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One Question?

Wooly Mammoth or just an OLD Elephant?

Wooly Mammoth or just an OLD Elephant?

What’s Your Question?

UFOs, The BIBLE, after-Life, Christian, Jew, Atheist, Muslim, Satan, the Quran, The Book of Enoch, and How Old is Life on this Planet?

These are just a few of the Questions that come up in an enquiring mind. What are the FACTS that have been removed from History?

YOU can Find Answers!

Do I believe in UFOs? NO! as they are NOT Unidentified. Built to travel at speeds far beyond what human minds can comprehend, it’s easier for Evolutionists to say they do NOT exist. Then the Idiots who follow their teaching are told to laugh at you for knowing the truth.

The Most High God, the God of Heaven is the Almighty God, Keeper of this Universe. He and his Higher Order travel at will, to and fro from here to there at the speed of their thoughts.

Maybe I should ask if you believe in the Bible? Why of why not?

Actual face of Jesus

Actual face of Jesus

(download any or all in .pdf format for your personal use and show to others)

Do NOT believe all that is said in the commentaries. These are men who are trying to explain their ideas as to what they think or want you to think.

The Book of Enoch (Wikipedia) (also 1 Enoch;[1] Ge’ez: መጽሐፈ ሄኖክ mätṣḥäfä henok) is an ancient Jewish religious work, ascribed by tradition to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah, although modern scholars estimate the older sections (mainly in the Book of the Watchers) to date from about 300 BC, and the latest part (Book of Parables) probably to the first century BC.

It is not part of the biblical canon as used by Jews, apart from Beta Israel. Most Christian denominations and traditions may accept the Books of Enoch as having some historical or theological interest, but they generally regard the Books of Enoch as non-canonical or non-inspired. It is regarded as canonical by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church, but not by any other Christian groups.

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United States can be Great Again

Make America Great Again...

FAKE NEWS is most of what you will hear on the Local and National Major Evening News

CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS even FOX is now promoting what their Criminals in the Liberal Democrats want to have said. Clinton and Obama are innocent of ALL of their major crimes.

Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump
is Our President

They did not try to throw the 2016 US National Election with major numbers of FRAUDULENT VOTES, MILLIONS all for Clinton. People have already been convicted of voting ten or more times. Virginia, 20,000 prisoners let out of jail if they would agree to vote for Hillary. Muslims and other groups of refugees with NO legal right to be in this country, allowed to vote, NO VOTER ID required. American Civil Liberties Union (American Communist Party) trying and being allowed to BLOCK all investigations of these and other ILLEGAL activities, with crooked Federal Judges backing their actions.

Donald J. Trump was picked by the Power that no one can Stop. George H. W. Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama II were front men for PURE EVIL. The New World Order (NWO), also known as the Cabal or Black Opps backed by the force of EVIL. Back on Mar 15, 2017 … The Anunnaki were here on Earth at least 200,000 years ago in what is now South Africa. Their city was known as Nibiru, their technology 200,000 YEARS ago was advanced even compared to what we have today.

Trump Chosen by God To Stop America’s Destruction – Astounding 2011 Prophecy

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Top Secret Cover Ups

Here is What’s been hidden from the Public, but YOU have been lied to since World War Two. Germany WON WWII and was paid to take control of the US Space Program known as NASA. They also took control of the NEW agency to be known as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). All the while Hitler was transported to Argentina, then on to the German base on Antarctica. Admiral William Byrd was dispatched there with a fleet of US Navy ships, then badly defeated. When Byrd tried to tell his story, he was thrown out of a high window to his death. BELOW you will learn much of what has really happened…

What is Happening in 2017 that will Change Your Life forever?

What is Happening in 2017 that will Change Your Life forever?

