Susie and Marcos have to Catch Up

Susie & Marcos have a lot of Catching Up to Do

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

Susie Developed Early.

Susie Wilson didn’t wait to come of age, she slipped out on Saturday nights to go to the drive-in movies. Being only ten years old was cramping my style, high school boys were more interesting. Being the Bank President’s daughter, I had learned how to be sneaky and do things my own way. I knew my Dad George was having an affair with Yvonne Allen, a married woman with a military husband.

Blackmail isn’t really BAD.

Susie did not look 10

Susie did not look 10 or 11

This very young girl borrowed my Dad’s backdoor key to the bank, before going down to Young’s and telling the guy in the hardware area, George needed a spare key. You must have a good story to get a copy cut for the Bank’s back door, it’s a special security lock. Susie already knew Young’s could make the key, the original I slipped back with my Dad’s keys without him knowing.

The very next Saturday night, little Susie slipped into the Bank through the backdoor and watched through the glass side-light to my Dad’s office. George and Yvonne were having a lot of fun on the leather sofa. That ended when they saw me…

“Susie, what are you doing here?” my Dad demanded, “How did you get in?”

“Date ended just after midnight, so the boys let me out here at the bank, and I have my own key. Thought I might drop by and see what you two are up to.” Susie answered.

Years passed:

Shelby and I started having our parties every Friday night, sometimes still up strong when daylight arrived. Neither of us had one relationship develop into anything long-term.

During the week, we spent much of our time up at The Hill riding our horses, swimming, and playing golf. Shelby couldn’t beat me and I couldn’t beat her. Our games of 18 holes ended in a tie, over time, we did get our scores down to the low fifties by the time Shelby turned 12. Not bad for this being a fully sanctioned PGA course, good thing neither of us were planning to play professionally.

Marcos and I Travel

Marcos and I Travel a lot

Both of us girls were A-string cheerleaders, making us very popular with the boys. Several male teachers wanted to develop friendships, even though they are already married. NO WARNING: Shelby turned 16 and announced she was ending the Friday night parties immediately.

I do not like parking on country roads or making out in a car parked next to the town square. The drive-in up at Simple City closed by mid-October, so DAMN THE LUCK! All the rest of us cheerleaders let Miss High and Mighty know how we felt.

The high school athletes were informed that if they asked Shelby out, there would be no other dates with anyone else. EVER! These boys knew this was NOT a joke. Our problem we needed to deal with was simple, Shelby is the only girl in town with a 12-person hot tub-spa. I couldn’t even go back to The Hill to use their pool or ride that horse Milton who I’d grown up with.

Major Dry Spell Coming:

Marcos Delphene

Marcos Delphene

When I did not have a date for New Year’s Eve, I knew I had problems, Susie Wilson was doing better with boys at age 11 and 12 than at 17? That’s crazy, I’m most men’s dream of the perfect woman, though I’m only 5 foot tall, but with the perfectly proportioned body and great tan. What’s wrong with me?

On Friday April 15, 1988 I met Marcos Delphene. Naked, taking an outdoor shower, I was dripping wet from head down to my beautiful toes. Shelby and I heard these voices behind us discussing how cute we looked from the back-side. I was needing a man for this Friday night, I took the perfect opportunity to dry myself off on his dress-up business clothes. NO complaints from either this gorgeous man or me, though I found out later he’s a lot older than I first thought. We do and from our first meeting, enjoy all of our marvelous time together, every delicious minute.

Travel to Unique Places:

I got a gift on our first date, my cute, black 1989 Mercedes 560 SL tickled my fancy. Hey, Susie Wilson is cute and sexier than a Playboy magazine centerfold. I’m the real thing and by the end of this weekend, Marcos Delphene would want me to have and hold forever, or at least many repeat dates. My sweet lover-boy took me to Machu Picchu in the Highlands of southern Peru the next morning and got me back to the Grand Ole Opry that same night.

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