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Good Food, Good Friends

Good Food, Good Friends

THIS NEW LIFE was great, but how was she supposed to survive? There was this ever present worry: Someone was going to complain about the stuff she’d done for the last several years. Shelby knew this new life was hers, but was it going to last?



Kare-Ann had many responsibilities being a friend of Willie Johnson. They’d built a history over the last thirty-one years, but she knew from the beginning they were both meant for someone else. NOW, she was married to Lieutenant General Ozzie Ormand, they were very happy with their new life together. Willie was in the FAST-TRACK relationship with Shelby Gore, the sixteen year old he’d waited his whole life for.

Organized Crime in South Missouri runs the cities, the counties and if you own any business showing a profit, YOU have to pay your dues. That’s the rules you learn YOU have to live by or someone is going to get hurt. Club owners get shot, have heart attacks or their cars get bombed. Liquor Store owners get robbed and killed, gas station owners are found chopped into a pile of blood and bones. OR, even worse… Your customers get beaten and robbed right outside in your parking lot. Kare-Ann Young had built a chain of twelve stores in Rolla, St Roberts, Lebanon, Marshland, Simple City, Cedarville and two in Mtn. High, with four more south and west of Springfield. Ever since she owned just one store, she knew if was cheaper to PAY for protection from the Smith Brothers Biker Gang based out of Tulsa. Now, with one hundred fifty Million from investors, it was time to GROW. How Much Would this COST?

Kare-Ann knew she had to make her young friend and business partner feel relaxed “Shelby, don’t you even think after the last two and a half months, you can weasel out of your new lifestyle. Honey, you’re a permanent part of our FAMILY. WE have no secrets, there is nothing for you to worry your pretty head about. Today, I’ve already spent the $50 Million you invested in our business. YOU and I have thousands of employees who depend on our success so they can feed their families. Forget about your past, we have a future to build together. And as for the Gores here, they signed on almost sixteen years ago for the long term. As far as we are concerned, Marcella and Gus are and always will be your parents period.”

Kare-Ann continued: “Willie needs you with him forever, not just another month or two. YOU are one of the top three shareholders in PSL Holdings LTD. Because of your presentation in China, the company is becoming even more profitable. Have you got any idea how long it takes to get anything signed by the Chinese Government? Usually, it’s over two years, they move slow. YOU pushed and got their approval in one day. That was a One Trillion Dollar deal, which we’ll make back on building just one transport.”

Kare-Ann had more: “Tomorrow we spend in your office here at the complex, I didn’t get out of Marshland for over two hours. Rochelle wanted to explain everything that happened Saturday night and Sunday morning. She and Gary want to buy in with us to get the Grocery Distribution Company to supply all of our stores, plus the Mom and Pop stores that are spread over several states.”

Kare-Ann had still more: “Wednesday we meet with General Emerson over in Mtn. High. YOU impressed him with your ability to spot problems on Sunday. YOU are a valuable part of our family. We do NOT live in the past, we build our future together. UNDERSTAND?

“Thursday we fly up to Springfield and you get to tour the Consolidated Foods stores we bought. We’ll be adding home delivery service to both the Pharmacy and Grocery sections. That will help older people who can’t get around good and professionals who are short on time. All of our Delivery people will be BONDED. Carry out self-service customers can beat Walmart prices every day. Within the next couple years, we’ll have over one hundred fifty stores under our brand. I already have some more deals in the works.”

“Maybe you’ll let Susie and I take on a couple of the bikers to give you a short break. You’ll need a break to clean off the blood from the compound fractures. Maybe have a few changes of clothes nearby for use as needed and consider wearing a cap or hat that can be changed quickly. Remember what a mess you had back in April with just four guys. This is TEN much bigger and tougher dudes than you’ve ever fought against. Your Security Detail will be much larger and trained to shoot to kill. We aren’t giving Smith’s people the chance to do anything they may be planning to do.” Kare-Ann did know what was going on, Shelby had wondered from the way she’d first talked.

Ultra-modern 45-foot

Ultra-modern 45-foot

“Friday morning, you’ll work in the office here in the compound with Jessie and Jodie. Then about noon, you and Willie will take one of the coaches up to the Lake of the Ozarks.”

Diamond’s Resort has you booked in for two weeks, dinner cruises on the Old Man’s yacht and lots of golf lessons for you. The facilities are First Class, you two can stay in the coach or there is a 1250 Suite Hotel. You two can decide after you get there. Diamond stays there during the summer, Ruby will be with her from next week on until mid-September.”

“Saturday morning, Old Man Carter will arrive with the three remaining girls. You’ll get to once again meet all the close family. Ruby has already agreed to donate the golf course and tennis courts for the Youth Center here at Cedarville. The Old Man will most likely cover the cost of everything else; he’s already donated the land.” Kare-Ann was trying to show Shelby that she could be counted on to cover the details.

Col. Ted Sanders

Col. Ted Sanders

Colonel Ted Sanders took over the conversation: “Shelby, I realize recent events can be a shock for anyone, not just someone your age. The girls and I moved here January of 1972, before you had turned one year old. The Gores moved here around the first part of September, so Gus could get the Night Supervisor job at the Steel Plant. We were buying this plant at that time plus the two sister plants. Our main objective was working on the facility at Mtn. High. All of our steel was being flown up from Colombia by transport at night. That way we did NOT cause excessive UFO stories to get started.”

“Then in 1981, we took over complete operation of this plant and the other two. Enough engineers had been trained to our specifications and we started producing our Specialty Products. This house was completed to the point of being livable for Willie and Kare-Ann. They moved here in May of that year and took over management of the plant. The girls and I lived in the underground caverns we had mined out and sold the rock for building highways. There are fifteen levels of caverns which are used for testing and research; also for our advanced computer systems.”

“We had crews working on the construction of this complex since that time. There’s 1200 acres at your location and another 200 acres here at the Ormand place. Everything is continuously scanned for your safety and ours too. Nothing can happen that we do not have covered, but you are not to go anywhere by yourself. Shelby, do you understand why?”

Shelby enjoying her Life

Shelby enjoying her Life

She thought for a couple moments as she took another swig of milk: “Guess you think someone might try again to grab me for ransom, then I could get killed.” she really wasn’t worried.

Ted answered her answer, “NO, get that idea out of your head. YOU are covered when you are with any of us. We do have to watch over your parents, but nothing to worry about though. Shelby, Sunday morning in Atlantis you were hit with what seemed like a Bolt of Lightening. At that moment your life changed, so did your body. Anyone that messes with you, you can tear them apart even easier than before. It’s our job to help you learn to control your body, not just sexually. Your actual strength can get people hurt. You and Willie just run three miles, do your muscles hurt?”

