Sunday Morning and…

Finally, allowed to hold hands in church

Finally, allowed to hold hands in church

This Sunday Morning would be a New Experience Willie Johnson and Shelby Gore seated side by side for the First time in the same church pew as her parents.

Every Sunday since she was nine years old, she’d dreamed of this occurrence. Her whole life had changed this last week …four men dead here in Cedarville, an entire drug cartel with their un-impenetrable compound high up on a mountain West of Medellin, Colombia wiped off the face of the Earth.

Nine thirty AM, sun was shining brightly over Cedarville Missouri. People were arriving a few minutes early to be sure to get the best seats in the sanctuary at the Community of Christ Church. Fifteen years ago only 100 people would show up on a good Sunday, Now with the new church, there are over five hundred in attendance every Sunday.

The whole family could sit together

The whole family could sit together

Community of Christ Church

Community of Christ Church

This is still a town of only fourteen hundred people, but houses can’t be built fast enough to meet the needs of three shifts of steel workers. Big difference from just a few years back when the steel plant was on the verge of closing or being merged with the plant eleven miles west at Simple City. Now, both plants are hiring more workers each month, as is their plant twenty miles north at Marshland. Some say it’s because of the Experimental Aircraft plant built years back over in Mtn. High in the Old Carter Quarries.

The local economy is booming due to the expanding Steel Production at the local fabrication plant where Shelby’s Dad Gus Gore is the third shift supervisor. They make some kind of steel girders for the aircraft being built at the plant in Mtn. High. Willie Johnson moved here seven years ago to be the Plant Manager, after teaching Engineering at Rolla for six years with his assistant Kare-Ann Young. There’ve been lots of stories surrounding this couple, they spend money for fancy cars, she’s bought up most of the businesses in the town. They live up on top of Old School Hill in a large complex with gun toting guards and what goes on up there is anyone’s guess.

Today, Shelby with her Mom and Dad were some of the first to arrive at the church. Seated in the next seat back as has always been the case for over fifteen years, Ted and Jessica Sanders. Every time Shelby hears the sound of the door opening, it causes the teenager to look over her shoulder. He’d slipped into the sanctuary without her seeing him enter, Willie just slipped into the seat next to the girl in his future, taking her hand in his.

Church with Willie

Church with Willie

George and Charlotte Wilson seated themselves in the seat behind the Gores, next to the Sanders couple. Susie’s mother reached over the seat in front. “Shelby, may I see the ring? Susie said it really shines, five carat center diamond, four quarter carat side stones and ten emeralds.”

Shelbys ring

Shelby’s ring

“Is Susie coming to services today, or did she say?” Charlotte Wilson was concerned about her daughter’s new relationship with an older man, she had no idea how much older Marcos could be.

Just then, Susie and Marcos slipped into the seat next to her parents: “Can you come over and cook dinner, It’ll be just the three of us. Marcos and Willie are leaving for China about four PM, back Friday afternoon. I’m going to be all alone, unless Shelby is willing to stay with me some nights. This having my own place is a new experience, but I’m going to make it work.”

“Let’s talk about this after service; Love You.” her mother was ready to help out as needed.

After services, most of the people were filing out, but Kare-Ann caught Shelby’s arm as she passed her friend. “Heard the news, hear you had an audience with Old Man Carter and got some problems solved. Just sitting next to Willie and holding hands is a step up. Don’t forget some of our conversations we’ve had… YOU can handle two and a half months. Don’t make a mistake that takes five years and four months to correct. One of you might not be able to survive.”

“I love you and I want the best for you both.”

“Honey, this is my long awaited Ozzie.” Now Kare-Ann had her man she was supposed to be with. A tall muscular brown skinned man walked by her side with three gold stars on each shoulder. Ozzie is a Lieutenant General who’s been away for the last thirty-one years since they first met.

After service, Willie had a talk with her Dad like every other Sunday, then got in his car and left. Shelby felt sad, forgotten as he didn’t even kiss her before he left. Several of the women who knew Shelby, wanted to see her ring. As Kare-Ann and Ozzie were leaving, she popped the teenager on the butt with her hand hard enough that most everyone heard the sound.

Jessica and Ted stopped for just a moment, “Your parents are to drop you up on the Hill, so you and Willie can have lunch and spend the afternoon together. He and Marcos have to leave about four for their first meeting in China. Susie will be able to give you a ride home, as your Mom and Dad need some time alone. Maybe you could spend the night with her in their apartment. I know she’s dying to show the place to you.” Jessica was just bubbling with ideas.

Hugging and Kissing

Hugging and Kissing

“Here’s an idea, why don’t the two of you take off at three PM on Tuesday, she can take you over to Ava to take your Driver’s Test? Ask her, just do not let her speed in that car. You both have responsibilities that come with your changing lives.”

Susie and Marcos had said they were going to grab a pizza on their way home.

The Wilsons were standing nearby, waiting for the Sanders couple to leave. “Shelby, can we talk to you for just a few?” Charlotte and George were holding each others hand.

George spoke first, “Shelby, I’m sorry for being so stupid and rude to you. I got too big for my hat and Ted had warned me there could be consequences for my actions.”

