SU-ZAlana Quantinautilous

(SU-ZQ) IS the Queen of Atlantis, wife of Melchizedek (7 ft. tall) King of Salem, High Priest to the Most High Creator GOD Yahweh the Eternal with NO beginning and NO end. As long as Earth has been represented on the Grand Council of the Universe, SU-ZQ has been that Representative. Meetings are held monthly and mandatory for all Council Members to attend. Many outsiders are granted permission to attend through a method called channeling.

This woman is beautiful, extremely intelligent and tall (6 foot 6 inches). She like her “Compatible Spirit” (husband), are in charge of ALL Pleiadians giving Glory and Honor to the ONE CREATOR GOD Yahweh.

The Tabernacle at the Heart of the City of Salem (Capital of Atlantis), has a one hour Glory and Honor service daily at 2:AM presided over by the High Priest Melchizedek. This unique structure easily seats over 10,000 people with many more attending through the use of dimensional travel. At this Tabernacle is where ALL Wedding Ceremonies are performed.

Pleiadian Weddings

Pleiadian Weddings

Nothing like a Traditional Earth Wedding in any land, weddings held in Atlantis are NOT “Until Death do Us Part”, they are for “ALL Of Eternity, for Now and FOREVER”. A man and a woman is the usual, but there have been one man and two women, even one man and four women.

A traditional Pleiadian Wedding is unlike any other service and takes long preparation on the part of the participants. The woman must climb the stairs to the alter, a task that takes extreme strength to complete the five mile climb uphill. It’s unlike running a few miles a day on flat ground. Then there’s the ceremony of Blood and Fire which takes the complete co-operation of both totally Compatible Spirits. Pleiadians do not take marriage lightly, or ever temporary.

Some couples have lived together with their longtime companions for hundreds or even thousands of years. One man lived for eighteen thousand, two hundred seventy-three years, waiting for his betrothed wife. His father had been around performing his duties, calming wars and overseeing much of this Universe for Billions of years. In 1902 he met the four women who were to become his wives in 1919. SU-ZQ acts as spiritual councilor in many of these cases.

Earth  and Beyond

Earth and Beyond

Early Years

is the story of Pleiadians and their endeavors on the planet Earth. This is NOT something talked about on the Evening News. Atlantis is in it’s own Dimension reached by entering through the portal located in the Sargasso Sea. This is why there have been so many disappearances in what many know as the Bermuda Triangle.

The Sargasso Sea is a region in the gyre in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. It is the only sea on Earth which has no coastline. A distinctive body of water with brown Sargassum seaweed and calm blue water, it is very different from the rest of the Atlantic Ocean.

This art piece shows a T-528 (5,280 foot dia.) Transport when it was over one billion years old, this same ship is still in perfect operational condition today traveling the entire Universe. SU-ZQ has one and so has Old Man Carter, complete with it’s three inch overlay of GOLD and the protective coating. These ships are powered by a Magnetic Field Surfer engine for near-planet travel at Light-speed, close in travel of 5K MPH or less within atmosphere, traveling at 62,000 foot altitude. Long-range travel is done by a process called Thought-Power, only accomplished by experienced pilots with the rank of One to Four Star General. These Pilots must have over one thousand years travel time logged as a Co-Pilot living on-board for 100-Years at a time. Navigators must have lived with their Pilots for at least 100 years. These are the requirements for flying these large crafts, capable of crossing the entire Universe in eight hours FLAT.

4-Star General USAF Curtis E LeMay

U.S.A.F. 4-Star General, Curtis E. LeMay

This Man Changed My Way of Thinking!

The General and I had several mutual friends, Charles Calame my high school principal, Louis “Andy” Anderson, Frank Farmer’s pilot and Buck Nelson. Each of these people believed in People who were traveling in Space, to and from planet Earth. These people are known throughout the Universe as the Pleiadians.

One Sunday in June 1954 these people were among 1250 eye witnesses who gathered at Buck Nelson’s farm near Mtn View, MO for a demonstration of a small personal transport craft. The craft was to be piloted by Bucky Nelson, a seventeen year old English teacher from the University on the Planet Venus.

(READ what happened that day.)

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Good Fiction:

Willie Johnson

Willie Johnson

Shelby Gore

Shelby Gore

Willie & Shelby is a story of impossible circumstances being overcome by two people willing to do whatever it takes. Her parents knew their daughter was head-strong, but did she have the strength and courage to land Willie Johnson? Willie was older, but how much older, Shelby Gore had no idea.

The man of her dreams did NOT look that old, nor did the young woman who moved to town at the same time Willie took over management of the local Steel Plant. The woman was his Assistant Manager with a PhD in Metallurgical Engineering.

They lived up on top of the Hill behind the big privacy fence, with armed guards to keep people with prying eyes out. They drove matching Cadillac convertibles, then first day in town, Kare-Ann Young bought the only Grocery Store in Cedarville. The Drug Store, Hardware Store and Auto Supply were bought soon after and moved into one large building called Young’s Home Center.

Shelby’s father worked as the night supervisor at the Cedarville Steel Plant, they all went to the same church. Was it just work, the reason her father and Willie talked every Sunday after service? While they were talking, Kare-Ann would strike up a conversation with Shelby, asking her about school and if she had a boyfriend?

One day when she was fifteen and shopping for her mother, she got called into the store office… What the owner asked, the woman must be crazy.