johnson’s WIFE we’re talking about. Tonight, Shelby Gore is to meet people who must come to know just exactly who she is.

Kare-Ann and Shelby’s parents were dropped off at home. Mr and Mrs William L. Johnson entered the room first, followed closely by Rochelle. Mr. Jonathan Yen-Lee, Managing Director of The Vault in Hong Kong with his new wife Sandra Wong, a striking couple dressed to show they both excelled in their positions with the Company. General Xavier Emerson with his new wife T-era Rodriguez made their entrance each dressed in the highest of high fashion. Old Man Carter made his grand entrance followed by the Sanders Trio.

Queen Anita

Queen Anita age 25

The Special Guests included Queen Anita Alvarez (reigning Snow Queen) Santeria since 1982 when she turned nineteen. She was dressed quite conservative in a white custom fitted business suite, escorted by none-else than her mentor. The man was not wearing his usual army fatigues, but wearing a white tux and had his beard trimmed to look like the El Presidente of Cuba should.

Leaving Willie’s side, Shelby walked over to Queen Anita, addressed her casually: “Anita, I understand you want to make a complaint to Michael, Old Man Carter about my actions with your brother-in-law. So, why don’t you tell me your problem.”

You little Bitch, you can address me as Queen Anita, if I decide I want to talk with you. My business here is with the people who count.” the number One cocaine representative of the Medellin Cartel replied in total disgust.

Shelby put her hand firmly on the woman’s shoulder, forcing her to sit down in a chair. Willie just smiled at Castro and the other guests. Shelby had something to say: “YOU can address me from this moment on as Crown Princes Shelby LeAndrass Quantinautilous. My betrothal to William L. Johnson was arranged hundreds if not thousands of years ago for the benefit of our two families, our associates and our employees.”

“Our JOINING was a Celebration for three couples, not just Willie and I. General Xavier Emerson took his new Wife T-era Rodriguez after 500 years of friendship as did Jonathan and Sandra Wong after 700 years. This took place at the Tabernacle, then my mother and father had a Wedding Dinner for our entire company at their Castle at the top of the Mountain.”

“I am extremely fortunate to have my adopted parents the Gores, then to also be a part of Su-ZQ and Melchizedek my birth parents. Willie, Rochelle and Gary took me to the Tabernacle service last Sunday morning, where I received my birth parents Family Blessing. You can take this to the bank, I COUNT!

“I’m sorry, Crown Princes Shelby. I should have realized that Juan Carlos was lying when he told me that three girls used ball-bats to kill six of his men and pound the shit out of him. He said Willie had taken up with some cute teenage slut that was damaging the business.”

“I got a news account of what happened, that sounded ridiculous, that his enforcers killed their selves.” Anita was making an attempt of apologizing. Several things were running wildly through her mind. She was looking scared.

Shelby in control

Shelby in control

My God Woman, are you serious? A World War Two FAT-BOY atom bomb is buried somewhere up on that hill near his house. I also read minds.” Shelby was not sure of what she should do.

Old Man Carter was already talking to his Transport Pilot, who was now at Cedarville taking Kare-Ann and the Gores home. “Would an electromagnetic-pulse disable just what’s contained within the ten acre plot without affecting any of the town?” Michael had his own ideas, but this time he wanted someone else’s input before he ordered any action. This could wipe out ALL the surrounding towns, even do devastating damage to places as far away as Springfield and Rolla. A half million people could lose their lives and many more would suffer the effects of an atomic bomb.

General Rhutan had degrees in nuclear engineering, plus several related fields. “The commander of the transport that scans the Mtn. High area continually has just sent me the location of where the bomb was delivered about three years ago. He says it’s now located in a cavern under the property. Which I should have a clear reading on in just a moment.”

Oh SHIT! …there’s a CIA surveillance satellite located directly over the area that is laser equipped and is rotating for a direct shot. That’s their fool-proof trigger device. One less CIA satellite, a short range EMP from the other transport took it out. It’s just one more piece of space junk. I’m firing at the copper disk trigger, which will carry down the shaft and disable the bomb. OH DAMN!” Michael could hear the General laughing. Anastasia, the Navigator could be heard in the background.

“Michael, I’m a really bad shot, I had the power on the EMP set too strong and wiped out everything within the whole series of caverns. Mendoza had a drug lab operating with maybe a hundred people working down there. There’s NO EVIDENCE left down there anywhere, I got it cleaned up with a rotating vaporizer beam. They even had two semi-rigs down there, several straight trucks, cars and lots of expensive equipment. Anastasia and I are so sorry we lost control of the process. Be back up at the Lake in a few minutes.”