“We’d like to Thank you for being a friend to our daughter, Susie’s never had a relationship before. Charlotte and I hope she don’t get her heart broke with this Marcos.”

Hard to imagine in Cedarville

Hard to imagine in Cedarville

Shelby interrupted his train of thought: “Mrs Wilson, didn’t Susie ask you to come over to her apartment and cook supper? You both need to see the place, but do not tell your friends about what you’ll see. They’ll think you’re crazy, you get a different view from the inside than on the outside. There’ll be four of us, I’ll be there too. I’m spending the night with Susie.”

That afternoon everything went off as planned and the men flew out at four PM. Then Susie asked her friend to spend the night, the massive apartment would be scary if she was alone.

Thinking back over the years of WAITING…

Shelby Gore was NOT born to be Average …

She had one purpose in being, to complete two Eternal Lives… First time she really noticed him, she was only NINE, but her heart jumped and her stomach quivered. The young woman he was with was so beautiful, for the first time Shelby had felt Jealousy swell up inside her body.

This 12 year old was HOT!

This 12 year old was HOT!

By age twelve, she’d done most every high school boy worth her time. Her reputation developed FAST, she was a one time wonder. If you got one date you should feel very LUCKY, but she did NOT develop into any relationships. The boys ALL wondered what they did to turn her OFF? NO ONE knew her goal was just to get practice… Hone her womanly talents to be the BEST LOVER she could possibly be.

There was only one man she could ever be truly happy with, but he was OLDER, how much older, she didn’t really care. He came to town when she was nine… William L. Johnson was her Dad’s boss at the Steel Plant, the young brunette he was always with was Kare-Ann Young the Assistant Manager. They drove matching Caddy convertibles, then they became regulars at the same church Shelby and her family attended. Every Sunday after services, Willie and her Dad would be talking for quite some time. Kare-Ann would make it a point to come over to the girl and start their own conversation, “How is school? Do you have a boyfriend? Hear you and your Mom enjoy using the swimming pools at our complex. Nice to be able to go somewhere you can swim and relax enjoying nature to the fullest.”

Jodie Meyer

Jodie Meyer

Shocked, Shelby was starting to wonder how much this woman knew? “You and Willie live up on The Hill? I thought that’s where the Sanders family live?”

Jessica Sanders

Jessica Sanders

Jessica and Jodie were the two women who came over to visit with Marcella and Shelby once a month as long as she can remember. They go over stuff on the computer setup in the basement office area with Marcella and discuss how things are going with her. Sometimes they take off their clothes and the four of us hop in the hot tub talking and relaxing. I can ask them anything and they give me an honest answer just like talking to Moma.

“Yeah, they’ve lived up there since long before Willie and I moved here. They take care of business and legal matters for Willie’s business partner.” the sharply dressed brunette had explained. “If there’s ever anything you need or want, just ask.”

Most everything continued about the same, Shelby went to school, kept up her straight-A grade average and building her growing portfolio of broken hearted boys. Two or so times each week Moma would have her walk down to Young’s Home Center for groceries and anything else they might be running low on.



Shelby Gore gave the old men in the Town Square park something to talk about with her short shorts and small tops. Old men love young women with little to cover anything they need to cover, but some days she’d stop and talk with them and accidentally let one of her amazing girls show. Nice sized tits were put on a girl’s chest for only one reason: to INSPIRE the on-lookers. When you’ve got it, FLAUNT IT!

Age 12, pass for 18

There’d been one occasion when Kare-Ann had lost her temper with her young friend. When you are trying your BEST to satisfy your partner and all he can talk about is another woman, it can cook anyone’s goat. She’d been with Willie Johnson for thirty-one years since she signed the papers for the betrothal to Lieutenant General Ozzie Ormand. Willie was also betrothed to someone and BIG changes were about to happen for them both.

Kare-Ann & Shelby kept talking after church, just NOT at the store, but the clerks would add something extra to her bag most every-week.

Willie came with her parents to Shelby’s 8th Grade graduation, Kare-Ann later said she was too busy to attend.

Marcella and her daughter were up at the Sanders’ using the pool and other facilities many days during the summer of 1987 like most days since she turned seven. At the annual company picnic July Fourth weekend, Shelby was on Willie’s sand-lot volleyball team and like the last few years they won. While everyone was jumping up and down, women were giving Willie kisses and not to be out done, Shelby threw her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist when she kissed him. He pushed her back and told her “Not now, Not at this time. We can’t.”

She was His reason coming to Cedarville

She was His reason coming to Cedarville

The following Monday when Shelby was buying groceries, she got called to the office. When she entered the door, Kare-Ann told her to close it, then: “YOU stupid piece of JAIL-BAIT! Do you not know anything about the age of consent and what can happen to any grown man caught with a fifteen year old?”

Shelby corrected her: “Fourteen!”

