Ozark Hills

Ozark Hills

Everyone has to do their share
Shelby has to fight daily to stay alive.

It’s a Daily Fight!

Shelby Gore is HOT!
Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

The Ozark Hills can get HOT in the summertime. Nothing is hotter than Shelby Gore and the women in the small town of Cedarville. Summer does get HOT in Cedarville which has a public swimming pool. Shelby Gore is HOT, though she is never seen at the public pool. She goes swimming at The Hill in their very private half mile long pool. Sometimes she uses the small lake in the nearby woods.

Other teenagers must use the few swimming holes in nearby streams where skinny-dipping is the norm. These can get crowded when the temperatures get over 100. The old men sometimes bring folding chairs since they are more interested in the great view.

This girl is the local High School track star. Shelby wins every event she’s entered for two years now. So, she cheats just a little having her own gym in her home basement. She is allowed to use the two mile rubber running track at The Hill. This teenager likes golf, tennis, and riding her horse which is a fun way to spend her weekends. Most nights are spent on her basement computer, rather than talking with people she don’t even like at the local Pizza Parlor.

Shelby likes Golf
Shelby excels at Golf

This young woman is very mature for her young age. She attended the Junior-Senior Prom when in the eighth grade. As a Freshman, ten high school athletes asked her to be their date, she accepted two, just as the previous year. But now, something is very wrong, this year as a Sophomore not one boy asked her to the Prom.

Shelby has not had one date since September 28, her sixteenth birthday. There is one man she wants a relationship with, Willie Johnson is her Dad’s boss. This man causes the teenager to lose sleep, he is tall, handsome and RICH, though much older than this teenager. Does a teenage girl of sixteen really care about how old the man is? It’s mid-April now, she’s been told there is a chance she and Willie can go to the company Fourth of July picnic together… If she can stay alive that long?

When I was 12
12 yr old Shelby

Some of the old men who spend their days sitting on the benches at the city center square brag about this young cutie they all claim to know quite well. The girl uses her skateboard to make the trip down to Young’s for her mother, she usually stops and talks with these old guys. When she was twelve, she got her nipples pierced and gave the old men a look-see. This girl looked beyond her young age and didn’t mind giving her older friends a snuggle and a few kisses.

Wives of the old guys never pay much attention to what they are being told, the old men have no money so what harm could all their talking do?

Summer of 1984 when the girl was twelve, she learned a terrible secret about these older folks. Several are on the verge of starving, due to the fact they have no money at all, their Social Security check money is being taken. Hoodlums from Mtn. High for the last year demand to be paid or they will break arms, legs, and hips which they have already done on multiple occasions. How can a young girl of 12 even consider doing anything to stop twelve grown men who the local police are scared to confront?

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