Good Health is Important to all of us!


Good Health is Important to all of us!

face mask
Do you wear face masks?

Social Media is being used by your customers, thus it is extremely important to your business. As a result if your website does not come up in their searches, you are losing business to competitors. What can you do to change this result? Make sure your potential customers daily, even hourly find your business on facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Are the latest updates on the subjects they are reviewing somehow related to your business? Are Business people going to LinkedIn for professional reviews of your products? Can you direct people of All ages to YouTUBE for their How-To videos. Do you provide products that have How-To use videos on YouTUBE?

Firstly, if your business is properly represented on all the top Social Media platforms? You can compete.

With Covid-19, your customers may want to shop differently. Now, you can make your website come to mind before Amazon, Walmart+, Home Depot, and Best Buy with home delivery and FREE SHIPPING. Do you have a way to compete with Online shopping? Yes, let them you have what they want in stock today. Those with Health concerns, the older adults, those with school age children, Health care workers, all First Responders, and most everyone else can benefit from your local services. Walmart and many Retailers have added “curb-side” pickup of all purchases. However, do your customers know you provide home delivery of needed prescriptions?

However, using Social Media your business can face these challenges and help your customers today? What added services are you offering to the public? Is your website letting potential customers know ALL the added services your business does now offer? Is your business on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTUBE? Do you provide helpful videos on YouTUBE showing how to use your products? What can your Social Media do to be extra-Helpful?

Here are Helpful Resources for Your Customers:

Kansas Office of Recovery: Your source for information on recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic for Kansas residents, businesses and communities.
Learn facts about the vaccines and how to get registered for vaccination. Everyone aged 12 and up is eligible for vaccination now in Missouri.
Has released updates as to what you can expect to happen with new variants of Covid-19.
NPR says: U.S. COVID Deaths Are Rising Again. Experts Call It A ‘Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated’

Does your website currently provide these public-service updates for your customers?

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