“NO, I didn’t feel short of breath, actually I felt like I could’ve run a couple more easy. As the Princes of Atlantis, does that make me Supergirl?” Shelby was feeling exceptionally strong for this time in the day.

Willie pulled her down off the kitchen cabinet where she’d been sitting drinking her quart of milk. “Shelby, you are a Star Child which means you are not the same as ordinary people. We are meant to be together and we will help you to work toward our common goal. General Emerson will give you a tour of our facility at Mtn. High on Wednesday. Tomorrow, Kare-Ann and you will work together in the office area of this complex. We want you to appear to be an average person, not just my soon to be wife. You’ve past the G.E.D. which you aced week before last. That qualifies you to start taking more College Level courses. Jessie and Jodie are obligated and will help you reach your goals. Everyone here is on the same team, we will support you to become the best you can be.”

Shelby learns FAST

Shelby learns FAST

“Do you have any questions?” Willie knew she had questions, but she wanted to talk with him in private.

She knew her Dad used to go to work in about an hour, so she and Willie and her parents left the meeting and headed home. Her parents had driven, but Willie and Shelby were on foot and chose to walk back to the complex. She kissed her Mom and Dad goodnight and agreed to meet them tomorrow night for dinner. “Dad, what are your hours with the new position as Plant General Manager?” which her parents answered.

Shelbys ring

Shelby’s ring

On the way home, they talked and held hands, stopped and kissed several times. Willie explained that the wedding was being handled by her birth mother, so there was nothing she needed to do to get ready. “Friday night, we’ll be having dinner on the yacht with several invited guests, many you’ve already met. Your Mother will be there, as will Jonathan and Sandra, along with General Emerson and T-era. Marcos and Susie will most likely arrive late, but she’s wanting to talk with you sometime tomorrow.”

“God, Willie I do Love you. Thanks for accepting me for what I will become. I will make you proud of me.” she was just taking this relationship one step at a time. She had no idea what would happen next.

When the two best friends reached their residential area which was different than where she and Willie had been staying on weekends, There was no door. The wall just opened up and they walked through and it closed. Shelby was used to using the Dining Hall and guest quarters where she’d spent several Friday nights with Lover-Boy. This way they were close to the office area and outdoor facilities they were going to use on Saturdays.

Amazement filled the young girl’s eyes, as she looked around the room they’d entered. Over 100 feet long and 75 feet wide with a forty foot ceiling, stone, glass, wood and steel; the furniture was futuristic and the size was overwhelming. Everything was professionally designed and planned. Helpful staff were everywhere they turned, even though it was after eleven PM there was paperwork that had to be signed. Shelby and Willie both needed to sign many documents having to do with their trip to China. Construction had already started at each of the Chinese Steel Plants.

“You and I are allowed to live like a king and queen as long as we get the work done. With you by my side we’ll keep all the partners happy forever.” Willie was showing her there was more to the business than just the trips to far away places. It was time to hit the bed, get some sleep and be up early for another three mile run, shower, drink a smoothie, large specially blended coffee and get back to work.

The alarm went off at 4:00 AM, Shelby still was dressed in the same shorts and T-shirt she’d wore the night before. She’d laid down on the very large round bed while Willie was busy getting ready in the bathroom and fell asleep. He let her sleep, but now she was given a fruit and veggie pick-me-up and it was time to run. Run they did on the rubber track they were using daily that was three miles long, but there was someone running with them. When Shelby looked down running by her side was a Doberman another was running next to Willie.



Who are our friends?” she inquired.

“That’s Sinbad and this is Sheba, they have the run of the compound. They do not run over to Kare-Ann’s, she has her own dogs.”

“You’ll work in the office this morning with Jessie and Jodie. Kare-Ann will be in shortly to go over the purchase papers for the store deal in Springfield that was completed yesterday. There were some changes to the original deal that Kare-Ann briefly mentioned at dinner last night. Gary and Rochelle added another fifty million, as did Marcos and Susie.”

Willie stopped and asked her to stop also. “We didn’t cover this Saturday night with all the confusion, but you’re a good driver and this has nothing to do with your driving ability. ONE RULE you will from today forward, never drive anywhere by yourself. Always take Jessie, Jodie or Kare-Ann with you, not just your Mom or Dad. I have to insist, because of your Net Worth there will be crazy people coming out of the woodwork from time to time. You are not to drive to any other town, even Mtn High or Springfield like you and Susie have done recently. Going out of town, we will always fly or take one of our coaches, unless it’s just you and me.”

“It’s not you or me that can get hurt, it’s other people that we have to care about. That’s why we had to recently move your parents into this compound. PLEASE do not try slipping out or anything funny… Please promise! Do you understand what I’m saying?” he waited.

Susie has a new ring

Susie has a new ring

“YES! I do understand, is it safe for Kare-Ann and I to go to Ava shopping? What about Susie, she is your half-sister?” Shelby was wondering just what she could do without causing problems for her family and friends.

“We all wear the same watches, which identifies us as to who we are. Pleiadian transports are stationed in the space above Earth and protect us at all times. NO PROBLEMS for thousands of years and this covers you and your parents. YOU have no reason to worry, it’s a kind of mind control that works every time giving us total protection. We are the Pleiadians, Keepers of the Universe. You’ll come to understand as time goes by. For now, you, Kare-Ann, Jessie and Jodie work on you expanding your business investments. You may have to help Susie get acquainted with the daily living rules, Marcos has been giving her a crash course on what to do and not do.”

“Sometime today, Susie will drop by to have a talk with you about her future. She wants the two of you to be continuing friends and most likely wants to go to Mtn. High with you and Kare-Ann tomorrow. That is okay?

Shelby hoped she and Susie would always be friends, she is family. “Has she said something?”

Willie answered: “Marcos tells me that she’s getting more relaxed since she has her own set of ruby and diamond jewelry, including an engagement ring. Susie was not really sure of her status until she saw the ring Saturday night at dinner with your parents, Ozzie and Kare-Ann. She just grabbed Marcos and ran for the car to go straight to her parents to show them.



“Tomorrow, you and Kare-Ann go to Mtn. High and meet with the General. The General’s companion, a girl named T-era will show you around; she and Xavier live at the Castle.” by this time they’d made it back to the house for a quick shower. Breakfast consisted of a thick smoothie, vitamins and a second coffee with drops, honey and cream. Then dressed in fresh shorts and top, Shelby headed for the office to start her first day of real work.

Things were going according to the outline Willie had given her for Tuesday. Kare-Ann arrived about eight AM with Ozzie, he wanted to hear Shelby’s plan for Thursday’s sanctioned Arm Wrestling competition, suggesting that Kare-Ann and Susie should each compete against one of the first two challengers. Then Shelby could be brought out as the outstanding challenger to wrestle the remaining eight professionals.

