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15K Christians to DIE!

15K Christians to DIE! TURN ON YOUR SPEAKERS: Check out the Glen Beck radio show, !5,000 Christian converts have asked to have their lives spared. The Taliban has promised they will be taken out into the streets and burned alive. Whitehouse has refused to let even one be brought to the USA, Others are helping […]

Su-ZQ Web Design

If You like Videos, backgrounds, headers, contact forms, etc. Headers, any Style Your logo (need a new logo), page menu, website tag-line, add social media buttons. We do solid color, graduated color, photo background, and video headers with or without graphic overlays. Social Media Promotion Setup new accounts or just new profile pages, then promote […]

Windows 10 Pro

How much do you know about Computers? Computer confusing? Big changes are coming and YOU have NO CONTROL. Last week 8/9 – 8/13/21 I updated both of our computers with a 103 Gig update that has solved several problems. Microsoft auto-updates didn’t work for this, Bitdefender notified me of three needed updates. Rebooting about one […]

Website Design

Best website Hosting I’ve found in the last 27 years Here is a good starting point for your website design, choose a template from D5 Creations, then let us know what your website is needed to do? is designed to bring visitors that want to read a good book. Since September 10, 2020 there […]

Egyptian Pyramids and More!

Ancient History is NOT what you’ve been told! Shelby does NOT mean to short Mexico, where an archeological dig produced findings that were carbon-dated to over 500,000 BC. It was decided that a drug cartel should build their compound on this exact site to discourage further excavations. The picture contained in the banner above, shows […]

Then It Happened, Tommy is DEAD!

Tommy Walters was sitting on Death Row… Down in Cedarville, in South Central Missouri there are lots of stories. Most as the Old Folks Say… include a young girl named Shelby Gore. What’s so special about this teenage girl? When she was only four years old, she had to save her mother’s life. That took […]

It get’s HOT here in the Ozarks!

Route 66 runs just north of the Ozark Mountains as it crosses the state of Missouri on it’s way to California. Known for many years as “Bloody 66” as it crossed this state and many lives were lost. It get’s HOT here in the Ozarks! Many things have changed, but crime still exists. To the […]

Have YOU Heard?

There are Lots of Stories in a Small Town. Cedarville, Missouri has a weekly News paper, which usually is at least one half made up of ads for Youngs Family & Home Center. Have YOU Heard? is a section dedicated to local gossip, church news, and what’s going on at our local schools. There are […]

Do YOU want Better Coffee for LESS?

Now You can afford Better Coffee for LESS. Check out Shelby’s New Coffee Page, Learn how to make use of everyday Folgers, Maxwell House, Smith Bros, and Aldi coffee to make better coffee than the $40/pound stuff being sold at CBD shops nationwide. In Book One, you have learned Shelby loves her coffee. Remember she […]

Shelby Gore is a Cute Girl

Shelby Gore is a cute girl without a date in over six months. Shelby Gore is a cute girl without a date in over six months. She is well known to dress too sexy for Cedarville High, but do not complain. For years she had Friday night parties at her house with her friend Susie […]

Book 2 Artwork

What Happened Next? ©2021 Henry Fulk The second book in this series is being written and will be published shortly. The wedding, along with how Marcella and Gus met is included. Cedarville is a busy small town, but it was not ready for what Shelby Gore and friends are doing. Get and READ Book ONE […]

Marcella Survived Hell

Marcella Survived Her Teenage Hell Back in 1968, Marcella Prine was leading a happy teenage life. Her father, John Prine was a respected lawyer who provided well for his wife and daughter. They lived in a nicely maintained large home over-looking Lake Springfield, just south of US 60 Highway. Marcella had no idea the teenage […]

School’s OUT!

Now We Must take Our Responsibilities Seriously! School’s OUT! We have to grow up and accept our own responsibilities. Shelby Gore and I were Best Friends for years, that all ended last September. We have NOT talked since. Today is April 15, 1988, I said something really BAD to Shelby which could get my father […]

Fight to Stay Alive!

Fight Today, then Another Fight Tomorrow Her first fight was 1976, her next fight was 1984, and now it’s April 14, 1988 and these four are serious. Shelby Gore is just walking home four blocks from Cedarville High School. There is a GMC Suburban with blacked out windows following a short distance behind, this vehicle […]

Have You Ever Seen a Flying Saucer?

1968 a Permanent Mars Base! According to a retired US Astronaut, a permanent mining base on Mars was established in 1968. The spacecraft used to transport workers is triangular and takes 33 hours each way from the US Army Proving Grounds, Dugway, UT. During the late 1980s, I was asked to haul a semi-trailer load […]

Think about Shelby

Life is getting very complicated… This young lady knows she was adopted, but her Mom and Dad are her best friends. The Gore family live a pretty good life, Shelby got her own horse when she was seven. Her horse Melon is a dark brown mountain horse with a blonde mane and tail. The Sanders […]

You are Responsible!

