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Have You Ever Seen a Flying Saucer?

NASA does NOT want You to Know

Getty Photo of a T-528, NASA does NOT want You to Know the TRUTH!

1968 a Permanent Mars Base!

According to a retired US Astronaut, a permanent mining base on Mars was established in 1968. The spacecraft used to transport workers is triangular and takes 33 hours each way from the US Army Proving Grounds, Dugway, UT.

During the late 1980s, I was asked to haul a semi-trailer load of “boat trailers”, hand crated from this facility to meet a ship at Wilmington, NC. This “High Security” shipment was going to Saudi Arabia. Not one boat trailer was I allowed to see, just stay in the truck and be ready to roll when loaded. How many small boats in Saudi Arabia need boat trailers? Saudi Arabia is sand dunes and oil wells.



Marlon Brandy, studied at University of California, Santa Barbara; Answered January 13, 2020
I worked at NASA for four years and with the U.S. Air Force for three in the field of Exo-Psychology. Yes, aliens exist. They haven’t crashed anywhere. They aren’t from some other planet. They are from “somewhere else” and my team was never told where or why they are here. The Soviets, Chinese, and U.S., and probably other countries, have been in contact with them. They look like us. They don’t care if we know they are here. From what information we were given, they are mentally and emotionally very different than us. We could never obtain direct data. So what? Knowing anything about them changes nothing.

Shelby starts her Day with COFFEE

Shelby starts her Day with COFFEE

See any tentacles or rubber skin? I’m just cute, smart, a little stronger than most, and do not age like ordinary humans. Both of my parents are over one billion Earth years in age, created on the planet Ex-Es in the Gia-Con D.I.A. galaxy.

In the Getty image above, this transport pictured above is the T-528, a design first produced at the end of the Universal War one billion Earth years ago. Don’t waste your time looking for crash sites, not one has crashed in all of this time. Willie and I own one he was given by his father Michael, it’s 5,280 feet in diameter, has a full-time crew of 1,000 under the command of a General. This craft has been in his possession for over 17,300 years.

We keep our T-528 in a stationary orbit over the state of Missouri, always ready for our immediate use. It’s never brought into the Earth’s atmosphere, we use smaller versions for travel here. The smaller transports range in size from the T-3.3 (33′), T-33 (330″), T-132 (1320′). A T-132 is my favorite for trips to South Africa, Colombia, and the Orient. Our T-528 is used for our trips to the Intergalactic Conference each month; I have to help my mother with her reports.

Want to know more about our lives, Read the book published by Amazon.

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Think about Shelby

Everyone has to do their share

Here in Cedarville Everyone has to do their share

Life is getting very complicated…

Shelby likes golf

Shelby likes golf

This young lady knows she was adopted, but her Mom and Dad are her best friends. The Gore family live a pretty good life, Shelby got her own horse when she was seven. Her horse Melon is a dark brown mountain horse with a blonde mane and tail. The Sanders family keep it up at The Hill where they live, it’s a special place. There is a year round swimming pool, tennis courts, and a PGA sanctioned 18 hole golf course.

Having use of the two mile rubber running track has been a great help for her to become Cedarville High School’s track star. Not one boy or girl can beat this teenager on any event she decides to enter. Having a gym in the basement at home keeps all of her muscles in tone, though her family does not own a TV.

Golf is another thing this young lady is quite good at, by the age of 12 she could hold her score in the low fifties. There are other skills not so well known she excels at, like staying alive.

When I was 12

Shelby w/skateboard

The old men who spend their days sitting on park benches down at the town square tell some pretty wild stories. Back in the summer of 1984, there were twelve hoodlums from Mtn. High, who made monthly trips to Cedarville and other nearby towns. Old folks had to cash their monthly Social Security checks and give the money to this gang. Don’t want to pay and you or someone you love gets hurt really bad. Over at Mtn. High, they had killed a cop, so the police were not any help.

Most days, the 12 year-old blonde would take her skateboard and head east through downtown to pick up whatever her Mom needed. These old guys would make remarks about how cute she looks, asking how old she is now, and who she has for a boyfriend. Shelby liked the attention she was getting, she’d sit and snuggle with the old guys, giving them kisses. They had all seen her pierced nipples, and would ask her some very personal questions which she enjoyed answering.

One day, the old guys were asking each other when the next commodity give-away would be at the senior center? The young girl suggested she could talk to Kare-Ann down at Young’s Family & Home Center. She was sure she could get some special discounts on groceries just for seniors. To which she learned they have NO MONEY, and explained their situation.

The girl jumped up, ran to the street waving her hands in the air in order to get her security detail’s attention. The GMC Suburban squalled it’s tires coming to her aid. Rolling down the front passenger window, the hispanic looking man asked: “Miss Gore, what’s the problem?” there looked to be six men in the vehicle.

A week and two days later, the problem was solved, ten men were removed from the town square in body bags. The remaining two died in a shoot-out with sherif’s deputies and highway patrol just north of Cedarville. Marcella helped her young daughter get cleaned up before going to The Hill to ride the horses.

READ about Shelby’s adventures at Amazon

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You are Responsible!

Shelby has to Change

Shelby has to Change, Life is Serious Business!

Learn to play by the Rules, change comes Quickly!

Now here I am, walking home from school without one High School friend to my name. Shelby has one goal that caused me to make changes, not what everyone else wanted to hear. Without one date in six and a half months, did I screw up?

Now it’s mid-April and I may be able to have the Date I want if I can stay focussed. It’s been a long dry spell, but I want to get a date with Willie Johnson. Willie is my Dad’s boss at Cedarville Steel. My parents have known my interest in this man since I was nine years old.

