Two Johnson Girls

These Girls are a Little Different

These Girls are a Little Different

Back in 2001, Willie & Shelby Johnson adopted two baby Girls

Every parent wants to have Cute Kids, these two are CUTE, extremely SMART, used to total luxury and both are sixteen years old as January 1, 2017. These girls are up every morning, dressed and ready to go running three miles at 5:00 AM with their adopted parents, then shower, get dressed in their uniforms for school. By 6:30 AM be in the kitchen for the family breakfast of smoothies, coffee and nutritional aids all prepared by the staff. Willie, Shelby, Karla and Mallory must be in the Business Office at 7:00 AM sharp: the girls catch their flight from the back yard to school, Shelby gets to work in the Office while Willie heads for the Steel Plant.

This is how everything was until both girls graduated from High School at the age of twelve, both having EARNED a 4.0 G.P.A.

Two girls adopted by a wealthy family in South Missouri was the story that most people knew. Like on the Evening TV News, most people have no idea what the facts really are. Let your mind open and try to comprehend what the truth can be when you know all the FACTS. NOT everyone on this planet we call Earth are the same, the Good Guys deserve some help from time to time. This is where this Johnson family comes into play.

Back in the year 2000, William L. Johnson and his wife Shelby sent in a request for two adoptable baby girls, whose birth parents wanted them raised on Earth. This is a common practice of birth parents from all over this Universe, having their children raised by adopted parents so the kids will become accustomed to the environment where they will be living in their adult lives. Having your life planned out before you are born eliminates many problems that can be caused by the lack of planning. On every other inhabited planet throughout the entire Universe, people have learned to live in total harmony with their Creator and their fellow inhabitants. NO greed, NO jealousy and enjoy living their lives to the fullest without sickness or pain.

The two babies were delivered through a hospital in Bogota, Colombia SA. Nearly identical in circumstances as when Shelby was delivered to Gus and Marcella Gore 28 years earlier. Colonels Jessica Sanders and Jodie Meyer accompanied the new parents to be, so everything would be done in proper order. Both knew who’d be doing the babysitting, Grandma Gore was going to be very busy.

Jessica and Jodie (the Sanders wives)

Jessica and Jodie (the Sanders wives) looking Great for their ages

Shelby had one Question for her Mom: “I now have two baby girls, what do I do with them? Hey, I need your help and I need it right this instant.” she and Willie had signed the necessary documents, with the Sanders pair: Jessica and Jodie handling the details with their legal expertise. Jessica and Jodie are the two wives of Colonel Ted Sanders who is second in command of the PSL Holdings LTD steel plant production. The Sanders trio have been close friends since childhood thousands of years ago on the Planet Erra.

Since long before Shelby was born she was being provided for by these same two women. They acted as her lawyers, accountants and daily advisers anytime of the day or night she needed their help. Since the year 988 AD, when Prince William, son of Michael the Archangel met with Queen Su-ZQ and King Melchizedek at their home on Atlantis. This meeting was for the Formal Agreement to the Betrothal of their future daughter. It’s the way things are done according to the Laws of the Universe, a dowry was set up with the Sanders Trio to be the Eternal Managers. Their duties would include building her Financial Shares, then oversee the birth and help find suitable adopting parents. The little girl’s daily safety and well-being, helping out as needed until she would marry her Betrothed at age 16 (back in 1988). After this point, make sure she learned how to take over her role as to who she was born to be. Shelby and Willie are full partners with equal shares in ALL of their business holdings.

After the Wedding (July 1988), Willie devoted much of his time to assisting his new 16 year old wife, but she was a fast learner. Willie gave her support that took him away from his duties with the company, though it was plain to see that Shelby was making more money than he could have done on his own. She had some new innovation almost daily, putting to use more of the advanced technology available through Old Man Carter and his 4 Girls. Infrastructure utilities in China that would have taken the Government years to provide, were up and running in two to three months. Housing projects making use of the millions of corrugated steel shipping containers left abandoned worldwide. Expanded production of Transport spacecraft being delivered to the Pleiadians at a much faster rate with NO decrease in overall QUALITY. Shelby and Willie accompanied Queen Su-ZQ on many of her monthly trips to the Intergalactic Council meetings. Every trip brought about many mutual benefits for PSL Holdings LTD and partners based on many other planets.

