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History is Mostly LIES!
Shelby knows the TRUTH, History is Mostly LIES!

Ancient History is NOT what you’ve been told!

Shelby does NOT mean to short Mexico, where an archeological dig produced findings that were carbon-dated to over 500,000 BC. It was decided that a drug cartel should build their compound on this exact site to discourage further excavations.

The picture contained in the banner above, shows both Inca building methods, and pre-Inca construction technics of which the Inca people were never capable of. The original stones are precisely formed to a tolerance of 1/100th of an inch. Thus they have no mortar holding them in place for it was not needed. These stones are cut from granite by use of very hard blades with extreme power. Trafalgarized metal blades turned by giant electric motors, technology not even available on Earth today.

Machu Pic’chu: Clear Evidence Of A Pre-Inca Megalithic Core At The Site

alignment of 10,553 BC
The exact alignment of 10,553 BC

In the year 10,553 BC the three pyramids aligned with the three stars in Orion’s Belt. This fact has been known for thousands of years, but the present day Egyptians do want this fact known to the public. In the years of 2018 & 2019 a very in-depth documentary was done by National Geographic. For awhile it was on YouTube, then it was moved to Amazon for sale at the price of $172 for the video. The mainstream scientific community did not want it available to the public at any price, History Books would have to be rewritten.

They want to promote Star Wars, StarTrek, and the new Tomorrow War movie, which portray everything having evolved from nothing. Every civilization having developed hap-hazardly to look like they want people to believe. Not as designed by the one creator God billions of years ago. People of all worlds waiting for the moment to attack the superior civilization on Earth because they are jealous of our technology. Battlestar Galactica was the most well written story, with just an ongoing battle of Good verses EVIL.

Below are two YouTube videos that will show you how ridiculous the common teaching of History has been allowed to become. Most public schools worldwide are used not to educate, but to Dumb Down students. Thus they believe everything evolved from nothing, thus there is no hope for their future. Now, since many schools have CLOSED due to the so-called PANDEMIC and teachers unions have refused to teach students another problem. MOST students have lost interest in their studies and are NOT able to enter any college worth attending.

Pyramids Of Dashur Egypt: Ancient Acoustic Devices

Claimed to be tombs of Pharaohs, the two massive pyramids at Dashur in Egypt were in fact built as massive resonance chambers thousands of years before the dynastic Egyptians ever existed. Join us in March 2017 and see for yourself. Link below for the tour:

Brien Foerster

Lost Ancient Technology Of Jordan: Petra

Who is Shelby?
Who is Shelby Gore and What is she up to?

Tommy Walters was sitting on Death Row…

4 year old Shelby
4 year old Shelby

Down in Cedarville, in South Central Missouri there are lots of stories. Most as the Old Folks Say… include a young girl named Shelby Gore. What’s so special about this teenage girl? When she was only four years old, she had to save her mother’s life. That took some doing since Tommy Walters was sitting on Death Row in prison at Jefferson City.

Using books provided to him by Leo Smith, Walters was able to master Black Magic to get out of jail to commit murders for some time. As time went on, Walters got bolder and decided to go after the woman who put him in prison. So, just because he and his wife had blown her parents private jet out of the sky with a bomb. Tommy was a crime boss, no one had a right to get in his way, John Prine, his law partner deserved to die.

Prine’s fourteen year old daughter was a cute young woman, the kind old men would pay good money for. After four years of forced submission, Marcella the teenage whore had run away leaving unhappy clients. She found someone to believe her stories, together they destroyed his many illegal business interests. Now, she is going to die.

Tommy had done his research with the help of the Midwest Crime Boss Leo Smith out of Tulsa. The girl is now married with a kid; they live down in Cedarville, 130 miles south of the prison. Using mind travel, he could make the trip, kill the bitch and her kid, and be back in his cell before anyone knew he was gone.

Marcella Gore
Marcella Gore

The day came, he made it to Cedarville and found his intended victim playing with the kid in their yard. This was just too easy, he knocked the bitch to the ground, then started dragging her down the drive to the rear of the house. “Bitch, I’m going to kill you, just as soon as you get to watch me kill your little brat.” he was telling her as they went by the side of the house. The kid was running toward them.

“Mister, don’t hurt my Mommy!” she cried out, as Tommy took a swing at the child with his doubled up fist. The impossible happened, the kid grabbed hold of his arm flipping herself onto his shoulders. He had to let go of his intended victim, the brat had grabbed his chin and the top of his head; he had to get her off. God! …the severe pain as she twisted his head around. Suddenly everything went black.

The blood soaked small girl jumped to the ground while firmly holding the man’s severed head. Standing in front of her victim, she waited for his body to drop in a sitting position: “Mister, did that hurt?” the four-year-old sassed, placing his head in his outstretched hands. Then ran to her Mommy to see if she was Okay.

Shelby has gotten involved to help others more than this once.

The Series coming to Amazon
Hot as a Firecracker
Hot as a Firecracker

Route 66 runs just north of the Ozark Mountains as it crosses the state of Missouri on it’s way to California. Known for many years as “Bloody 66” as it crossed this state and many lives were lost. It get’s HOT here in the Ozarks! Many things have changed, but crime still exists.

T-era Rodriquez
T-era Rodriquez

To the south about 35 miles is Mtn. High, where a Civil War battle was fought. The battle nearly destroyed the small town of less than 100 residents, which immediately started to grow back.

This area has a rather unique layer of limestone that goes very deep down under this entire area of the state. It’s perfect for building homes, crushed stone for use in blacktop and concrete, with the Carter Quarry being what has made this area prosper. A dark brown skinned couple have managed this quarry for many years. T-era Rodriquez and General Xavier Emerson manage this business, no one seems to know how long they have lived in this area.

General Xavier Emerson
General Xavier Emerson

Much of this pit quarry, hole in the ground was turned into Camelot Lake many years ago. There is a guarded steel bridge that goes out over the lake, said to be the only way to Carter Island. Rumors tell of a large medieval stone castle out there where Old Man Carter lives with his four beautiful young oriental wives. Michael Carter is a legend, who no one besides Rodriquez and Emerson have ever seen, they manage all of his business affairs in this area. This couple live out on the island and receive very few visitors.

Today the population of Mtn. High is near 50,000, with 20,000 USAF personnel and another 20,000 civilian workers building “TOP SECRET” aircraft in a very large underground facility. T-era Rodriquez owns Mtn. High’s three banks, dealerships for every known brand of car in the entire world, and the Airport, Truck-Stop Mall which is open 24/7 serving truckers and airport customers. The four Carter wives Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby are seen two or three times each year having lunch with Rosie who owns the Airport-Truck Stop Mall Diner. There are several 747 big passenger jets, private aircraft, and military aircraft coming and going around the clock daily.

Shelby Gore, Best dressed Girl at Cedarville High
Shelby Gore, Best dressed Girl at Cedarville High

There are Lots of Stories in a Small Town.

Cedarville, Missouri has a weekly News paper, which usually is at least one half made up of ads for Youngs Family & Home Center. Have YOU Heard? is a section dedicated to local gossip, church news, and what’s going on at our local schools. There are Lots of Stories in a Small Town.

Shelby dresses beyond her years
Shelby dresses beyond her years

Young’s uses a local girl to model clothes for one ad each week, she keeps the clothes and wears them to school. All the girls at Cedarville High, want what is IN FASHION. Shelby Gore is the trend setter ever since she was only twelve years old; she’s always looked older than she is. Her looks get her talked about, but there are many other reasons this girl is the talk of Cedarville.

On Sundays at the Community of Christ church, Shelby looks like an angel, then on Monday it’s a different story. Her every week Friday Night parties are where ALL the teenagers have wanted to go since Shelby turned ten. There is never any trouble and it gives the parents one thing less to worry about. Then last September Shelby turned 16, she ended the parties which made lots of her peers very mad. There is nothing else available, it’s not very private having to park next to the town square.

The last six and a half months have been ROUGH for a girl who is very out going. NOT one date, even for the Junior Senior Prom, which she has attended since in the eighth grade. I said she is a trend setter, students wanted to get invited to her parties.

Absolutely Great Coffee
Shelby starts her day with Great Coffee

This is Shelby Gore, and she Loves Coffee
Shelby’s Coffee
Now You can afford Better Coffee for LESS. Check out Shelby’s New Coffee Page, Learn how to make use of everyday Folgers, Maxwell House, Smith Bros, and Aldi coffee to make better coffee than the $40/pound stuff being sold at CBD shops nationwide.

In Book One, you have learned Shelby loves her coffee. Remember she and Willie always start their day with a big cup of excitement before they run their two miles.

Cedarville, Missouri has many secrets including how coffee arrives every night, direct from the growers in Colombia SA. Young’s Family & Home Centers need to compete, and Better Coffee for LESS is one more way. Both having other responsibilities waiting to get done, staff know what she and Willie want their coffee to taste like. It’s how they start their day

Having to fight Colombian Drug Cartels, organized crime in the Ozarks, or doing her best at a school track event, Shelby must always do her best.

What coffee do you think she serves to the President of the United States, and other influential guests? Only her Best is good enough, the same coffee she and Willie drink to start their day. Just like Shelby, You can afford Better Coffee for LESS and serve it everyday.

Learn why Shelby never lost a battle since she has learned to fight to stay alive. Run two miles every morning and evening, workout in a gym for 30 minutes, swim a full mile, then take a shower and get dressed for your day. Be ready for whatever life sends your way, it’s how you will survive to fight another day.

Most everyone in Cedarville drink better coffee they can afford. Young’s Family and Home Center provides plenty of their Great Coffee for everyone in town. Agave nectar, honey, ph drops, and a good supply of everything else needed. Next time in your local store, stop by the coffee display and stock up.

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Shelby Gore is a cute girl without a date in over six months.

Maybe not for school
Shelby Gore is a cute girl without a date in over six months. She is well known to dress too sexy for Cedarville High, but do not complain. For years she had Friday night parties at her house with her friend Susie Wilson. The parties ended last September 28, when Shelby turned sixteen.

She got a new goal in her young life that is more important. Hooked up with an older man, this is not thought proper for a young woman of her young age. Now, her former friends are no longer even willing to speak to her. She and her former best friend Susie do not speak at church on Sundays.

Most days, Shelby goes riding on her horse after school up at The Hill, where she uses the pool and running track to stay in shape. On weekends, Shelby tries to find someone who will let her join in for a game of golf. When your average score on the PGA sanctioned 18 holes is 50 or even below, most will not give you a second chance to make them look bad. Her Mom will always go for a game of tennis and let her talk about anything she wants. That is what mothers do for their daughters and this girl is definitely a hand full.

Shelby Gore is cute and knows the secrets of Cedarville, not one date for the high school prom. Last year as a freshman she had at ten boys ask her for a date. Yeah, there have been several changes that most high school students do not like. Does she have bad breath? Why would all the boys turn against the cutest blonde at Cedarville High?

