Today will change her Life forever!

Don’t Mess with Shelby Gore and for good reason, she is an ASS Kicker. The girl’s Dad is third shift supervisor at Cedarville Steel. Her Mom, Marcella works on her advanced computer system from their home basement. Why are some local people concerned about this teenager? Shelby’s parents are NOT rich, they are just middle-class for this area. The girl lives a comfortable life spending much of her free time up at The Hill, having free use of these luxury facilities. A high school sophomore with unlimited use of a PGA sanctioned 18 hole golf course, tennis courts, 2-mile rubber running track and much more.

Shelby is a star athlete, having entered every Track meet for the past two years. She always takes first place in every event she enters. Maybe the other students are just jealous? Shelby is easily the best looking blonde at Cedarville High: 5’8″ and built to make boys’ eyes bug out. The girl is well known for dressing more sexy than school dress codes allow. Even got all the cheerleaders in trouble for practicing topless, just so she could show off her pierced nipples.

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