After the two little girls came on the scene, travel for the Johnson family was cut back for a few years. Every Sunday the four Johnson family members were in church in Cedarville, Springfield or Lebanon with one or two early 2:00 AM morning visits to the Tabernacle on Atlantis each week. Shelby wanted her birth family ties to grow stronger.

Karla is the Perfect Blonde

Rich parents make sure Karla is the Perfect teenage Blonde

Karla took well to Private School, she and her Best Friend Mallory being flown to Mtn. High five mornings each week. This PRIVATE school is ALL about getting the students educated, holding classes 10 1/2 months each year. Parents can pull their children out of class for travel, but the students must keep their class work up to date by working online. Karla loved Science, Math and anything High Tech: from computers to space travel, both girls working together on everything they did. At ten years of age, Karla & Mallory attended their first Intergalactic Council meeting with their grandmother the Queen.

Boys were interesting, they made great adversaries in golf and tennis. Running around the track, both girls always had to stop and wait for them to catch up. Swimming, they just couldn’t stay under water for more than a minute or so. Karla & Mallory could stay down for ten or twelve minutes by the time they turned six. But boys were good for dancing, hugging and kissing and all the boy-girl stuff. Most days the two girls did their own thing, going for a run over to the Steel Plant. Other days they would run down to Young’s Home Center with their two Dobermans Sheba and Sinbad one on each side. Security is strictly maintained, the girls are out for a run always with a white bullet-proof SUV a short distance behind. NOT to protect the girls from being grabbed, but to protect anyone else from making accidental confrontational contacts with the girls. Much like their mother Shelby, the girls abilities are far beyond what ordinary humans can comprehend.

Mallory has Dark hair

Mallory is quite a Dark haired Beauty

Ever since their first trip to the Intergalactic Council, both girls soon developed something that was far more than just a casual acquaintance. There was this man their grandmother introduced as Jar-Mane, Supreme of the Galaxy of Archipelago (a Galaxy with 1474 populated planets). He was billions of years old, and a long-time friend of both their grandfathers.

Over the next couple years Jar-Mane made many trips to Earth, to pick up Blackbird Transports ordered by his Galaxy. On every trip, he stopped by Cedarville to visit the girls for a few days. Six foot-six with strong hard muscles, but his touch was gentle and his voice put their anxious minds at ease.

When the girls were twelve, having just graduated from High School, Willie and Shelby took the girls for a one month vacation to the planet Pellum, the center of Jar-Mane’s kingdom. By this time both girls had realized this man was destined to be far more than just their good friend.

Queen Su-ZQ set the girls down with Willie and Shelby over dinner at her palace home overlooking the entire kingdom of Atlantis. “Girls, many years ago, long before your mother or father were born, there was a meeting held of ALL the Archangels. The Universe was divided up into Galaxies and each was given a Ruler known as a Superior of that Galaxy. Your friend Jar-Mane, Superior of the Galaxy of Archipelago was one of the oldest to receive such a position. He had served with your grandfather Michael in the War of the Planets, which earned him special favor status. When in 1919 Michael married the four Gem Stones, Jar-Mane requested if someday he might also find someone to marry. A Betrothal was assigned and entered into by your birth parents for your futures. You are both quite fond of Jar-Mane?” Su-ZQ inquired.

Raised on Earth for a Higher Purpose

Raised on Earth for a Higher Purpose

Both girls hugged each-other and were jumping up and down in ecstatic joy: “YES, Grandmother! We had hoped this was true for us. Jar-Mane has asked us to both join his Council of Assistants, sitting next to him at all Intergalactic Council meetings. He wants us to help prepare his monthly reports to the Council, but he said we needed to have your approval and that of our parents? We can have that approval?” …they waited. That did NOT take long as they got the explanation of what their future would hold.

The next four years would hold many challenges for all those involved. The girls would both need to get a PhD in Developmental Psychology and three Engineering degrees from Universities in many parts of the Universe. None of their studies could be completed on the planet Earth. Each month they would be required to help prepare the reports to be presented to the Intergalactic Council.

