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Information about Don’t Mess With Shelby Gore! Blog and why it came about. Back in 1975, Waylon Smith and his Outlaw Biker Gang were heading home to Tulsa after extorting over $1 MILLION in Monthly Payments from Missouri businesses. For some still unknown reason, Waylon turned his bike across the median on west bound Highway I-44, running head-on into on-coming semi-trucks. Everyone of his fifty comrades with their female companions, followed his lead committing suicide in a massive crash.

Not one trucker was hurt, only fifty-one dead bikers and their female companions, which took many hours to clean up this mess. To this day, truckers still spread this miraculous story.

blonde with blue eyes

When new outlaw bikers could be hired, Michael Smith an older brother took over the extortion business. Michael was well known throughout the entire mid-west area. Known for beatings, murders for hire, and causing business owners to lose a lot of sleep. Shortly, Michael won the title of North American Heavy Weight Arm-Wrestling CHAMPION, beating all challengers. Making even Hell’s Angels not willing to challenge his standing.

That is until June 20th, 1988, he got challenged by someone who was NOT like anyone he’d encountered before.

In Book 2, you’ll learn how Gus and Marcella Gore met, overcoming organized crime in Springfield, then earned their way to being Shelby’s parents. Shelby has developed into quite the young lady in our first book. Our story picks up with Willie and Shelby’s wedding shared by four other couples of their closest friends.

You will also learn about much of so called history as taught in public schools and universities is flawed. Why do these so called experts try their best to make history fit within the bounds of Evolution Theory? Remove the FACTS. What are the truths that explain ancient construction technologies? Why not explain things like the concrete used to build the Roman Coliseum using NO REBAR? Yet it’s able to stand solid for 2,000 years. If it wasn’t for the damage done by souvenir hunters, there would have been no deterioration to the original. This quality of concrete cannot be and is not produced on planet Earth today.

We’ll be covering who actually built the so-called Egyptian Pyramids and the Big Stone Kitty. Why do they not want you to know these four monuments were dedicated in the year 10,553 BC long before there was an Egypt. How was the construction actually done?

Zedekiah the 20th and last king of Judah had two daughters trusted to Jeremiah the prophet to take to Egypt. Tiea Tephi and her sister Scota were adopted by Egypt’s Pharaoh and taught many guarded things. Read More…

Husbands were found for these girls in far away lands. Tiea the younger daughter was taken to Ireland, where she married Heremon. This adopted daughter of an Egyptian Pharaoh, told the whole story as it was told to her by her adopted father. Many religious leaders do not want to admit to who this woman was. That she was given the task of protecting the “Ark of the Covenant” until her death. Later the ARK was brought to North America and now resides in a cave in the American southwest. Yeah, somewhere in Arizona’s Grand Canyon. Documented by inscription markings of the Navajo people for over 2,000 years.

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