What Happened Next? ©2021 Henry Fulk

The second book in this series is being written and will be published shortly. The wedding, along with how Marcella and Gus met is included. Cedarville is a busy small town, but it was not ready for what Shelby Gore and friends are doing.

Get and READ Book ONE (The Dreams of Shelby Gore), then be ready for Book Two (What Happened Next?) We would like to Thank the 8,000+ visitors this website is receiving Daily. Sunday we had 15,700 which we are grateful for everyone of our visitors.

Book Two will tell you how Marcella and Gus survived to become Shelby’s parents. It not easy having to overcome the Organized Crime boss of Springfield, he owned the LAW. The only people they had to turn to was a rather notorious local church which does not believe in following the Rules. Things do not always go the way you hope for, but you have to trust in Right prevailing. Less than six days this couple were legally married, both with good jobs and many of their problems solved. NEW PROBLEMS always show up to replace the problems that are solved.

New friends are provided to make sure this young couple succeed at their new challenges. A one year old little girl is a large job, but Marcella is up for the job. What she wants, she wants NOW! But this child does know she has to listen to her parents and her mind is open to all new ideas. A house is a lot smaller than a big stone castle, takes less time to get where you want to go.

Dasha as she was then

People from other planets and galaxies look no different than we do, ALL made in the likeness of the one true God Yahweh. The Big Bang Theory was not even a good TV show worth my time to watch. Want to see people traveling to and from other planets? Go to the US Army Proving Grounds at Dugway, UT and when you get back tell everyone what you found. This is Area 52, home to the Mars Mining Expedition and two triangular craft flying to and from Mars since 1968. These craft use Magnetic Field Generator engines, (33 hours each way) with travel usually taking place after midnight. This is when the Earth’s magnetic field is strongest.

The cover-ups continue, heavily documented events that were attended by Top Military brass, have the dates changed and publications republished to make sure their stories never get the FACTS into print.

Marcella Gore

Marcella Survived Her Teenage Hell

Back in 1968, Marcella Prine was leading a happy teenage life. Her father, John Prine was a respected lawyer who provided well for his wife and daughter. They lived in a nicely maintained large home over-looking Lake Springfield, just south of US 60 Highway. Marcella had no idea the teenage Hell that lay just ahead.

Then one night on her way back from the bathroom at 2 a.m., she overheard her parents who were still awake talking. What she heard kept the young girl from getting back to sleep.

Big bad bikers
Big Bad Bikers

Bad things were happening; her Dad’s law partner was involved in criminal activities. He was covering up his proceeds through the law firm’s accounts.

Most anyone who listens to TV, radio, or reads the newspapers in south Missouri knew about the Smith Brothers biker gang out of Tulsa. They are into murder, prostitution, and extortion with NO fear of the law. Tommy Walters her Dad’s law partner is involved, overseeing the Springfield portion of this illegal business.

The next morning before this girl could leave for school, Marcella’s mother explained that she and Marcella’s father have to fly to Nashville on business. Not to worry, they will be home before tomorrow night. The teenager knows how to prepare her own evening meal. Coming straight home after school, she spent time praying for her parents to have a safe trip.

Marcella fixed her dinner, then got busy with school homework. The doorbell rang, her heart jumped as she went to the door not knowing what else to do. There stood two police officers sent to inform her that her parents had died in the explosion of their plane.

Young Teen Girl
Young Teen Girl

The teenager was forced to go with the officers, not even being allowed to take her school books. A court order had been signed off on by a local circuit judge, giving everything the Prine family owned, to Tommy Walters. The young girl was so distraught they put her in a straight-jacket for her trip across town.

Marcella Prine is now a ward of the court with Walters her court appointed legal guardian. Within minutes Marcella found herself being delivered to the Walters Home for Run-Away Girls. Remembering at school, she knew a couple girls who lived here and attended classes only two or three days each week. They confided to Marcella about the men they had to take care of, school was just more of the same. Several teachers were doing favors for Tommy Walters, so he owed them favors.

The cute young teenager was striped, forced to take care of Tommy. All the while his wife was using a police night-stick on her young ass. The pain was bad, but nothing compared to the next forty-eight hours. She soon found more training to endure at the hands of twelve bikers in an old farm barn. Thinking she would surely die, she lost consciousness, got a bucket of cold water thrown on her naked young body, then more of the same. Sick, throwing up, and bleeding badly, but somehow she did survive.

One of the girls she knew from school tried to escape and made it to east I-44. Marcella was forced to watch as the girl was tortured for hours until she finally died. Not wanting to suffer the same fate, Marcella accepted her new set of circumstances and starting her life as a teenage prostitute. Some clients were nice, some were not, every night it was mostly the same routine. Four years past as she prayed for her young life to get better.

Watch this Blog for our next Book, coming soon at Amazon…

School is OUT

Now We Must take Our Responsibilities Seriously!

School’s OUT! We have to grow up and accept our own responsibilities. Shelby Gore and I were Best Friends for years, that all ended last September. We have NOT talked since. Today is April 15, 1988, I said something really BAD to Shelby which could get my father fired. If I apologize, will Shelby forgive me and let us go back to the two of us being friends? I have not had a date since Christmas vacation; Damn the Luck! It’s mostly my fault, and Shelby has not had a date since her 16th birthday last September.

Will Shelby forgive me?

Susie Wilson
Susie Wilson

I’m Susie Wilson, my father is George Wilson, the President of the Cedarville State Bank, I’ve really stuck my foot in my mouth this time. My father just called me on the phone and we have big trouble. He said the wrong thing to someone that did NOT go like he expected.

Now, I asked the high school principal what he thought I should do? He offered to get Shelby out into the hallway for me, so its up to me from there. If this doesn’t work, my Dad may have to learn to drive a truck. I can forget college, I’ll have to go to work straight out of school. Right now, I’m a senior with about one month to go to graduate. This seventeen-year-old is in deep doo-doo of my own making.

Shelby came out into the hallway, crying I said: “I’m sorry for what I said earlier, lately I’ve become not a very nice person.” I had to try, make a start somewhere.

She gave me a hug and asked if I would like to go horseback riding like we used to do. While the two of us were talking, Jodie Meyer, one of Colonel Ted Sanders two wives shows up and acts like old times. Her husband is my Dad’s boss at the bank. I know good and well she knows how rotten I’ve been. Can this be for real? When school is out at 3:30 I’m to ask my Mom to take Shelby and I to The Hill and everything will be back to where it once was? I can hope for a miracle.

I hope this is a Start!

Shelby is all happy about having a new boyfriend, and the ring she’s wearing, WOW! Maybe I can just find a guy, most any guy will help for this weekend. Most any guy would be better than the nothing I’ve spent my weekends with the last few months.

Our ride down to the lake seemed like old times, like back when we were best friends. That’s a plus, and the horse I’m riding, remembers and is really glad to see me.

Shelby is just wanting to be with her new guy. Shelby says she will find me somebody. As we are finishing up in the outdoor showers, her guy Willie shows up with someone else. This man is great looking, a handsome man that likes my tan, but does he have a wife? …how many kids? …is he just passing through? These are questions I need to know the answers, but he sure is cute and I’m ready for a new adventure. Having a man who knows what I want, could change my life forever.

Marcos is Great.

Marcos Delphene
Marcos Delphene

Marcos knows what I need to make me feel special, he’s single, no kids, and will be living here in Cedarville for years to come. This handsome hunk of real man, wants me to spend the night at his apartment. Tomorrow early, I’m to take a trip with him, then tomorrow night attend the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. This high school senior dating a man with his own very fast jet, WOW!

Marcos and I have dinner in the dining hall with Shelby and her Willie. Suddenly, I notice my mother is here with Shelby’s Mom. I take Marcos over to introduce him to my mother, I tell her what we have planned for this weekend. Mom and Marcos get into an intense discussion, wait a minute, I didn’t know that. Our trip tomorrow morning is to southern Peru? I just found out that I’m adopted. Why didn’t someone tell me sooner? This whole weekend and me meeting this wonderful guy was planned long before today?

I’ve always known Shelby is a little different; but now I’m part of something out of the ordinary myself. I’m glad Shelby and I are back to being Best Friends. Now, I’m to start a relationship with my birth parents.

Run to Stay Alive
Shelby Runs to Stay Alive for the Next Fight Another Day!

Fight Today, then Another Fight Tomorrow

OK, I’m Gorgeous
Her first fight was 1976, her next fight was 1984, and now it’s April 14, 1988 and these four are serious. Shelby Gore is just walking home four blocks from Cedarville High School. There is a GMC Suburban with blacked out windows following a short distance behind, this vehicle is always there 24 hours every day.

The local police know much more than they make public. When questions arise, they contact Carter Security, or Colonel Ted Sanders at the Cedarville State Bank. This town of 1400 residents is very dependent on their two main employers: Cedarville Steel (1,000 employees), and Young’s Family & Home Center (300 employees).

There is another business here in Cedarville that few know much about, it’s known as The Hill. A high security resort style compound where many rich folks live and work.

Jessica is the blonde
Jessica Sanders
Jodie Meyer
Jodie Meyer
Colonel Ted Sanders, and his two wives: Jessica and Jodie; William L. Johnson, plant manager of Cedarville Steel; and Kare-Ann Young, president of Young’s Family & Home live at The Hill private resort. There are over one thousand others living and working there that most people in Cedarville do not know exist.

Michael Carter and Ted Sanders started to acquire this 1400 acre plot of ground over fifty years ago, one farm at a time. They kept very quiet about their real estate dealings both here and at Mtn. High twelve miles to the north.

The money to make the purchases came from one of the three banks in Mtn. High, all owned by a young woman who pretty well owns the town, T-era Rodriquez. No one seems to know exactly when she came on the scene. A few old Cherokees who still live in this area, claim their ancestors passed down a legend of a brown skinned couple coming down from the sky long before the Civil War.

T-era and Xavier
T-era & Xavier

There is the Carter Quarry that runs for miles under ground, which replaced an open-pit quarry. The open-pit quarry became Lake Camelot which covers several square miles to the east and north. There is a steel bridge with armed guards that goes out over the lake and vanishes into an ever-present bank of fog. Everyone knows the General and T-era live out across the bridge on Carter Island, though no one ever visits them there. Everyday General Xavier Emerson drives off the bridge to go to the Advanced Aircraft Plant in the underground quarry. It is operated in conjunction with the U.S.A.F., building top secret aircraft for longer than the last twenty years.

READ their story in the Book available at AMAZON

NASA does NOT want You to Know
Getty Photo of a T-528, NASA does NOT want You to Know the TRUTH!

1968 a Permanent Mars Base!

According to a retired US Astronaut, a permanent mining base on Mars was established in 1968. The spacecraft used to transport workers is triangular and takes 33 hours each way from the US Army Proving Grounds, Dugway, UT.

