Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville for Good Reason

This is Shelby Gore, and she is NOT average

Shelby Gore is NOT Average

Back in 1975, when she was only 4 years old.

Tommy Walters had been a Crime Boss in Springfield: murder, renting teenage girls, drugs for school age kids, ALL with the help of his wife Carol. That ended in late May of 1972, when a cute blonde teenager decided to make a run. NOW, Convicted of three counts of First Degree Murder and bombing his former business partner’s plane. Sitting up in the Missouri State Prison at Jefferson City made his life very miserable, maybe he could escape.

Waiting on Death Row, was rather boring so he studied up on Black Magic. After awhile he could leave his cell in the middle of the night, going back to Springfield to do evil. He had always had the burning desire to get even with the young bitch that put him on Death Row.

Marcella Prine had married and moved with her husband to Cedarville, they have a young child and live in a nice home. If Walters could travel at night, why couldn’t he go in the daytime? After several attempts, he decided it was time. A bright sunny morning in April, he found her playing in the yard with the kid; beat the crap out of this no good, rotten young whore, rape her and tear her hair out, make her suffer. Kill the kid as she could do nothing but watch. This would be fun, so he grabbed the young woman and dragged her by her hair toward the backyard.

The little blonde haired brat came running and yelling: “Don’t Hurt My Mommy!” he’d just knock her flat. His hand didn’t make contact, the impossible happened, the kid grabbed hold of his arm and was now firmly planted on Tommy’s shoulders. He had to let go of the mother so he could use both hands to kill this pesky brat. Why don’t she just sit still?

Walters was not ready for the pain, as the little girl had quickly grabbed his chin and the top of his head; everything was going black, he couldn’t feel his head. The pain was the worst he’d ever felt.

The little girl now dripping with the man’s blood, she jumped down from his shoulders and waited for the rest of his body to fall landing in a sitting position. His hands were outstretched as if still trying to get hold of the girl: “Hey Mister, Did that Hurt?” she sassed as she was placing his severed head covered with his own life’s blood in his outstretched hands.

In the meantime, the security detail parked one door west of the Gore home realized something was wrong and came running with guns out.

They had already received their orders; clean up the mess and make it look as nothing ever happened. Walters body was magically returned as his spell wore off to his cell and the State of Missouri would save a lot of money.

When Walters’ attention turned to the little girl, the mother had made a call to The Hill, the Sanders wives already knew something was wrong and were heading down the hill toward town and the Gore home when they received her call. “Is little Shelby safe? The Security people know what to do in this situation, just take her to the basement, strip her and yourself bare. Throw everything in the incinerator, and both of you get in the shower. Do a thorough job of cleaning both of you. You will need to use the Mercedes sedan we’re bringing. We want your car checked out completely, you use the car we are bringing and head to Ava to spend the rest of the day playing in the public park where she likes to go like nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

The little girl played on the swings, the sliding board and with other small children who were also at this playground. About five p.m. Marcella and little Shelby headed home, but went to The Hill to meet with Gus and their friends.

Crime Boss Leo Smith in Tulsa had learned the high cost of not doing what he was ordered thirty-eight years earlier. He had supplied the books that Walters used to learn hoe to use spells.

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