Will Kick Your Ass

Will Kick Your Ass if You Cross her Path

Shelby looked older

Shelby looked older

This Is Not Her 1st Fight!

Shelby Gore developed early, good looks and the strength that no ordinary man could match. By age 12 she could hold her own on a PGA sanctioned 18 holes, never over 50. There are secrets to every game and this girl can not even spell loser.

Lots of things happened when she was twelve, September 28, 1983 for her birthday, she received her first pair of 6 inch spiked heels. The heels are welded steel attached as one piece to the platform soles, able to withstand a lot of abuse. Shelby Gore has been told not to come to school wearing such shoes, but she still wears them daily as she does with her very grown-up style clothes.

School officials tell her what she must do, then they get a call from one of her lawyers telling them what she will do. Many parents have wondered WHY a girl of twelve has lawyers, especially the caliber of the Sanders wives.

Some have even asked HOW one man like Colonel Ted Sanders can have two wives? He is the Chairman of Cedarville State Bank, and the President of PSL Holdings LTD, Bogota Colombia SA that owns Cedarville Steel. They also own three other manufacturing plants in nearby towns.

Jessica is the blonde

Jessica is the blonde

Jodie Meyer

Jodie Meyer is the brunette

The Sanders wives are seen together throughout this entire area and are well known as Best Friends. One or both are seen with Marcella Gore around town and in Springfield. She does work on her home computer for the Sanders family.

Gus Gore is only the third shift supervisor at Cedarville Steel since 1972. What happens so late at night to make this such an important position? Everywhere the Gore girl goes, there is a GMC Suburban following her at a short distance behind. It is parked one house to the west every night and in front of the school when she’s in school.

Why does this young girl receive such Special Treatment? Is there more to her than meets the average pair of eyes?

Here in Cedarville the High School is making out quite good, new football field, new gym, new science lab with all the high tech of any college.

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