Shelby offered Anita a chance for them to start over, which Anita gladly accepted. Shelby even gave Old Castro a brief hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Jessica Sanders

Jessica Sanders

The Gem Stones had gotten everyone else out onto the main deck serving more wine to their guests. There were a lot of hugs and kisses and all that crap. Jessica and Jodie were here with their husband Ted Sanders acting more like newly weds than old married folks. Those two women definitely knew how to treat their man to keep him HAPPY.

Coffee tanned Jodie

Coffee tanned Jodie

General Emerson was paying a lot of attention to his now wife T-era, dancing to the live band, sharing a drink and…

Willie came by and gave her girls the ambitious squeeze they were needing. That’s one thing about having your nipples pierced, Willie knew to wiggle the bars back and forth enough to make them hurt. Shelby sure wished this dinner was over and she could be alone with her husband as a married couple. She was HUNGRY, but this waiting hours to eat and drinking wine was NOT Shelby’s idea of a good time. She knew good and well that someone was getting laid and it sure was NOT her. That gorgeous hunk of man was still standing behind her playing with her girls, his hands were inside her gown. Couldn’t they go somewhere like some other people were doing? Jonathan and Sandra had disappeared over a half hour ago. …Jessica, Jodie and Ted were gone too. Her hand found something to hold on to. Okay, Willie was getting the idea, his wife was needing an appetizer.

Down the stairs two decks down and this suite was already occupied. That’s convenient, she didn’t have to worry about anyone being discovered having an affair. Ted didn’t need any help keeping both of his wives satisfied. Jessica had noticed they had company: “Hey get your clothes off and hop on the other bed, or you can just stand there with your tongues hanging out watching us, or just LEAVE. WE are busy.”

Ted Sanders was making his coffee tanned girl give out some loud moans, “You are going to find lots of people live and work at your house. The place is BIG, but you’ll discover people having fun. Nobody wears clothes at your house when they are not working.”

Willie took her to another compartment for an hour’s stay, then joined their guests for dinner. There was considerable business discussed including the ongoing drug wars in Colombia. Virgilio Barco Vargas being President of Colombia seemed to be going quite well from the standpoint of doing business. Queen Anita had convinced him that with 80% of ALL Latin America in the Santeria, including Cuba he should try to get along. Castro said it was an important part of their heritage and in his country they co-existed well with the government.

Mr. Jonathan Yen-Lee and his new wife Sandra Wong explained the upcoming fluctuations in the Gold Market. “The price of gold is going to drop by as much as 25% by the turn of the century. 2001 will be the low in the $270 range, but with the amount of gold we are holding I believe we should just ride it out. We produce the Blackbirds for prices of $100 Billion to over $1 Trillion each paid in Gold at the current market rate. We now own a sizable stockpile of Silver of which there will be a major shortage. PSL Holdings LTD holds the purse strings to this entire planet. So let’s help the little guy when we can and screw the greedy.”

Sandra Wong

Sandra Wong

“Invest with your friend Kare-Ann and build the holdings of K & S Investments. Pay good wages to your employees, employee owned is the coming thing, they get a share of the profits as the company grows. Coffee, jewelry and flowers imported direct from Colombia, produce from Central America. Products built in Mexico will move quite well. Lease to own town-houses sold to employees will be a very hot item. You can make a good profit from retail, but our PSL Holdings LTD owns the mines, plantations, foundries, jewelry manufacturing and quarries. The suckers have to pay us some on anything they sell whether it’s built in India, China, Russia, Australia, Africa or in the West. It’s either them or us; with it being PSL Holdings LTD, we can get some good done throughout the world.”

“Shelby, you are Blessed and have a good mind, but remember to always run your opportunities by Jessica and Jodie. How you approach taxes is very important to showing a profit, Kare-Ann sometimes needs help on that FACT. That girl is cute, her employees love her and she’s out to teach Walmart and Target a lesson they do NOT even realize. Much of what they sell is being bought from companies owned by your K & S Investments which is being relayed through Bogota. Logistics: how products are packed and shipped is the major cost factor she screws everyone on. PSL Holdings LTD has a number of Transports delivering to company owned warehousing worldwide within hours instead of days. We in turn can charge the same for delivery, but in one tenth the time. NO damage, NO losses and NO thefts; we call it Over-Night Delivery.”

