Run to Stay Alive
Shelby Runs to Stay Alive for the Next Fight Another Day!

Fight Today, then Another Fight Tomorrow

OK, I’m Gorgeous
Her first fight was 1976, her next fight was 1984, and now it’s April 14, 1988 and these four are serious. Shelby Gore is just walking home four blocks from Cedarville High School. There is a GMC Suburban with blacked out windows following a short distance behind, this vehicle is always there 24 hours every day.

The local police know much more than they make public. When questions arise, they contact Carter Security, or Colonel Ted Sanders at the Cedarville State Bank. This town of 1400 residents is very dependent on their two main employers: Cedarville Steel (1,000 employees), and Young’s Family & Home Center (300 employees).

There is another business here in Cedarville that few know much about, it’s known as The Hill. A high security resort style compound where many rich folks live and work.

Jessica is the blonde
Jessica Sanders
Jodie Meyer
Jodie Meyer
Colonel Ted Sanders, and his two wives: Jessica and Jodie; William L. Johnson, plant manager of Cedarville Steel; and Kare-Ann Young, president of Young’s Family & Home live at The Hill private resort. There are over one thousand others living and working there that most people in Cedarville do not know exist.

Michael Carter and Ted Sanders started to acquire this 1400 acre plot of ground over fifty years ago, one farm at a time. They kept very quiet about their real estate dealings both here and at Mtn. High twelve miles to the north.

The money to make the purchases came from one of the three banks in Mtn. High, all owned by a young woman who pretty well owns the town, T-era Rodriquez. No one seems to know exactly when she came on the scene. A few old Cherokees who still live in this area, claim their ancestors passed down a legend of a brown skinned couple coming down from the sky long before the Civil War.

T-era and Xavier
T-era & Xavier

There is the Carter Quarry that runs for miles under ground, which replaced an open-pit quarry. The open-pit quarry became Lake Camelot which covers several square miles to the east and north. There is a steel bridge with armed guards that goes out over the lake and vanishes into an ever-present bank of fog. Everyone knows the General and T-era live out across the bridge on Carter Island, though no one ever visits them there. Everyday General Xavier Emerson drives off the bridge to go to the Advanced Aircraft Plant in the underground quarry. It is operated in conjunction with the U.S.A.F., building top secret aircraft for longer than the last twenty years.

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