Shelby’s Plan

Shelby Loves a Good Cup of Coffee, even Right before BED

Forget the Clothes, …Shelby Loves a Good Cup of Coffee, even Right before BED

Shelby with small computer

Shelby with small computer

With her small voice activated computer in one hand, Shelby took control of the audience, “Hello, glad to be here. Thanks Willie; OK I’m a partner with Kare-Ann Ormand in the Young’s Family or Home Center chain. This last week we’ve added ten more stores in the Springfield area. It’s just good Public Relations to help where we can in the communities we do business with. Kare-Ann and I want to give back and say THANKS to you for buying groceries and home and Family supplies from us.”

“I do know something about being a teenager, being from Cedarville, a town where there was nothing to do nights and weekends, except eat pizza and find a place to park. I also know that a building for playing basketball and have youth group church meetings will NOT make a difference. You must have facilities that make it hard for any teenager to want to go anywhere else.”

“We’ll have sand volleyball courts, both inside and outside basketball courts, rollerskating rink, theater, racquetball courts, inside and outside Olympic size swimming pools, full health-club facilities and more. I want every young person in this entire area to want to be involved, no one having to be persuaded to join in. ALL that will be required to join in is an active student ID card. There will be places for study with tutors, and personal trainers, coaching for all sports. Qualified Christian Councilors will be on hand as well as Career Development professionals.”

T-era wanted to Help

T-era wanted to Help

“I know, you are ALL saying that would take Millions; Yep, you are Right. You prayed for a MIRACLE and I have the Money to make this ALL HAPPEN starting Today.”

“I’m hungry, you are hungry, we brought lots of food. What’s left over goes to the local Senior Center. So, let’s get outside, Someone say the prayer and we’ll eat. Think up some good questions, cause I’ve got lots of answers. After lunch, it’s open discussion.”

As the crowd got organized outside under the tents, about two hundred people from other churches, schools and local civic groups were already present. The pastor said the prayer so people could get started filling their plates. Then he started introducing people to Willie and Shelby, several commented they’d seen her on TV News last Thursday. Xavier and T-era were in the group, which she was very happy to see. The meal went off without any problems.

Shelby had everything covered, “Overhead, you will see a monitor from wherever you are sitting, it’s voice activated with a camera that will show me whom ever is talking. You will all be able to see and hear my answers.”

“We are fortunate today that four of our associates were able to join us: General Xavier Emerson and his new wife T-era Rodriguez. They manage our facility in Mtn. High, some of you may even work with them. They got married with us yesterday.” …a round of applause erupted as several people were employed at Mtn. High.

“Recently we purchased the 1200 acre Worth-A-Buck Ranch. It’s a beautiful piece of property for a Youth Center. I’ve asked Ruby Carter one of the top four LPGA Qualified golfers in the world to redesign the 9 hole golf course into a full PGA Certified 18 hole course. The former owner had lots of ideas, but lacked the funds needed to follow through to completion.”

Ruby Carter

Ruby Carter

“Ruby and the other three Carter Girls today are Officially playing the three PGA courses at the Diamond Resort each having a 54 stroke total. That is 54 Hole-in-Ones for each of the four Carter Girls. They are all barred from any LPGA or PGA competitions, they are just that good and have held their record for many years. Ruby will donate her services for both the Golf course and four Tennis Courts.”

“Now, I’d like to introduce my two project managers, Colonels Jessica Sanders and Jodie Meyer. One or both will be on-site daily until this project is ready for full-use.” Shelby was almost finished, when Jodie cut in.

“I’d like to add one very important fact our friends here forgot to mention. PSL Holdings LTD. has agreed to provide high school Seniors with ten full-ride four year scholarships. There will also be twenty half-ride scholarships, with professional career counseling help.”

“I know this is a lot to think about being dumped on you so suddenly. I know Willie and Shelby want to head back to the Ranch for the next week, to continue their Honeymoon. Jessie and I can answer your questions.”

People had come here to learn more of what they could hardly believe. From several churches, public and private schools and parents wanting something better for their kids in this and the surrounding towns. Was it possible that one teenager could take on a Drug Cartel Boss and Really WIN? There were stories circulating for the last few days of Drug Labs exploding. Many just wanted to see what this girl looked like, How could a high school age girl from Cedarville, Missouri do much of anything? BUT, if she was somehow connected to Old Man Carter, anything might be possible?

