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Santeria, VooDoo

Santeria, VooDoo

Actual face of Jesus

Actual face of Jesus

Where do YOU find your answers? Google? Bing? Yahoo? …the Bible or somewhere else? STILL you may not get the TRUE answers that pertain to your Questions. MAN has polluted much of the Reference Works available to common sources. The Theory of Evolution is based on NOTHING with any basis. DNA causes each species to reproduce in it’s own kind: Honey bees must have over 100,000 member bees in each colony or hive to support the Queen Bee. Without a Queen Bee, neither worker or drones can exist and the Queen ceases to exist. Chickens come in several different breeds, but they are still chickens and NOT ducks or turkeys. They each have two eyes, two legs and two wings and reproduce in their own kind by first laying an egg. NO EGG and you have NO CHICKEN, but without a pair of chickens (both male and female) you can NOT have one egg.

Atheists (idiots who say there is NO GOD), have carefully produced movies and TV shows. Planet of the Apes, Star Trek and the never ending saga of weird creatures known as Star Wars, each providing lots of creature toys for Walmart and Target to sell. Thus today, kids believe anything the Public Schools are trying to sell. The kids are TOO DUMB to be able to think for themselves.

Whatever the Schools think your kids should learn, this is whatever YOU MUST BE TAUGHT. This was before people in America elected Donald J Trump who took Office (Friday Jan 20, 2017).


The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation

This video is just a brief introduction to a very serious subject. There are six books listed at the end which will go much further into the subject.

The soundtrack is now available at:… and

See my interview on INFOWARS: and for more information go to:

Pleiadians are trying to HELP Earth people, but most people believe they do NOT exist: the Public Schools tell the kids there is NO GOD and they are so DUMBED DOWN, they believe what they are told. Then those kids grow up and have kids and they go to school. This is the NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO). YOU can NOT afford to live, you’ve been told that COLLEGE is a waste of time. Want to make more? Go to a Vocational Technical College and we’ll put your name in our data-base. Companies looking for poorly trained drug users can find the help they need. You’ll have to start at minimum wage, but you’ll get worthless benefits after 90 days or maybe 6 months. Find someone else in the same situation as you and share expenses. Then with a baby on the way, you can get Government Money to help pay the bills.

It’s the American way, PLUS you’ll have Education Loans to pay back like if you’d went to college. Why Worry??? Minimum Wages will be $15/hour shortly like in San Francisco, California. Workers are now guaranteed $15/hour by Governor Jerry Brown. Businesses are CLOSING because they can’t afford to pay un-skilled workers, NOW there are much fewer jobs for unskilled workers, people washing dishes and busing tables, they are ALL out of work. McDonald’s and KFC can NOT afford these wages or any of their competition. Doors are CLOSING and nothing NEW opening without COLLEGE education. Below you can READ what others are saying: You’ll find good info and some NUTS here

In 2008 the Mother Ship moved from it’s origin to a place just past Saturn. With this great planetoid (much larger than Jupiter) presence is the confirmed the presence of 144 Million Inter-Galactic capable Space Craft being relocated to this area of our Universe. Many of these craft have been known to be traveling through our Solar System for Thousands and even BILLIONS of years.

JESUS traveled to Earth from

JESUS traveled to Earth from

He’s never been just sitting on a cloud twiddling his thumbs. HE is the NUMBER 2 member of the GODHEAD with the Prime Creator GOD “Yahweh” (King James: Jehovah) and the Holy Spirit RULERS of the entire Universe. NO beginning and NO END, Eternal forever