Life can be hard

Life can be hard When no one Gives You a Break

Cedarville, Missouri never had one Murder…

Until Shelby Gore made her debut… Cedarville is a small south Missouri town of 1400, a Steel Plant that employs over 1000 workers, and several churches. The local school has been able to acquire a new gym, football field, and science lab that are state-of-the-art. This town now has only one bank instead of three like a few years ago, and Young’s Family & Home Center has a large store here. Some people do not like the changes that have taken place in recent years.

When I was 12

People were used to seeing Shelby

For several years, this cute young blonde haired girl traveled through town on her skate board running errands for her Mom, getting groceries and going to the bank. Back in the summer of 1984 there was a story going around town, that she single-handedly killed ten hoodlums from Mtn. High.

These men were supposedly extorting older folks Social Security money every month for a year. There was some confrontation down town at the City Square, then a shoot-out north of town by the four-lane with Highway Patrol and Sheriff’s deputies.

Police got everything cleaned up and there has been no other trouble. What could a twelve year old girl have done to rectify this situation? We do know she arranged some free meals for the older people at the senior center and at a local church. It was the catering department at Young’s and people from The Hill that provided the food. The Gores do live pretty good for Gus Gore just being a third-shift supervisor at Cedarville Steel.

Local Newspaper mentioned Nothing…

Marcella Gore

Marcella Gore

Everything is just speculation, this girl has a reputation, she’s been observed by many people down town, snuggling and playing with the old guys in the park. She and the bank president’s daughter Susie Wilson have supposedly had parties at the Gore home every Friday night for years. You know how small towns are, everybody has to talk about someone, in Cedarville, it’s Shelby Gore.

Her mother is Marcella who looks more like she should be the girl’s older sister than her mother. She mows their yard in a bikini, and answers the door topless showing off her diamond studded nipple shields and bars.

Thursday April 14th, four guys tried to grab the Gores’ daughter while walking home from school by herself. These four got shipped back to Colombia in body-bags, but Old Bob that spends his days sitting in the City Square was murdered when his car was stolen. That is five killings in just one day…

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