During the late 1980s, I was asked to haul a semi-trailer load of “boat trailers”, hand crated from this facility to meet a ship at Wilmington, NC. This “High Security” shipment was going to Saudi Arabia. Not one boat trailer was I allowed to see, just stay in the truck and be ready to roll when loaded. How many small boats in Saudi Arabia need boat trailers? Saudi Arabia is sand dunes and oil wells.

Marlon Brandy, studied at University of California, Santa Barbara; Answered January 13, 2020; I worked at NASA for four years and with the U.S. Air Force for three in the field of Exo-Psychology. Yes, aliens exist. They haven’t crashed anywhere. They aren’t from some other planet. They are from “somewhere else” and my team was never told where or why they are here. The Soviets, Chinese, and U.S., and probably other countries, have been in contact with them. They look like us. They don’t care if we know they are here. From what information we were given, they are mentally and emotionally very different than us. We could never obtain direct data. So what? Knowing anything about them changes nothing.

Shelby starts her Day with COFFEE
Shelby likes COFFEE
See any tentacles or rubber skin? I’m just cute, smart, a little stronger than most, and do not age like ordinary humans. Both of my parents are over one billion Earth years in age, created on the planet Ex-Es in the Gia-Con D.I.A. galaxy.

In the Getty image above, this transport pictured above is the T-528, a design first produced at the end of the Universal War one billion Earth years ago. Don’t waste your time looking for crash sites, not one has crashed in all of this time. Willie and I own one he was given by his father Michael, it’s 5,280 feet in diameter, has a full-time crew of 1,000 under the command of a General. This craft has been in his possession for over 17,300 years.

We keep our T-528 in a stationary orbit over the state of Missouri, always ready for our immediate use. It’s never brought into the Earth’s atmosphere, we use smaller versions for travel here. The smaller transports range in size from the T-3.3 (33′), T-33 (330″), T-132 (1320′). A T-132 is my favorite for trips to South Africa, Colombia, and the Orient. Our T-528 is used for our trips to the Intergalactic Conference each month; I have to help my mother with her reports.

Want to know more about our lives, Read the book published by Amazon.

Everyone has to do their share
Here in Cedarville Everyone has to do their share

Life is getting very complicated…

Shelby likes golf
Shelby likes golf
This young lady knows she was adopted, but her Mom and Dad are her best friends. The Gore family live a pretty good life, Shelby got her own horse when she was seven. Her horse Melon is a dark brown mountain horse with a blonde mane and tail. The Sanders family keep it up at The Hill where they live, it’s a special place. There is a year round swimming pool, tennis courts, and a PGA sanctioned 18 hole golf course.

Having use of the two mile rubber running track has been a great help for her to become Cedarville High School’s track star. Not one boy or girl can beat this teenager on any event she decides to enter. Having a gym in the basement at home keeps all of her muscles in tone, though her family does not own a TV.

Golf is another thing this young lady is quite good at, by the age of 12 she could hold her score in the low fifties. There are other skills not so well known she excels at, like staying alive.

When I was 12
Shelby w/skateboard
The old men who spend their days sitting on park benches down at the town square tell some pretty wild stories. Back in the summer of 1984, there were twelve hoodlums from Mtn. High, who made monthly trips to Cedarville and other nearby towns. Old folks had to cash their monthly Social Security checks and give the money to this gang. Don’t want to pay and you or someone you love gets hurt really bad. Over at Mtn. High, they had killed a cop, so the police were not any help.

Most days, the 12 year-old blonde would take her skateboard and head east through downtown to pick up whatever her Mom needed. These old guys would make remarks about how cute she looks, asking how old she is now, and who she has for a boyfriend. Shelby liked the attention she was getting, she’d sit and snuggle with the old guys, giving them kisses. They had all seen her pierced nipples, and would ask her some very personal questions which she enjoyed answering.

One day, the old guys were asking each other when the next commodity give-away would be at the senior center? The young girl suggested she could talk to Kare-Ann down at Young’s Family & Home Center. She was sure she could get some special discounts on groceries just for seniors. To which she learned they have NO MONEY, and explained their situation.

The girl jumped up, ran to the street waving her hands in the air in order to get her security detail’s attention. The GMC Suburban squalled it’s tires coming to her aid. Rolling down the front passenger window, the hispanic looking man asked: “Miss Gore, what’s the problem?” there looked to be six men in the vehicle.

A week and two days later, the problem was solved, ten men were removed from the town square in body bags. The remaining two died in a shoot-out with sherif’s deputies and highway patrol just north of Cedarville. Marcella helped her young daughter get cleaned up before going to The Hill to ride the horses.

READ about Shelby’s adventures at Amazon

Shelby has to Change

Shelby has to Change, Life is Serious Business!

Learn to play by the Rules, change comes Quickly!

Now here I am, walking home from school without one High School friend to my name. Shelby has one goal that caused me to make changes, not what everyone else wanted to hear. Without one date in six and a half months, did I screw up?

Now it’s mid-April and I may be able to have the Date I want if I can stay focussed. It’s been a long dry spell, but I want to get a date with Willie Johnson. Willie is my Dad’s boss at Cedarville Steel. My parents have known my interest in this man since I was nine years old.

I got screamed at by Willie’s long-time companion down at Young’s Family & Home Center. She and many others had seen me grab and kiss the man of my dreams squarely on the lips. It happened at the company 4th of July picnic, he pushed me away and told me “Not now, we can’t!”.

One week later, a black walnut jewelry box was dropped in my grocery sack, full of diamond and emerald jewelry. My Mom found it when I got back home on my skateboard.

diamonds and emeralds


The next week Shelby’s Mom went to Ava shopping, I asked to be dropped off at the town square. I wanted to visit a jeweler I’d known for a few years. The laser etched serial numbers confirmed it was bought in Springfield ten years earlier at Designs by Rochelle. NO at the very least, it wasn’t stolen.

The person who bought these beauties, paid $15,000 for earrings, necklace, navel-bobble, and nipple bars. “WOW!” …was all I could think to say. There is only one person who may have sent me this gift, but this was not the time to confront him. I’m already in trouble for getting much too close at last year’s Cedarville Steel’s 4th of July picnic. Kare-Ann Young is just plain pissed off at my aggressive behavior.

Every Sunday I see him with her at church, we try to avoid eye contact, but I’ve caught him glancing my way. At five foot eight and one hundred thirty-five pounds of pure perfection, I’m a real eye-catcher. I am NOT conceited, I’ve looked in a mirror and I am not blind… I sizzle!

blonde with blue eyes

5’8″, 135 lbs. blonde

My Mom and Dad, and the Sanders wives, all of whom I can always talk to about anything. All have cautioned me about getting too close to Willie. These are my friends, all keep assuring me that my day is coming, just be patient.

I quit the Friday night parties, I told three teachers: “No More“. Now I’m reaping what I’ve sown. Okay, my actions could have gotten some people in serious trouble, but didn’t. I know I have adult friends who covered for my wild ways. To quit messing around has not helped with my need to be held and cuddled. Cold turkey is not making the grade for me. I need male attention and I know I’ve not behaved like a proper young lady.

Four scroungy looking men crawling out of the old car that just slid to a stop in front of me. That’s not the attention I’m craving…

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They are Hiding Something

They are Hiding Somethings, and a Lot More?

Shelby Knows the Secrets!

READ the Book: Remember that Sunday afternoon in June 1954? General Curtis E. LeMay, who was the commander of Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha, NE at that time, along Colonel Gray who was the head of Project Blue Book were both present that afternoon. The event was announced the previous Monday in a front page article of the Springfield New-Leader. That paper was on microfilm at the old Springfield-Greene County Library on North Booneville, which I was able to view with help from the lady Librarian around 1980. As she pointed out the page was cut and pasted to remove the article and replaced it with something else.

Curtis E LeMay

USAF 4-Star General

The Librarian had discussed this with Frank Farmer, the reporter that wrote the article, who was her close friend. Long time Mansfield High School Principal, Charles F. Calame attended the event with his good friend General LeMay. My longtime Mansfield friend Andy Anderson who lived near Willow Springs at that time was there on that Sunday too. Andy introduced me to the General at Andy’s home in Mansfield autumn of 1959.

There were over 1,000 witnesses at the event outside Mountain View that Sunday near the home of Buck Nelson. What was the event? A 17 year old young man was leaving Earth heading back to his home on Venus by flying saucer at over 5,000 mph according to USAF radar.

U.S.A.F. fighter jets already in the air, gave chase and could hardly believe what they were witnessing. Local and county law enforcement were present, as were Missouri State Highway Patrol officers, U.S.A.F. personnel and a sizeable presence of Military Police. By late Sunday night and early Monday many of the people who attended, reported being threatened with bodily harm if they told anyone what they had witnessed. These included Farmer and other staff at the Springfield News-Leader newspaper. This newspaper paper now declares Farmer never worked for their paper until 1957. I knew the pilot who flew Farmer down to Mountain View on both Sundays. He was a Springfield jeweler who accompanied Farmer on many occasions to cover stories.

Even in South Missouri

Even in South Missouri, Crime is getting very Organized!

Why a 16 Year old Girl?

This girl’s Dad is the third shift supervisor at Cedarville Steel, her Mom works on her computer from their basement. Why are people concerned? Shelby’s parents are NOT rich, they are middle-class for this area. She lives a comfortable life spending much of her free time up at The Hill, having free use of the luxury facilities.


Her horse Melon

Susie Wilson was her best friend for years until the end of last September. Now she will not even speak to her former best friend at church. Shelby has not had one date in over six months, though she is captain of the A-string cheerleaders.

Entering every Track meet for two years, Shelby always takes first on every event she enters. Maybe the other students are just jealous? It is now mid-April 1988 and there is something very BAD in the air. The smell of approaching DEATH is getting stronger by the minute.

Shelby does have one friend left she can trust, her horse Melon has been there for her since her seventh birthday. What can this horse do to protect her young friend with Colombian Drug Cartel enforcers already waiting somewhere in this town?

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

She has Not One High School Friend

What Else Can Go Wrong?

This girl is Cedarville High’s Track Star, Shelby can run faster and jump farther than every other student athlete. Something is WRONG? I take first place at every track meet, beating the competition by a country mile. I don’t enter just one event, I go for every event, other student contestants can not compete.

Nothing is Normal in Cedarville

Shelby looks years beyond her age

Being captain of the Senior Varsity cheerleaders for baseball, football, and basketball since I was a freshman I was popular. There were other reasons, I have a reputation for being a lot of fun.

Now, not one boy has asked me out on a date since the end of last September. Shelby turned sixteen on September 28, that’s when I announced the Friday Night Crazy parties were ENDED.

I do have the only 12-person hot tub in town, and for the last six years every teenage couple at Cedarville High have brought their dates. NO drugs or alcohol were allowed, but everything else was just FUN, FUN, FUN. Large very private back-yard, outdoor propane fireplace and drop-down curtains for bad weather.