The teenage blonde had a frown, was it possible her two friends could also take on these biker people and win?

Ozzie saw her concern for her friends, “Shelby, I’ve been a transport pilot for several thousand years. Among the pilots we have many strength competitions. Kare-Ann can hold me to a draw. Marcos has checked Susie out himself and says she’s as strong as he’s ever went up against. This competition is not something we’re taking lightly. The only reason Kare-Ann has been willing to pay the extortion money was to keep her employees safe. This competition is not going to end the ongoing war with organized criminals. Next battle will bring a sizable number of deaths among their ranks as happened when you were just four years old. The drug cartels in Colombia are going to be far more careful since what happened in this last mid-April.”

Kare-Ann had convinced her friends to stop work and head over to the Dining Hall cause she was getting hungry. Shelby knew she needed some food, her stomach was growling. Everyone was talking as they ate to satisfaction: seafood salads, with garlic bread and iced tea was the common choice among these friends. A clock somewhere far away had just chimed one-thirty when Susie hurried to a seat she shoved in next to her high school friend.

Susie was in a hurry to inject a question that had her very much on edge: “Since everyone here are supposed to be friends, Shelby,
Marcos asked Willie if we could join your Wedding Party on Saturday. Willie said I should ask you, that it would be okay from his point.” she was fiddling with the new ring she was wanting to show her friend.

Kare-Ann cut in, “Susie, that’s not the way to ask your question… Shelby, she wants to know if she and Marcos can get married with you two on Saturday. Making it a double wedding, climbing the stairs will take all the help you can get.”

With that question settled, everyone had to get back to current obligations. Shelby answered and asked questions and did as she was instructed until just after five PM when Willie came through the door.

That evening Willie and Shelby were to have dinner with her parents at Kare-Ann’s home after another three mile run. The Gores wanted to know when the wedding was to be planned, but Kare-Ann and Willie both said it would be Special with no outside guests. Michael had the arrangements taken care of for the ceremony to be held in the Tabernacle in Atlantis. ALL family weddings are held there.

Sanders `86 Lear

Sanders `86 Lear

Wednesday morning, 4:00 AM and out for a three mile run, shower and get ready for whatever the day would hold. Ted and Kare-Ann showed up at the office at 7:30 AM, said they were ready to leave. Susie had shown up earlier and was busy asking Shelby questions about everything she could think of. Ted was flying them over to Mtn. High in the `86 Cessna jet. Coming into Mtn. High air space, they had to land at the local airport and take a car over to the mine. The guards on duty let them drive inside and park to one side. The little chocolate drop was there to meet them, T-era was very friendly with both Ted and Kare-Ann.

The little 5 foot tall chocolate doll wanted to meet Shelby. “Hey, you must be Shelby, I’m T-era Rodriguez, the General’s longtime girl friend. I’m supposed to show you and Susie around while they meet with X’ie.” she explained as she cut the two teenagers out of the group.

“Hi! You’re supposed to take me for some kind of tour? Before we start, what is this big black structure that looks like it goes on forever?” Shelby was trying to get a better look. “How in the Hell can you make a cavern this big, don’t you have to have support columns?”

Looking Good @ 542 Years

Looking Good @ 542 Years

“Hey Blondie, you are new here so don’t tell us how limestone caverns have to be held together. The big black thing is our biggest Blackbird to date. Your Steel Plant and the other two area plants are making girders to support the skin, we put it together over here with our technology. I’ve only been with the General for 527 years, but he says they used the same technology for the round saucer style transports for many thousands, even billions of years.”

“Tell me, How did you get Willie to propose to you in only three days? I’ve been with X’ie all this time and never once has he ever asked me. He has a 4 carat brown diamond ring in the safe for the last ten years. It’s still there.” the three took a golf cart to the back of the craft, three miles from the nose.

T-era read her thoughts, “To get this thing out of here when it’s completed, we just slip it into another dimension, like when you went to Atlantis by walking down a hallway. Same technology we use to cross the Universe in eight hours.”

“You are sixteen, I’m 542 years of age, I was fifteen when X’ie and I got together and I keep thinking he will ask me to marry him. God, I love that man, but he just keeps on keeping on. Damn it, I want to get married.”

Shelby thought for a moment, then spoke: “The General has always expected Willie to go first, then followed his decisions to their conclusion. You maybe getting what you are wanting shortly.”

T-era turned to her new friend, “You know something I don’t know?”

T’s watch received a call from General Emerson, “T please come to my office as soon as is convenient. There is a matter of the utmost importance I need your help with.”

She answered the voice over her watch, “X’ie I’ll be there in just a few minutes. Shelby and I are heading back from the back end of the Ultimate. Love you!

When the three women reached the General’s office, they found Kare-Ann and Ted Sanders with the General. As they entered the converted limestone cavern with it’s marble floor and polished black walnut wood walls, the handsome, tall black man took T’s hand. “T-era we’ve been together for many years, I’ve made many mistakes, but through it all you’ve stuck with me. I love you above all others I’ve ever known. I should have done this much earlier, but here…” he stated handing his beautiful longtime companion a small wooden box. “Will you marry me?”

Ts Ring

Ts ring

“X’ie I will marry you, but when are we talking about?” she wondered, but heard her answer.

The General answered, “If Shelby would be willing, we could join her and Willie in Atlantis.”

Shelby chimed in, “If it’s okay with Willie, I’m OK!”

The cute little five-foot chocolate drop already had the ring on her finger: “I’ve been watching this ring in your safe for the last ten years. Why take so long?”

The General took her hand, “You know I love you, but we couldn’t get married before Willie. I’ve tried to make you happy all these 527 years, I’m sorry if you feel deprived. Blame Shelby for showing up so late.”

“That’s it, I’m leaving and taking these three with me. We need to go look at the Airport Mall, discuss the housing situation and then go to the Castle. OK?” T-era was cute, athletic and a genius in several key areas.

Shelby in Mtn High

Shelby in Mtn High

As they headed out to where the cars were parked, T headed for a Mercedes sedan and got behind the wheel. They headed back over to the Airport Mall where the Cessna was parked. “I’m needing your input on what you think I should do. We are the largest employer by a large margin, but growth has brought BIG problems for this area. When Old Man Carter brought the X’ie and I here fifteen years ago, this town consisted of less than 500 residents. The Military moved in and so did the illegal gaming, bars, prostitutes and drug dealers. Cops are scared to do anything that might offend anyone.”

“We test ALL workers regularly, we’ve had a few in the early years, but none recently. The Public School has been a real problem, they give our families NO support with their kids. We’re starting our own Private School with the local Catholic church. Any of Your workers will be able to send their kids here too.”

Kare-Ann spoke up, “We’ll tell Willie and Ozzie to tell our crew.”