“Screw it! Keep yourself OFF of Willie, we do NOT need that kind of trouble. YOU are a Slut and most of the people in this town know your reputation Don’t come in my office again, if we need to talk, we’ll talk after church. As for you and Willie, BACK OFF! You’ll get what you want, but do NOT upset the applecart. Things take time and you need to get your desires under control. When you are going for a swim and you see Willie, do NOT go near him! Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Shelby was thinking really FAST: “I can still buy groceries here? …and use the pharmacy?” I wonder what she’d say if she knew about…

Kare-Ann could read her mind: “Young lady, there isn’t anything you’ve ever done that I do not already know about. Your hot tub parties, where you threw down a blanket in the backyard and what goes on at school. YOU need to cool it, talk to your Mom and Dad and listen to their input. Okay?”

Mom looking her BEST

Mom looking her BEST

Trying to make changes in your lifestyle does NOT come easy, but she’d get up early at least a couple mornings every week to help her Mom fix breakfast for the family. Saturday and Sunday, she’d fix their breakfast by herself with no help. Boys were a harder problem, maybe she could just ask one over for Friday and Saturday nights? The more she thought on the subject, she started talking to her friends Jessie and Jodie… who told her almost word for word what Kare-Ann had said.

Shelby designed Cedarvilles

Shelby designed Cedarville’s

Her Freshman Year at Cedarville High seemed to drag on forever. The other cheerleaders were pretty pissed, they were NOT invited over for the weekend hot tub parties, so all they could do was find some place to park. It didn’t take long for new and bigger stories to spread, these girls were no longer her friends.

At the end of an important football game, the girls showed off their pyramid formation with Shelby at the top. One of the girls lost her footing sending the show-off slut to the ground. Shelby had read their minds and realized what was being planned, they hoped she’d break a leg or maybe even her back. Surprise! when things started to collapse, she did a double somersault landing on her feet, sliding down into a split with her arms raised in victory and a smile on her face. The crowd all came to their feet with an extended round of applause for Shelby’s spectacular finish.

Now it was mid-April, Her Freshman year was finally coming to an end with only Susie Wilson still speaking to Shelby. Their men sure made a difference in their way of thinking. Willie and Marcos would leave every Sunday afternoon and return some time Friday evening, usually by the time the two girls got home from school. Shelby spent Friday night on the Hill with the Love of her young Life, running, horseback riding, golf or tennis with lots of time spent swimming. That’s what filled their time when they were not hugging and kissing.

As for Susie and Marcos, Friday evening was spent up on the Hill with their friends, late night dinner for four, then head back to their own apartment on West Main Street. Not a lot of sleep, but the smoothies and very large coffees got them up and going. There was always a trip to some exciting far away place: Giza Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, the city of St Petersburg, shopping in Paris or walking the streets of Nashville before going to the Grand Ole Opry. Always be ontime for Church Sunday morning sitting in the seat next to her parents.

Shelby fit and healthy

Shelby fit and healthy

Shelby could drive herself home after a long Saturday night, now that she had a driver’s licence. Kare-Ann had given her the `89 Cadillac Allante she’d only driven for a short time.

Willie and Shelby were both extremely careful to keep their promises to his father Michael, because neither wanted to consider five years and four months. Just being able to hold each other, to sit together at church and spend their time in each others arms up here on the Hill. The last Friday night of her Freshman year of school they walked and held hands for the mile and a half trail through the woods down to the little lake. Seated themselves on a large limestone rock where she’d brought Susie a month earlier to talk. Now, she and Willie were sitting here on this same rock with lots to talk about. When could they get married? Where could they go on their first real date? How soon could they start having sex, Real SEX? Would she lose her mind in the meantime from the stress of waiting?

It was reassuring to have Shelby’s man holding her in his arms, kissing her and telling her that he loved her. Willie had waited one thousand years for Shelby Gore and nothing was going to mess with their future together. Together they had many projects to complete, things he could not do alone or with anyone else. Willie would be leaving the position of plant manager, turning those duties over to Gus Gore, Shelby’s dad. William L. Johnson will be taking a more active roll in growing their business, now that his business partner will be moving out of the Trust that has managed company practices. “Together we will travel not just the bounds of Earth, but also the entire Universe.”

Shelby thought for a moment, if she was reading his thoughts correctly, he meant she was that business partner: “Willie, am I the partner in Trust that the Sanders trio have been representing since…”

Willie waited 1000 years for...

Willie waited 1000 years for…

Willie answered: “That’s You Doll, and I’m quite sure you will enjoy taking an active roll in our business. Your Dad and Mom have helped you learn much about this business, you have completed both your first degree in Business Management and Advanced Construction Engineering. These will be most helpful as you learn about the products we produce and our growing market share. I want to take you out to the plant here to meet some of our employees as soon as let’s say a week from Monday. That will be your Dad’s first day as the new Plant Manager.”

“Willie, you know we can’t do any such thing. We’ve promised to not be seen together outside this compound except at church on Sundays. Right?” she inquired. Maybe he knew something she didn’t?

“Problem solved, the plant is actually part of this complex. We’re connected by underground tunnels wide enough for something like a golf-cart. Doll, You are just as important to me as I am to you. Shelby, you’ve only had to wait a little over sixteen years, where I’ve been waiting for you as a partner for one thousand years.” Willie assured her.

