School is OUT

Now We Must take Our Responsibilities Seriously!

School’s OUT! We have to grow up and accept our own responsibilities. Shelby Gore and I were Best Friends for years, that all ended last September. We have NOT talked since. Today is April 15, 1988, I said something really BAD to Shelby which could get my father fired. If I apologize, will Shelby forgive me and let us go back to the two of us being friends? I have not had a date since Christmas vacation; Damn the Luck! It’s mostly my fault, and Shelby has not had a date since her 16th birthday last September.

Will Shelby forgive me?

Susie Wilson
Susie Wilson

I’m Susie Wilson, my father is George Wilson, the President of the Cedarville State Bank, I’ve really stuck my foot in my mouth this time. My father just called me on the phone and we have big trouble. He said the wrong thing to someone that did NOT go like he expected.

Now, I asked the high school principal what he thought I should do? He offered to get Shelby out into the hallway for me, so its up to me from there. If this doesn’t work, my Dad may have to learn to drive a truck. I can forget college, I’ll have to go to work straight out of school. Right now, I’m a senior with about one month to go to graduate. This seventeen-year-old is in deep doo-doo of my own making.

Shelby came out into the hallway, crying I said: “I’m sorry for what I said earlier, lately I’ve become not a very nice person.” I had to try, make a start somewhere.

She gave me a hug and asked if I would like to go horseback riding like we used to do. While the two of us were talking, Jodie Meyer, one of Colonel Ted Sanders two wives shows up and acts like old times. Her husband is my Dad’s boss at the bank. I know good and well she knows how rotten I’ve been. Can this be for real? When school is out at 3:30 I’m to ask my Mom to take Shelby and I to The Hill and everything will be back to where it once was? I can hope for a miracle.

I hope this is a Start!

Shelby is all happy about having a new boyfriend, and the ring she’s wearing, WOW! Maybe I can just find a guy, most any guy will help for this weekend. Most any guy would be better than the nothing I’ve spent my weekends with the last few months.

Our ride down to the lake seemed like old times, like back when we were best friends. That’s a plus, and the horse I’m riding, remembers and is really glad to see me.

Shelby is just wanting to be with her new guy. Shelby says she will find me somebody. As we are finishing up in the outdoor showers, her guy Willie shows up with someone else. This man is great looking, a handsome man that likes my tan, but does he have a wife? …how many kids? …is he just passing through? These are questions I need to know the answers, but he sure is cute and I’m ready for a new adventure. Having a man who knows what I want, could change my life forever.

Marcos is Great.

Marcos Delphene
Marcos Delphene

Marcos knows what I need to make me feel special, he’s single, no kids, and will be living here in Cedarville for years to come. This handsome hunk of real man, wants me to spend the night at his apartment. Tomorrow early, I’m to take a trip with him, then tomorrow night attend the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. This high school senior dating a man with his own very fast jet, WOW!

Marcos and I have dinner in the dining hall with Shelby and her Willie. Suddenly, I notice my mother is here with Shelby’s Mom. I take Marcos over to introduce him to my mother, I tell her what we have planned for this weekend. Mom and Marcos get into an intense discussion, wait a minute, I didn’t know that. Our trip tomorrow morning is to southern Peru? I just found out that I’m adopted. Why didn’t someone tell me sooner? This whole weekend and me meeting this wonderful guy was planned long before today?

I’ve always known Shelby is a little different; but now I’m part of something out of the ordinary myself. I’m glad Shelby and I are back to being Best Friends. Now, I’m to start a relationship with my birth parents.

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