Now without the parties, there are not enough country roads available for parking and now teenagers must remember to bring their own supplies. Pop, pizza and more all cost money, these used to be free at the Gore home.

Over the last few years, there have been rumors as to why the school received the large donations from three local businesses. Cedarville State Bank, Cedarville Steel, and Young’s Family & Home Center have donated millions as a new football field, gymnasium, and science lab. Stories do get blown out of proportion, but WHY was this done?

Every Day is a New Threat

Every Day is a New Threat, Kick their Ass or they Kill ME!

It’s Them or Me!

Shelby was only four when Tommy Walters picked on the wrong little girl. She was twelve when the 12 hoodlums from Mtn High were stealing Social Security check money from old folks here in Cedarville. Twelve left Mtn High that morning, 12 body-bags returned to Mtn High that evening. Ten were killed by this young blonde who was not quite a teenager; the other two died in a police shoot-out north of town.


Shelby stays Healthy

Now, it’s four years later with a Colombian drug cartel wanting to take over the South American cocaine industry.

It’s mid-April 1988 walking four blocks home from school, I know I’m being followed by a GMC Suburban with blacked out windows. I have not had one date in six and a half months, only one more day and it will be another lonely weekend.

I’ll ride my horse, go for a few runs on the two-mile track, play golf by myself, then swim a few laps in the half-mile long pool. The Hill is like having my own private resort since I was very little.

My only problem is not one boy has asked me for a date in six and a half months. Damn, I’ve looked at myself in a mirror and I know I am HOT! Why am I not getting any dates? Oh well, maybe I can sneak a peak at my true love, that man drives my crazy.

DAMNED IDIOT! Why didn’t you learn to drive?” an old car just jumped the curb in front of Shelby and slid to a stop.

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Aliens, Angels & Flying Saucers

Willie Johnson
Willie Johnson
Shelby is only 16
Shelby is only 16

Shelby takes help from anyone who wants to be her friend. Her boy friend is older than Adam & Abraham put together, but looks pretty good for his relative age.

With over 900,000 visitors since the first book was published, Shelby is catching interest. Super Hero, she is NOT, but she does have friends willing to help when she has problems.

Shelby traded her skateboard for a Caddy convertible that gets her to school before the bell rings. Running two miles morning and evening is not as lonesome as it used to be before Willie. Willie Johnson has been her Dad’s boss for the last several years, but since she was nine and saw him for the first time, Shelby wanted Willie.

Every girl must have a dream and Willie has picked up a few Ex’s over the years, last summer she had a run-in with his most recent. That was then and this is NOW, time to move on with their future with no time for regrets. Then Shelby learns there are rules she has to abide with or not even another kiss until she turns 21. Uh-OH! …that’s a real bummer.

Ancient History UPDATED

Ancient History UPDATED in 2nd Book

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Shelby Gore makes a Damned Good Hero

When I was 7, I met Laura Ingalls Wilder “Little House books” who was 89 at the time, buying a Big Chief tablet and #2 pencils she used to write her last manuscript. I was 8 in June 1954 when over 1000 people witnessed the flying saucer at Mtn. View, MO. The previous Monday the Springfield News & Press had carried an interview by Frank Farmer with Bucky Nelson a 17 year old English teacher from a University on the planet Venus.

Over the next few years, I had the opportunity to talk with several people who were there that Sunday afternoon. In autumn 1959 at the home of Andy Anderson, I got to meet General Curtis E LeMay who actually got to take a ride in this craft and manage the controls. He, Farmer and Colonel Gray who headed Project Blue Book all got to take a short flight. Upon returning to the sight, LeMay was the last to leave the craft, which sped away with USAF jets giving chase. Radar showed the craft leaving the Earth’s atmosphere at over 5000 mph.

A few years back “Defensionem – The WarBible” published an article by: Patrick Morrison, (“AREA 52?”: Dugway Proving Grounds) which includes the following picture. There are more realistic photos elsewhere of actual craft photographed at this base.

Area 52

Dugway Area 52

Dugway Proving Ground is a U.S. Army facility established in 1942 to test biological and chemical weapons, located about 85 mi southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, and 13 mi south of the 2,624 sq mi Utah Test and Training Range forming the largest overland special use airspace in the United States. This is said to be the home of the Mars Mining base active since 1968 with two black triangular craft that take workers and supplies in 33 hours one way. There’s a NASA portal in Southern California that can transport people to that base in less than a few minutes.

He ruled many years ago

Have you met me?

Want some FACTS?

The most famous space traveler of all time is Jesus the Christ. NO the Egyptians did not build the Great Pyramid at Giza, nor did a group of natives build Machu Picchu in the highlands of southern Peru. You must realize Earth is just one place among billions of populated planets throughout the Universe. I write about these people and their travels. They are NOT little GREEN men as shown on TV and in movies.

The Archangel Michael has made many trips to Earth within the last few years, many people meet with him. Governments and so-called scientists do NOT want the public to know what really happens. They would rather promote the Theory of Evolution which is a HOAX to make Earth people too DUMB to be able to think for themselves, nothing more and nothing less.

Will Kick Your Ass

Bad People Need to Fear this Young Woman!

Shelby Fights to WIN.


Curtis E LeMay

Curtis E LeMay

Springfield TV, Radio, and Newspapers have kept QUIET about some items over the years. Examples include: Organized Crime, Crooked Politicians, and the June 1954 Mountain View Flying Saucer Event. Over one thousand witnesses ALL lied about what really happened; it was just a story cooked up by a few people wanting to get in the News. Even though a top US Air Force General was there in person, it was just a hoax and NEVER happened.


This is a quiet little town of 1,400, where 1,000 people are employed at the local steel plant. Cedarville Steel has always made parts for large truck. In 1970, a South American company (PSL Holdings LTD), bought the local steel plants here and in two other nearby towns. This is the company involved with the U.S.A.F. in a joint venture, building advanced aircraft. Their manufacturing facility is located in an abandoned limestone quarry, twelve miles north at Mtn High.

4 yr old Shelby

4 yr old Shelby

February 1976, the day was sunny and cool, Marcella Gore and her four year old little girl were playing ball in their yard. They were playing Annie-Over ball, Momma in the front yard would yell out “Annie-Over”, little Shelby would figure out where the ball is coming over the roof and catch it. Having played for just over an hour, the little girl realized it had been several minutes she’d heard from Momma. Starting around the house, she met a man dragging Momma by the hair to the back yard: “Bitch I’m going to kill you and your brat!”

Little Shelby demanded: “Don’t you hurt my Momma!” to which the man took a swing of his fist at the child. She grabbed hold of his arm and flipped herself through the air to the man’s shoulders. Her legs firmly wrapped about his neck, she grabbed his chin and the back of his head and gave a twist.

Tommy Walters had not planned on this being a possibility, the pain and everything was going black. The man let go of Momma, trying to get the peskie little brat off, he heard a cracking sound. Shelby jumped to the ground and went to stand in front of the headless creature: “Did that hurt?” she sassed, placing his severed head in his outstretched hands.

The Security Detail realized something was wrong and came running with guns out. Marcella called the Sanders women soon as Tommy let go of her, they were already on their way. Mother and daughter were both drenched in blood, Jodie and Jessica were already on their way to the Gore home, having sensed something was wrong.

This chain of events could not have happened, Tommy Walters was locked in his cell on Death Row at the Jefferson City prison. When he was found sitting on the floor of his cell holding his severed head, blood covered even the ceiling.

You must Help Yourself

You must Help Yourself to SURVIVE

Leave Me Alone or!

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

I have things to do

Over the years, I’ve tried to be nice. I go to church with my parents every Sunday, exercise, ride my horse up at The Hill, and get good grades in school. If you don’t want to get your ass kicked? Leave me alone or I’ll send you home in a body-bag. When it comes down to you or me, YOU made your choice. I have to kick your ass into the next world if I’m to survive for another day.

I was only four, Tommy Walters came to Cedarville to kill my Momma and me, that didn’t work out very well for old Tommy. He only got what he deserved, saving the State of Missouri lots of money on his appeals.

Turning twelve there were twelve hoodlums extorting Social Security check money from old folks here in town every month. The Police were scared to do anything, since other officers had been killed by these criminals in a nearby town. Friends helped me arrange a few free meals for fifty old folks which was no big task. It was the next Friday, the day for checks to arrive at the Post Office. I arrived at the city square before 8:30 a.m. and waited. With my skateboard leaned up against the back of the park-bench, my Security team were to keep the police out of my way.

Twelve big bad-boys arrived, explaining what they were going to do with me, before throwing my remains in a dumpster. Ten bodies were left laying on the ground, two escaped and died in a shoot-out with law officers north of town. These boys only got my clothes exceedingly dirty, without one bruise or scratch. My Momma had me put the clothes in a paper bag and throw it into our gas-fired incinerator.

Check out my Book: The Dreams of Shelby Gore to find what kinds of mischief I can get into.

Marcella is Cute, but

Marcella is Cute, but What about Tomorrow?

Marcella survived

Marcella survived

By Praying, Marcella Survived!

It was two years from the time her parents were murdered until the Sunday Night at the Community of Christ church, she was losing hope. Marcella had few choices to just stay alive, with God’s help and many of his people praying she did survive. Organized crime in Springfield controls local politics, do not cross the wrong people.

In 1970 she met a guy named Gus Gore, but returning to see him again, it was too dangerous for them both. For the first month he searched for her, though people told him she is nothing but trouble. His pastor at Springfield’s Community of Christ church talked with Gus explaining her circumstances. He had to wait for two more years to see the answer to his prayers.

There are mean people on the streets, extortion, prostitution, and murder are daily circumstances to overcome. Some people survive, some people do not survive. A home for run-away teenage girls was Hell on Earth, girls died and there was no one to care.

It is Wednesday May 24th, 1972 at Gus Gore’s home in west Springfield. A woman’s voice greets him as he puts his key into the front door lock. Looking down the side of his house toward the back yard, his heart jumps with excitement. There is the girl of his dreams in the flesh right here. Her long blonde hair hanging in a single loose braid, gorgeous tan, pink crop top, and denim cut-off shorts. The girl has bare feet and is not really that clean, but Gus does not care: Marcella is Here! This teenager is scared and trembling bad, though right now she wants a drink. They go inside the house, she opens the refrigerator door and asks him for a glass.

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Marcella survived

Marcella survived Hell

Our Second Book in the Su-ZQ series tells about Marcella Prine, whose parents were murdered when she was fourteen. She had to survive living through Hell, watching friends who didn’t survive living in a home for run-away girls. It was not the life she wanted to live, but she wanted to live to face another day.

Marcella’s father was a respected Springfield lawyer, who learned his law partner had joined up with organized crime. After her parents were killed when their private jet exploded, she had to live with her court appointed guardians. Tommy Walters and his wife Carol provided young girls to clients willing to pay for companionship. Judges, politicians, outlaw bikers and people willing to pay for a good time.