“Shelby loved being cuddled in tight against her man, but she felt something slithering across her bare leg and was receiving a strange little message she’d heard several times before. She reached her hand out and the large cottonmouth snake rubbed his chin against her hand. “Hi Claude, what you doing out this time of night? Shouldn’t you be in with your family?” she asked of the snake she’d met in the cave about three years ago. Tonight he seemed to be sad.

“Shelby, our babies are all gone, pigs got them.” the snake told her by his thoughts.

Willie could tell what she was doing and did not interfere. “Willie are there pigs around here?” she asked.

“Yeah, the Milsap brothers across the fence are raising feeder pigs as a 4-H project. Their fenced in pen is maybe a quarter mile to the east.” he explained.

Shelby thought for a minute, “Claude, where is your companion Clare-dean?”

She was afraid of the answer she might hear, “She’s laying next to the fence, the pigs hurt her bad. I don’t think she’s going to be able to come back. She’s really quiet, can you see if there’s something you can do?”

Shelby and Willie walked through the dark to the fence, there they found the lifeless Clare-dean: “I’m sorry Claude, she’s gone.” the old snake reared back to strike, but he struck at a nearby rock really hard. The snake had killed himself, unable to go on with his existence without his partner.

Melon knew Shelby well

Melon knew Shelby well

The snake’s lifeless body squirmed and moved but there was no life left in its body. Shelby picked up what had been her friend Claude, then kissed his smashed head. “Willie, he didn’t have to do that. He even got along good with Susie and Melon would come down here to visit with those two snakes.” Shelby shook her head, there’d been times when these snakes and Melon were the only ones she could talk to. At this time she could hear a horse running at full speed toward where she was at.

Her horse Melon was crying when she arrived, “Shelby, is Claude and his whole family all dead? Why, they were my friends… YOU have not been around much lately like in the past. Do you not like me like you used to? Am I just getting in your way?” the horse was exceedingly SAD…

“Melon, you know I love you…” she said holding the horse’s head against her own face and rubbing the other side of Melon’s head. “I found Susie out in the tackroom by herself, she said I shouldn’t bother you. You’re trying to build a relationship with Willie.”

Willie walked over to where Shelby and her horse were standing. “Hey you two, I’ve got one of our grounds people coming down on his horse with a shovel. He’s going to bury the snakes and he’s bringing my horse with him so we can go for a late night ride.”

“I told Marcos and Susie to go ahead and eat, then call it a night and head home. Tomorrow is her Graduation ceremony in the evening at the school. They’ll ride with us in our company limousine and afterward we’ll come back here and we can fly over to Carter Castle for dinner. T-era and the General want to meet you. My father is hosting the dinner for Marcos and Susie.”

P.S.L. Holdings LTD Limo

P.S.L. Holdings LTD Limo

Shelby couldn’t see Willie’s face real clear, but she could make out a grin. She sure hoped he wasn’t going to blow their future out of the water. “Girl, the Old Man owes me some favors, I am his only son. Back in 1902 I traded him four gorgeous young women for just one in return. You’ve met just two, but get all four together and they can drive a man crazy. It’s non-stop bickering, that is unless they are playing golf.”

“Ruby and Sapphire design PGA-style courses, they designed the one we have here on the Hill. They’ve built pyramids all over the Universe, which are large scale power self-generators that use NO fuel.”

Oh YEAH, I forgot to tell you… WE have to meet those two out at the plant at nine AM in the morning. They’re bringing in some new computers for Marcos to use in his Engineering work. My father said for you not to touch them, they are some of his artificial intelligence units.”

“Jodie and Jessie have a complete office setup, up here on the Hill for you and I to use. Next weekend when you get out of school, we can spend more time together. I’ll help you get ready for the G.E.D. Test. We’ll play golf, tennis, swim, do two daily runs plus study company and family history.” he was saying as the grounds keeper showed up. Shelby held the reins for his horse as Melon exchanged little nothings with the other horse.

With the snakes properly buried, Shelby and Willie rode off to the South along the edge of the lake. Continuing along the outer limits of their property until they came to the horse pasture. “Shelby, Melon has something to show you, just let her run.” the two horses took off at a dead run toward the pasture fence. Then both horses jumped higher than she ever thought a horse could jump, clearing the top of their six-foot fence by at least three feet and landing smoothly.

Slowly, Shelby was learning to follow whatever Willie might suggest. Deep down inside she knew she could completely trust him, he’d only do what was in their best interest. Riding back up to the stables, a young woman ran out to take their horses. Shelby told Melon bye and it might be a couple days before they could go for another ride, but she’d be back soon.

their bedroom

their bedroom

After a large salad, they hit the shower in their quarters and jumped into bed. Every night their bed had a different color of satin sheets, tonight they were emerald green. Shelby had one problem, what do you call a house that isn’t a castle, but goes on for hundreds of feet in every direction?

The elevator took them down over one hundred feet into limestone bedrock to the tunnel lined with offset large stone blocks. It was just like she’d seen in history books showing ancient stone buildings, the ride only took a few moments. They stopped at another elevator, this one took them up into Willie’s office at the Steel Plant.

Just like Susie had said her father had described one wall, it was a large montage of photos of Shelby since she was a baby. She and Willie were standing in the center picture, taken the night they first made personal contact. “Willie, in case you didn’t hear me earlier, I LOVE YOU!