Shelby took the discussion back, “As many of you know, my husband is William L. Johnson, Plant Manager of the PSL Holdings LTD facility at Cedarville. But many do not know Willie is also the CEO of PSL Holdings LTD, Bogota Colombia, SA. My birth parents are extremely wealthy, setting up a dowry many years ago for my future. This makes me an equal partner with Willie in all of our related businesses. Please forgive me, I’m not bragging, just saying we are extremely BLESSED by the Prime Creator GOD Yahweh. When someone needs to contact us, please address your questions to our project managers. They can contact us at anytime while we are traveling. The continued operational costs will be covered by the Escrow Account we’ve set up. Anyone who is interested in working for this project after we open, fill out an application at the Worth A Buck Ranch.

Sophia likes her Coffee

Shelby likes her Coffee

Willie wanted to get Shelby to the Ranch, but first they had to take care of the current situation. People wanted answers about how his beautiful young wife was going to pull off such a large deal in such a short time? A resort quality youth center completed in just two months. Shelby could get it done, but how could he explain to average people that his wife could accomplish such a miracle?

The pastor and visitors had lots of questions, Willie would give many answers and then turn things over to Jessie and Jodie. “Our company uses modular construction, we build elsewhere then just drop it into place on the footings we pour here. Our concrete is mixed with specialized additives so it will not ever crack, plus we use cut stone wherever we can. The golf course is laid out on computer, then contoured all from the air at night. A professional crew we’ve used many times will do the landscaping. Just do NOT let people visit the job-site while we are working, we use large equipment and very large crews to cut the time needed. Anyone needing a personal meeting with Shelby or myself, Please set up an appointment with Jessica or Jodie. There will be much work started this week; talk to other parents and members of the community. We’ll be back here next Sunday with another catered dinner for all and to answer more questions.”

Willie and Shelby were hurried to their car and left. T-era and General Emerson took over the answering of questions since many of those attending were already acquainted with the couple. “OK, many of you are familiar with our facility at Mtn. High. T-era constructed a combination Shopping Mall, International Airport able to handle Boeing 747s and even larger aircraft, plus there is a Full-Service Truck Stop ALL from one location.”

“As some of you already know, my wife T-era knows how to get the most use out of every square foot of space. The people who are putting this project together will be the same people we have used in Mtn. High and elsewhere. They are also building a facility that is very similar over at Cedarville, plus PSL Holdings LTD is doing a $1 Trillion expansion over the next six months to facilities we own in China. At our aircraft manufacturing facilities based worldwide, we are currently delivering several Trillion Dollars of finished products each year. Our long time customers pay upon delivery in Gold.”

“Now with Shelby coming of age to where she can take an active part in this company. Together she and Willie will be able to expand into more higher education. We need to train computer technicians and engineers by the thousands over the next ten years. To do this we’ll be making available scholarships and grants for qualified students to attend Colleges and Universities full-time including housing and living expenses. Qualified students will have to show they are goal oriented, have the academic skills, not given to wild parties or drugs. Anyone up to the age of fifty may apply.”

As Willie and Shelby were turning into the paved road leading up to the Guard House, Shelby’s watch received an urgent call from T-era and Jodie at the same time. “The County Superintendent of Schools is demanding to talk with you in person today. She just took off from here heading toward the ranch. Says she can’t allow anyone teaching her kids some Creation Bullshit that can’t be proven.”

“Okay, we got it covered. Thanks for warning us about what’s happening. You know, Surprise, Surprise!” Shelby answered back to her two closest friends.

Turning to Willie, who was already talking with someone: “Yeah, that will do just fine. I’ll tell her and we’ll go for a swim down at the waterfall. Thanks!”

“Shelby, I just asked Ruby for some help. She, Emerald and Sapphire will be here momentarily with the Old Man. They’ll take her for a little ride on his transport while they explain ancient history in their unusual way. Maybe a trip to meet your parents. If she remains a raving maniac, she’ll just lose her memory of all that’s happened. We’ll make her look like a fool in court. Our project will NOT get thrown off track.”

“Willie, sorry I’m causing so much trouble for you, your family and friends. Who actually owns this ranch?” Shelby had things to get done, but maybe there’s a better way?

“YOU are doing just fine, we are who we are and YES we are going to make plenty of waves in our wake. That’s what we have people for, this is NOT the Old Man’s first carnival show. You can not yet imagine the power that man possesses. He wanted YOU as my wife with good reasons for his choice. YOU and I are to be partners in ALL that we do. Our agreement was signed in blood in the year 988 AD by your parents, my father and me. OUR partnership is forever, and will grow from day to day. When I travel, YOU will go with me every-time.

City of Salem, Atlantis

City of Salem, Atlantis