At age sixteen she met Gus one Sunday night on the back seat of the church she had attended with her parents. This cute blonde teenager left during the night without any explanation. She said she would return when she could, but that took two years. Tommy wanted to find and kill her and whoever she was found with.

Some People are Never Happy

But, Some People are Never Happy no matter how hard You try

What’s the Big Deal?


T-era Rodriquez

For the last 18 years, PSL Holdings LTD has spent millions upgrading three old steel plants. They have doubled existing wages, and have donated to four local communities.

In Cedarville crime is down, for several years now, many of the high school graduates have gotten scholarships which has led to good jobs.

In Springfield, many companies are losing their well trained engineers, people want a better life for their families.

New Car dealers in several towns have closed up since they can’t compete with the deals available in Mtn. High. One cute young darker-skinned woman owns every dealership in town and can provide every make and model with better service. She also owns three banks and does ALL her own financing, even the leasing.

Actually she owns much of the town, including the International Airport-Truck Stop-Mall. Some say she’s been here for many years and is older than she looks. T-era is also the assistant to the General that runs the Aircraft plant.

READ their story in our book, available for Kindle and in paperback.

Where people can Excel

Cedarville Where people can Excel, Good tops Evil!

Over the Years…

Beautiful and Peaceful

Beautiful and Peaceful

Down Here in the Ozark Hills of south Missouri sits a calm little town where the people are happy and unemployment is ZERO. The Cedarville Steel plant has not had a single layoff in over sixteen years. That’s since the new Colombian owners took over back in 1970.

There are three similar steel plants all owned by the same people who keep hiring. The other two steel plants are eleven miles west in Simple City, and the third 20 miles northwest in Marshland is doing equally well.

They still manufacture some big truck parts, but their main product line is for the Advanced Aircraft plant twelve miles north in Mtn. High. The USAF has a joint venture with the plant in Mtn. High which employees over twenty thousand civilian workers. Some people in the US Government do NOT like this arrangement, not happy with the tax money that is collected. These are people who would be happy if the plant were to be closed and twenty-five thousand workers be unemployed.

READ the whole story about their fight with biker gangs, organized crime, and the US Government.

Nothing but LIES

Public Schools do NOT Lie to their Students, Do They?

One Billion Years Ago: the Great War of the Universe

He ruled many years ago

Lives forever

The Universe is quite large and is run much like a giant Corporation. The one True God is “Yahweh”, the Chairman of the Board. The only Son of God “Yahusha ben Yahuah”, is the Chief Executive Officer. The Holy Spirit, the “Spirit of God”, is the President and oversees that needed work gets done.

The Archangels: are the overseers of the various Galaxies, helping to make sure the RULES of the Intergalactic Council are adhered to. Whenever there is a disagreement, the question is put before the Council. All Members work together for adequate solutions that will be fair to everyone involved. This has worked perfectly with no greed being allowed to get in the way of what is right and fair.

History as it is written in school books and other records is pure fiction. In Germany, around 1440, goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, which started the Printing Revolution. Modelled on the design of existing screw presses, a single Renaissance printing press could produce up to 3,600 pages per workday, compared to forty by hand-printing and a few by hand-copying. Then information had to be researched, copied down and proofread before being put into book form. Thus much of recorded history is fiction to make it easier for the reader. FACTS have not played a major part in development of historical records, just what someone wants you to believe.

8 sided Great Pyramid of Giza

8 sided Great Pyramid of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza was NOT built by Egyptians. A unified kingdom was formed in 3150 BC by King Menes, leading to a series of dynasties that ruled Egypt for the next three millennia. Egyptian culture flourished during this long period and remained distinctively Egyptian in its religion, arts, language and customs.

The three main pyramids and the Sphinx were completed, aligned with the stars in Orion’s Belt in the year 10,553 BC. The continent of Africa as we know it today, in its entirety was called Libya before the great worldwide flood.

The Great Pyramid as shown in this picture plainly shows it has eight sides, not four. Many historians still try to have the public believe it only has four with the depressions being internal flaws. Internally, the granite blocks are cut and fitted together with a tolerance of 1/100th inch. This gives no room for any flaw to exist and had to have been designed with blocks cut to fit so as to have eight sides.

Our second book will explain how and by whom these and other structures were designed and built. Shocking revelations as these people are still alive and continuing to work today.

The Girls have Problems

The Girls have Problems NOT of their own doing

These two are UNIQUE!

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Susie is sharpe

Susie is sharpe for only 5 ft

Susie Wilson and Shelby Gore are definitely GENIUS level young ladies. They have a problem, they solve it on the run as they are taking action.

Now, both girls have found they are in love with RICH older men. Both have traded their skateboards for nice cars, Susie drives a black 560 SL Mercedes and Shelby has shown up at school with a white Caddy convertible. Shelby’s Alante is equipped with the Corvette 7.0 L7 505 hp small block V8 which cost many dollars extra. Quite an upgrade for Shelby from her skateboard.

Someone in Springfield said the girls got into a fight at a local auto supply store with several bikers. No one gets into fights with Outlaw Bikers and wins. At least not until these two girls came along and started to kick ass. Their Friday night parties ended months ago when Shelby turned 16, that didn’t set good with other high school students. Maybe if Shelby isn’t asked out to the Prom, New Year’s Eve and Christmas parties, she’ll change her mind?

Other people than just students want to teach this young high-and-mighty a lesson. That didn’t turn out very well, she sent them home to Medellin Colombia in body-bags. The following Sunday at church, she’s sitting next to her Dad’s boss holding hands. The very next day, Cedarville Steel announces that Willie Johnson is stepping down as General Manager, with Shelby’s Dad assuming that roll. She is only sixteen and he is a lot older, but looks maybe early thirties. Could she be…?

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Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

In Her Next Book:

Marcella survived

Marcella survived

Shelby does have some history; Gus and Marcella had impossible circumstances to overcome just to stay alive. Things have NOT always been calm and casual as they have appeared to be in Cedarville, some people have made really bad choices. The Sanders family may be rich, but they have to earn their money by doing the impossible. A four year old little girl kills a grown man who tries to kill her and Momma, not possible, Tommy Walters died while waiting on Death Row at Jefferson City prison.

When I was 12

I ain’t putting up with it!

When the same little girl was twelve, ten men died and two more died in a police shootout. The story on the TV News said something else, not what really happened. My friends keep me out of the news, it’s their job. It’s my JOB to kick ass and make sure they do NOT get back up.

In the next book, Willie and I do get married just before we both go NUTS! Five couples get married in a joint ceremony in the Tabernacle at Salem. We have a set down dinner with Anita and Castro, to get their input on rumors that are circulating in other parts of the world.

READ “The Dreams of Shelby Gore” to be ready for the next chapter in our mixed up lives. Marcos and Susie get started on their new job, after a brief Honeymoon.

Who built the Pyramids at Giza? They had to be completed for 10,553 BC or their alignment would be off, but they got finished in time.

What happened to the Ark of the Covenant?

Be careful

These Two are DANGEROUS!

Cute but DEADLY!

Down in the south central Missouri town of Cedarville, stories abound about two young girls: Shelby Gore and Susie Wilson. It’s April 1988, these girls with one more investor, each are investing fifty million US dollars in a friend’s business. Questions quickly arise as to where can two teenage girls get this kind of money?

Kare-Ann friend

Kare-Ann their friend

Their friend Kare-Ann Young started her business by setting up twelve area stores fifteen years earlier. She operates under the name of Young’s Family & Home Centers. One of these stores is here in Cedarville, one is eleven miles west in Simple City, one in Marshland, one in Lebanon, one in St. Roberts, one in Rolla, and two in Mtn. High. The other four are located in communities surrounding Springfield.

This week Young has the opportunity to add 12 supermarkets, 12 pharmacies, 14 hardware stores, and 13 auto-supply stores. These additional store chains have wholesale distribution to mom-and-pop stores in near-by smaller towns. This is a do it now or forget it situation. All the Springfield area stores are facing bankruptcy. The stores must liquidate immediately, or close permanently with no other options.

These stores should be in good financial shape, this is not due to the lack of sales. Stores are making monthly extortion payments. Some of these stores have been milked dry over many years. The Tulsa based Smith Brothers Biker Gang demands a portion of total monthly revenue, not just profits. Fail to pay just one month, and they beat up your employees and shoot at your customers.

Businesses can survive for only so long without making a profit and the situation gets worse each month. Now, with money-in-hand this week only, the stores can be bought for their debts. They do want a guarantee that all employees will be kept. Within the last fifteen years, Kare-Ann Young has paid out over three million dollars to the Smiths. Now, how does she plan to afford payments on these added stores?

Will Kick Your Ass

Will Kick Your Ass if You Cross her Path

Shelby looked older

Shelby looked older

This Is Not Her 1st Fight!

Shelby Gore developed early, good looks and the strength that no ordinary man could match. By age 12 she could hold her own on a PGA sanctioned 18 holes, never over 50. There are secrets to every game and this girl can not even spell loser.

Lots of things happened when she was twelve, September 28, 1983 for her birthday, she received her first pair of 6 inch spiked heels. The heels are welded steel attached as one piece to the platform soles, able to withstand a lot of abuse. Shelby Gore has been told not to come to school wearing such shoes, but she still wears them daily as she does with her very grown-up style clothes.

School officials tell her what she must do, then they get a call from one of her lawyers telling them what she will do. Many parents have wondered WHY a girl of twelve has lawyers, especially the caliber of the Sanders wives.

Some have even asked HOW one man like Colonel Ted Sanders can have two wives? He is the Chairman of Cedarville State Bank, and the President of PSL Holdings LTD, Bogota Colombia SA that owns Cedarville Steel. They also own three other manufacturing plants in nearby towns.

Jessica is the blonde

Jessica is the blonde

Jodie Meyer

Jodie Meyer is the brunette

The Sanders wives are seen together throughout this entire area and are well known as Best Friends. One or both are seen with Marcella Gore around town and in Springfield. She does work on her home computer for the Sanders family.

Gus Gore is only the third shift supervisor at Cedarville Steel since 1972. What happens so late at night to make this such an important position? Everywhere the Gore girl goes, there is a GMC Suburban following her at a short distance behind. It is parked one house to the west every night and in front of the school when she’s in school.

Why does this young girl receive such Special Treatment? Is there more to her than meets the average pair of eyes?

Here in Cedarville the High School is making out quite good, new football field, new gym, new science lab with all the high tech of any college.

Best Friends

Shelby and Susie are friends and Business Partners

Cedarville is Changing Daily!

