Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

She has Not One High School Friend

What Else Can Go Wrong?

This girl is Cedarville High’s Track Star, Shelby can run faster and jump farther than every other student athlete. Something is WRONG? I take first place at every track meet, beating the competition by a country mile. I don’t enter just one event, I go for every event, other student contestants can not compete.

Nothing is Normal in Cedarville

Shelby looks years beyond her age

Being captain of the Senior Varsity cheerleaders for baseball, football, and basketball since I was a freshman I was popular. There were other reasons, I have a reputation for being a lot of fun.

Now, not one boy has asked me out on a date since the end of last September. Shelby turned sixteen on September 28, that’s when I announced the Friday Night Crazy parties were ENDED.

I do have the only 12-person hot tub in town, and for the last six years every teenage couple at Cedarville High have brought their dates. NO drugs or alcohol were allowed, but everything else was just FUN, FUN, FUN. Large very private back-yard, outdoor propane fireplace and drop-down curtains for bad weather.

Now without the parties, there are not enough country roads available for parking and now teenagers must remember to bring their own supplies. Pop, pizza and more all cost money, these used to be free at the Gore home.

Over the last few years, there have been rumors as to why the school received the large donations from three local businesses. Cedarville State Bank, Cedarville Steel, and Young’s Family & Home Center have donated millions as a new football field, gymnasium, and science lab. Stories do get blown out of proportion, but WHY was this done?

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