Many exotic flowers

Many exotic flowers

Every month for almost four years the Johnson Girls could be found at the monthly Intergalactic Council meetings seated one on each side of their future companion. November 2016, Jar-Mane was there as usual providing large displays of exotic flowers for each girl. After the meeting concluded, he kissed them both and said he’d see them soon. The December meeting was different, the entourage was there with their completed reports for the girls to deliver before the Council. Flowers were present with a personal message, the members of the group told the girls to not be concerned, Jar-Mane would see them shortly. Every day while back in Cedarville waiting for the new year, both girls received personal daily messages from their future husband. Christmas came and still NO LIVE in-person visit from their important friend.

It was New Year’s Eve, the girls Birthday Party was ramping up with hundreds of guests already present. The live 10 piece band was keeping many on the dance floor, both girls danced with their father Willie and grandfather Gus. One of several tall clocks started to chime, joined by others throughout the residence proclaiming the MIDNIGHT hour. The girls were now officially sixteen years of age.

Suddenly, outside the house a strong light made the grounds look like day. Karla and Mallory ran outside as fast as they could get their legs to move. Looking up high into the sky hovering maybe a mile above was Jar-Mane’s T528 (5,280 ft. dia.) Saucer spacecraft, many-colored lights twinkling. Below descending into clear view was a far smaller T3.3 (33 ft. dia.) personal transport. As it softly settled on the ground, the girls rubbed their hands along it’s shiny Silver body with Gold inlays each containing a large colored stone with light shining through. Oh God, it was so gorgeous.

Wonder filled their hearts as they took a standing position in front of where they figured the doorway should be located. A panel opened, they entered and found Jar-Mane seated next to a gorgeous redheaded woman: “Ladies, I have arrived exactly to the minute for your birthday. We hope you will enjoy exercising your new toy which is fully intergalactic travel capable. Full thought powered as a single unit able to travel at the same speed as my T528.”

AdLine is their Guide into the Future

AdLine is their Guide into the Future

“This exquisite redheaded lady is AdLine, a longtime friend and Now to be your eternal navigator. You girls may consider AdLine to be your Guardian Angel, anything you either want or need is AdLine’s command. She has many exceptional powers which you will learn to make use of as you three become closest of friends.”

The girls were speaking in unison as if one person and inquired: “AdLine, Sweetheart you’re the built-in Instruction Manual to our new toy?”

The entry closed, Without opening her mouth, AdLine answered their questions using her telepathic ability: “Young Ladies, I’ve had Jar-Mane’s transport moved to 50 miles high overhead. We have full radar readout so as to be able to see if anything is in our projected flight-path. Force-field is on all the time, so ONLY you two girls and Jar-Mane can enter. I’ll be staying on-board permanently to adjust the controls as needed. We travel fully-cloaked so our presence is undetectable as we travel. Cedarville to the Giza Pyramids in three minutes, what do you think?”

Looking out of a port-hole window, sure enough there was the Great Pyramid of Giza and the big Stone Kitty as their grandmother Ruby called her creation. “Okay Red, that is FAST, but will you ever teach us to handle the controls ourselves?” they questioned, instantly knowing they’d made a major Boo-Boo.

Jar-Mane took the lead, “Girls, her name is AdLine, NOT Red. She’s my oldest and most valued confidant. Please treat her with the respect she deserves.”

The girls both dropped to their knees, bowed their heads and asked AdLine to forgive them for being disrespectful. “Will you please forgive us? We do need your help to learn to think before we act. This isn’t our first screw-up, Please be our Guide.” the girls jumped to their feet, threw their arms around the exquisitely tanned redheaded beauty: “With a beautiful creature like you, why does Jar-Mane even want us here?”

Personal T3.3

Personal T3.3

AdLine looked to the younger ladies, never opened her mouth, but telepathically communicated with them. “Jar-Mane and I’ve been together for over 10 Billion Years, NOW our responsibilities are expanding. We must expand our family unit to include the two of you as equal partners. As Jar-Mane has explained to you years back, we have one thousand, four hundred and seventy-four(1,474) inhabited planets, 600 of these planets are past the capacity for efficient operation and function. There are ten NEW PLANETS already with developed infrastructures, ready to be populated. NOW, You two both have a PhD in Developmental Psychology, plus you have each earned three Engineering degrees in different fields of study. As you gain experience working together and with my guidance YOU two will be a valuable asset to our people. Learning to Work as a family team we’ll greatly benefit our large populace. Overseeing the individual populating of each of these planets will keep you girls busy for at least a few hundred years.”

