Absolutely Great Coffee
Shelby starts her day with Great Coffee

This is Shelby Gore, and she Loves Coffee
Shelby’s Coffee
Now You can afford Better Coffee for LESS. Check out Shelby’s New Coffee Page, Learn how to make use of everyday Folgers, Maxwell House, Smith Bros, and Aldi coffee to make better coffee than the $40/pound stuff being sold at CBD shops nationwide.

In Book One, you have learned Shelby loves her coffee. Remember she and Willie always start their day with a big cup of excitement before they run their two miles.

Cedarville, Missouri has many secrets including how coffee arrives every night, direct from the growers in Colombia SA. Young’s Family & Home Centers need to compete, and Better Coffee for LESS is one more way. Both having other responsibilities waiting to get done, staff know what she and Willie want their coffee to taste like. It’s how they start their day

Having to fight Colombian Drug Cartels, organized crime in the Ozarks, or doing her best at a school track event, Shelby must always do her best.

What coffee do you think she serves to the President of the United States, and other influential guests? Only her Best is good enough, the same coffee she and Willie drink to start their day. Just like Shelby, You can afford Better Coffee for LESS and serve it everyday.

Learn why Shelby never lost a battle since she has learned to fight to stay alive. Run two miles every morning and evening, workout in a gym for 30 minutes, swim a full mile, then take a shower and get dressed for your day. Be ready for whatever life sends your way, it’s how you will survive to fight another day.

Most everyone in Cedarville drink better coffee they can afford. Young’s Family and Home Center provides plenty of their Great Coffee for everyone in town. Agave nectar, honey, ph drops, and a good supply of everything else needed. Next time in your local store, stop by the coffee display and stock up.