The Secret Space Program – Full Documentary

Published on Feb 17, 2017

The Secret Govt. Has Manned Bases on Mars [FULL VIDEO]

Published on Jan 29, 2017
Evidence that certain “secret groups” in our government are suppressing “alien technology” and that there has been a major UFO coverup since the mid-1900s. The most shocking part of this show is when some whistleblowers came forward and admitted that there is a secret space program and this program has already sent people to Mars.

According to Mars whistleblowers, the secret space program was able to send people to Mars because the scientists of this program reverse engineered crashed UFOs. By reverse engineering “alien technology,” they were able to create teleportation machines and space craft that can travel near the speed of light. Is there a Speed Limit?

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Cedarville has SECRETS

No One around Cedarville Missouri will say Shelby Gore is AVERAGE!

Marcella Gore

Marcella Gore

There’s always someone in every community that KNOWS what is going on: In Cedarville it could be the neighbors who brag about the Girl next Door. “I went over to ask if they needed the Gutters Cleaned for FREE. Mother & Daughter were both laid out in the backyard, getting some sun. The gutters were pretty good, since I really cleaned them last week and the week before. They let me bring my camera and posed anyway I ask. God, have I got some pictures.” …there is a standing offer for these pictures.

In early 1973, Gus Gore and his beautiful, young blonde haired wife moved to Cedarville with their little daughter. He was to be the night supervisor at the local steel plant. Many of the existing employees wondered how someone so young had gotten such an important job. The couple bought an old doctor’s house on west main that had just been renovated, new appliances, two baths and three large bedrooms with a large private lot and full unfinished basement for storage. They paid CASH! The plant was doing quite well, but there was an advanced aircraft factory already built just 12 miles north in Mtn. High, the Cedar County seat. The USAF was involved and inquiries were being made between a General Emerson and this Steel Plant. Present Engineering professionals were NOT educated well enough to handle what the Government was wanting done.

A young oriental man and his female companion flew into Mtn. High from Colombia. They and General Emerson came by helicopter to Cedarville to make an offer to the longtime owners of three steel plants. It was requested that Gus Gore be present for their discussions and the explanation of what their requirements involved. Before leaving town, they took the Gore family to dinner, including their small four year old daughter.

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ATLANTIS, Do You Believe?

Control Console

Before Ancient Greece and Pompeii

, there’ve been stories about this much fabled land. It’s beauty and advanced technology was advanced even when compared to today’s standards. Modern Scientists (IDIOTS given degrees in Stupidity) have said the idea of such a place is blasphemy to their ideas as to what they say is absolute science.

GOD created BEAUTY

GOD created BEAUTY

Do YOU really believe anything as perfectly created as the young woman on the left of this page, just came about by accident? The hair, those dark eyes, the nose, the mouth and chin, how about the rest of her gorgeous body perfectly balanced, shaped to provide her unique beauty. She is only one of the uniquely beautiful women who live in our present day world, many have come before her over the last many thousands of years. ALL part of the CREATION of the One Prime Creator GOD known as Yahweh.

Public Schools teach Evolution as a fact, not the preposterous theory that it is at best. Chickens, dogs and cats are ALL unique to their own species, kept unique by what we call DNA. Bugs, snakes and rabbits are perfectly balanced as are birds and fish, eyes, feet and wings that like the bumble bee may NOT agree with so-called laws of physics, but they still do what they were designed to do.

Computers, cars, furniture and houses that people live in do NOT create themselves, someone had to design the project to fit it’s purpose. Then the construction begins and nothing just happens except disasters from lack of planning. This world did NOT just happen, it was designed then created. Egyptian Pyramids did NOT just happen over a period of twenty years, built by SLAVES.

IT never happened that way, they were NEVER built by EGYPTIANS, but thousands of years before Egypt came to be. Today these structures can NOT be built with the technology we have now. 2.3 Million stone blocks set into place would be over 13 blocks weighing 5 to 15 tons each placed every hour, 24 hours a day every day for that full twenty years. NO TIME OFF for twenty years.

Here you can find why some do have good reason to believe in this as a FACTUAL PLACE… because they travel there many times each year for many bonafide reasons.