AdLine had a large job ahead of her, she must show these two young women how to benefit the people. “Girls, young ladies you have a very large question. YES! Jar-Mane and I’ve been confidants, companions and lovers for all of our time together.”

“Please do NOT consider me as your competitor, but I’m NOT planning to step aside either. Jar-Mane and I are requesting that the two of you JOIN our family team as equal partners. As you are familiar with your grand-father Michael and the four Gem-Stones who all work together as a team of equal partners. We’re proposing a similar marriage arrangement for the four of us becoming one family unit.”

Looking at each-other, Karla and Mallory finally understood why the four Gem-Stones had spent so many hours talking to the girls about their seventeen thousand, three hundred year relationship with each-other and their marriage to Michael in the year of 1919. Both girls do realize they need guidance for their future to be a success.

Diamond today

Diamond today

Emerald today

Emerald today


Sapphire today

Ruby is credible

Ruby today

AdLine, their friend and 3rd Wife

AdLine, their friend & 3rd Wife

Both girls once again speaking in unison: “AdLine, with all the years you have invested in your relationship with Jar-Mane, we’d like to tell you how grateful we are that you would consider us for this great honor. With your help and guidance we’ll do everything within our power to prove you’ve made the right choice picking the two of us.”

Turning to jar-Mane they continued: “Why did you wait so long to introduce us to our AdLine? She’s so beautiful and we’ll work hard to make you both proud of us. When and where will the four of us be getting married?”

Jar-Mane looked at the two young women and spoke: “I never said that AdLine would be a third wife; I know that would make her happy beyond her fondest dreams. The three of you can work things like that out as to what pleases you. Work on becoming able to trust each-other and becoming friends. No matter what you choose, we’ll continue to work together. I love each of you and I trust your judgement. I’ll stay through the end of this week, then I’ll see you three at the Council meeting during the third week of this month.”

During this first week of the year 2017, Jar-Mane taught the girls about the history of the Galaxy of Archipelago. He told them about when he and AdLine met and first traveled to their new home within the kingdom, the Galaxy of Archipelago. He answered all of their questions no matter what they asked of him. The time passed much too fast and he was gone. Now it was time for the three women to develop what was to be their future together, okay the little saucer could be put to use.

General AdLine

General AdLine

First they were taken to the Outback of Australia, where they found what everyone who knows calls: The Dead Land. Large stone boulders (some ten foot high) that have been somehow sliced, pulled apart other types of stone placed in between and then squeezed back together. Perfectly aligned with such precision that this technology is NOT available on Earth today. A small shrine shaped area, where the stone had been stretched other types of stone inserted, then the original large stone shrunk back around the added smaller stones. Impossible by MODERN standards, but they are still there as FACTS…

Next, we flew to Easter Island to see the statues which was revealing with AdLine’s in-depth input and explanations, she even had videos showing how the large stones were placed.

On Monday before the US Presidential Inauguration, we had to be at the Intergalactic Conference. This is where we heard a proclamation that President Trump would be a GREAT LEADER giving the Earth a short reprieve from TOTAL destruction. Since 2012, the Anunnaki World of Wormwood has been moving in closer to deliver it’s 3600 year trek of total catastrophic change. Seventy-two hundred years ago it brought about the Great Flood and total destruction of this planet as it was. This was a Pole Shift caused by the Magnetic Pull of the mini-Solar System named Wormwood with a mass of 10 times that of the planet Jupiter. Two hundred foot rise in the ocean level, Sea Level with tidal waves so violent they can reach six-hundred feet in height. This will make many heavily populated areas underwater and uninhabitable.

Eighty percent of Earth’s population will most likely be destroyed. NASA and most World Governments do NOT plan to give any WARNING until the damage is done. That’s when they plan to institute Martial LAW and the New World Order (NWO or Cabal) will take over. You can hear hours of information on these subjects: CLICK HERE

So-called scientists will do anything to promote their lame-brained theories of so-called evovlution and leave The prime CREATOR GOD out of the picture. The Entertainment Industry does everything to promote PURE EVIL with TV shows Video games and movies playing up the powers of EVIL, but nothing to mention there might also be the MIGHTIER POWER of GOOD? WHY???

