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Curtis E LeMay
Curtis E LeMay
I met General LeMay in 1959 at the home of a friend, Andy Anderson. LeMay wanted to know what I thought of a book I had read: “Project Bluebook” by Colonel Gray. Gray had headed up the PROJECT at Wright Patterson USAF base, Dayton, Ohio until his recorded death.

Some date in 1956, he vanished with the complete collection of UFO files and artifacts kept at Dayton. This was the night everything was transported to Area 51, Groom Lake, Nevada. Indianapolis Airport was CLOSED because of numerous UFO sightings in that area on this night of 1956. The book was published in 1957, but has since been removed from every known source. “Writes a pretty good book for a dead man.” the General commented. My High School Principal was a close friend of the General from World War II.

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Important Person LOST
An Important Person LOST

Who was Tea Tephi?

One of two Daughters of Zedekiah, the last King of Judah, in the line of David, taken to Egypt and adopted by the Pharaoh. Then taken by the prophet Jerimiah to Ireland to marry the King of Ireland. Tea Tephi and her husband Heremon, who was the son of Milesius and Scota.

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