“I haven’t told Shelby yet, but we’ve received a threat to our store here at the Mall. This Juan Carlos Mendoza has said we need to pay him a TAX for our stores being open 24 hours a day. Said we have till next week to start paying… How should we handle this?

Shelby knew she’d heard that name before, “That bastard is Queen Anita’s brother-in-law; What’s he doing up here?”

T answered, “They bought the old mansion up on the hill East of town. X’ie said we should take this up with Old Man Carter this weekend when we ALL have Dinner together.” They were all at the Mall now and headed inside.

There sitting in the common area was Juan Carlos Mendoza, smoking on a large Cuban cigar and drinking a cocktail with several of his body guards at nearby tables. Shelby didn’t like what she saw or what she’d heard. So, she just walked over and kicked his chair out from under him. He went down hard, hitting his head on the hard floor. “Bitch that is going to cost YOU.” three of his guards jumped out of their chairs guns drawn, sticking the barrels in their own mouths and pulling the triggers. “What the Hell is wrong with you fools?

“You dumb bastard, you just got blood splattered on my legs and boots.” Shelby exclaimed as she kicked him in the balls hard.

The Colombian Drug Cartel boss lunged forward grabbing his crotch. “KILL THIS BITCH, You Fools!” unable to get to his feet by himself. His guards were of no help, with three already dead.”

“Three of your guards committed suicide, the fourth is out trying to get more help. The name is Shelby Gore, remember the name. You are Juan Carlos Mendoza, Willie Johnson and I are having dinner with Anita, your Queen sister-in-law on Saturday night. How do you want me to explain your behavior? I should have killed you.” as several of Mendoza’s men came running to help their boss.

Help from Beyond Earth

Help from Beyond Earth

“Hey, YOU GUYS, I just kicked your boss in the balls. Want to spank my butt or something?” Shelby was on a roll, these guys were dancing to her song. One fired his gun at his two friends killing them dead, then committed suicide. “WOW! that’s SIX dead and still counting.”

“If you ever try to mess with any of our stores, I’ll visit you in your sleep and you’ll never know anything until you are burning in HELL with your whole family. You maybe Santeria, but I’m Pleiadian and that makes US the winners forever. Don’t ever try to push my buttons, or mess with any of my friends.” …then she kicked him in the head busting both jaws.

That’s when she grabbed his right pants pocket, ripping it open, took out the wad of cash, counted out $10,000 and said: “That should pay for the damages you’ve caused, blood on the walls and ceiling, bullet holes that have to be filled and painted. I should charge you more for getting blood on my clothes.”

Shelby turned to her three friends waiting nearby and casually walked into their grocery store with Kare-Ann, Susie and T. “Think the cops will want to talk to me?”

Susie had been quiet too long, this was looking like just too much fun… She headed down the way to the truck-stop part of the mall. “Anyone in here see what just happened on up in the Mall area?” At least a half dozen truckers had ducked inside to get out of harm’s way when the shooting started.

The truckers each had a different accounting of what had happened. Introducing herself, “Guys and gals, I’m Susie Wilson, Kare-Ann Ormand and Shelby Gore own stock in Young’s Family & Home Centers like the one here in the mall. None of us like criminals trying to extort money for so-called protection. That was sixteen year old Shelby Gore who kicked the drug cartel boss Juan Carlos Mendoza’s ass.”

“If any of you will be near Springfield tomorrow, the three of us are holding a fully sanctioned North American Heavy Weight Arm Wrestling competition at our West Kearney Street store in the parking lot at ten AM.”

“Ten big biker dudes are competing against us three girls. Kare-Ann and I each get to do one each, then Shelby does the remaining eight. Michael Smith the current champ will be there to get his arm broke. Free food and drinks for everyone and it’s going to be a real show.”

Susie headed back to catch up with her friends, reaching the other three: “Out spreading the word about our show in Springfield, several will be coming. They expect to see blood, our blood. Girls, they are getting a BIG SURPRISE.”

Police and Sheriff’s Deputies were still taking statements from truckers and other customers two hours later. They’d never came to the grocery to find Shelby and her friends. Jodie came walking in to find the four women: “Shelby, are you trying to start a war within your first week of active duty? I’m not going to even scold you, someone had to do something and you stepped in and did what needed to be done. The reason none of you have been asked any questions, there must be an attorney present. Shelby you’re only sixteen, which makes it mandatory that an attorney be present anytime you are questioned about anything. I’m your lawyer for today.”

“T-era contacted us about a week ago, then Kare-Ann’s Mtn. High store managers called her about the protection racket. Every store owner in this Mall has received threats, the local police are powerless against Mendoza and his gang. Juan Carlos just got his butt kicked by someone he can’t scare with threats, you may have to make good on your promise. Security is going to be tightened immediately today and from now on. Six crack cocaine labs will accidentally blow up tonight, another six tomorrow night. Juan Carlos will be spread thin after losing six of his best enforcers, he’ll lose even more as the crack cocaine labs go up in smoke. Ten more will go up on Saturday night, which will put a major hurt on his business in the USA.” Jodie explained with a broad smile.

Shelby & Her Older Friends



T-era Rodriquez

T-era Rodriquez

Jodie Meyer

Jodie Meyer

Shelby Gore

Shelby Gore

The Police and Sheriff’s Officers were very nice, polite and thanked her for helping out the Local Community. Truckers had told what they witnessed, customers and store employees had all seen what really happened. Everyone had wanted to see Juan Carlos Mendoza go down in total defeat. He was a dangerous man polluting the local public school and the whole town with drugs and drugs for sex prostitution. People who’d been well thought of citizens, were now totally addicted.

Carter Castle

Carter Castle

From the Airport Mall, T took her four friends east toward Camelot Lake, caught the wide steel bridge and headed out over the water. Shelby was straining to see where they were going, as best as she could see it looked like the bridge was about to disappear into a bank of fog.

AS suddenly as they entered the fog, it vanished with a large body of land just ahead, she could see giant evergreens and other trees and what looked like an ancient European castle towering above the trees. This monster stone structure looked to cover several acres with many other support buildings surrounding the main building with it’s towers and guard posts.

“So this is Carter Castle? Who or does anyone actually live here?” Shelby already knew the answer to her questions. “T, this is what you call home? How long has this been here?” the thoughts she was receiving didn’t sound right.

Jodie spoke up, as T-era continued to drive up the road toward what looked to be the entrance. “Ted, Jessie and I first spent a week here over five hundred years ago. Back when we were setting up trading with the Cahokia tribe in Illinois.”

Inside, the castle where they entered was a large garage with a 45 foot coach, 2 semi-tractors, several semi-trailers and about a dozen assorted cars, pickups and jeeps. Outside on the way up, Shelby had noticed the houses, shops and air-strip where several jets sat ready for use as needed. One looked very familiar and she wondered why it would be here?