Learn to play by the Rules, change comes Quickly! Now here I am, walking home from school without one High School friend to my name. Shelby has one goal that caused me to make changes, not what everyone else wanted to hear. Without one date in six and a half months, did I screw up? […]

South Missouri History

Shelby Knows the Secrets! READ the Book: Remember that Sunday afternoon in June 1954? General Curtis E. LeMay, who was the commander of Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha, NE at that time, along Colonel Gray who was the head of Project Blue Book were both present that afternoon. The event was announced the previous […]

Tell Your Friends!

Why a 16 Year old Girl? This girl’s Dad is the third shift supervisor at Cedarville Steel, her Mom works on her computer from their basement. Why are people concerned? Shelby’s parents are NOT rich, they are middle-class for this area. She lives a comfortable life spending much of her free time up at The […]

Cedarville High

What Else Can Go Wrong? This girl is Cedarville High’s Track Star, Shelby can run faster and jump farther than every other student athlete. Something is WRONG? I take first place at every track meet, beating the competition by a country mile. I don’t enter just one event, I go for every event, other student […]

Why is Shelby in Trouble?

It’s Them or Me! Shelby was only four when Tommy Walters picked on the wrong little girl. She was twelve when the 12 hoodlums from Mtn High were stealing Social Security check money from old folks here in Cedarville. Twelve left Mtn High that morning, 12 body-bags returned to Mtn High that evening. Ten were […]

Over 1 Million Visitors

Aliens, Angels & Flying Saucers Shelby takes help from anyone who wants to be her friend. Her boy friend is older than Adam & Abraham put together, but looks pretty good for his relative age. With over 900,000 visitors since the first book was published, Shelby is catching interest. Super Hero, she is NOT, but […]

About the Author

When I was 7, I met Laura Ingalls Wilder “Little House books” who was 89 at the time, buying a Big Chief tablet and #2 pencils she used to write her last manuscript. I was 8 in June 1954 when over 1000 people witnessed the flying saucer at Mtn. View, MO. The previous Monday the […]

She’s an American Girl

Shelby Fights to WIN. History: Springfield TV, Radio, and Newspapers have kept QUIET about some items over the years. Examples include: Organized Crime, Crooked Politicians, and the June 1954 Mountain View Flying Saucer Event. Over one thousand witnesses ALL lied about what really happened; it was just a story cooked up by a few people […]

BAD Things can Happen!

Leave Me Alone or! Over the years, I’ve tried to be nice. I go to church with my parents every Sunday, exercise, ride my horse up at The Hill, and get good grades in school. If you don’t want to get your ass kicked? Leave me alone or I’ll send you home in a body-bag. […]

Tomorrow is Another Day…

By Praying, Marcella Survived! It was two years from the time her parents were murdered until the Sunday Night at the Community of Christ church, she was losing hope. Marcella had few choices to just stay alive, with God’s help and many of his people praying she did survive. Organized crime in Springfield controls local […]

Next Book

Our Second Book in the Su-ZQ series tells about Marcella Prine, whose parents were murdered when she was fourteen. She had to survive living through Hell, watching friends who didn’t survive living in a home for run-away girls. It was not the life she wanted to live, but she wanted to live to face another […]

Can’t Make Everyone Happy

What’s the Big Deal? For the last 18 years, PSL Holdings LTD has spent millions upgrading three old steel plants. They have doubled existing wages, and have donated to four local communities. In Cedarville crime is down, for several years now, many of the high school graduates have gotten scholarships which has led to good […]

Cedarville is Unique

Over the Years… Down Here in the Ozark Hills of south Missouri sits a calm little town where the people are happy and unemployment is ZERO. The Cedarville Steel plant has not had a single layoff in over sixteen years. That’s since the new Colombian owners took over back in 1970. There are three similar […]

History as IT should be Told…

One Billion Years Ago: the Great War of the Universe The Universe is quite large and is run much like a giant Corporation. The one True God is “Yahweh”, the Chairman of the Board. The only Son of God “Yahusha ben Yahuah”, is the Chief Executive Officer. The Holy Spirit, the “Spirit of God”, is […]

New Review “Shelby*”

These two are UNIQUE! Susie Wilson and Shelby Gore are definitely GENIUS level young ladies. They have a problem, they solve it on the run as they are taking action. Now, both girls have found they are in love with RICH older men. Both have traded their skateboards for nice cars, Susie drives a black […]

What’s Next?

