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See You in Church on Sunday

Susie Wilson and I are Now Friends again.

Susie Wilson and I are Now Friends again.

While walking home alone from the local high school, 16 year old Sophomore Shelby Gore was dreaming about how great life could be, only if…

Walking Home Alone

Walking Home Alone

Without warning, an old car jumped the curb, stopping right in front of her, the doors flew open and two men jumped out. What the Hell? Why are they trying to grab me? Oh well, that’s their problem and they just picked on the wrong girl.

In 1988, most everyone has heard of the Medellin Colombia Drug Cartels, the notorious Pablo Escobar is all over the news, earning hundreds of Millions of US dollars selling cocaine to US Crime Bosses. Hugo Ortega owned a mountain top compound west of Medellin, semis, jet planes and his own private army. He had big plans and asked Escobar, the Snow Queen and even Castro of Cuba to help him take control of the Colombian Government.

PSL Holdings LTD based in Bogota owns much of Latin America’s industry, this company dates back before there were history books. One-man William Johnson is said to have been the CEO since the beginning, so he’s got to be old, it’s also said his father is still active in this company. These stories are a little farfetched, especially to those who have met Johnson, a man maybe in his early to mid-thirties. With so many people in Latin America involved in Santeria, there are a lot of myths. Ortega has learned about a sixteen-year-old high school girl in the US that is rumored to be Johnson’s girlfriend, kidnap her and he could take control of everything. Four of his meanest enforcers head north to Missouri on April 14…

Something happened, Ortega’s entire compound is now missing from top of his mountain, only a few scorched rocks remain. The road up the mountain is gone, nothing looks like anything was ever here. Down in the nightclub district of Medellin, witnesses all tell a story of a bright light and no sound.

Within a few days, Midwest Crime Boss Leo Smith, can’t contact Ortega to get a new shipment of cocaine brought into Tulsa. The recording says there is no such number. Smith’s #2 man and advisor for the last 50 years came home with two broken legs, without getting a simple job done. He now has a list of Springfield area businesses supposedly bought by two teenage girls in south Missouri. Stay away from these businesses, no more extortion payments will be paid, or else. Who would be stupid enough to threaten the Smith Brothers Outlaw Biker Gang? Those people are going to learn to just pay their dues, which are now going up 10% higher, or someone is going to die.

4th of July weekend, Most bikers already know Arlin Jones, who supposedly has just quit being a Crime Boss and is going legit. Where we going to get our drugs if he’s really QUIT? There are lots of questions floating around that need answers. These people in South Missouri are going to feed forty-thousand people for FREE. YEAH, Right! That much food even if it’s only baloney sandwiches and bottled water would cost a lot of money. Same size party at four locations, NO WAY! This we’ve got to see. Bikers by the thousands filled the highways, all heading to Cedarville, Missouri and now four other sites.

Who the hell is Shelby Gore and how does she stay alive to face another day?

Get the Book for the whole Story: The Dreams of Shelby Gore

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I Do Have Friends

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

It has Been 2 1/2 Months

That does NOT seem like a lot of time, but for this Teenage young lady, to start off she has been given too much lee-way while growing up to do as she pleases. Teachers have been ready to pull their hair out over some of the thing she has been guilty of, with a 4.0 GPA most believe the stories are just that STORIES!
Since June 1988, Shelby has taken control of major segments of the entire business world with her not waiting for others to do what she can do on her own.

The Colombian Drug Cartels all know and believe the stories being told that far down SOUTH, since Hugo Ortega’s compound vanished off his mountain top. Nothing is left except a few scorched rocks, even the road is gone. Ortega made a fatal mistake and did not live to regret his miscalculation. There is one good reason PSL Holdings LTD, Bogota, Colombia SA has been in business for however long they have been in business. Old Man Carter has a reputation for his word being LAW. His son is the CEO since the first day they opened for business, and they have made a steady profit. Colombia is only one of the countries where they own business interests, others are South Africa, Russia, China, USA, Mexico, Canada, and the rest of the South American countries. PSL stands for Pleiadian Santeria Logistical Holdings, with mining interests worldwide for over fifteen thousand years that can be proven.

They have many investors, but the two largest are Carter/Johnson Investments and the S.L.Q. Trust. The latter is managed by Colonel Ted Sanders and his two wives, Colonel Jessica Sanders (the blonde) and Colonel Jodie Meyer (a coffee skinned beauty).

Life can be hard

Shelby has Learned FAST

There have been stories circulating about, a sixteen year-old high school student owning a new Caddy convertible. Her parents have moved into a new home with her Dad taking Willie’s former job as General Manager of Cedarville Steel. A sophomore girl was the featured speaker at the High School graduation, she was there on stage with Willie Johnson, making a major announcement. Behind the scenes organized crime has been loosing ground with each run-in with two teenagers girls.

Over the years, she’d knocked a ball around The Hill’s golf course a few hundred times or maybe its thousands of times with her friend Susie, destroyed a sand-trap and couldn’t break 80, unless you believe she consistently breaks 50 since she turned twelve. Now, like several of her friends, she’s barred from ever playing golf professionally, with consistent scores below 20 for 18 holes on a PGA sanctioned course. She has a good personal trainer, just one of her reasons for wanting Willie Johnson to be her closest friend.

Oh, he’d noticed this small town girl, actually, he’d been waiting for her to grow up so he could make his feelings toward her known to the world, NOT just his closest friends. Actually, Willie and his father had made a deal with her birth parents some time before she was born.

READ Her Story: The Dreams of Shelby Gore

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