Sensing Shelby’s thoughts, Kare-Ann tickled her in the ribs: “Don’t get so serious, Willie is over here most days at least once for meetings with company officials. Besides, that plane is kept here much of the time, not in Cedarville. YOU have things to do and he has his work too, but he makes sure to be there for you every evening. ASK questions that you want to know the answers to. Willie will always be there for you, so be sure you are always there for him. YOU have all of Eternity to be together as compatible spirits. Any time you two want, This is a good place to get away from your cares and responsibilities. There IS a portal in your house in Cedarville direct to this place. As time goes by, Willie will show you the many little extras that are designed into your home.”

They entered through a 15 foot tall doorway and went to a kitchen for a snack, T-era explained: This is where we live when we are home, YOU and the whole family have full access to this entire facility at all times. Just need a place to think? There’s plenty of room here and we are ready to listen to any questions you may have.”

“Okay, OKAY! I’ve got some questions. What the Hell happened back there at the Mall? I became a Wild Woman; I’ve never started a fight before.” Shelby inquired, she wasn’t scared, but she didn’t understand what had happened.

This was Jodie’s job to explain to Shelby what her new life could entail. “You saw something that did NOT belong, YOU made it right. Extortion can not be allowed or you’ll lose your business. Sooner or later after you start paying, they up the ante by beating up employees, destroying merchandise or burning a store. Your employees are out of work, your customers have to go elsewhere to satisfy their needs. Everyone loses when you lose your business. You just did what had to be done and you got to see what some of your abilities are. When people want to hurt you, they hurt themselves instead. YOU have more muscles than those that show, just do NOT over extend yourself. Willie is going to teach you a lot of tricks that will get you noticed. YOU are going to be a REAL ASS KICKER. Willie deserves every inch of you so enjoy your life. Your man is in LOVE with you and always will be.”

Looking Good

Looking Good

Shelby was enjoying her new freedoms, she’d never seen any such place like this castle. Could this just be one very LONG dream? NO! …this is the Real Life.

Kare-Ann reached over the kitchen bar and took Shelby’s hand, “Honey this has been one busy week for you. Going from being a teenager to speaking to the Peoples National Congress in China for a Trillion Dollar deal. Thousands of workers depending on how you perform for their income. Tomorrow in Springfield you get to try something new. Bikers are threatening to destroy our stores we just bought, so we are staging an Arm Wrestling competition. YOU get to defeat eight of the ten of their best and toughest Bad Boys. This will be held in our store’s parking lot at Kearney and Kansas Avenue. Every Biker within the four state area has been invited, truckers and just average Joes will be attending. We’re hoping for over one thousand to attend.”

“Whoa! …I know I challenged the Smiths, there better be many people praying for you, Susie and me. This is going to take a MIRACLE to just stay alive for the next twenty-four hours. …How can I compete against those Big Bikers?” Shelby was about, well almost, NO she wasn’t scared… This would be just a new adventure. She was going to make history for sixteen year old girls everywhere. Familiar hands gripped her from behind, this was Heaven on Earth, Willie was here to hold her tight.

“Willie, may I ask a question, we are ALL friends RIGHT?” Something was bothering his woman and she needed answers…

Willie knew what her Question was and it did need to be answered: “Saturday night on the phone with Leo Smith, you were very forceful… The way you needed to be, but you do NOT understand how or why you challenged his brother and biker gang to an Arm Wrestling tournament. You opened your mouth and the words came out. You three will make them look much less powerful, less threatening to your store personnel, your customers and to other businesses. The worst defeat in Arm Wrestling comes when an arm gets broken. Kare-Ann will break the first biker’s arm, then Little five foot Susie will make the whole competition look like a joke when she breaks the next biker’s arm. This will make Michael Smith, the current North American Heavyweight Champion jump line to be your first not your eighth challenger.”

“Play with him, let him get your arm a third of the way down, bring it backup to the middle, then say something like: I hope you have my belt with you?Then slam his big muscular arm down hard, so the bone above his elbow will give a loud pop when it breaks and there will be some blood flying when it comes outside of his arm. He’s going to scream from the excruciating pain. Let go of his hand slowly, then check your watch and ask: When can I have the next contestant?

“Hold your hands up in the air and lean back a little inquiring: Since I’m the new Champion, when do I get my belt? After each competition, Medical Techs will need a little time to get the losers bandaged, loaded into the ambulance to be transported to the hospitals. Most likely it will be mid-afternoon before the last competition.”

Arm Wrestling Table

Arm Wrestling Table

“Hey Cutie, we’ve got work today. I’ve got to teach you how to ARM WRESTLE so you can look like a professional tomorrow. Just wear running shorts, sports bra and running shoes of the same color preferable. Make sure that ALL participants sign a release form before they compete. We do NOT want anyone trying to sue you for injuring them.” Willie was present as well as his plane.

“I have an arm wrestling table set up outside on one of our patios. You’ll need to know the proper way to grip the other person’s hand, so neither one can slip lose. Place your feet flat on the floor and pull steady without jerking.” The two companions spent much of the afternoon practicing and talking. Willie wanted to know her version of what had happened at the Airport Mall. Her account was delivered extremely accurate with every detail.

the Ormands home

the Ormands’ home

About 5:00 PM, they flew the 12 miles home, went for a run, then swam a few lengths of the outdoor pool, showered and were having dinner with her parents with Kare-Ann and Ozzie at 8:30 PM. Her parents were extremely skeptical about their daughter and her plans for tomorrow. Her Dad tried to defeat his daughter over the picnic table on the patio. He couldn’t believe her strength when she closed her grip on his hand.

Kare-Ann, Susie and Jessica flew Shelby to Springfield, landed on East Division Street, grabbed a Mercedes and headed for the Consolidated Foods store on West Kearney. More bikers kept zipping past them heading toward the store. Turning into the parking lot, they parked around behind the store, checked in with their manager and headed toward the crowd in the now FULL lot. Two SWAT trucks were parked one on each side of the entrance, motorcycle cops were everywhere.

Seems there was a Report on every TV channel here in town, on both the SIX and TEN o’clock NEWS. “A sixteen year old girl has challenged a Local Bikers’ Club to Arm Wrestling. Shelby Gore must beat ten in a row to meet her Challenge. She and Kare-Ann Ormand just this week bought all ten Consolidated Markets stores, which will be getting new signage as: Young’s Family & Home Centers. “Can any sixteen year old girl, a completely unknown expect to beat TEN big, burly bikers?” There were pictures of Shelby dancing at last Saturday’s Cedarville picnic, playing volleyball, etc..