READ our ABOUT page to learn MORE

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Ready for the FACTS?

The Mother Ship does EXIST!

The Mother Ship does EXIST!

The Mother Ship does EXIST!

From the time of the Anunnaki, the people who built the pyramids before the flood. YES there was a Great Flood, not an Ice Age as educators want you to believe. The Atlantean Empire covered much of our world, it can be seen in the architecture that is built of stone cut in such a way as to withstand earthquakes. China, Mexico, Peru, Egypt and ALL of Africa, even North America still contain structures built of the Anunnaki. Egyptian pyramids are covered with encrustations of ancient marine creatures.

Yeshayiah or who you call Jesus is GOD the son. Read Pleiadians Today.

Mysteries Of The Bible Banned From The Bible

Published on Feb 3, 2013
Interesting documentary regarding certain books that should have been included in the Canon of Scriptures…

READ MORE and see the Videos

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Mach 7 (5000 mph)

YOU can Do It!

YOU can Do It!

110 MPH to Mach 7 (5000 mph)

There is much to do with past and current Technology that your Government does NOT want you to know. The average JOE and MARY on the street have no idea that water fueled cars before gasoline. Water could NOT be taxed, but gasoline being a value added product could make the RICH get even richer.

This yellow plane could cruise at 220 mph, had a retractable landing gear and made a good investment for those wanting double duty business and personal travel.

The Piper J-3 Cub

The Piper J-3 Cub

Most private pilots from the mid `50s through the late `60s were flying the Piper Cub, Cessna 140/172 style planes that could hold 120 mph for a few hundred miles cross country. The Piper J-3 Cub is a small, simple, light aircraft that was built between 1937 and 1947 by Piper Aircraft. With tandem seating, it was intended for flight training but became one of the most popular and best-known light aircraft of all time.

The J-3 Cub could barely sputter along at 110 mph with a tailwind, but there was a craft that came and went at will during the late `40s and thru 1960. It was the topic of many church sermons about how the Devil was hiding in South Missouri. A seventeen year old “child prodigy” English Teacher had a 5000 mph flying saucer. Yes, this story did catch the imagination of many local and not so local people Frank Farmer was a reporter for the Springfield News & Leader and investigated the rumors.

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Have a Nice Day!

It Maybe Ready to Get Worse.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner, it is in the air

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The GOOD, The BAD and The UGLY are how most everything is summed up. How much can I make off your problems without providing any Real Help?

I’m NOT going to give you a candy coating on FACTS. I’ll let you make your own decisions as to what you want to believe.

Over 300 different Alternative Treatments for Cancer, your Doctor will NOT tell you about any of these. They are NOT profitable enough to risk the $175 Billion a Year Medical Golden Goose. If you have CASH, you can get Special Treatments at many locations here in the USA. Read Suzanne Somers books written with the expert help of Dr Russell Blaylock.

How FAST is that Plane? SonicStar aircraft is NOT available until June 2021 with only 20 seats and a cruising speed of 2200 MPH. What will it cost? Who will be able to lease this aircraft? Boeing has just delivered the first 787 Dreamliner.

maybe you just do NOT care...

What’s REAL?

Unless you win the Lottery, you will most likely never even see the Good stuff up close. Every Time you turn on your TV, there is some celebrity trying to sell you on taking a trip to ATLANTIS. The Casino located somewhere past NeverLand in the Brahmas, and NO it was NOT built for Winners, but to get LOSERS to come and lose their last cent.

A Pegasus might be your next best method of travel with the same chance of Success. Casinos are popping up all across America, Tunica, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Kansas City, St Louis and on Native American Reservations everywhere. Stay away from the Casinos, never spend more than $6/week that’s one Powerball and one Mega Millions ticket twice a week. That’s still $312/year for a most likely return of $ZERO. Those who do win Millions, rarely make it past FIVE years before going broke.

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