Nibiru Emerges from Behind the Sun -Extreme Events Impact the Earth

Published on May 5, 2017
As Nibiru emerges from behind the sun in its elongated, abnormal slingshot orbit, its effects here on Earth are being felt on many fronts.

Published on Feb 23, 2017
God has chosen Trump to stop America’s destruction. President Trump is the anointed wrath of God that has come to the luciferian establishments of the earth.

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So much for what can happen, let’s get down to what has happened since the Johnson Girls received their new Birthday Present. Karla was sometimes a little too bold, so she came up with a Great BIG idea: “We have this cute little saucer that has ALL the good stuff included. There’s a reflector shield with a 10X magnifier, lets go out to Dugway, Utah and watch for one of the Black Opps freighters coming back from Mars. They say they do NOT exist, RIGHT?”

Mallory and AdLine knew what their friend Karla was thinking: “Girl, you are crazy, but it should be fun… We stay cloaked, hover off the top of the mountain to the west and when their two-bit flying machine comes in to land. A short EMP hits their little black triangle about one hundred feet off the ground and watch it descend the last few feet Ker-Smack!. No one gets hurt, but they will need to rebuild ALL the electrical components. Every last circuit board will be fried.” AdLine stated. “Serves the Cabal (NWO) right.” as all three had their watches start calling them.

T-era is General Xavier's wife

T-era is General Xavier’s wife

“Hey, you three, this is T-era Emerson. WHY?

Didn’t Shelby tell you to discuss your bright ideas with me?” she asked.

“AdLine, in our past encounters you and I’ve talked about things here on Earth being different. There are twelve Mars transport freighters all powered by the twelve Magnetic Surfer power plants we sold them. There was an engineer named Manatu that went with the power plants to see they were installed properly. Ask a few questions and behave.”

4-Star General AdLine

4-Star General AdLine

“I want you three to go into the Dugway Army Proving Ground peacefully, just for a tour. Stop by a couple large Truck Stops on the way and let yourselves be seen. Let the truckers take pictures of you three and your T-3.3, buy meals for the truckers for 24 hours.”

25 carat diamonds

Each cut from 25 carat diamonds

“Make sure they see your Four Star Diamond General insignia are attached to both shoulders of a long-sleeved shorty black jacket worn with black leather pants. Show some skin so they remember all three of you, with six inch heeled platform boots.”

“Girls wear mid-thigh length colored leather lo-cut shorts with matching short leather jackets. Be sure to include a large Diamond belly Button with matching earrings.”

“I’ll call Colonel Smith and tell him to expect you tomorrow around two-ish.” T-era concluded saying as all three watches went dead. Monday night ended early as the three finished their three mile run, took a short swim, showered and hit heir beds.

It was almost dawn Tuesday March 14, AdLine brought the little T-3.3 down behind the last row of trucks at the truck stop near Denver Colorado. Word spread FAST, truckers who thought they’d seen about everything, could hardly believe their eyes. There was a REAL Flying Saucer landing behind their truck stop, NO door was seen opening, just three beautiful young women walking away toward the drivers.

Hello Guys, we don’t exactly have a truck, but you’ll let us join you for breakfast, IF WE BUY?” AdLine questioned, walking up to the first group of men coming their way.

“I’m General AdLine and these are the Johnson Girls, Karla is the blonde and Mallory. I’m sure some of you are familiar with their family. South Missouri, the Airport Mall and Truck Stop at Mtn. High or the Steel Plants in that area?”

More trucks coming

More trucks coming

A couple drivers said they’d hauled into and out of the area: “We always thought the stories about flying saucers landing down there were just stories.” answered as the group walked on toward the building.

Other truckers could be heard shouting about finding a Flying Saucer behind the trucks. Inside, AdLine excused herself to go locate the restaurant manager. She explained that she wanted to buy everyone’s meals for the next 24 hours, she paid double what she was asked for. Each of the twelve waitresses were to be given a tip of $250 for their extra service. The cashier could hardly believe when the $30,000 charge cleared AdLine’s VISA card. There was a happy bunch of truckers when they heard the announcement for FREE MEALS for the next 24 hours.