Shelby's Photos

Shelby’s Photos

She came running out of the front of the store yelling: “Hello, I’m Shelby Gore! Ready for some FAST action?” she was doing back flips, which turned into forward flips STOPPING even with the Arm Wrestling Table. “Has everyone who wants in on this action, Signed your Release Forms?”

“Got a little change in the rules: If one of you big tough guys can beat me, I’ll pay you EACH $1,000. Two guys beat me I pay you EACH Two Thousand. You guys have the potential of getting me for One Hundred Thousand US DOLLARS. I’ll even let all ten of you spank my CUTE bare ASS.”

“On the other hand, if I beat all of you; YOU get nothing! The Release Forms state that I’m NOT RESPONSIBLE for any doctor bills. These matches can leave a few broken arms; HEY! …that’s your tough luck for being losers.”

Shelby adjusted herself in the Sport Bra, then made sure her Shorts were on straight. “Guys, I’m feeling frisky, let’s get this show STARTED. I beat my father arm wrestling for the first time last night. My boyfriend is my personal trainer, he taught me everything I needed to know about this game yesterday on one of our back patios.”

A Police Captain came up to the table: “WHY are you doing this? There’s a good probability YOU will get your arm broke.”

Jessica Sanders

Jessica Sanders

Jessica was standing next to her young friend, “Captain, I’m Colonel Jessica Sanders, I’m responsible for this girl. These bikers have threatened their stores, so Shelby gave them a contest to prove how tough they really are. I’ve known this girl for ALL of her sixteen years. YOU heard what happened in Mtn. High yesterday?”

The Police Captain answered, “I heard one big story.”

Jessica explained: “Six cartel enforcers are being shipped back to Colombia in body-bags. Juan Carlos Mendoza is being put back together in our hospital so he can be deported. He tried to extort protection from my girls on the stores in the Airport Mall in Mtn. High. Some of the truckers here, were there yesterday.”

“I hope you have a camera with you, YOU will want pictures of what you’re about to see take place.” Jessica led the Captain back a safe distance where they could both get a good view.

“Okay, I’m going to let two of my partners start the action. Kare-Ann Ormand is the CEO of Young’s Family & Home Centers, she’s also the wife of Lieutenant General Ozzie Ormand. She would like to take the first challenger to let me save myself for eight others. Another partner in this company, Susie Wilson wants the opportunity to take on the second challenger. …then it’s my turn.”

Kare-Ann Young Ormand

Kare-Ann Young Ormand

Kare-Ann had taken her seat on the East side bench across from a man who signed his name as Carl Jones. “Have you ever broke your arm in a contest?” she inquired of the guy who looked to be about three hundred pounds of bulging muscles.

He glared at the attractive brunette and answered: “Don’t worry about me, cause you are the one that’s going to be hurting.”

The two participants clasped hands, the sanctioned referee checked their grips. Both had their other hands gripping the handles on the table. The man was strong as he started to exert his strength, but Kare-Ann held her arm firm. The man’s face was turning red as he tried to force her arm, all he could get from her was a grin. PAIN exploded in his upper arm just past the elbow. The large bone thrust through the flesh as she slammed his hand down hard. The man screamed out in pain.

An EMT rushed to the man’s aid, Willie grabbed Leo Smith’s arm: “Leo, you are not going to shoot anyone. If you were to try, I’d break your arm and several bullets will tear through your body before you can even pull the trigger.” the old crime boss regained his composure and sat back on the limo hood to watch what would happen next.

Susie exercising her hands

Susie exercising her hands

Susie brought Kare-Ann a dampened hand towel to wipe the blood from her face and arms as she got up from the table.

Susie did a few back flips, then took the empty seat. “Where’s the Big Tough guy at? I can’t wait all day.” as she turned on the wireless microphone she had clipped to her tank-top. “Hello! I’m Susie Wilson a partner in these stores. In May I graduated from High School down at Cedarville, Missouri. Arm wrestling is rather new to me, but friends showed me the basics. Stewart Lewis where are you? My friend and business partner has eight of your over-grown muscle bound biker buddies to defeat. I don’t have all day to play your little boy games.” looking across the table, Susie commented, “You must be Stewart… Ready for me to break your arm?”

The large biker looked like a wrestler, than just an arm wrestler. “Little girl, why don’t you get up and leave before I have to hurt you badly. This is your last chance.” he said as the referee placed their hands together in the proper grip. Both participants were holding the handles for extra power, when suddenly the young girl let go of the handle to scratch her ear.

Stewart Lewis made the mistake of thinking this was his chance to catch Susie off guard. He exerted all the strength he could muster, but Susie slammed his arm down so hard and fast, it took almost a minute for him to scream out from the pain of his arm snapping into two pieces midway between the elbow and shoulder. The sound of the bone breaking could be heard for almost one hundred feet.

Shelby brought a nearby para-medic to the man’s aid, then took Susie’s seat to face the next opponent. The order of participants had been changed. Shelby had taken her seat on the East side bench across from a man she knew was the present US Arm Wrestling Champion. It was a real equalizer being able to read people’s minds. “Hello, Michael Smith. Have you ever broke your arm in a contest?” she knew he put down a fictitious name on the release form. “OH, I’m sorry, you signed your name as Carl Jones. Was the other Carl Jones your twin brother?”

“You little Bitch, you’re going to be the one getting your arm broke, unless you want to give up now, since you know who I really am?”

An off duty Missouri HP Officer acted as the referee, he got their hands lined up, this man did have quite a grip. Shelby knew this was to be number one of her eight in a row. She let him get her arm half way down, then like a bulldozer she slammed his hand down HARD! The loud POP could be heard through the crowd over 100 feet away. It was almost FUNNY seeing a big man cry. He was in a lot of pain with a bloody bone sticking out in plain view behind his elbow. The man was helped to a nearby Medic van.

Jessica, I need a drink, can you get me a bottle of water?” her arm felt like she’d just got a booster of energy.

She got the drink from Jessie and: “There’s someone behind me that is planning to stick me with a knife. It’s one of those chrome handled flip knives. If he comes much closer, I’m going to kill him dead by his own hand.”

Willie's Excalibur Limo

Willie’s Excalibur Limo

Jessica slipped back into the crowd, she was now getting the same reading as Shelby. It was another biker starting to bring his hand out of his pocket with the knife Shelby had described: “Drop the knife or I’m going to break your arm.” as she twisted his arm around behind his back. Shelby was not the only one with exceptional strength as these guys were finding out.

There were seven more matches resulting in three more broken arms.

The Police Captain walked over to the parked limo to greet Willie: “Figured you wouldn’t want to miss your girl-friend making a fool out of these guys. Do you think they will leave the stores alone now?”

Willie smiled, “They better, your officers had to clean up the mess from those two bikers who blew their brains out. Guess I ought to make a little speech to clear the air.”

