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Shelby starts her Day with COFFEE
Shelby starts her day with Coffee

Secrets to The Best COFFEE

Why use CBD? Less pain, I worked in a factory where I took 10/200 mg ibuprofen daily, to kill the pain. January 2019, we tried 15 mg. CBD softgels and cut the ibuprofen down to two/day in maybe two weeks or less. That’s a lot easier on your liver, and got more comfort. We tried CBD Coffee which didn’t help much, the CBD content was far too low. I drink 2/34 oz cups of my coffee mixture each day. Sitting in front of the computer a lot, I develop lower back pain. Drink 1/4 of my 34 oz cup of coffee mixture and the pain is gone in a few minutes.

Why would Anyone PAY $40/pound for Coffee? Check the price of one pound at your local CBD Shop. Check prices online that can run as high as $100/pound. If you want to get took, do like I did at first and buy the $40/pound bag and compare to what I’ll cover below.

Shelby loves coffee, starting her day with a very large coffee every day since she was very young.

Go to Swanson Vitamins website, register for an account and sign up for their email alerts. Right now (4/05/21) that gets you 25% off your entire order. Then order their Swanson Brand CBD tincture, Swanson Ultra- Extra Strength CBD Full Spectrum – Mint ($44.99/2 oz., with discount this last Easter was less than $30). Buy at a local CBD shop, which is what you maybe able get as 1500 mg tincture for $150/bottle.

Use Folgers (48 oz.Walmart $9.98), Aldi, or Maxwell House Coffee (3 pounds for $10), we make a 12 cup pot with 2 eyedroppers of Swanson CBD squirted on top of the grounds before brewing. Bottle lasts about 30 days, using this amount, which is far more potent than the $40/pound CBD Shop sack of coffee. Online you may find CBD coffee for as much as $100/pound. I’ve bought Swanson’s CBD, even before they had their own brand, since Jan 2019. Then learned to make my own CBD Coffee.

Hank’s Coffee Recipe: 26-28 oz coffee, add one good squirt of Agave Nectar ($9.93 bought at Walmart), 34 drops of Swanson PH Balance drops, this kills the acid content of the coffee, fill the cup on up with whole milk. (2 of these a day).

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