“Shelby Gore, I LOVE YOU even more.” Willie reiterated as he stood behind her holding her breasts and sliding her nipple bars from side to side through the thin cloth of her short T-shirt top.

“Hey You Two, where you want us to leave this stuff?” it was Sapphire with Ruby pulling and pushing a pallet-jack with a pallet loaded with computer equipment.

Willie directed the girls into another office already setup for Marcos’ computers. Every piece had a spot made just for that piece. “Shelby, go on out through the plant to the storage lot outback. Michael’s in our transport and wants to talk with you.”

It looked to be a mile across

It looked to be a mile across

Shelby hesitated for a few moments, thinking what is Willie’s father doing here in Cedarville? But she headed out as instructed, going through the plant toward a large door she could see in the distance. Outside looked darker than usual for this time of day and she could see lights flashing as she neared the giant roll-up industrial door.

Outside, the area was shadowed like with a giant cloud hanging very low overhead, then she saw a sight she was NOT ready to see.

Her Dad had never told Shelby how steel coils from South America were delivered each night to the Cedarville plant. His ability to keep secrets was part of the reason he’d soon be the new Plant Manager. Above was…

Willie's father Michael

Willie’s father Michael

Shelby discovered she was standing in a large room filled with electronics, comfortable chairs and couches upholstered in what looked like extremely soft white leather. There sits the seven foot tall Michael Carter, Willie’s father. “Shelby, have a seat here so we can talk.” pointing to a nearby seat.

“Yes Sir, have I done something wrong?” Shelby was concerned as her future could be about to fall apart. What had she done? They’d tried to control their desires.

“You and Willie have showed good self-control, which several believe should be rewarded. Willie is my only son, together you two have a great future. You and Willie have mutual business interests that both of you need to address. Public Relations are important to your business and your millions of employees here on Earth and elsewhere. Marcos, your parents, Willie and the four girls have all told me I got off to a bad start with my future daughter-in-law. So, I’m asking you to be willing to start off with me a fresh.”

“Mr. Carter, Willie and I are trying to build a relationship without breaking any of your rules. I’m sorry if I did something you feel was a violation?” she was nervous.

“Relax, we are here to discuss what is needed from you two. Tonight you will be attending the Cedarville High Graduation ceremony with Willie by your side. You’ll be announcing the PSL Holdings Scholarship program expansion to the audience. Willie will give you the details. After the ceremonies, you and Willie will bring Marcos and Susie over to the Castle for a late dinner. Diamond and Emerald want to meet you and let you know we all want to be your expanded family. Su and Mel, your birth parents want you to know they are very proud of you as their daughter. The Gores are there everyday to give you the support you need daily.”

“See you tonight Sweetheart…” and Shelby found herself back in Willie’s office with her Dad now there as was Marcos and Susie.

She went to her Dad and gave him a hug, “How’s Mom?” she inquired.

“Getting ready for the Graduation tonight and the dinner after. Willie says you two will be attending together and making the Scholarship announcement. Others are making the same announcement at our other locations, all having graduations tonight. Glad to hear you two can finally start appearing in public as a couple.” Gus answered his daughter.

Shelby had help to look this good

Shelby had help to look this good

Back up on the Hill, Shelby found her Moma laying by the pool where they went for a swim. Then she met up with Willie to go for a two mile run, then a game of golf and a short visit with her horse Melon.

A shower, then a stylist came in to help with her hair and make sure she was wearing the right short original dress for the occasion. Hand in hand to the waiting limo and heading for the school. Shelby could handle making her speech as long as she had her Willie standing next to her.

Students and parents stopped and stared as the long white Excalibur limousine parked along the school sidewalk. There also was their Security escorts up front and in back. The driver got out and opened the doors for the passengers to disembark from their chariot for the evening.

Willie walked just to the rear of his fiancee as they entered the auditorium, where they were met by the High School Principal and Superintendent. “I’m so glad you have chosen this night to make your announcement. This is a wonderful opportunity for our graduates to further their education. We’ll have you both come to the stage early in our scheduled activities.” the Principal explained.

Shelby thanked the man she knew well, Willie nodded his approval.

The Evening’s program began with a prayer for the blessings of our God to go with graduates and each one there. Reverend Tompkins, pastor of the Community of Christ church delivered well.

Then it was time for something Special as the Principal announced: “Tonight we have some special guests who would like to take a few moments to make an announcement that affects the futures of our graduates tonight and for the foreseeable future. William Johnson of Cedarville Steel and his business partner Shelby Gore.”

“Good Evening, I’m William L. Johnson, one of the two Chief Executive Officers of PSL Holdings LTD, Bogota, Colombia, South America. I’m here with my full business partner and Co-CEO Miss Shelby Gore. She’s been represented by the three Trustees of her holdings within our company, Colonels Ted Sanders, the acting President of PSL and his gorgeous wives Jessica Sanders and Jodie Meyer. Shelby, would you please take over and make our announcement.”

“Good Evening, Hi! I believe most everyone here knows me. I’d like to thank our Principal and other members of the Cedarville School System for this opportunity.” Shelby started to say.