“Oh Captain, you know Leo Smith here. He wanted to see his brother Michael get beat by a sixteen year old girl. Wouldn’t have believed the story without seeing for himself.”

Old Leo grumbled something they couldn’t understand and went to see about his younger and only remaining brother.

Willie Johnson

Willie Johnson

“Ladies and Gentlemen, you’ve gotten to witness just one of the reasons I love this girl. She and our good friends Kare-Ann Ormand and Susie Wilson decided to buy the Consolidated Markets chain of ten stores, plus ABC Drugstores, Handy Dan’s Hardware group of stores and an Auto Supply chain of stores. Improvements are already under way, but there was one little speed-bump in the road. Someone wanted to extort Protection Money or the stores would be robbed, employees endangered and so-forth. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! For those of you who do NOT know who I am, I’m William L. Johnson, current CEO of PSL Holdings LTD. out of Bogota Colombia SA. We own three steel fabrication plants in this area, the USAF affiliated Advanced Aircraft Facility in Mtn. High and many support businesses throughout this entire world.”

“We do NOT mess with other people and we expect the same respect in return. Many of you probably saw the report on your TV stations last night. Nobody had any ball-bats, Juan Carlos Mendoza and six of his enforcers stumbled into this little girl. She kicked his ass, and his six men committed suicide when they tried to shoot her. Two more got the same result here today. Shelby is my equal in our business consortium, we are merging forces by getting married this Saturday. Thanks for coming to witness a little of what she is all about. There’s plenty of FREE FOOD and drinks, enjoy!”

He slipped an arm around his cute blonde girlfriend, then: “Whew, you need a shower before we tour the other stores.” they cut through the store to the dock area out back where someone had parked the 45 foot coach she’d seen in the Castle at Mtn. High. “Take a shower, then you can get dressed in the clothes T-era and Jodie has laid out on the bed for you.”

Ultra-modern 45-foot

Ultra-modern 45-foot

Inside, it was everything she’d expected, all the appointments were far ahead of their time. Kare-Ann was there to help her friend: “Girl, you stink! You sweated a lot out there in the sun, better let me find you something to drink before you shower.” Reaching inside the double-door fridge, she got Shelby a large bottle of juice.

Whoa! Yeah, I’m needing a drink. Can you believe I beat every one of those great big guys? Well, I’m learning to do whatever Willie tells me to do. How’ve I made it all these years without him watching my back? …or maybe he’s been watching my back all these sixteen years while I was growing up.” She was happy the contest was over, but she still felt pretty good for what she’d been through.

“OH, those POPS you heard while you were Arm Wrestling, just a couple bikers wanted you dead. They both got carried away in body-bags, blew their own brains out like yesterday.” Kare-Ann was back in the bedroom to help her friend get ready while Willie watched the local news to see how the reports were being handled.

When the three friends were Back in the Limo, they visited the remaining nine 24-Hour stores, taking a break for Bar-B-Que at the south Tiny’s. Then to the east Division Street Airport for the flight back to Cedarville.

Kare-Ann hopped in her red Lamborghini and headed home to Ozzie. Willie and Shelby headed to her parents home to tell them goodnight; reminding them she’d see them at the wedding on Saturday.

Nudists wear few clothes

Nudists wear few clothes

Back Home, it was late night Business as Usual, Ted and both wives were waiting. Just because they were out of the office, business did not come to a stand-still. Mendoza and his family were being deported back to Colombia, which his wife had thrown a real fit about. Her sister, Queen Anita and Fidel Castro had been granted an appointment with Old Man Carter aboard the Yacht for Saturday night. YES, Willie and Shelby had to attend; Wedding Night FUN would have to be put off for another few hours, business had to be taken care of.

Forever would give them plenty of time to catch-up on what they had to put off till later. Willie and Shelby were keeping their promise of NO SEX until they were married. With both of their histories, that required a real effort. Especially with her only wearing lace panties at home, he knew she was a nudist. Nobody wore many clothes around here this time of night, but daytime in the office had to be kept business like.

4:00 AM, grab a large coffee and out the door for a three mile run with Sinbad and Sheba. Willie had to go to his office out at the plant until about noon when he’d be home ready to roll. Only this was another coach than they had in Springfield, with much better quality detail inside. The bath had home style fixtures and the shower was larger, with three hundred gallons of fresh water.

They had to stop at Mtn. High to pick up a Monthly Payment for Old Man Carter. So they got underway at straight up 12:00 NOON, heading North along MO Hwy 5. “How much is this monthly payment? Why can’t a bank transfer do the job?” a girl has to ask questions if she’s going to know the answers.

“Thirty-seven five and the Old Man wants us to deliver it. The money never actually moves, it stays in Hong Kong, in the VAULT. We transport a special electronic KEY, that goes into the system.” Willie explained.

Shelby thought for a moment, “We pay Thirty-seven and a half Million monthly for what?” don’t know if you don’t ask.

“That gives us the rights to use the whole quarry. The US Air Force has to pay part, we sell crushed stone to Highway Departments for building roads, companies making concrete and Portland Cement by the semi-loads. PLUS we provide storage and research to the Government for much of their equipment. Computer services are also provided for a nice fee.”

2016 Freightliner RV

2016 Freightliner RV

“You never made it to the caverns below the Castle. I interrupted your tour. There’s a lot more to see down there. We also earn some big bucks from the transports we build and deliver. The steel plants manufacture truck suspension parts and now thanks to you we are manufacturing steel wall studs and trusses.” Willie was happy to explain for his business partner, what the company does.

“What you’re telling me is that we have to pay the bills to be able to continue making great profits and being able to employ many thousands of people.” they were now in Mtn. High and pulling into the parking lot of the Airport Mall/Truck Stop.

US Air Force Military Police pulled up along side of the RV in their Hummer. One Lieutenant knocked on their door. Shelby got out and signed for the loading into their electronic vault mounted in the lower part of the coach (basement). Then they were on their way heading through town and taking the road north. Shelby was quite busy going through the 2016 Freightliner Manual she’d discovered in the glove box of their long-nose RV. This was really strange being they were driving this rig in July 1988.

“Shelby, you’re wondering how we have this coach now, since it was built in 2016, that’s 28 years into the future. This is the Old Man’s coach he’s loaning to us for this trip. Time is of NO concern to him and his closest family. Enjoy the family’s benefits as you become an intricate part of our Pleiadian Heritage. Just do NOT mention to anyone that it came from the future. When someone asks, just say it’s a proto-type of what will soon be on the road. Do not be giving any tours to nosy truckers when we stop to get fuel.

