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The Dreams of Shelby Gore!
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Don't Mess with Shelby Gore!

A Teenage girl down in south Missouri finds herself being hunted down by a South American drug cartel. For a girl of 16, this girl has a reputation that everyone knows about. She started messing around at a very young age, the school got a new football field. She got caught by a teacher out in the parking lot with a student athlete. The school got a new Science Lab, then there is the new gymnasium.

Some of the male school teachers could get into major trouble if the wrong people were to hear the rumors. The old men who spend their days sitting at the town square park have told some pretty wild stories, including the girl has cute pierced nipples. For a school student, Shelby does dress boldly in a sexy sort of way. Even got ordered to go home and change, she made a phone call and went back to class. Something is BAD wrong, this girl didn’t get asked to the Prom this spring. Last year she had four escorts, even attended when in the 8th grade.

Today will change her Life forever!

Don’t Mess with Shelby Gore and for good reason, she is an ASS Kicker. The girl’s Dad is third shift supervisor at Cedarville Steel. Her Mom, Marcella works on her advanced computer system from their home basement. Why are some local people concerned about this teenager? Shelby’s parents are NOT rich, they are just middle-class for this area. The girl lives a comfortable life spending much of her free time up at The Hill, having free use of these luxury facilities. A high school sophomore with unlimited use of a PGA sanctioned 18 hole golf course, tennis courts, 2-mile rubber running track and much more.

Susie did not look 10

Susie Wilson was her best friend for years until Shelby turned sixteen, the end of last September. Now, Susie will not even speak to her former best friend at church. Susie’s dad is George Wilson, president of the Cedarville State Bank and this makes Susie think she is superior.

Shelby has not had one date in over six and one half months, though she is captain of the A-string cheerleaders. Now, somedays it seems as though her only friend is her horse Melon, which is kept up at The Hill. This horse she’s had since her seventh birthday, they go riding most every day.

Of course Mom and Dad are still her best friends, and there is the Sanders trio (Colonel Ted Sanders and his two cute young wives Jessica and Jodie). Ted is is the chairman of the local bank, and president of the South American company that owns Cedarville Steel.

Shelby is a star athlete, having entered every Track meet for the past two years. She always takes first place in every event she enters. Maybe the other students are just jealous? Shelby is easily the best looking blonde at Cedarville High: 5’8″ and built to make boys’ eyes bug out. The girl is well known for dressing more sexy than school dress codes allow. Even got all the cheerleaders in trouble for practicing topless, just so she could show off her pierced nipples.

It’s now mid-April 1988 here in the Ozark Hills, there is something BAD in the air. The smell of DEATH is getting stronger by the minute.

There’s always a new GMC Suburban following a short distance behind this teenager. It’s always there even sitting outside of the school everyday. Sometimes she forgets about the vehicle that follows her everywhere she goes. Today this young teenager will be facing this danger by herself. The security guards have strict orders, stay out of Shelby’s way and watch that no one slips up behind her.

Shelby does not have one school age friend she can trust. Colombian Drug Cartel enforcers are already waiting somewhere in this town of 1400 residents. They are in town to grab Shelby Gore.

Fortunately, Shelby is about a half block ahead of the other students walking home. Hurrying so she can go up to The Hill, for her usual evening routine.

Damned Idiots!” an old tan Chevy sedan has jumped the curb, sliding to a stop in front of Shelby.

Shelby is only 16

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