The Girls have Problems

The Girls have Problems NOT of their own doing

These two are UNIQUE!

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Susie is sharpe

Susie is sharpe for only 5 ft

Susie Wilson and Shelby Gore are definitely GENIUS level young ladies. They have a problem, they solve it on the run as they are taking action.

Now, both girls have found they are in love with RICH older men. Both have traded their skateboards for nice cars, Susie drives a black 560 SL Mercedes and Shelby has shown up at school with a white Caddy convertible. Shelby’s Alante is equipped with the Corvette 7.0 L7 505 hp small block V8 which cost many dollars extra. Quite an upgrade for Shelby from her skateboard.

Someone in Springfield said the girls got into a fight at a local auto supply store with several bikers. No one gets into fights with Outlaw Bikers and wins. At least not until these two girls came along and started to kick ass. Their Friday night parties ended months ago when Shelby turned 16, that didn’t set good with other high school students. Maybe if Shelby isn’t asked out to the Prom, New Year’s Eve and Christmas parties, she’ll change her mind?

Other people than just students want to teach this young high-and-mighty a lesson. That didn’t turn out very well, she sent them home to Medellin Colombia in body-bags. The following Sunday at church, she’s sitting next to her Dad’s boss holding hands. The very next day, Cedarville Steel announces that Willie Johnson is stepping down as General Manager, with Shelby’s Dad assuming that roll. She is only sixteen and he is a lot older, but looks maybe early thirties. Could she be…?

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