The absolutely gorgeous oriental woman with straight long black hair was sitting as close to Jonathan Yen-Lee as two people could be and still have their clothes on. “This is an observation on my part, since I have to deal daily with the ultra rich. Someone is going to leak Shelby’s net worth, someone is going to get jealous of how pretty she is and where she’s living. There’s going to be someone who thinks they can grab and run faster than Old Man Carter. Many even in the Governments try to spread rumors that he’s just a myth. I really do NOT think it’s worth endangering other students for her to be allowed to attend Public High School. Let Jessica and Jodie teach her at home, using the company computer system. She can learn how business works being with Kare-Ann and Rochelle.”

Castro and Queen Anita were concerned about what they’d been hearing from Washington DC. Vice President Bush was most likely to be the new President. He’d been the CIA Director and wanted to take over the Cocaine distribution for the USA. He’ll do anything to make that come true. “Soon as he gets elected, he’ll send his CIA bastards to Colombia to kill me. I can survive, but some of my best people will die. They’ll shoot anyone who gets in the way. They’ll go for me and then take down Tony Noriega in Panama. The CIA will then go after the cartels in Medellin and Cali.

Willie was the one who took the lead, “Anita, you did jump a $5 million Bail Bond in Miami a few years back. Later the Judge gave you up and is in deep trouble. Bush does NOT plan to let the American people know his CIA is delivering Cocaine to the USA. Next year you’ll be looking like a pin-cushion when you get shot in Bogota. Bullets hurt, but you will survive.”

Fidel Castro age 62

Fidel Castro age 62

“Dr. Joe has you on his watch list, …you’ll be taken to a Hospital and our scanner will know the exact moment you are attacked. About two weeks you’ll look good as new, NO scars or internal injuries. We’ll have you back making public appearances within 30 days. You are important to our future! The name of this company is P.S.L. Holdings LTD, that’s Pleiadian Santeria Logistical Holdings LTD. It’s a partnership, we both work together doing what are our respective duties.”

Willie wasn’t bashful, “Fidel you were invited here with your daughter tonight so you could both learn the Updated Rules. Without PSL Holdings LTD, You are both going to…”

“What do you mean, neither of our girls are here tonight? …he’s my father? Is that what you are trying to say? I don’t think so, my mother never…” Anita wasn’t sure what she’d heard.

“Anita, he was screwing your grandmother, which makes him your grandfather. He’s trying to make it three generations of Queens.” Willie was explaining when…

Castro cut in again, “You can’t prove that; Yes, I’m Anita’s lover and the father of her two girls, or so the bitch says. And YOU better NOT be trying to cause trouble or I’ll make your life Hell William L. Johnson. I can curse you and ALL of your friends including your new bride.”

Willie stays cool

Willie stays cool

Willie kept his cool manner, “Fidel, don’t threaten me. ALL you’ve ever done is create babies and build a Slave Nation called Cuba. You were born in 1926 which makes you 62; on the other hand I’m 18,273 years old and only starting my life. If you want to have a heart attack tonight, I can snap my fingers. Or if you’d like to be burned into a cinder that can be arranged.”

“Anita, which would you prefer? …or do you have something else to do with him?”

“We’ve had some good-times, he’s been a real friend even if he is my father. I don’t have many friends I can trust, so I probably better keep him.” Anita explained, continuing…

“What exactly do we need to do to get this meeting back on track? How do I break the news to my girls?”

“Your girls: Maria is three and a half, Lucinda is six and a half. How much do you think they understand about the world of Santeria?” Willie asked.

“The little Witch Lucinda is already casting spells that her grandmother has taught her. Grandma calls her the next queen. My mother does not think much of me and is counting down to New Years Eve 2000. Maria is a Mommy’s girl, wants to do things Mommy does. They’ve both seen me rip several peoples’ hearts out of their chest, that’s what I usually do instead of shooting them in the forehead with a gun. I am still the head of the Medellin Cartel, all the other cartels answer to me.” Anita was explaining when she was interrupted.

If this Witch is this evil, why are we doing business with her or him? Willie, can’t you just snap your finger, give them both a heart attack and have them dropped in Shark infested water far out to sea?” Shelby couldn’t see any reason to put up with such evil people.

Shelby was always thinking

Shelby was always thinking

Shelby was kind of wallowing around in her chair, Willie was on the other side of the dining table. She was ready to go back to the coach and enjoy sometime alone with her Willie. Why were they dealing with a witch? Anita Alvarez heads up the Medellin Drug Cartel, known to be the most ruthless criminals in the western world.

Willie looked across the table and could tell she was getting bored out of her skin, or at least her clothes. “Shelby, we’ve been doing business in South America for over two thousand years; actually we were there before the Flood 6,000 years ago. Mining is big business and takes a lot of man-power, even with our advanced techniques. Cattle ranches, coffee plantations, flower gardens and jewelry manufacturing employees many thousands of people. PSL Holdings owns about 90 percent, plus the steel foundries.