Shelby dresses beyond her years

Shelby dresses more lady like

What’s Up? …is a major Question here in Cedarville. This spoiled BRAT, now greets customers somedays at Young’s, then shows up at Cedarville Steel to answer employee questions. Instead of heading off down the Main street, she now drives her little Caddy convertible, since she and her family live up at The Hill. On Sundays you will see Shelby sitting next to Willie Johnson at church holding hands.

There’s another Girl…

Susie Wilson, the bank president’s daughter turns out to be part of the Carter Family. Having just graduated from High School, every morning Monday through Friday she is in the Engineering Office at Cedarville Steel before 7 a.m. The man in this young girl’s life is Marcos Delphene, the Steel company’s Chief Design Engineer. To set the record straight, Susie is Willie’s half sister: same father, different mothers.

Why This Town?

Old Man Carter as he is known, lives in a very large stone castle on Carter Island far out into Camelot Lake at Mtn. High. Here he sometimes lives with his four cute, young, oriental wives. One of these four is Emerald the redhead who is Susie’s mother. With all the family’s financial holdings, they are rarely seen in this area.

Susie is special

Susie is exceptional

Susie, being only five foot tall, is perfectly proportioned like a taller model. This is how she fooled high school boys into thinking she was much older and was filled out by the age of ten.

Even when they spend their Saturday in Egypt or Peru, Marcos makes sure they are able to attend the Grand Ole Opry that evening. This man waited many years to make Susie part of his life. She does not mind the fact he is much older than she. They seem to be a perfect match and are well accepted by both of her families.

It’s Fourth of July weekend!

This weekend is the annual picnic at each of the company’s south Missouri facilities. In past years, 1500 or so attended except at Mtn. High, but this year is going to be quite different. By Wednesday June 29th, reports show that number could be 10,000 at each location. A motorcycle rally has been added at each of four locations with thirty dealers being scheduled at Cedarville, Simple City, Marshland, and Mtn. High.

The Biker One dealership in Springfield let word get out, the new owner will make an appearance before dark. A live band with dancing until midnight and all the FREE food you can eat is now to being made available at all five super parties. By Friday night July 1, every hotel and motel room for 100 miles is full, multiple guests packed in every space. Motorcycles have filled roads coast to coast heading to south Missouri. Bikers want to see the girl that ended Michael Smith’s over a decade long reign as North American Heavyweight Arm Wrestling champion. Now, 40,000 must be expected at each location.

Life can be hard

Life can be hard When no one Gives You a Break

Cedarville, Missouri never had one Murder…

Until Shelby Gore made her debut… Cedarville is a small south Missouri town of 1400, a Steel Plant that employs over 1000 workers, and several churches. The local school has been able to acquire a new gym, football field, and science lab that are state-of-the-art. This town now has only one bank instead of three like a few years ago, and Young’s Family & Home Center has a large store here. Some people do not like the changes that have taken place in recent years.

When I was 12

People were used to seeing Shelby

For several years, this cute young blonde haired girl traveled through town on her skate board running errands for her Mom, getting groceries and going to the bank. Back in the summer of 1984 there was a story going around town, that she single-handedly killed ten hoodlums from Mtn. High.

These men were supposedly extorting older folks Social Security money every month for a year. There was some confrontation down town at the City Square, then a shoot-out north of town by the four-lane with Highway Patrol and Sheriff’s deputies.

Police got everything cleaned up and there has been no other trouble. What could a twelve year old girl have done to rectify this situation? We do know she arranged some free meals for the older people at the senior center and at a local church. It was the catering department at Young’s and people from The Hill that provided the food. The Gores do live pretty good for Gus Gore just being a third-shift supervisor at Cedarville Steel.

Local Newspaper mentioned Nothing…

Marcella Gore

Marcella Gore

Everything is just speculation, this girl has a reputation, she’s been observed by many people down town, snuggling and playing with the old guys in the park. She and the bank president’s daughter Susie Wilson have supposedly had parties at the Gore home every Friday night for years. You know how small towns are, everybody has to talk about someone, in Cedarville, it’s Shelby Gore.

Her mother is Marcella who looks more like she should be the girl’s older sister than her mother. She mows their yard in a bikini, and answers the door topless showing off her diamond studded nipple shields and bars.

Thursday April 14th, four guys tried to grab the Gores’ daughter while walking home from school by herself. These four got shipped back to Colombia in body-bags, but Old Bob that spends his days sitting in the City Square was murdered when his car was stolen. That is five killings in just one day…

Can't Wait to Get Even!

Can’t Wait to Get Even with Leo Smith!

Shit Hits the Fan

Shit Hits the Fan

OK, I’m one pissed off B-I-T-C-H!

My name is Juanita Gonzalez, I’m 19 years old and I do NOT forget when someone puts the hurt on me. My favorite weapon is a six and a half inch switch-blade sharp enough to give any man a shave.

I work for Elmer Olson at his truck stop in south central Texas; he bought and paid for me with my cute green Jeep to the tune of $250 grand.

Being a Santeria Witch makes me ready for anything needed; been running drugs across the southern border for the last ten years. My owner down in Mexico treated me OK, but there were times I got knocked around. That usually left a corpse for someone else to get rid of; some times I did my own clean-up when I was really mad.

Old Elmer was down visiting my Cartel Boss, buying product for his customers, and was given one night with me, I did things to him he’d never had done before. Next morning I had a new owner and a better place up north in the USA to live.

Juanitas Green Jeep

Juanitas Green Jeep

One run across the border each week keeps Elmer’s trucker stop patrons happy; that and the girls that wait tables. $200 gets you a room for one hour at the motel next door with the friendly waitress you just tipped. Treat her nice and look forward to your next stop here; get rough and you end up dropped in a rattlesnake pit between here and the border on my next trip south.

Back when I was thirteen, I was given to a Tulsa based crime boss named Leo Smith for one night. This bastard was mean, he choked me, ripped part of my hair out, and tore me up shoving stuff up one hole while he was using the other. When he left, I was unconscious and bleeding bad when one of the housekeepers found me. Fortunately my owner was short on young whores that would do anything when asked; nearly six months later I was almost as good as before. Ever since my recovery, I’ve looked forward to the day that I can get even with that S-O-B.

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Susie and Marcos have to Catch Up

Susie & Marcos have a lot of Catching Up to Do

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

Susie Developed Early.

Susie Wilson didn’t wait to come of age, she slipped out on Saturday nights to go to the drive-in movies. Being only ten years old was cramping my style, high school boys were more interesting. Being the Bank President’s daughter, I had learned how to be sneaky and do things my own way. I knew my Dad George was having an affair with Yvonne Allen, a married woman with a military husband.

Blackmail isn’t really BAD.

Susie did not look 10

Susie did not look 10 or 11

This very young girl borrowed my Dad’s backdoor key to the bank, before going down to Young’s and telling the guy in the hardware area, George needed a spare key. You must have a good story to get a copy cut for the Bank’s back door, it’s a special security lock. Susie already knew Young’s could make the key, the original I slipped back with my Dad’s keys without him knowing.

The very next Saturday night, little Susie slipped into the Bank through the backdoor and watched through the glass side-light to my Dad’s office. George and Yvonne were having a lot of fun on the leather sofa. That ended when they saw me…

“Susie, what are you doing here?” my Dad demanded, “How did you get in?”

“Date ended just after midnight, so the boys let me out here at the bank, and I have my own key. Thought I might drop by and see what you two are up to.” Susie answered.

Years passed:

Shelby and I started having our parties every Friday night, sometimes still up strong when daylight arrived. Neither of us had one relationship develop into anything long-term.

During the week, we spent much of our time up at The Hill riding our horses, swimming, and playing golf. Shelby couldn’t beat me and I couldn’t beat her. Our games of 18 holes ended in a tie, over time, we did get our scores down to the low fifties by the time Shelby turned 12. Not bad for this being a fully sanctioned PGA course, good thing neither of us were planning to play professionally.

Marcos and I Travel

Marcos and I Travel a lot

Both of us girls were A-string cheerleaders, making us very popular with the boys. Several male teachers wanted to develop friendships, even though they are already married. NO WARNING: Shelby turned 16 and announced she was ending the Friday night parties immediately.

I do not like parking on country roads or making out in a car parked next to the town square. The drive-in up at Simple City closed by mid-October, so DAMN THE LUCK! All the rest of us cheerleaders let Miss High and Mighty know how we felt.

The high school athletes were informed that if they asked Shelby out, there would be no other dates with anyone else. EVER! These boys knew this was NOT a joke. Our problem we needed to deal with was simple, Shelby is the only girl in town with a 12-person hot tub-spa. I couldn’t even go back to The Hill to use their pool or ride that horse Milton who I’d grown up with.

Major Dry Spell Coming:

Marcos Delphene

Marcos Delphene

When I did not have a date for New Year’s Eve, I knew I had problems, Susie Wilson was doing better with boys at age 11 and 12 than at 17? That’s crazy, I’m most men’s dream of the perfect woman, though I’m only 5 foot tall, but with the perfectly proportioned body and great tan. What’s wrong with me?

On Friday April 15, 1988 I met Marcos Delphene. Naked, taking an outdoor shower, I was dripping wet from head down to my beautiful toes. Shelby and I heard these voices behind us discussing how cute we looked from the back-side. I was needing a man for this Friday night, I took the perfect opportunity to dry myself off on his dress-up business clothes. NO complaints from either this gorgeous man or me, though I found out later he’s a lot older than I first thought. We do and from our first meeting, enjoy all of our marvelous time together, every delicious minute.

Travel to Unique Places:

I got a gift on our first date, my cute, black 1989 Mercedes 560 SL tickled my fancy. Hey, Susie Wilson is cute and sexier than a Playboy magazine centerfold. I’m the real thing and by the end of this weekend, Marcos Delphene would want me to have and hold forever, or at least many repeat dates. My sweet lover-boy took me to Machu Picchu in the Highlands of southern Peru the next morning and got me back to the Grand Ole Opry that same night.

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1988 is One Heck of a Year!

1988 is One Heck of a Year for two young Girls in Cedarville!

When I was 12

When I was 12 I was a skateboarder

When I was just a little tyke:

I was maybe a month over a year old, I met Susie Wilson who had passed her second birthday. Her family only lived two doors west, and our families went to the same church, so our mothers would get together and let us play. I liked her because she wasn’t dumb like most kids our ages. We could talk about older people’s stuff and check out things on my computer.

My Mom would take us both to The Hill so we could swim in the big pool, playing together we had lots of fun. We both failed to notice there were no other kids using the playground with it’s swings, teter-toters, sliding boards, and other climbing equipment. Everything had been built just for two little girls to make use of.

As the Years past:

Susie and I were allowed to ride the horses, then on my seventh birthday I received my own horse, Melon. Susie always rode a horse named Milton, he and Melon were instant friends. After school and on weekends we would ride down to the small lake at the end of the trail down through the woods. A small spring fed stream from a near-by cave kept the water at a constant level.

