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Have YOU Heard?

Shelby Gore, Best dressed Girl at Cedarville High
Shelby Gore, Best dressed Girl at Cedarville High

There are Lots of Stories in a Small Town.

Cedarville, Missouri has a weekly News paper, which usually is at least one half made up of ads for Youngs Family & Home Center. Have YOU Heard? is a section dedicated to local gossip, church news, and what’s going on at our local schools. There are Lots of Stories in a Small Town.

Shelby dresses beyond her years
Shelby dresses beyond her years

Young’s uses a local girl to model clothes for one ad each week, she keeps the clothes and wears them to school. All the girls at Cedarville High, want what is IN FASHION. Shelby Gore is the trend setter ever since she was only twelve years old; she’s always looked older than she is. Her looks get her talked about, but there are many other reasons this girl is the talk of Cedarville.

On Sundays at the Community of Christ church, Shelby looks like an angel, then on Monday it’s a different story. Her every week Friday Night parties are where ALL the teenagers have wanted to go since Shelby turned ten. There is never any trouble and it gives the parents one thing less to worry about. Then last September Shelby turned 16, she ended the parties which made lots of her peers very mad. There is nothing else available, it’s not very private having to park next to the town square.

The last six and a half months have been ROUGH for a girl who is very out going. NOT one date, even for the Junior Senior Prom, which she has attended since in the eighth grade. I said she is a trend setter, students wanted to get invited to her parties.

Do YOU want Better Coffee for LESS?

Absolutely Great Coffee
Shelby starts her day with Great Coffee

This is Shelby Gore, and she Loves Coffee
Shelby’s Coffee
Now You can afford Better Coffee for LESS. Check out Shelby’s New Coffee Page, Learn how to make use of everyday Folgers, Maxwell House, Smith Bros, and Aldi coffee to make better coffee than the $40/pound stuff being sold at CBD shops nationwide.

In Book One, you have learned Shelby loves her coffee. Remember she and Willie always start their day with a big cup of excitement before they run their two miles.

Cedarville, Missouri has many secrets including how coffee arrives every night, direct from the growers in Colombia SA. Young’s Family & Home Centers need to compete, and Better Coffee for LESS is one more way. Both having other responsibilities waiting to get done, staff know what she and Willie want their coffee to taste like. It’s how they start their day

Having to fight Colombian Drug Cartels, organized crime in the Ozarks, or doing her best at a school track event, Shelby must always do her best.

What coffee do you think she serves to the President of the United States, and other influential guests? Only her Best is good enough, the same coffee she and Willie drink to start their day. Just like Shelby, You can afford Better Coffee for LESS and serve it everyday.

Learn why Shelby never lost a battle since she has learned to fight to stay alive. Run two miles every morning and evening, workout in a gym for 30 minutes, swim a full mile, then take a shower and get dressed for your day. Be ready for whatever life sends your way, it’s how you will survive to fight another day.

Most everyone in Cedarville drink better coffee they can afford. Young’s Family and Home Center provides plenty of their Great Coffee for everyone in town. Agave nectar, honey, ph drops, and a good supply of everything else needed. Next time in your local store, stop by the coffee display and stock up.

Shelby Gore is a Cute Girl

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Shelby Gore is a cute girl without a date in over six months.

Maybe not for school
Shelby Gore is a cute girl without a date in over six months. She is well known to dress too sexy for Cedarville High, but do not complain. For years she had Friday night parties at her house with her friend Susie Wilson. The parties ended last September 28, when Shelby turned sixteen.

She got a new goal in her young life that is more important. Hooked up with an older man, this is not thought proper for a young woman of her young age. Now, her former friends are no longer even willing to speak to her. She and her former best friend Susie do not speak at church on Sundays.

Most days, Shelby goes riding on her horse after school up at The Hill, where she uses the pool and running track to stay in shape. On weekends, Shelby tries to find someone who will let her join in for a game of golf. When your average score on the PGA sanctioned 18 holes is 50 or even below, most will not give you a second chance to make them look bad. Her Mom will always go for a game of tennis and let her talk about anything she wants. That is what mothers do for their daughters and this girl is definitely a hand full.

Shelby Gore is cute and knows the secrets of Cedarville, not one date for the high school prom. Last year as a freshman she had at ten boys ask her for a date. Yeah, there have been several changes that most high school students do not like. Does she have bad breath? Why would all the boys turn against the cutest blonde at Cedarville High?

Book 2 Artwork

What Happened Next? ©2021 Henry Fulk

The second book in this series is being written and will be published shortly. The wedding, along with how Marcella and Gus met is included. Cedarville is a busy small town, but it was not ready for what Shelby Gore and friends are doing.

Get and READ Book ONE (The Dreams of Shelby Gore), then be ready for Book Two (What Happened Next?) We would like to Thank the 8,000+ visitors this website is receiving Daily. Sunday we had 15,700 which we are grateful for everyone of our visitors.

Book Two will tell you how Marcella and Gus survived to become Shelby’s parents. It not easy having to overcome the Organized Crime boss of Springfield, he owned the LAW. The only people they had to turn to was a rather notorious local church which does not believe in following the Rules. Things do not always go the way you hope for, but you have to trust in Right prevailing. Less than six days this couple were legally married, both with good jobs and many of their problems solved. NEW PROBLEMS always show up to replace the problems that are solved.

New friends are provided to make sure this young couple succeed at their new challenges. A one year old little girl is a large job, but Marcella is up for the job. What she wants, she wants NOW! But this child does know she has to listen to her parents and her mind is open to all new ideas. A house is a lot smaller than a big stone castle, takes less time to get where you want to go.

Dasha as she was then

People from other planets and galaxies look no different than we do, ALL made in the likeness of the one true God Yahweh. The Big Bang Theory was not even a good TV show worth my time to watch. Want to see people traveling to and from other planets? Go to the US Army Proving Grounds at Dugway, UT and when you get back tell everyone what you found. This is Area 52, home to the Mars Mining Expedition and two triangular craft flying to and from Mars since 1968. These craft use Magnetic Field Generator engines, (33 hours each way) with travel usually taking place after midnight. This is when the Earth’s magnetic field is strongest.

The cover-ups continue, heavily documented events that were attended by Top Military brass, have the dates changed and publications republished to make sure their stories never get the FACTS into print.

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