The six foot gorgeous redhead easily found the seat saved just for her at the bunch of tables truckers had scooted together. Karla and Mallory were both sitting in some trucker’s lap. “I don’t know what the girls have told you, we’re on our way over to Dugway, Utah to tour the US Army Proving Grounds facility. That’s where the Black Opps people have flown back and forth to Mars since 1968. Takes 33 hours each way with a full load of freight. Not exactly what you’ll hear on the evening news. We’ll be glad to answer your questions as soon as I get a plate filled at the breakfast bar.”

She requested a nearby waitress for another pot of the Farmer Brothers chicory coffee, a jar of honey and a glass or small pitcher of milk. Both girls joined her filling their plates with fresh fruit, fresh cut vegetable sticks and yogurt. Back at their table, all three women stirred up their coffee and added PH drops to kill the acid.

Three women on a Crusade

Three women on a Crusade

Many of the truckers wanted to know how fast “Little Baby” can fly? How long have you been a General? How old are these girls? Why do you have a flying saucer? Who owns this thing? What do you people do to make a living?

A US Marine dressed in fatigues, came over to their table: “Excuse me, are you General AdLine?” he inquired.

“Yes, I’m General AdLine, how may I help you?” she answered, touching her watch, “T-era, who is Brigadier General Charlie Ross?” she asked.

The Marine reached for his microphone fastened to his shoulder, looked back at AdLine: “How do you know about Brigadier Ross?”

AdLine quickly explained, “I’m telepathic.” as her watch came to life with T-era adding: “He’s a friend, I talked with him last night.”

She got up and headed toward the restaurant entrance to meet General Ross. A stocky built US Marine in his mid-forties was coming through the door with four younger Lieutenants. “Brigadier Ross, I’m AdLine at your service. Let’s walk outside where there’s less confusion.” taking his arm and heading back outside.

“God woman, General Emerson’s wife said to expect the World’s best looking redhead, but with her Four Stars cut from diamonds. WOW! …you are something to behold. How the…” they were suddenly inside the saucer sitting on a white soft-leather couch.

nipples pierced

Nipples Pierced

“This transport was given to me when I first started with Jar-Mane, Superior of the Galaxy of Archipelago. That was over ten Billion years ago, now we’re passing it on to the next generation. Jar-Mane only travels in a T-528 encrusted in three inches of 24-karat gold with a special coating to prevent wear. I have trouble understanding how your people here on Earth can waste so much time up-dating everything you have. Why did’t they do it right the first time? Your people fill a whole room with what you call computers, but they can’t do what my wristwatch has been able to do for Billions of years.” AdLine commented, laying back on a pile of pillows, putting her feet on the Brigadier’s lap. Slipping her jacket off, it was a time to get more comfortable

Clothes changed

Clothes changed

Ross was known as a man who rarely short on words, but right now all he could think of was the woman with her gorgeous tanned bare feet laying across his lap. “HOW?” …it was like she was reading his mind and had the same thing on her mind that he was thinking.

Hope you don’t mind Charlie, but where I live, we do NOT wear clothes except when they’re needed. Well, as you can see, I’m a woman with pierced nipples with diamond caps. Baby never tells any stories and the girls are inside eating with a bunch of guys. Let’s Dance!

Later, when back inside AdLine was dressed in a sweat-shirt, shorts with running shoes, only Charlie Ross looked like a General. The woman sitting on his lap was still absolutely gorgeous with her tan and red hair. Lots of happy truckers were enjoying the free meals while most every smart-phone had multiple pictures of the Johnson Girls.

The girls were having a good time, but asked if they needed to get headed on West toward Utah, since they were expected two-ish?


The Intergalactic Council is the governing body of the Federation of Planets. ALL Galaxies have many populated planets in each Galaxy. EACH of these planets has membership in the Federation of Planets. ALL planet populations are much the same in appearance as Earth humans, some taller or shorter with differing facial expressions and coloring.

(13 October 2016) Observable Universe contains ten times more galaxies than previously thought: One of the most fundamental questions in astronomy is that of just how many galaxies the Universe contains. The Hubble Deep Field images, captured in the mid 1990s, gave the first real insight into this. Myriad faint galaxies were revealed, and it was estimated that the observable Universe contains between 100 to 200 billion galaxies. Now, an international team, led by Christopher Conselice from the University of Nottingham, UK, have shown that this figure is at least ten times too low.

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