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Shelby Gore is a Cute Girl

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Shelby Gore is a cute girl without a date in over six months.

Maybe not for school
Shelby Gore is a cute girl without a date in over six months. She is well known to dress too sexy for Cedarville High, but do not complain. For years she had Friday night parties at her house with her friend Susie Wilson. The parties ended last September 28, when Shelby turned sixteen.

She got a new goal in her young life that is more important. Hooked up with an older man, this is not thought proper for a young woman of her young age. Now, her former friends are no longer even willing to speak to her. She and her former best friend Susie do not speak at church on Sundays.

Most days, Shelby goes riding on her horse after school up at The Hill, where she uses the pool and running track to stay in shape. On weekends, Shelby tries to find someone who will let her join in for a game of golf. When your average score on the PGA sanctioned 18 holes is 50 or even below, most will not give you a second chance to make them look bad. Her Mom will always go for a game of tennis and let her talk about anything she wants. That is what mothers do for their daughters and this girl is definitely a hand full.

Shelby Gore is cute and knows the secrets of Cedarville, not one date for the high school prom. Last year as a freshman she had at ten boys ask her for a date. Yeah, there have been several changes that most high school students do not like. Does she have bad breath? Why would all the boys turn against the cutest blonde at Cedarville High?

Book 2 Artwork

What Happened Next? ©2021 Henry Fulk

The second book in this series is being written and will be published shortly. The wedding, along with how Marcella and Gus met is included. Cedarville is a busy small town, but it was not ready for what Shelby Gore and friends are doing.

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Book Two will tell you how Marcella and Gus survived to become Shelby’s parents. It not easy having to overcome the Organized Crime boss of Springfield, he owned the LAW. The only people they had to turn to was a rather notorious local church which does not believe in following the Rules. Things do not always go the way you hope for, but you have to trust in Right prevailing. Less than six days this couple were legally married, both with good jobs and many of their problems solved. NEW PROBLEMS always show up to replace the problems that are solved.

New friends are provided to make sure this young couple succeed at their new challenges. A one year old little girl is a large job, but Marcella is up for the job. What she wants, she wants NOW! But this child does know she has to listen to her parents and her mind is open to all new ideas. A house is a lot smaller than a big stone castle, takes less time to get where you want to go.

Dasha as she was then

People from other planets and galaxies look no different than we do, ALL made in the likeness of the one true God Yahweh. The Big Bang Theory was not even a good TV show worth my time to watch. Want to see people traveling to and from other planets? Go to the US Army Proving Grounds at Dugway, UT and when you get back tell everyone what you found. This is Area 52, home to the Mars Mining Expedition and two triangular craft flying to and from Mars since 1968. These craft use Magnetic Field Generator engines, (33 hours each way) with travel usually taking place after midnight. This is when the Earth’s magnetic field is strongest.

The cover-ups continue, heavily documented events that were attended by Top Military brass, have the dates changed and publications republished to make sure their stories never get the FACTS into print.

Marcella Survived Hell

Marcella Gore

Marcella Survived Her Teenage Hell

Back in 1968, Marcella Prine was leading a happy teenage life. Her father, John Prine was a respected lawyer who provided well for his wife and daughter. They lived in a nicely maintained large home over-looking Lake Springfield, just south of US 60 Highway. Marcella had no idea the teenage Hell that lay just ahead.

Then one night on her way back from the bathroom at 2 a.m., she overheard her parents who were still awake talking. What she heard kept the young girl from getting back to sleep.

Big bad bikers
Big Bad Bikers

Bad things were happening; her Dad’s law partner was involved in criminal activities. He was covering up his proceeds through the law firm’s accounts.

Most anyone who listens to TV, radio, or reads the newspapers in south Missouri knew about the Smith Brothers biker gang out of Tulsa. They are into murder, prostitution, and extortion with NO fear of the law. Tommy Walters her Dad’s law partner is involved, overseeing the Springfield portion of this illegal business.