Being an adventuresome pair:

We’d make our way up to the cave and play with three fat and cranky old snakes. Our parents would have slipped a cog if they had known, Claude and Claredean were cottonmouths, and Fred was a copperhead. Some days we’d set for hours talking with these unusual friends with telepathic abilities.

Two or three times a week, our horses would jump over their pasture fence and go down to the cave to visit the snakes. The stable girl Callie had followed the horses one day and decided everything was okay, since she also knew the three snakes and could also talk to the horses.

So I can't take a Swim, but at home

So I can’t take a Swim, but at home

Not Everything is Perfect!

Here at The Hill where I’m living, the pool has to be replastered, fences have to be replaced, horses have to be fed and exercised. There are hundreds working in the offices, off-duty workers are sleeping, eating or enjoying the many amenities. PGA certified golf course, tennis courts, gym, running track, horseback riding, and the small lake down in the woods. This is a complete community with auto-service, dining hall, and the underground barracks where the workers live.

Shelby looked older than her young age

Shelby looked older than her young age

After I turned nine, I got this craving to get acquainted with older boys, even had my navel pierced. Being only in the third grade I needed help… Two houses up the street was where the Bank President lived, their daughter was only ten, but she was in the sixth grade. Eighth grade boys, even high school boys were asking her for a date. Susie Wilson is cute with a good tan and filled out to look much older than her age. We had both discovered if we worked out with weights, it made us grow more solid and womanly looking.

In Cedarville, Missouri where does anyone go on a date? Eat Pizza and find a place to park, cops catch you tell your folks and the boy is grounded. She and I worked out a solution, in our backyard was a twelve-person spa-hot tub with heat. Actually it is in a screened-in porch with clear curtains we could let down in bad or cold weather. Our Friday Night Crazy parties were a smash hit after only one week and two boys we invited over. The parties kept going until I turned sixteen last September 28th.

When I turned twelve, the very next day I got my nipples pierced. To show her support my Mom went to the same place and got her’s done, though the pain did make her shed quite a few tears. My Dad said that if there were any problems with my Mom’s nipples, I would be sleeping with the bugs in the backyard.

Thinking back to when I was twelve, my favorite method of travel was my skateboard. Most days my Mom would drive the two of us up to The Hill so I could ride my horse Melon and Mom and I’d go swimming.

There were these twelve hoodlums from Mtn. High that made monthly visits over here to Cedarville, extorting money from old folks. They made one LAST TRIP…

Spring of my Sophomore year in High School, I’d lost every last friend I ever had in school. About two blocks south of the school, four scum-bags tried to grab me. That’s when my Life CHANGED!

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What Shelby was wearing Sunday Morning

What Shelby was wearing Sunday Morning

Shelby dresses beyond her years

Shelby dresses beyond her years

Shelby is a spoiled rotten BRAT according to many of her teachers who are jealous of her abilities and good looks. For the last several years, there have been rumors flying like wild fire around this south Missouri town. Why is she allowed to spend much of her time at The Hill complex up past where the old school used to be located? Marcella Gore and her daughter look so much alike, some people mistake them for sisters, rumors have it they both have pierced nipples with diamond shields and bars.

Gus Gore is just a third shift supervisor at the local steel plant, this family lives awfully well for him having such an average position. The mother always gets a new car every two years and Gus gets a new 4×4 pickup every year. Many of the girls at school do not like the way Shelby dresses, she gets too much of the boys attention and that of the male teachers.

There have been several times since she turned 12 that she’s had to go home to change clothes. Five inch high heels, backless dresses that show too much. Even coming to school wearing a white bikini for cheerleader practice and removing her top.

Now, since what has happened lately, there are new questions about her jewelry and can it be real?

Susie Wilson and I are Now Friends again.

Susie Wilson and I are Now Friends again.

While walking home alone from the local high school, 16 year old Sophomore Shelby Gore was dreaming about how great life could be, only if…

Walking Home Alone

Walking Home Alone

Without warning, an old car jumped the curb, stopping right in front of her, the doors flew open and two men jumped out. What the Hell? Why are they trying to grab me? Oh well, that’s their problem and they just picked on the wrong girl.

In 1988, most everyone has heard of the Medellin Colombia Drug Cartels, the notorious Pablo Escobar is all over the news, earning hundreds of Millions of US dollars selling cocaine to US Crime Bosses. Hugo Ortega owned a mountain top compound west of Medellin, semis, jet planes and his own private army. He had big plans and asked Escobar, the Snow Queen and even Castro of Cuba to help him take control of the Colombian Government.

PSL Holdings LTD based in Bogota owns much of Latin America’s industry, this company dates back before there were history books. One-man William Johnson is said to have been the CEO since the beginning, so he’s got to be old, it’s also said his father is still active in this company. These stories are a little farfetched, especially to those who have met Johnson, a man maybe in his early to mid-thirties. With so many people in Latin America involved in Santeria, there are a lot of myths. Ortega has learned about a sixteen-year-old high school girl in the US that is rumored to be Johnson’s girlfriend, kidnap her and he could take control of everything. Four of his meanest enforcers head north to Missouri on April 14…

Something happened, Ortega’s entire compound is now missing from top of his mountain, only a few scorched rocks remain. The road up the mountain is gone, nothing looks like anything was ever here. Down in the nightclub district of Medellin, witnesses all tell a story of a bright light and no sound.

Within a few days, Midwest Crime Boss Leo Smith, can’t contact Ortega to get a new shipment of cocaine brought into Tulsa. The recording says there is no such number. Smith’s #2 man and advisor for the last 50 years came home with two broken legs, without getting a simple job done. He now has a list of Springfield area businesses supposedly bought by two teenage girls in south Missouri. Stay away from these businesses, no more extortion payments will be paid, or else. Who would be stupid enough to threaten the Smith Brothers Outlaw Biker Gang? Those people are going to learn to just pay their dues, which are now going up 10% higher, or someone is going to die.

4th of July weekend, Most bikers already know Arlin Jones, who supposedly has just quit being a Crime Boss and is going legit. Where we going to get our drugs if he’s really QUIT? There are lots of questions floating around that need answers. These people in South Missouri are going to feed forty-thousand people for FREE. YEAH, Right! That much food even if it’s only baloney sandwiches and bottled water would cost a lot of money. Same size party at four locations, NO WAY! This we’ve got to see. Bikers by the thousands filled the highways, all heading to Cedarville, Missouri and now four other sites.

Who the hell is Shelby Gore and how does she stay alive to face another day?

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Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

It has Been 2 1/2 Months

That does NOT seem like a lot of time, but for this Teenage young lady, to start off she has been given too much lee-way while growing up to do as she pleases. Teachers have been ready to pull their hair out over some of the thing she has been guilty of, with a 4.0 GPA most believe the stories are just that STORIES!
Since June 1988, Shelby has taken control of major segments of the entire business world with her not waiting for others to do what she can do on her own.

The Colombian Drug Cartels all know and believe the stories being told that far down SOUTH, since Hugo Ortega’s compound vanished off his mountain top. Nothing is left except a few scorched rocks, even the road is gone. Ortega made a fatal mistake and did not live to regret his miscalculation. There is one good reason PSL Holdings LTD, Bogota, Colombia SA has been in business for however long they have been in business. Old Man Carter has a reputation for his word being LAW. His son is the CEO since the first day they opened for business, and they have made a steady profit. Colombia is only one of the countries where they own business interests, others are South Africa, Russia, China, USA, Mexico, Canada, and the rest of the South American countries. PSL stands for Pleiadian Santeria Logistical Holdings, with mining interests worldwide for over fifteen thousand years that can be proven.

They have many investors, but the two largest are Carter/Johnson Investments and the S.L.Q. Trust. The latter is managed by Colonel Ted Sanders and his two wives, Colonel Jessica Sanders (the blonde) and Colonel Jodie Meyer (a coffee skinned beauty).

Life can be hard

Shelby has Learned FAST

There have been stories circulating about, a sixteen year-old high school student owning a new Caddy convertible. Her parents have moved into a new home with her Dad taking Willie’s former job as General Manager of Cedarville Steel. A sophomore girl was the featured speaker at the High School graduation, she was there on stage with Willie Johnson, making a major announcement. Behind the scenes organized crime has been loosing ground with each run-in with two teenagers girls.

Over the years, she’d knocked a ball around The Hill’s golf course a few hundred times or maybe its thousands of times with her friend Susie, destroyed a sand-trap and couldn’t break 80, unless you believe she consistently breaks 50 since she turned twelve. Now, like several of her friends, she’s barred from ever playing golf professionally, with consistent scores below 20 for 18 holes on a PGA sanctioned course. She has a good personal trainer, just one of her reasons for wanting Willie Johnson to be her closest friend.

Oh, he’d noticed this small town girl, actually, he’d been waiting for her to grow up so he could make his feelings toward her known to the world, NOT just his closest friends. Actually, Willie and his father had made a deal with her birth parents some time before she was born.

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Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville for Good Reason

This is Shelby Gore, and she is NOT average

Shelby Gore is NOT Average

Back in 1975, when she was only 4 years old.

Tommy Walters had been a Crime Boss in Springfield: murder, renting teenage girls, drugs for school age kids, ALL with the help of his wife Carol. That ended in late May of 1972, when a cute blonde teenager decided to make a run. NOW, Convicted of three counts of First Degree Murder and bombing his former business partner’s plane. Sitting up in the Missouri State Prison at Jefferson City made his life very miserable, maybe he could escape.

Waiting on Death Row, was rather boring so he studied up on Black Magic. After awhile he could leave his cell in the middle of the night, going back to Springfield to do evil. He had always had the burning desire to get even with the young bitch that put him on Death Row.

Marcella Prine had married and moved with her husband to Cedarville, they have a young child and live in a nice home. If Walters could travel at night, why couldn’t he go in the daytime? After several attempts, he decided it was time. A bright sunny morning in April, he found her playing in the yard with the kid; beat the crap out of this no good, rotten young whore, rape her and tear her hair out, make her suffer. Kill the kid as she could do nothing but watch. This would be fun, so he grabbed the young woman and dragged her by her hair toward the backyard.

The little blonde haired brat came running and yelling: “Don’t Hurt My Mommy!” he’d just knock her flat. His hand didn’t make contact, the impossible happened, the kid grabbed hold of his arm and was now firmly planted on Tommy’s shoulders. He had to let go of the mother so he could use both hands to kill this pesky brat. Why don’t she just sit still?

Walters was not ready for the pain, as the little girl had quickly grabbed his chin and the top of his head; everything was going black, he couldn’t feel his head. The pain was the worst he’d ever felt.

The little girl now dripping with the man’s blood, she jumped down from his shoulders and waited for the rest of his body to fall landing in a sitting position. His hands were outstretched as if still trying to get hold of the girl: “Hey Mister, Did that Hurt?” she sassed as she was placing his severed head covered with his own life’s blood in his outstretched hands.