Cocaine was much like the breweries here in the States until after 1949, when it was declared an illegal drug. Until about ten years later it was just a local crop, Then United States investors came south wanting to make deals for selling and distributing. South American governments wanted to control the growers and the wars started. Government troops started attacking our workers, so we aligned ourselves with the people we could trust. Santeria people can more easily be trusted than any of the Governments, they organized the labor unions. We have the transportation with no competition, it’s called Logistics. Transportation Unions here in the USA have strikes, Teamsters, Long Shore-men, but companies need product and we can always deliver. Businesses that we own outright or a major interest in have the advantage of guaranteed product, plus much lower transportation costs.”

She really didn’t want to get into a discussion with these people until she had a better understanding of their situation. “Sorry, I’m not quite up on how the business is managed, plus I’ve been a poor hostess. I do appreciate you both making the effort to be here this evening to meet with Willie and the Old Man. They both will do everything within their power to make your business relationship stronger. I’ve got a lot to learn about doing International Business; It’s really NOT my intention to offend anyone.”

Queen Anita stood to her feet, “Shelby, I would like to congratulate you and Willie on your marriage. The new Colombian Consulate in Cedarville will be a great way of relieving tensions within the company. I’m sure you’ll enjoy many years living in that lovely compound. If there is anything either of us can do to help out with the business, please contact us.”

“I’m sure Shelby is anxious to get back to the coach so she can suck on her lollipop. That being said, we should call this meeting to a close so everyone can head home. Back to where kidnapping, rape and MURDER is the norm.”

The Queen, Castro, Rochelle, Jessica and Jodie, Shelby and Willie headed to the launch and back to shore. When they reached shore, Willie and Shelby took Rochelle, Anita and Castro back to their aircraft parked on the private airstrip. Jessica, Jodie and Ted had their own transportation. Then finally the two newly weds arrived at their coach about midnight.

Willie & Shelby

Willie & Shelby

Sunday morning, Willie and Shelby got up at 5:00 AM, had coffee and their smoothies, then went out and ran three miles, finishing up with a good physical workout. Back at the coach, showered, dressed and then heading south by 9:00 AM. Nearing their destination, Shelby spotted a sign for “Worth-A-Buck Ranch“. Willie told her, “That’s a place where we can have some real fun this week while we get work done.” she agreed asking several questions about how she should handle the project at hand.

There were several tents already erected on the church lawn, that made things easier. The pastor was meeting the congregation as they came up the steps to the front door. Willie took him by the hand introducing himself, “Hello, I’m William L. Johnson and this is my wife Shelby Gore. Dr. Gary Eakins informed you we’d be here today. I see the caterers have arrived, have you been able to contact other churches about our offer?”

The sixty-some year old well dressed man gripped Willie’s hand firmly, “Yes, several have said they would have people here after their services. It’s been a real set-back losing the chance to have the Youth Center many were praying to have. Our donor up and died, his heirs were not interested in going ahead with his offer.”

“Dr. Eakins said you will be able to take over, having a local business willing to help with the costs?”

Willie smiled answering, “Shelby is a partner in Young’s Family Centers, they are providing the dinner and are financially able to cover the cost. They and the Eakins Foundation have purchased the 1200 acre Worth-A-Buck Ranch, which already has permits in place for much of what is needed to complete your project. We’ll talk after the service.”

Willie and Shelby found a seat next to Jessica Sanders and Jodie. She was rather surprised to see them here, Shelby reached across and squeezed their hands, “Thanks!” she whispered welcoming their support.

Shelby with small computer

Shelby with small computer

At the close of the service, the pastor asked Willie and Shelby to explain why they were present today and about the dinner outside.

“Beautiful Sunday we are blessed with today; I’m William L. Johnson, plant manager of the PSL Holdings LTD Steel Fabrication Plant over in Cedarville, I’m also the CEO of PSL Holdings LTD., Bogota, Colombia SA. We’ve been blessed being able to become the largest business conglomerate in the world today. My partners and I appreciate the opportunities this affords us to give back where needed. We currently under-right schools, hospitals and foreign mission endeavors where ever we can.”

“Dr. Gary Eakins which I’m sure several of you already know, asked my wife to help on the project of your Youth Center. Dr. Eakins’ wife Rochelle had dinner with us the last two nights and attended our wedding yesterday. Here’s my wife Shelby Gore.”

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