Looking Good

Looking Good

They headed to the local truck stop as they came into Lebanon, Shelby did the fueling, then went inside to pay the bill. There she was met by truckers who knew who she was. “Been breaking any more arms since Springfield?” one trucker yelled across the main room of the truck stop where you paid for the fuel. “You guys see This cute little blonde slut here? She broke the arm of the National Arm Wrestling Champion, Michael Smith. She busted three more arms as she beat eight guys straight. I wouldn’t have believed the story if I hadn’t been there to see it myself. She’s an exhibitionist for-sure, doesn’t hide that gorgeous body under many clothes.”

“I wouldn’t recommend anyone messing with her. This is the girl that’s racked up eight body-bags in the last two days. Six over at Mtn. High and two more yesterday while she was Arm Wrestling in Springfield.”

Shelby wearing jean shorts and short T-shirt, shrugged, looked him straight in the eyes: “Think you’re man enough to Break my arm?” she asked, as she got the receipt after paying for her fuel.

“You guys see the Freightliner she’s in? She had a blue one in Springfield yesterday; what’s the deal?” the nosy trucker asked.

“They belong to my fiancee’s father, he let’s us borrow them whenever we want. Proto-type of models that maybe out someday. Gota go, Willie’s waiting.” she was out the door, back in the coach and Willie was driving out of the fuel island.

They headed north out of Lebanon on Hwy 5, but just outside the city limits a few miles was a large sign for: WORTH-A-BUCK RANCH, the place was surrounded by a high security fence with a wide blacktop road leading into the property. Willie turned their coach into the drive and continued to the guard shack. The guard asked to see their driver’s licenses, then took a retina scan of both people.

New Responsibilities

New Responsibilities

The guard handed Willie two ID cards with photos and magnetic strips on the back. “Mr Johnson, how long will you and the PSL Holdings LTD #2 be with us?”

“Just a couple hours today, we’ll be back later this next week. Thanks for your help!” he stated, then they pulled over and parked. They Got out and got into a golf-cart. Shelby had taken her top off to enjoy the sun.

She grabbed his arm, “Wait, wait a minute. Willie, we’ve got the delivery to make up at Diamonds. Aren’t they expecting us by a certain time?” Yeah, she wanted to go anywhere with her Willie, but they had responsibilities to other people now. Maybe this was another test? Willie was looking at her and smiling.

“I thought you might forget what we had to do. Got a short-cut, Grab your E-Notepad.” she ran back to the coach, punched in the electronic unlock code, grabbed her notepad and was back.

“Bring up the screen where you gave a digital signature for the transfer.” She quickly did as she was told. “Tap your watch and ask for Diamond.”

Tapping her watch once, she asked: “Diamond?”

Within a few seconds, “Yeah Sweetheart, this is your future Step-Mother-in-Law; What can I do for you?”

“Hi, Willie said there was a short-cut for making this transfer we’re supposed to be delivering. We’re at the WORTH-A-BUCK RANCH, can you explain what I need to do?” Shelby was learning, she just did NOT have it all down yet.

“Glad you called me, I was expecting your call. Tomorrow is a big day for all of us. Rochelle arrived just after noon, flew in from Odessa on the Black Sea.”

“Okay, got your Notepad, take your left hand and lay your watch on the notepad with the face down. Okay, got your transfer. Actually, I got your transfer finalized when you signed for it at Mtn. High. Willie and I just wanted to see if you’d remember what you were told. Remember you two must be here at 8:30 PM sharp or you will have to swim to the boat. You have to be checked in, have the coach hooked up and pick up your car before hand. Got to go!” and the watch went dead.

Pierced Nipples

Pierced Nipples

Shelby put her E-Notepad back in the coach in a safe place, locked the door and was back in the golf-cart. “Please, Willie Please do NOT give up on me. I realize I have a lot to learn.” she requested, holding his face in her hands, then kissed him. “God, Man I want you so bad. I’ll make it until tomorrow if you do NOT encourage me too much.”

“Me encouraging you? You know I can’t keep my hands off your pierced girls, Every woman I know has pierced nipples, but yours are… God! …they are Gorgeous and so KISS-able. We’ve made a promise and we will keep it.”

“The main pool here is amazing, a 200 foot hill that has a built in water-slide beside the waterfall. It all ends in a giant swimming pool. See what I was talking about?” as he stopped the golf cart, then taking the stone steps to the top. Both had left their few clothes in the cart below, they took the slide which turned out to be several hundred feet long. They splashed in the pool for over an hour, before they continued their trip on North toward the Lake. North of Osage Beach, she saw the sign for Diamond’s Resort, turning into the grounds, went through the guard house and on up to the office.

Willie instructed his companion: “You go check in with Diamond and pick up our car; I’ll get the coach parked and the utilities hooked up. See you in a few Doll. OH, don’t forget to get plenty of extra towels and an extra pair of California King satin sheets with cases.” as Shelby climbed out and headed inside.

Diamond's Dress Code

Diamond’s Dress Code

The office must have been designed by the same architect who designed their house back in Cedarville. This place was large and plush; Diamond met her half way across the open space.

Hey Girl, remember me, I’m Diamond.” reaching out to the younger woman and giving her an affectionate hug. “I’m going to be one of your four Step-Mother-in-Laws. The other girls will be here in the morning; we’ve ALL been looking forward to meeting you again after that night with Susie.” the young looking oriental woman wearing a loose tank top and lace panties exclaimed. “Come on in my office and let’s have a chat.” …like Rochelle’s office in Springfield, the place was covered with Aztec designs and carvings done in the walnut wood on the walls and in stone.

Shelby couldn’t wait any longer, “What’s the deal with all this Aztec carvings, pottery and other?” …she just wondered ever since seeing at the mall.

“Oh Honey, that’s not Aztec art, it’s some of Ruby’s designs from a few thousand years back. This stuff is spread over the entire Universe, besides being shown down on the Yucatan and also in Peru. The girl’s very artistic, that’s why she designs Golf Courses now. You’re going to love that girl and she’s going to stay here until sometime in September. That’s when we’ll go with Michael while the other two stay here. Emerald and Sapphire are great girls, but Ruby and I have more in common.”

Something else was bugging Shelby, the picture of Willie’s father on the office wall behind Diamond, with pictures of the four girls, one on each corner. Reading her thoughts, Diamond exclaimed: “Michael, he’s older and looks older than Willie. God, they are both good looking, both are tall Willie is six-foot-six and Michael is seven foot. Everything is in perfect proportion. After being with Willie for seventeen thousand, one hundred eighty-five years we couldn’t take anything less. I’m not mad at Willie for trading the four of us girls for Rochelle.”

Old Man Carter

Old Man Carter

“At the time, we were getting rather Bitchy and very argumentative. Michael had to spank our bottoms a few times to get us straightened out. He also let us age ten years so we could develop more womanly appearances. We do not look like teenagers as we did while we lived with Willie.”

How Did the Weddings Go? …and there’s Friday Night