“Tonight, several of the graduates have already received confirmation of both their full scholarships from PSL Holdings and their college acceptance letters. In the past these scholarships were only available to employees and their families. Tonight we are announcing that all graduates with a GPA of three point seven-five can apply this Monday and our HR department will get you placed in the college you want to attend, or an alternative college of your choice. This applies to past graduates of the last three years, also the graduates in Simple City, Mtn High and Marshland where we own plants.”

“Several graduates have not attained the 3.75 GPA upon graduation, don’t feel left out. You can apply for training at our Vocational Training Center at Mtn. High. These are all full-ride scholarships, but we do have one stipulation. We want you to apply for employment at one of our facilities upon graduation. PSL is the highest paying employer in this or most other states. Our company also owns facilities in many other countries where we are always needing well educated personnel.”

Dressed to look GOOD

Dressed to look GOOD

“Excuse me, Marcos Delphene is the new Chief Metallurgical Engineer for PSL worldwide. He is working out of Cedarville, maybe that’s because he fell in love with a member of this graduating class. Anyway because of this man, the Engineering Department here at our Cedarville Steel Plant is being expanded. New computer technology developed by this friend of ours was brought here to our plant today.”

“That means more high paying jobs here in Cedarville and we are looking at ways to make more new quality housing available here also.”

“Got anything else to add Willie? Marcos? Guess that’s it. Congratulations to ALL Cedarville High Graduates!” Willie and Shelby left the stage. Scheduled activities resumed all the way through the closing prayer.

Stopping just outside the entry to the auditorium, Susie removed her cap and gown. Underneath she wore a cranberry-lace, longer dress, with bare shoulders and long sleeves. Marcos was waiting nearby and headed over to escort her to the waiting limo, but someone else was also waiting.

“Hey cheerleader, you coming to the party?” it was her former boyfriend and the guy who knew what she’d done.

“NO! …I’m not going to your party. I don’t even want to talk to you. We’ve been over for months. I’ve got friends who care about me and you are not going to mess me up.” Susie was surprised by this guy’s actions. “What the hell do you think you’re doing! OUCH!” Susie could feel something sharp poking her side.

“Susie, we want you to come with us. The guy you came with is too old for you. This is our last Saturday night to PARTY!” Now there were two boys holding her arms guiding her toward another exit.

Sometimes you gotta Kick Ass

Sometimes you gotta Kick Ass

Thoughts were filling the teen girl’s mind, she had everything going her way and now these so-called former friends were going to mess up her entire future. Suddenly Susie felt a burst of extra energy, she dropped to the floor causing the two boys to stumble and lose their hold on her arms. Being about a foot shorter than the six-foot senior boys was an advantage which she put to use. Doing a backflip, she landed on her feet throwing her captors into a pile with several senior girls underneath. “I said I’m NOT going to your damn Party! Be glad I handled the matter, cause my friends are a lot bigger than me. If they had thought I couldn’t handle myself, you could be having trouble getting up.”

OH, Marcos is not too old for me, he has a good job and we love to travel. I think he’s the perfect man for me!” reaching out to take the hand of the man she was hoping to spend many years with. Susie Wilson did have a couple questions for Marcos though.

He pulled Susie’s cute five-foot body up tight against his much taller frame, hugging the little brunette tight, he gave her a kiss. “Young Lady, you had good control all through the episode. I’m proud of how well you handled yourself.” Marcos picked his darling girl up and set her on his right shoulder, holding her securely to carry her to the Limo.

After a Shower

After a Shower

“Think I could take a shower and change before we go to dinner?” Susie asked, knowing now she did not look her best.

Let’s get in the car, we’ll take our transport to Mtn High and you can shower onboard. I have several changes of clothes for you in our quarters.” he said opening the limo door for his lady. This was going to be a night she would remember forever.

“Darn, this guy is almost too good to believe he’s for real.” Susie was thinking.

“Okay Miss Susie Wilson, soon to be a graduate of Cedarville High. Everyone of those bums were people who used to come over to the house every weekend. When things start to get good, there always has to be someone to throw mud on the party. There’ve been many times over the last few years when my horse Melon was the only one I could talk to. Just remember anytime that Marcos is not around, you can call on me. I mean it, don’t worry about the time, Willie and my parents will understand.” Shelby was saying as they got up on the Hill.

Shelby did wonder why Michael had said, the dinner was in honor of Susie, Yeah she is graduating this weekend and Marcos is very important to the company as a whole. Shelby was getting mixed signals from the two Carter Girls she’d already met and tonight the other two were to be present. What if these two do not like me?

“Shelby, YOU are family and one of these days we’ll be getting married and that’s FOREVER. There’s nothing for you to be worrying your cute head over. We had quite a talk last night, don’t you remember?” he was hugging her real tight as they made their way from the limo to the small T-3.3 craft. “The girls are all on your side, they will not try to stab you in the back. You’re FAMILY and that was finalized a thousand years ago. Tonight is going to be, let’s say educational for everyone coming to dinner. Your parents are here, and we are ALL friends. Just stand with me, don’t go wandering off when we get in the castle.” Willie had something up his sleeve.

