Pyramids – are a Hoax!

PYRAMIDS exist on ALL contenents

Before the FLOOD and still here today...

Before the FLOOD and still here today…

ALL pyramids are aimed toward the exact same place in SPACE. Simple math proves the Egyptians could NOT have built these structures.

The so-called experts who write the History books on Ancient Egypt, ALL admit they have nothing to base their opinions on. There is NO written texts telling how anything was done. They have just decided to tell everyone that the pyramids are tombs of their pharaohs.

The Great Pyramid was built in 20 years with nothing to explain how it was able to be done. At least 2.3 Million blocks of granite Stone shaped and placed at a rate of 13.1 stones per hour 24 hours each day for 20 years. These stones had to be quarried, transported seven hundred kilometers (500 miles) down stream, individually cut to within 1/100 inch tolerance and placed exactly to form the not four, but eight sides of the Great Pyramid.

Slaves could NOT have built something this technologically advanced. The Sphinx (Stone Kitty) was built first, then the three pyramids aligned with the eyes of the Great Sphinx of Giza which is totally backwards to what Egyptians want you to believe.


Secrets of the Egyptian Pyramids HD

The so-called experts will lie to you as they have NO IDEA of what they are talking about.

NOW, if you are ready to learn some necessary facts? Here is a video that will expand your mind past what the government wants you to know. What the governments are doing and will NOT admit to

The Giza Pyramids Mystery Solved / 2016 Documentary / Full Version

Published on Oct 26, 2016

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