1988 is One Heck of a Year!

1988 is One Heck of a Year for two young Girls in Cedarville!

When I was 12

When I was 12 I was a skateboarder

When I was just a little tyke:

I was maybe a month over a year old, I met Susie Wilson who had passed her second birthday. Her family only lived two doors west, and our families went to the same church, so our mothers would get together and let us play. I liked her because she wasn’t dumb like most kids our ages. We could talk about older people’s stuff and check out things on my computer.

My Mom would take us both to The Hill so we could swim in the big pool, playing together we had lots of fun. We both failed to notice there were no other kids using the playground with it’s swings, teter-toters, sliding boards, and other climbing equipment. Everything had been built just for two little girls to make use of.

As the Years past:

Susie and I were allowed to ride the horses, then on my seventh birthday I received my own horse, Melon. Susie always rode a horse named Milton, he and Melon were instant friends. After school and on weekends we would ride down to the small lake at the end of the trail down through the woods. A small spring fed stream from a near-by cave kept the water at a constant level.

Being an adventuresome pair:

We’d make our way up to the cave and play with three fat and cranky old snakes. Our parents would have slipped a cog if they had known, Claude and Claredean were cottonmouths, and Fred was a copperhead. Some days we’d set for hours talking with these unusual friends with telepathic abilities.

Two or three times a week, our horses would jump over their pasture fence and go down to the cave to visit the snakes. The stable girl Callie had followed the horses one day and decided everything was okay, since she also knew the three snakes and could also talk to the horses.

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