Shelby starts her Day with COFFEE

Shelby starts her Day with COFFEE

Shelby likes to tell the stories she’s been told about her friends.

Once upon a Time (15,300 BC)

There were four teenage girls, living a happy life on their home world of Erra, in the Pleiades Star System, under the light of their ten suns. This is in an area in space, we know today as Orion’s Belt; their names were Dasha, Masha, Sasha and Tasha, of which Dasha was nearly one year older than her three friends.

The University of the Pleiades, was quite proud of their ability to turn teenagers into able adults who could take their place in society and achieve much. Dasha was a business major, Masha was studying phycology, Sasha and Tasha were very bright students in the field of engineering.

Everyone had heard the stories of this woman’s great courage in the Universal War, that many years later got her chosen to be the Superior of the Andromeda Galaxy. She was here to choose an escort for the Prince William, who would shortly be coming to this planet of Erra for a State Visit.

Prince William is her son, with Michael the Archangel, who had been soul companions for over 999 million years.

She asked Dasha if she would be willing to go for a walk with her out on the University grounds. “Young lady, you’ve been highly recommended for this honor, but do not let him run over you, let yourself be heard. His basic education is now complete, he has just had his one thousandth birthday. If you find this is NOT a situation that you want to continue, tell him and he’ll bring you back here. You can remain friends and maybe spend some time together later. So, are you willing to give this a try?”

Dasha was overwhelmed that someone of this stature would choose her: “Yes your Highness, I am most honored, but will I be able to come back and visit with my friends?” her friends were part of each other’s lives since early childhood.

The woman in the beautiful dark-blue gown was quite gracious, “Dasha, you will still be your own person, able to make your own thoughts and desires known. The prince needs a friend with whom he can bounce ideas and get worthy feedback. I’m NOT asking you to be his slave by any means, I would like to see the two of you become the closest of friends. He’ll be able to read your mind, just as you and your friends do now.”

Dasha as she was then

Dasha as she was then

Soon thereafter, maybe a week or so had passed, Dasha was having her evening meal with her three friends. A handsome young gentleman appeared in their presence. He introduced himself: “Ladies, I am William from the planet Ex-Es, my mother sent me a message that when I arrived here, I should seek out a beautiful young woman by the name of Dasha.” he smiled at the girl dressed in a common yellow top and denim shorts.

Dasha wished she had a place to hide, this was NOT the meeting she’d so carefully planned in her young mind. Tasha spoke right up: “That’s her there on the end; sit down and let us get you something to eat.” she could see her friend was quite uncomfortable.

Willie was already standing next to Dasha, “May I take this seat? You are even more exquisite than Mother said in her message.” seating himself on the bench next to this very interesting young woman.

Dasha was not ready for this moment, she’d hoped to be wearing her finest gown with her hair done in a special fashionable style, but: “Your Highness, I’m sorry for the way I’m dressed, I can clean-up pretty good, if you will give me another chance?” she hoped she had not completely blown her future out of the water.

This guy was getting relaxed as a smile spread across her cute oriental face: “You’ve already had dinner, so how about we take a walk down to the woods, so we can talk?” really wishing her three friends could be with them.

“How about we have Masha, Sasha and Tasha to join us? I’d love to get some pictures of you and your friends all.” Willie knew she was reading his mind like an open book. “Maybe we can all take a trip together, I do have my own T-528 and some smaller craft too. So room is not a problem.

Dasha was already nervous about leaving her friends here at the University, maybe the Head Overseer would be willing to let all four girls take this assignment together? When Willie stood to his feet, he was tall, really tall, a whole foot and a half taller than any of these four five foot tall cuties. Dasha stood up from the table and hugged this man, guessed she would have to get used to kissing the buttons on his shirt.

Outside, the four friends were communicating back and forth by their thoughts, Willie was taking random pictures with his very small camera. Each of the girls were intrigued with how simple it was to use and this man was so friendly, not the usual stuffed shirt that most official people usually are. The four girls had all reached the same idea. BUT, how should they approach this very important man with their girlish enthusiasm?

Beautiful small stream

Beautiful small stream

After a while of casual talk and each of the girls having given their new friend several huggs, they had ended up down by a beautiful stream, birds singing and a slight breeze. They were all seated on large smooth stones, dangling their bare feet in the cool water. Dasha was sitting on Willie’s lap with her head resting on his strong shoulder…

“Girls, or maybe I should say ladies, Dasha made an agreement with my Mother to be my escort around this planet. As I understand all four of you have grown close since childhood, none of you have any other family. You have reached the limits of what this University can teach you, so you will each be seeking careers, but you’d like to stay together as a family unit. How about the four of you joining with me and we work on many projects as a team for the future of this entire Universe?” all four girls eyes opened wide.

Thus began the history of the four beautiful young women who have become known down through the ages as the GemStones.

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