Susie and Marcos went off down a hallway to get her showered and changed. Then they were back and it was time to head outside, the white dress really showed off Susie’s tan, but in a discrete sort of way. Susie was nervous, she realized this night was important to her future.

Outside the craft, four gorgeous oriental looking women were waiting for their guests, the one introduced as Emerald seemed preoccupied and distant.

Diamond was Hosting

Diamond was Hosting




“Hey Blondie, I’m Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire have told us all about how you’ve brain-washed poor Willie. This sad, with-drawn person here is Emerald, she’s having a rough night. Things you do come back and bite you when you are not expecting.”

“Would you be a sweetheart and introduce Emerald to this Susie person, so the rest of us can get on with our evening?” the young woman in a black sequin covered mini-dress was saying.

Susie, come here!” if Shelby was reading the young woman introduced as Emerald right, OH MY GOD this was going to be a game changer. As the two spoke to each other for the first time, Shelby added, “You two can catch up with us inside.”

Willie saw what was happening, reached for his woman’s arm and guided her over to the rest of the group. “Let’s leave them alone, they’ll figure it out.”

Emerald could not restrain herself any longer, she grabbed Susie with both arms and hugged her really tight… “I love you Susie Wilson!

round stone table

round stone table

Susie hugged the other woman tightly too, exclaiming: “Mother?” with a question in her voice. Ever since Marcos that first night had made the Wilsons admit she was adopted. Susie knew she’d find out sooner or later, but now here she was with the woman who’d bought her into this world. “Until about a month ago, I did not know I was adopted.”

perfectly proportioned

perfectly proportioned

Shelby, her parents, Willie and Marcos accompanied the three ladies in a tram shuttle to deep inside the castle. It was a small eating area with a large round stone table plenty big enough for all to be seated comfortably in french-style wooden armed chairs.

At the table sat Michael waiting for his guests to arrive. “Shelby, have you got something to say to me?” he asked.

“Yeah, Willie’s never given me a hint that he had any siblings, but that’s why you wanted us all to be at the Commencement Program tonight. Whoever and whatever THANKS for getting Susie and I back to where we can be friends.” Michael’s future daughter-in-law was explaining when the other two women came into the room.

Emerald came into the room holding Susie’s hand, both women looked very happy. “Michael, this is Susie Wilson, our daughter has matured beautifully.”

“Susie, your mother and I have been desiring to meet you. Thanks for coming tonight. Marcos has told us many things about what a beautiful young woman you are. We are glad you approve of our choice of a man for you to build your future with. We ALL love you; Emerald may have given birth to you, but the other three all will do anything you need us to do at anytime. Right Girls?” by this time Susie had run over to where her father was sitting and jumped up on his lap, threw her arms around his neck and gave him a big hug and kiss.

“I love Emerald, and I love you father and Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby I’ll get to know all of you. From this point forward I’ll try to make you proud of me.” Susie was so beside herself, she hardly knew where she was at. First the fight at the school, then meeting people claiming to be her birth parents. With Marcos she was well provided for as long as she kept him happy, but still the dollar signs were clicking in her head.

“I guess I better go sit down so everyone can be served dinner. Do you live here all the time or how will I know when to come to visit?” questions were passing through her young mind at an incredible rate.

Michael let her slip off his lap, but held on to one of her hands. “How much do you know about who or what I am?” reading her mind as a total blank of useful information.

“Just that Emerald called you Michael, then Shelby told me you are Willie’s father. So, I’m Willie’s sister? This is Carter Island, but Willie’s last name is Johnson… Guess I really do NOT know much at all about any of you people. I’ve heard of an Old Man Carter, is he my grandfather?” Susie was thinking maybe she’d better go sit down and let somebody explain what?

Wonders of the Universe

Wonders of the Universe

“Susie, this is the second visit we’ve made to this home in the last century. We do come to Missouri more often, but those visits are to Diamond’s Resort up on the Lake of the Ozarks. She and the other girls like to show off their Golf skills at least once a year. We drop a yacht into the Lake to hold private meetings. In mid-July we’ll be there for a few days, then Ruby will stay with Diamond for a couple months.”

“I’m known by many here on Earth as Old Man Carter, some as Michael the Archangel, or the Ruler of many Galaxies throughout the Universe.”

“Yahweh the Prime Creator God of the Universe rewarded my total service during the War of the Planets. No one wants to see anything like that ever again, so we’ve made some changes elsewhere. Earth is still a rebel world unable to control it’s people.”

“But father, how will I ever get to see you and Emerald? I’d like for us to have a relationship so I can get to know you and the other girls too.” Susie was at a loss for words to explain her feelings toward the new parents she’d just met tonight.

Emerald was ready to take her turn for explaining: “Honey, we can be reached through Marcos and with help from T-era, General Emerson’s companion here in Mtn. High. Our computers can put you in instant contact with us at any time. You do realize Marcos is your partner in all things? He can also bring you to us if the need ever arises. He knew much about you long before he got to meet you in person. He loves your hot little spirit which makes you able to adapt to any situation instantly. You will learn to control your emotions with more than just your sexual ability.”

