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Then It Happened, Tommy is DEAD!

Tommy Walters was sitting on Death Row… Down in Cedarville, in South Central Missouri there are lots of stories. Most as the Old Folks Say… include a young girl named Shelby Gore. What’s so special about this teenage girl? When she was only four years old, she had to save her mother’s life. That took some doing since Tommy Walters was sitting on Death Row in prison at Jefferson City. Using books provided to him by Leo Smith, Walters was able to master Black Magic to get out of jailRead More

Have YOU Heard?

There are Lots of Stories in a Small Town. Cedarville, Missouri has a weekly News paper, which usually is at least one half made up of ads for Youngs Family & Home Center. Have YOU Heard? is a section dedicated to local gossip, church news, and what’s going on at our local schools. There are Lots of Stories in a Small Town. Young’s uses a local girl to model clothes for one ad each week, she keeps the clothes and wears them to school. All the girls at Cedarville High,Read More

Do YOU want Better Coffee for LESS?

Now You can afford Better Coffee for LESS. Check out Shelby’s New Coffee Page, Learn how to make use of everyday Folgers, Maxwell House, Smith Bros, and Aldi coffee to make better coffee than the $40/pound stuff being sold at CBD shops nationwide. In Book One, you have learned Shelby loves her coffee. Remember she and Willie always start their day with a big cup of excitement before they run their two miles. Cedarville, Missouri has many secrets including how coffee arrives every night, direct from the growers in ColombiaRead More

Shelby Gore is a Cute Girl

Shelby Gore is a cute girl without a date in over six months. Shelby Gore is a cute girl without a date in over six months. She is well known to dress too sexy for Cedarville High, but do not complain. For years she had Friday night parties at her house with her friend Susie Wilson. The parties ended last September 28, when Shelby turned sixteen. She got a new goal in her young life that is more important. Hooked up with an older man, this is not thought properRead More

Book 2 Artwork

What Happened Next? ©2021 Henry Fulk The second book in this series is being written and will be published shortly. The wedding, along with how Marcella and Gus met is included. Cedarville is a busy small town, but it was not ready for what Shelby Gore and friends are doing. Get and READ Book ONE (The Dreams of Shelby Gore), then be ready for Book Two (What Happened Next?) We would like to Thank the 8,000+ visitors this website is receiving Daily. Sunday we had 15,700 which we are gratefulRead More

Marcella Survived Hell

Marcella Survived Her Teenage Hell Back in 1968, Marcella Prine was leading a happy teenage life. Her father, John Prine was a respected lawyer who provided well for his wife and daughter. They lived in a nicely maintained large home over-looking Lake Springfield, just south of US 60 Highway. Marcella had no idea the teenage Hell that lay just ahead. Then one night on her way back from the bathroom at 2 a.m., she overheard her parents who were still awake talking. What she heard kept the young girl fromRead More

School’s OUT!

Now We Must take Our Responsibilities Seriously! School’s OUT! We have to grow up and accept our own responsibilities. Shelby Gore and I were Best Friends for years, that all ended last September. We have NOT talked since. Today is April 15, 1988, I said something really BAD to Shelby which could get my father fired. If I apologize, will Shelby forgive me and let us go back to the two of us being friends? I have not had a date since Christmas vacation; Damn the Luck! It’s mostly myRead More

Fight to Stay Alive!

Fight Today, then Another Fight Tomorrow Her first fight was 1976, her next fight was 1984, and now it’s April 14, 1988 and these four are serious. Shelby Gore is just walking home four blocks from Cedarville High School. There is a GMC Suburban with blacked out windows following a short distance behind, this vehicle is always there 24 hours every day. The local police know much more than they make public. When questions arise, they contact Carter Security, or Colonel Ted Sanders at the Cedarville State Bank. This townRead More

Have You Ever Seen a Flying Saucer?

1968 a Permanent Mars Base! According to a retired US Astronaut, a permanent mining base on Mars was established in 1968. The spacecraft used to transport workers is triangular and takes 33 hours each way from the US Army Proving Grounds, Dugway, UT. During the late 1980s, I was asked to haul a semi-trailer load of “boat trailers”, hand crated from this facility to meet a ship at Wilmington, NC. This “High Security” shipment was going to Saudi Arabia. Not one boat trailer was I allowed to see, just stayRead More

Think about Shelby

Life is getting very complicated… This young lady knows she was adopted, but her Mom and Dad are her best friends. The Gore family live a pretty good life, Shelby got her own horse when she was seven. Her horse Melon is a dark brown mountain horse with a blonde mane and tail. The Sanders family keep it up at The Hill where they live, it’s a special place. There is a year round swimming pool, tennis courts, and a PGA sanctioned 18 hole golf course. Having use of theRead More

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