Day: November 16, 2020

See You in Church on Sunday

While walking home alone from the local high school, 16 year old Sophomore Shelby Gore was dreaming about how great life could be, only if… Without warning, an old car jumped the curb, stopping right in front of her, the doors flew open and two men jumped out. What the Hell? Why are they trying to grab me? Oh well, that’s their problem and they just picked on the wrong girl. In 1988, most everyone has heard of the Medellin Colombia Drug Cartels, the notorious Pablo Escobar is all overRead More

I Do Have Friends

It has Been 2 1/2 Months That does NOT seem like a lot of time, but for this Teenage young lady, to start off she has been given too much lee-way while growing up to do as she pleases. Teachers have been ready to pull their hair out over some of the thing she has been guilty of, with a 4.0 GPA most believe the stories are just that STORIES! Since June 1988, Shelby has taken control of major segments of the entire business world with her not waiting forRead More

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