“Marcos is going to need your assistance running his part of the business. I’m going to suggest that you take several college level courses online using the computers Marcos has setup for you to use. Try that for the next year, instead of going to college in Springfield this autumn. That way you can travel with Marcos and neither of you have to spend your nights alone. Learn to be friends, not just sex partners. You two can have a long future together, just learn to be there for each other. God has a lot of work for you to do.”

Similar to Marcos' place on EX-ES

Similar to Marcos’ place on EX-ES

Michael, that is not what we discussed, I have the home in the Zana-Con-D-I-A Galaxy, on the planet EX-ES. Susie is a Princes and needs to be educated for that lifestyle. The University there will welcome her for who she is. I can take her up there and spend a month getting her acquainted. Then she and I can meet at the monthly Intergalactic Council meetings. Any time she needs anything, I’m only eight to ten hours away. On holidays she can come back to Earth or anywhere you might want to meet up with us. Then in two or three years, Willie and I can swap off a month here and there. Susie and I can travel together full-time and she’ll have a very in depth education that she’s going to need for our future. My staff on EX-ES will be there to take care of her every need.” Marcos explained trying to cover what the young woman would need to know about her future. Maybe he’d spoken too quickly, or covered something that did not need to be?

The staff was serving the dinner meal, Michael said a prayer for God’s Blessings on all those present. Shelby was glad to see there was plenty to choose from, for she was really hungry. Lunch had been a long time ago, she and Willie had emptied two bowls of seafood and cheese dip. The chips and crackers had run low a couple times, but were quickly refilled. Billionaires do usually serve great food, at least Willie and his friends seem to.

down the passageway

down the passageway

All through Michael and Marcos’ discussion of Susie’s future, the little five foot tall teenager was having bad ideas of what is to come her way. Susie was not eating, she was crying inside trying not to let it show on the outside. Her fears were bound to come to the surface…

Hell with the whole bunch of you people!” she shouted.

“I’m going to college in Springfield this August.” she announced as her temper was just beginning to show. Her white leather clutch purse came open as she grabbed the Mercedes keys out and threw them at Marcos hitting him on the neck.

“Shove the cute little car up your ass. Monday, my dad will transfer the money out of my account back into yours, I’ve only filled up the car a few times. Nothing else! Here’s the credit card, returned unused. I’m keeping this cute white dress I’m wearing.” Susie exclaimed turning over her chair as she headed toward the nearest doorway. Not really caring where the passageway led, she just wanted to run. Her worst fears, her future was history and the man she was falling in love with forever was just blown out of the water. Her BIG FEAR was even scarier, it had been there ALL of her life.

Shelby jumped to her feet running after her friend, they’d gotten extremely close over the last month. She knew exactly what was driving Susie over the edge, they just needed to talk and right this instant. No hesitation, she entered the same passageway where she’d seen her friend disappear. Ahead a few hundred feet there was Susie sitting on the stone floor crying.

Willie started to explain why Susie had blown a gasket, “She has this fear of being left alone, being somewhere she can’t ever return from, like when you are dreaming and you are running, but going nowhere. Driving a sports car that turns into a cardboard box. Shelby has stayed with Susie every night Marcos has been out of town. The thought of being across the Universe from Earth, not just in another country, is more than she can process.”

“She does love you Marcos, but she’ll throw your future together in the trash can. Susie is scared out of her mind. Let Susie be with you, studying online would be much better for both of you than dumping her into her worst fear.”

Susie Loves You

Susie Loves You

“Susie is cute, cuddly and if you really want to be with her… Go find her and tell her that you were wrong in suggesting she should go to college on the planet EX-ES in the Zana-Con-D-I-A Galaxy.”

“If I was you, I’d hurry to her side and tell her you were wrong. That you want her with you full-time and she will NOT be going anywhere without you there by her side. Tell her that you love her, really love her. Hold her tight.” Willie knew Earth women can be very fragile from his experience with both Rochelle and Kare-Ann, but they learned the power needed to cross over to the immortal side of life.

Shelby was just tough, having spent her time up on the Hill. Susie never had the training from parents willing to care that much. Also, Shelby had her horse Melon since she was seven and she had been forced to take action at a very early age, four years of age she took her first human life and never looked back. What you have to do to protect others, takes immediate action, like when she was twelve in the City Square Park. Then recently with the would-be kidnappers, which also led her and Susie back together as friends.

Marcos had to make his move fast or he’d lose the only woman he’d really known within the last hundred years. He’d misread what would make her happy, he should have asked her in private what she wanted to do. Would she be willing to give him another try?

It was another Sunday morning, everyone who’d spent the night at Carter Castle were up early. Marcos and Susie had spent most all night talking about having a future together. Michael and Emerald listened as their daughter outlined what she wanted from her life in the years to come. She told them that she wanted to go on a journey with them when they would come back to Earth in Mid July. In the meantime she’d spend much of her time on the computers and working out with Shelby on the kettle-bells.

Today, everyone got to church a little ahead of the crowd, the Gores came from their new home up on the Hill. They all rode with Willie and Shelby in the big limo, this way they could all have lunch together before the High School Graduation that afternoon.

Jodie videoed the whole ceremony to be transmitted to the Carter Transport billions of light-years away from Cedarville.