The next morning before this girl could leave for school, Marcella’s mother explained that she and Marcella’s father have to fly to Nashville on business. Not to worry, they will be home before tomorrow night. The teenager knows how to prepare her own evening meal. Coming straight home after school, she spent time praying for her parents to have a safe trip.

Marcella fixed her dinner, then got busy with school homework. The doorbell rang, her heart jumped as she went to the door not knowing what else to do. There stood two police officers sent to inform her that her parents had died in the explosion of their plane.

Young Teen Girl
Young Teen Girl

The teenager was forced to go with the officers, not even being allowed to take her school books. A court order had been signed off on by a local circuit judge, giving everything the Prine family owned, to Tommy Walters. The young girl was so distraught they put her in a straight-jacket for her trip across town.

Marcella Prine is now a ward of the court with Walters her court appointed legal guardian. Within minutes Marcella found herself being delivered to the Walters Home for Run-Away Girls. Remembering at school, she knew a couple girls who lived here and attended classes only two or three days each week. They confided to Marcella about the men they had to take care of, school was just more of the same. Several teachers were doing favors for Tommy Walters, so he owed them favors.

The cute young teenager was striped, forced to take care of Tommy. All the while his wife was using a police night-stick on her young ass. The pain was bad, but nothing compared to the next forty-eight hours. She soon found more training to endure at the hands of twelve bikers in an old farm barn. Thinking she would surely die, she lost consciousness, got a bucket of cold water thrown on her naked young body, then more of the same. Sick, throwing up, and bleeding badly, but somehow she did survive.

One of the girls she knew from school tried to escape and made it to east I-44. Marcella was forced to watch as the girl was tortured for hours until she finally died. Not wanting to suffer the same fate, Marcella accepted her new set of circumstances and starting her life as a teenage prostitute. Some clients were nice, some were not, every night it was mostly the same routine. Four years past as she prayed for her young life to get better.

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School’s OUT!

School is OUT

Now We Must take Our Responsibilities Seriously!

School’s OUT! We have to grow up and accept our own responsibilities. Shelby Gore and I were Best Friends for years, that all ended last September. We have NOT talked since. Today is April 15, 1988, I said something really BAD to Shelby which could get my father fired. If I apologize, will Shelby forgive me and let us go back to the two of us being friends? I have not had a date since Christmas vacation; Damn the Luck! It’s mostly my fault, and Shelby has not had a date since her 16th birthday last September.

Will Shelby forgive me?

Susie Wilson
Susie Wilson

I’m Susie Wilson, my father is George Wilson, the President of the Cedarville State Bank, I’ve really stuck my foot in my mouth this time. My father just called me on the phone and we have big trouble. He said the wrong thing to someone that did NOT go like he expected.

Now, I asked the high school principal what he thought I should do? He offered to get Shelby out into the hallway for me, so its up to me from there. If this doesn’t work, my Dad may have to learn to drive a truck. I can forget college, I’ll have to go to work straight out of school. Right now, I’m a senior with about one month to go to graduate. This seventeen-year-old is in deep doo-doo of my own making.

Shelby came out into the hallway, crying I said: “I’m sorry for what I said earlier, lately I’ve become not a very nice person.” I had to try, make a start somewhere.

She gave me a hug and asked if I would like to go horseback riding like we used to do. While the two of us were talking, Jodie Meyer, one of Colonel Ted Sanders two wives shows up and acts like old times. Her husband is my Dad’s boss at the bank. I know good and well she knows how rotten I’ve been. Can this be for real? When school is out at 3:30 I’m to ask my Mom to take Shelby and I to The Hill and everything will be back to where it once was? I can hope for a miracle.

I hope this is a Start!

Shelby is all happy about having a new boyfriend, and the ring she’s wearing, WOW! Maybe I can just find a guy, most any guy will help for this weekend. Most any guy would be better than the nothing I’ve spent my weekends with the last few months.