In Her Next Book: Shelby does have some history; Gus and Marcella had impossible circumstances to overcome just to stay alive. Things have NOT always been calm and casual as they have appeared to be in Cedarville, some people have made really bad choices. The Sanders family may be rich, but they have to earn […]

Do NOT Under Estimate…

Cute but DEADLY! Down in the south central Missouri town of Cedarville, stories abound about two young girls: Shelby Gore and Susie Wilson. It’s April 1988, these girls with one more investor, each are investing fifty million US dollars in a friend’s business. Questions quickly arise as to where can two teenage girls get this […]

One Tuff Cookie!

This Is Not Her 1st Fight! Shelby Gore developed early, good looks and the strength that no ordinary man could match. By age 12 she could hold her own on a PGA sanctioned 18 holes, never over 50. There are secrets to every game and this girl can not even spell loser. Lots of things […]

What’s Up?

Cedarville is Changing Daily! What’s Up? …is a major Question here in Cedarville. This spoiled BRAT, now greets customers somedays at Young’s, then shows up at Cedarville Steel to answer employee questions. Instead of heading off down the Main street, she now drives her little Caddy convertible, since she and her family live up at […]

Damn It Shelby!

Cedarville, Missouri never had one Murder… Until Shelby Gore made her debut… Cedarville is a small south Missouri town of 1400, a Steel Plant that employs over 1000 workers, and several churches. The local school has been able to acquire a new gym, football field, and science lab that are state-of-the-art. This town now has […]

Tired of Being Nice!

OK, I’m one pissed off B-I-T-C-H! My name is Juanita Gonzalez, I’m 19 years old and I do NOT forget when someone puts the hurt on me. My favorite weapon is a six and a half inch switch-blade sharp enough to give any man a shave. I work for Elmer Olson at his truck stop […]

Looking to their Future

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet! Susie Developed Early. Susie Wilson didn’t wait to come of age, she slipped out on Saturday nights to go to the drive-in movies. Being only ten years old was cramping my style, high school boys were more interesting. Being the Bank President’s daughter, I had learned how to be sneaky […]

1988 was a Good Year!

When I was just a little tyke: I was maybe a month over a year old, I met Susie Wilson who had passed her second birthday. Her family only lived two doors west, and our families went to the same church, so our mothers would get together and let us play. I liked her because […]

Is This Girl Real?

Shelby is a spoiled rotten BRAT according to many of her teachers who are jealous of her abilities and good looks. For the last several years, there have been rumors flying like wild fire around this south Missouri town. Why is she allowed to spend much of her time at The Hill complex up past […]

See You in Church on Sunday

While walking home alone from the local high school, 16 year old Sophomore Shelby Gore was dreaming about how great life could be, only if… Without warning, an old car jumped the curb, stopping right in front of her, the doors flew open and two men jumped out. What the Hell? Why are they trying […]

I Do Have Friends

It has Been 2 1/2 Months That does NOT seem like a lot of time, but for this Teenage young lady, to start off she has been given too much lee-way while growing up to do as she pleases. Teachers have been ready to pull their hair out over some of the thing she has […]

Life in Cedarville Missouri

Back in 1975, when she was only 4 years old. Tommy Walters had been a Crime Boss in Springfield: murder, renting teenage girls, drugs for school age kids, ALL with the help of his wife Carol. That ended in late May of 1972, when a cute blonde teenager decided to make a run. NOW, Convicted […]

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Shelby likes to tell the stories she’s been told about her friends. Once upon a Time (15,300 BC) There were four teenage girls, living a happy life on their home world of Erra, in the Pleiades Star System, under the light of their ten suns. This is in an area in space, we know today […]

What was Old is now NEW!

This is NOT working, I was very popular this time last year. NOW, not one boy has asked me out in the last 6 1/2 months, not even for New Years Eve. My name is Shelby Gore, I go to church every Sunday and do not use any drugs, except I do love my coffee, […]

What? You Got to Be Kidding

Shelby Gore is a little bit SPECIAL by anyone’s Standards. She could talk before she turned one year old and already knew how to use a computer. By the age of ten, she was filled out like a girl much older. Age four, she had to save her Momma from a man trying to kill […]

New Website Design

New Website Design Truly Unlimited Website Design, pixel perfect control using Elementor Pro page builder, Phlox Pro theme, or any other theme you may desire and choose for a WordPress site. Website Design can provide: Graphics, Video headers, creative writing content on any subject, Google integration for high rankings, 1000s of quality backlinks, large […]

Welcome to Elementor Pro 3.3.5

Elementor Pro 3.3.5 Elementor Pro is the #1 Page Builder for designers using the WordPress platform. Yes I’ve used the TEXT Editor for years, but there is a much easier way to build web-pages. When did YOU last check your website? Here at we use one of the world’s best and largest hosting farms, […]