2 Johnson Girls – Pt 2

Two Daughters were Given to Willie & Shelby for 16 years of their lives...

Two Daughters were Given to Willie & Shelby for 16 years of their lives…

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Personal T3.3

Personal T3.3 the Girls received 01-01-2017

Their small intergalactic craft skimmed over the mountain tops of Western Colorado, passing south of Salt Lake City, heading directly toward their destination of Dugway Army Proving Grounds. The T-3.3 was invisible to radar and the naked eye, with no heat signature on any readable scale.

Brigadier General Charlie Ross had watched closely as the girls controlled their craft with the expertise of two long-time pilots, AdLine had went to change back into a similar outfit to what she’d worn earlier, except this time she had on black lace-up boots with much larger diameter heels. She took over the controls and had the girls change into clothes similar to what she was wearing.

“OK Brigadier, I’m setting a portal just inside the entrance to the main cavern.” AdLine was explaining when Ross cut in.

“NO! …let me call inside and tell them we are coming in. These people are friends of General Emerson and we all have a good relationship. It’s just the public that hear the fairy-tales about little green men from Mars and all of that.” he made a call on his hi-secure cell, telling the welcoming party to stand down.

AdLine, the Johnson Girls and Brigadier Charlie Ross materialized in the man-made cavern about 50 feet past the Guard Post. ALL were shocked to see General Xavier Emerson and T-era waiting for them to arrive.

Xavier’s gorgeous wife

“I thought you told me that little saucer could travel? We left Mtn. High about five, maybe ten minutes ago and still beat you.” T-era said with her usual grin. “We were at 62,000 feet altitude then kicked it into gear. You were traveling at a much lower height.”

Xavier took over the explanation of their visit: “General AdLine has been through ALL types of confrontations, but you two girls have always lived the EASY LIFE. Many lives will be riding on what you two will be participating in.



Nibiru 19th September 2017, The meteorites have begun falling, MUST WATCH SHOCKING

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