Marcella Gore

Marcella Survived Her Teenage Hell

Back in 1968, Marcella Prine was leading a happy teenage life. Her father, John Prine was a respected lawyer who provided well for his wife and daughter. They lived in a nicely maintained large home over-looking Lake Springfield, just south of US 60 Highway. Marcella had no idea the teenage Hell that lay just ahead.

Then one night on her way back from the bathroom at 2 a.m., she overheard her parents who were still awake talking. What she heard kept the young girl from getting back to sleep.

Big bad bikers
Big Bad Bikers

Bad things were happening; her Dad’s law partner was involved in criminal activities. He was covering up his proceeds through the law firm’s accounts.

Most anyone who listens to TV, radio, or reads the newspapers in south Missouri knew about the Smith Brothers biker gang out of Tulsa. They are into murder, prostitution, and extortion with NO fear of the law. Tommy Walters her Dad’s law partner is involved, overseeing the Springfield portion of this illegal business.

The next morning before this girl could leave for school, Marcella’s mother explained that she and Marcella’s father have to fly to Nashville on business. Not to worry, they will be home before tomorrow night. The teenager knows how to prepare her own evening meal. Coming straight home after school, she spent time praying for her parents to have a safe trip.

Marcella fixed her dinner, then got busy with school homework. The doorbell rang, her heart jumped as she went to the door not knowing what else to do. There stood two police officers sent to inform her that her parents had died in the explosion of their plane.

Young Teen Girl
Young Teen Girl

The teenager was forced to go with the officers, not even being allowed to take her school books. A court order had been signed off on by a local circuit judge, giving everything the Prine family owned, to Tommy Walters. The young girl was so distraught they put her in a straight-jacket for her trip across town.

Marcella Prine is now a ward of the court with Walters her court appointed legal guardian. Within minutes Marcella found herself being delivered to the Walters Home for Run-Away Girls. Remembering at school, she knew a couple girls who lived here and attended classes only two or three days each week. They confided to Marcella about the men they had to take care of, school was just more of the same. Several teachers were doing favors for Tommy Walters, so he owed them favors.

The cute young teenager was striped, forced to take care of Tommy. All the while his wife was using a police night-stick on her young ass. The pain was bad, but nothing compared to the next forty-eight hours. She soon found more training to endure at the hands of twelve bikers in an old farm barn. Thinking she would surely die, she lost consciousness, got a bucket of cold water thrown on her naked young body, then more of the same. Sick, throwing up, and bleeding badly, but somehow she did survive.

One of the girls she knew from school tried to escape and made it to east I-44. Marcella was forced to watch as the girl was tortured for hours until she finally died. Not wanting to suffer the same fate, Marcella accepted her new set of circumstances and starting her life as a teenage prostitute. Some clients were nice, some were not, every night it was mostly the same routine. Four years past as she prayed for her young life to get better.

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