Can't I Walk Home Alone?

About Shelby Gore

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville
Shelby Gore is Cute and the Talk of Cedarville

Can’t I Walk Home Alone?

Walking Home Alone
Walking Home Alone
It is Mid-April 1988, this teenager turned 16 September 28, we are talking About Shelby Gore. She’s thinking about what has happened the last six and a half months. Can just walking a few blocks home from school become a Life Changing event?

Now without one former high school friend her own age wanting to be seen with her. Shelby is the Captain of the A-string cheerleaders for Cedarville’s football, basketball, and baseball. She placed first in every track event since joining the track team last year, she’s cute and very athletic.

Now, a Colombian Drug Cartel wants to kidnap her. The Midwest Independent Boys crime syndicate out of Tulsa will soon want her DEAD.

Shelby Gore never misses being in church one Sunday in her entire life, she’s a 4.0 GPA student. Why do a lot of students and several teachers would like to see her get expelled. This girl has a reputation for being boy-crazy without ever having one relationship. She drives her Dad’s company pickup and her Mom’s Buick, without having a license. Usually she just takes her skate-board down through the middle of town.

Cedarville is a quiet little South Missouri town of 1400, over 1,000 employees including Shelby’s Dad work at the local steel plant. Within the next hour there will be five dead bodies as students watch a scene unfold in total disbelief. This kind of thing should not happen in broad day-light in a small South Missouri town.

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