Our ride down to the lake seemed like old times, like back when we were best friends. That’s a plus, and the horse I’m riding, remembers and is really glad to see me.

Shelby is just wanting to be with her new guy. Shelby says she will find me somebody. As we are finishing up in the outdoor showers, her guy Willie shows up with someone else. This man is great looking, a handsome man that likes my tan, but does he have a wife? …how many kids? …is he just passing through? These are questions I need to know the answers, but he sure is cute and I’m ready for a new adventure. Having a man who knows what I want, could change my life forever.

Marcos is Great.

Marcos Delphene
Marcos Delphene

Marcos knows what I need to make me feel special, he’s single, no kids, and will be living here in Cedarville for years to come. This handsome hunk of real man, wants me to spend the night at his apartment. Tomorrow early, I’m to take a trip with him, then tomorrow night attend the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. This high school senior dating a man with his own very fast jet, WOW!

Marcos and I have dinner in the dining hall with Shelby and her Willie. Suddenly, I notice my mother is here with Shelby’s Mom. I take Marcos over to introduce him to my mother, I tell her what we have planned for this weekend. Mom and Marcos get into an intense discussion, wait a minute, I didn’t know that. Our trip tomorrow morning is to southern Peru? I just found out that I’m adopted. Why didn’t someone tell me sooner? This whole weekend and me meeting this wonderful guy was planned long before today?

I’ve always known Shelby is a little different; but now I’m part of something out of the ordinary myself. I’m glad Shelby and I are back to being Best Friends. Now, I’m to start a relationship with my birth parents.

Fight to Stay Alive!

Run to Stay Alive
Shelby Runs to Stay Alive for the Next Fight Another Day!

Fight Today, then Another Fight Tomorrow

OK, I’m Gorgeous
Her first fight was 1976, her next fight was 1984, and now it’s April 14, 1988 and these four are serious. Shelby Gore is just walking home four blocks from Cedarville High School. There is a GMC Suburban with blacked out windows following a short distance behind, this vehicle is always there 24 hours every day.

The local police know much more than they make public. When questions arise, they contact Carter Security, or Colonel Ted Sanders at the Cedarville State Bank. This town of 1400 residents is very dependent on their two main employers: Cedarville Steel (1,000 employees), and Young’s Family & Home Center (300 employees).

There is another business here in Cedarville that few know much about, it’s known as The Hill. A high security resort style compound where many rich folks live and work.

Jessica is the blonde
Jessica Sanders
Jodie Meyer
Jodie Meyer
Colonel Ted Sanders, and his two wives: Jessica and Jodie; William L. Johnson, plant manager of Cedarville Steel; and Kare-Ann Young, president of Young’s Family & Home live at The Hill private resort. There are over one thousand others living and working there that most people in Cedarville do not know exist.

Michael Carter and Ted Sanders started to acquire this 1400 acre plot of ground over fifty years ago, one farm at a time. They kept very quiet about their real estate dealings both here and at Mtn. High twelve miles to the north.

The money to make the purchases came from one of the three banks in Mtn. High, all owned by a young woman who pretty well owns the town, T-era Rodriquez. No one seems to know exactly when she came on the scene. A few old Cherokees who still live in this area, claim their ancestors passed down a legend of a brown skinned couple coming down from the sky long before the Civil War.

T-era and Xavier
T-era & Xavier

There is the Carter Quarry that runs for miles under ground, which replaced an open-pit quarry. The open-pit quarry became Lake Camelot which covers several square miles to the east and north. There is a steel bridge with armed guards that goes out over the lake and vanishes into an ever-present bank of fog. Everyone knows the General and T-era live out across the bridge on Carter Island, though no one ever visits them there. Everyday General Xavier Emerson drives off the bridge to go to the Advanced Aircraft Plant in the underground quarry. It is operated in conjunction with the U.S.A.F., building top secret aircraft for longer than the last twenty years.

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