In the meantime, the security detail parked one door west of the Gore home realized something was wrong and came running with guns out.

They had already received their orders; clean up the mess and make it look as nothing ever happened. Walters body was magically returned as his spell wore off to his cell and the State of Missouri would save a lot of money.

When Walters’ attention turned to the little girl, the mother had made a call to The Hill, the Sanders wives already knew something was wrong and were heading down the hill toward town and the Gore home when they received her call. “Is little Shelby safe? The Security people know what to do in this situation, just take her to the basement, strip her and yourself bare. Throw everything in the incinerator, and both of you get in the shower. Do a thorough job of cleaning both of you. You will need to use the Mercedes sedan we’re bringing. We want your car checked out completely, you use the car we are bringing and head to Ava to spend the rest of the day playing in the public park where she likes to go like nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

The little girl played on the swings, the sliding board and with other small children who were also at this playground. About five p.m. Marcella and little Shelby headed home, but went to The Hill to meet with Gus and their friends.

Crime Boss Leo Smith in Tulsa had learned the high cost of not doing what he was ordered thirty-eight years earlier. He had supplied the books that Walters used to learn hoe to use spells.

Read Shelby’s story: The Dreams of Shelby Gore

Shelby starts her Day with COFFEE

Shelby starts her Day with COFFEE

Shelby likes to tell the stories she’s been told about her friends.

Once upon a Time (15,300 BC)

There were four teenage girls, living a happy life on their home world of Erra, in the Pleiades Star System, under the light of their ten suns. This is in an area in space, we know today as Orion’s Belt; their names were Dasha, Masha, Sasha and Tasha, of which Dasha was nearly one year older than her three friends.

The University of the Pleiades, was quite proud of their ability to turn teenagers into able adults who could take their place in society and achieve much. Dasha was a business major, Masha was studying phycology, Sasha and Tasha were very bright students in the field of engineering.

Everyone had heard the stories of this woman’s great courage in the Universal War, that many years later got her chosen to be the Superior of the Andromeda Galaxy. She was here to choose an escort for the Prince William, who would shortly be coming to this planet of Erra for a State Visit.

Prince William is her son, with Michael the Archangel, who had been soul companions for over 999 million years.

She asked Dasha if she would be willing to go for a walk with her out on the University grounds. “Young lady, you’ve been highly recommended for this honor, but do not let him run over you, let yourself be heard. His basic education is now complete, he has just had his one thousandth birthday. If you find this is NOT a situation that you want to continue, tell him and he’ll bring you back here. You can remain friends and maybe spend some time together later. So, are you willing to give this a try?”

Dasha was overwhelmed that someone of this stature would choose her: “Yes your Highness, I am most honored, but will I be able to come back and visit with my friends?” her friends were part of each other’s lives since early childhood.

The woman in the beautiful dark-blue gown was quite gracious, “Dasha, you will still be your own person, able to make your own thoughts and desires known. The prince needs a friend with whom he can bounce ideas and get worthy feedback. I’m NOT asking you to be his slave by any means, I would like to see the two of you become the closest of friends. He’ll be able to read your mind, just as you and your friends do now.”

Dasha as she was then

Dasha as she was then

Soon thereafter, maybe a week or so had passed, Dasha was having her evening meal with her three friends. A handsome young gentleman appeared in their presence. He introduced himself: “Ladies, I am William from the planet Ex-Es, my mother sent me a message that when I arrived here, I should seek out a beautiful young woman by the name of Dasha.” he smiled at the girl dressed in a common yellow top and denim shorts.

Dasha wished she had a place to hide, this was NOT the meeting she’d so carefully planned in her young mind. Tasha spoke right up: “That’s her there on the end; sit down and let us get you something to eat.” she could see her friend was quite uncomfortable.

Willie was already standing next to Dasha, “May I take this seat? You are even more exquisite than Mother said in her message.” seating himself on the bench next to this very interesting young woman.

Dasha was not ready for this moment, she’d hoped to be wearing her finest gown with her hair done in a special fashionable style, but: “Your Highness, I’m sorry for the way I’m dressed, I can clean-up pretty good, if you will give me another chance?” she hoped she had not completely blown her future out of the water.

This guy was getting relaxed as a smile spread across her cute oriental face: “You’ve already had dinner, so how about we take a walk down to the woods, so we can talk?” really wishing her three friends could be with them.

“How about we have Masha, Sasha and Tasha to join us? I’d love to get some pictures of you and your friends all.” Willie knew she was reading his mind like an open book. “Maybe we can all take a trip together, I do have my own T-528 and some smaller craft too. So room is not a problem.

Dasha was already nervous about leaving her friends here at the University, maybe the Head Overseer would be willing to let all four girls take this assignment together? When Willie stood to his feet, he was tall, really tall, a whole foot and a half taller than any of these four five foot tall cuties. Dasha stood up from the table and hugged this man, guessed she would have to get used to kissing the buttons on his shirt.

Outside, the four friends were communicating back and forth by their thoughts, Willie was taking random pictures with his very small camera. Each of the girls were intrigued with how simple it was to use and this man was so friendly, not the usual stuffed shirt that most official people usually are. The four girls had all reached the same idea. BUT, how should they approach this very important man with their girlish enthusiasm?

Beautiful small stream

Beautiful small stream

After a while of casual talk and each of the girls having given their new friend several huggs, they had ended up down by a beautiful stream, birds singing and a slight breeze. They were all seated on large smooth stones, dangling their bare feet in the cool water. Dasha was sitting on Willie’s lap with her head resting on his strong shoulder…

“Girls, or maybe I should say ladies, Dasha made an agreement with my Mother to be my escort around this planet. As I understand all four of you have grown close since childhood, none of you have any other family. You have reached the limits of what this University can teach you, so you will each be seeking careers, but you’d like to stay together as a family unit. How about the four of you joining with me and we work on many projects as a team for the future of this entire Universe?” all four girls eyes opened wide.

Thus began the history of the four beautiful young women who have become known down through the ages as the GemStones.

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This is Juanita, a 19 year old drug runner

This is Juanita, a 19 yr old drug runner in S. Texas

This is NOT working,

I was very popular this time last year. NOW, not one boy has asked me out in the last 6 1/2 months, not even for New Years Eve.

My name is Shelby Gore, I go to church every Sunday and do not use any drugs, except I do love my coffee, I run 2 miles every afternoon after school. I workout in our basement gym every morning before I shower and head off to school. I’m a Sophomore at Cedarville High, where I’ve been the top performer on the track team for two years, with a 4.0 GPA both years, and captain of the A-String cheerleaders two years running. It don’t take a genius to see that I am not a wall-flower. Why am I having so much trouble?

WHY, just because I kissed the wrong guy? That was clear back last summer, well I did cancel my Friday Night Crazy parties end of last September. That made a lot of people MAD, but if I want to date a very special guy, I was told to make some real changes. OK so I’m just a Sophomore, but I’ve been dating Junior and Senior boys since before I turned twelve. Having to sit home on the night of the High School Prom that was a real bummer.

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Every morning I get out of bed early to go work out in our basement gym; this body didn’t just happen, I’ve worked to look this good. After school, I go to The Hill, where I can use their running track for two miles. This is where my horse Melon is kept and we go riding nearly every day, swim, tennis and golf were more fun when my friend Susie was there to keep me company. Now she doesn’t even speak to me at church on Sunday.

I lived a different life than many I know: as a family we have not wasted any time watching TVs. Momma and I spend a lot of time talking over what is happening in our worlds. For entertainment, there were singing, dancing and music, we spend time at The Hill developing friendships with everyone we meet. I have used my computer researching many things from the age of one and ever since. I take education seriously.

The only friends that I can talk to are the old men who spend their days sitting on the park-benches down at the city square. Usually, I try to stop by on Saturday during the school year. I need a few good hugs besides my parents and the Sanders wives up at The Hill, the old guys are always willing to oblige.

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Nothing is Normal in Cedarville

Nothing is Normal

Shelby Gore is a little bit SPECIAL by anyone’s Standards. She could talk before she turned one year old and already knew how to use a computer. By the age of ten, she was filled out like a girl much older.

Age four, she had to save her Momma from a man trying to kill her, dead men don’t get to try a second time. Shelby was growing up fast, her decisions were not always the best and most appropriate.

Shelby was twelve when she had to take action to help a group of older folks having their Social Security money taken each month. Police were scared to do anything, people need to eat, and ZERO money does not pay for groceries or anything else.

Shelby helped get a few free meals put together at the Senior Center and at a local church. Then she waited for the hoodlums to show up at the city park. Ten big bad boys went home in body bags, two more were killed in a police shoot-out north of town when they tried to escape.

Colonel Ted Sanders, Chairman of the Cedarville State Bank shot a video of this altercation.

The summer before she turned sixteen, Shelby was told to NOT to have any contact with Willie Johnson. Willie is the Plant Manager at Cedarville Steel where her Dad has worked as the Supervisor on the third shift for fifteen years. At the July 4th Company Picnic, she was picked to be on his volleyball team, their team won, and the women were all jumping up and down, hugging him so… Shelby jumped him and gave him a big kiss on the mouth, he pushed her back and said: “Not now, we can’t!”

The next week when Shelby was getting groceries, Willie’s friend Kare-Ann Young really cut loose in the office at her local store. Then the Sanders wives gave her a polite, but cautionary talk, plus Mom and Dad told her: “NO! The time is NOT right, you can get what you want, but you can’t rock the boat.” …she knew down deep inside, there was no other man she’d ever be happy with.

Shelby and her parents were more than just family, they are Best Friends. No one seems to know how old Willie Johnson is, stories being told down in Colombia SA, can’t be true. He looks to be in his early to mid-thirties and a good match for his friend Kare-Ann, but this teenager isn’t giving up her dream, she knows a secret told to her by her parents several years ago.

Shelby Gore used to play the piano at church, before the stories got started. When you have Goals, YOU have to have FUN and pursue your future at full speed. So this girl started wanting to date boys when she was nine. Her friend Susie, age ten was sneaking out to go to drive-in movies with high school boys.

These two girls survived, becoming not even friends until mid-April 1988, many people had heard of the Medellin Colombia Drug Cartels. The notorious Pablo Escobar was all over the news, earning hundreds of Millions of US dollars selling cocaine to US Crime Bosses. Hugo Ortega owned a mountain top compound west of Medellin, semis, jet planes and his own private army. He had big plans and asked Escobar, the Snow Queen and Castro of Cuba to help him take control of the Colombian Government.

PSL Holdings LTD based in Bogota owns much of Latin America’s industry, this company dates back before there were history books. One-man William Johnson is said to have been the CEO since the beginning, so he’s got to be old, it’s said his father is still active in this company. Ortega learns about a sixteen-year-old high school girl in the US that is rumored to be Johnson’s girlfriend, kidnap her and he could take control of everything. Four of his meanest enforcers headed north toward Missouri…

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