I got screamed at by Willie’s long-time companion down at Young’s Family & Home Center. She and many others had seen me grab and kiss the man of my dreams squarely on the lips. It happened at the company 4th of July picnic, he pushed me away and told me “Not now, we can’t!”.

One week later, a black walnut jewelry box was dropped in my grocery sack, full of diamond and emerald jewelry. My Mom found it when I got back home on my skateboard.

diamonds and emeralds


The next week Shelby’s Mom went to Ava shopping, I asked to be dropped off at the town square. I wanted to visit a jeweler I’d known for a few years. The laser etched serial numbers confirmed it was bought in Springfield ten years earlier at Designs by Rochelle. NO at the very least, it wasn’t stolen.

The person who bought these beauties, paid $15,000 for earrings, necklace, navel-bobble, and nipple bars. “WOW!” …was all I could think to say. There is only one person who may have sent me this gift, but this was not the time to confront him. I’m already in trouble for getting much too close at last year’s Cedarville Steel’s 4th of July picnic. Kare-Ann Young is just plain pissed off at my aggressive behavior.

Every Sunday I see him with her at church, we try to avoid eye contact, but I’ve caught him glancing my way. At five foot eight and one hundred thirty-five pounds of pure perfection, I’m a real eye-catcher. I am NOT conceited, I’ve looked in a mirror and I am not blind… I sizzle!

blonde with blue eyes

5’8″, 135 lbs. blonde

My Mom and Dad, and the Sanders wives, all of whom I can always talk to about anything. All have cautioned me about getting too close to Willie. These are my friends, all keep assuring me that my day is coming, just be patient.

I quit the Friday night parties, I told three teachers: “No More“. Now I’m reaping what I’ve sown. Okay, my actions could have gotten some people in serious trouble, but didn’t. I know I have adult friends who covered for my wild ways. To quit messing around has not helped with my need to be held and cuddled. Cold turkey is not making the grade for me. I need male attention and I know I’ve not behaved like a proper young lady.

Four scroungy looking men crawling out of the old car that just slid to a stop in front of me. That’s not the attention I’m craving…

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South Missouri History

They are Hiding Something

They are Hiding Somethings, and a Lot More?

Shelby Knows the Secrets!

READ the Book: Remember that Sunday afternoon in June 1954? General Curtis E. LeMay, who was the commander of Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha, NE at that time, along Colonel Gray who was the head of Project Blue Book were both present that afternoon. The event was announced the previous Monday in a front page article of the Springfield New-Leader. That paper was on microfilm at the old Springfield-Greene County Library on North Booneville, which I was able to view with help from the lady Librarian around 1980. As she pointed out the page was cut and pasted to remove the article and replaced it with something else.

The Librarian had discussed this with Frank Farmer, the reporter that wrote the article, who was her close friend. Long time Mansfield High School Principal, Charles F. Calame attended the event with his good friend General LeMay. My longtime Mansfield friend Andy Anderson who lived near Willow Springs at that time was there on that Sunday too. Andy introduced me to the General at Andy’s home in Mansfield autumn of 1959.

There were over 1,000 witnesses at the event outside Mountain View that Sunday near the home of Buck Nelson. What was the event? A 17 year old young man was leaving Earth heading back to his home on Venus by flying saucer at over 5,000 mph according to USAF radar.

U.S.A.F. fighter jets already in the air, gave chase and could hardly believe what they were witnessing. Local and county law enforcement were present, as were Missouri State Highway Patrol officers, U.S.A.F. personnel and a sizeable presence of Military Police. By late Sunday night and early Monday many of the people who attended, reported being threatened with bodily harm if they told anyone what they had witnessed. These included Farmer and other staff at the Springfield News-Leader newspaper. This newspaper paper now declares Farmer never worked for their paper until 1957. I knew the pilot who flew Farmer down to Mountain View on both Sundays. He was a Springfield jeweler who accompanied Farmer on many occasions to cover stories.

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Cedarville High

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

She has Not One High School Friend

What Else Can Go Wrong?

This girl is Cedarville High’s Track Star, Shelby can run faster and jump farther than every other student athlete. Something is WRONG? I take first place at every track meet, beating the competition by a country mile. I don’t enter just one event, I go for every event, other student contestants can not compete.

Nothing is Normal in Cedarville

Shelby looks years beyond her age

Being captain of the Senior Varsity cheerleaders for baseball, football, and basketball since I was a freshman I was popular. There were other reasons, I have a reputation for being a lot of fun.

Now, not one boy has asked me out on a date since the end of last September. Shelby turned sixteen on September 28, that’s when I announced the Friday Night Crazy parties were ENDED.

I do have the only 12-person hot tub in town, and for the last six years every teenage couple at Cedarville High have brought their dates. NO drugs or alcohol were allowed, but everything else was just FUN, FUN, FUN. Large very private back-yard, outdoor propane fireplace and drop-down curtains for bad weather.

Now without the parties, there are not enough country roads available for parking and now teenagers must remember to bring their own supplies. Pop, pizza and more all cost money, these used to be free at the Gore home.

Over the last few years, there have been rumors as to why the school received the large donations from three local businesses. Cedarville State Bank, Cedarville Steel, and Young’s Family & Home Center have donated millions as a new football field, gymnasium, and science lab. Stories do get blown out of proportion, but WHY was this done?

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Why is Shelby in Trouble?

Every Day is a New Threat

Every Day is a New Threat, Kick their Ass or they Kill ME!

It’s Them or Me!

Shelby was only four when Tommy Walters picked on the wrong little girl. She was twelve when the 12 hoodlums from Mtn High were stealing Social Security check money from old folks here in Cedarville. Twelve left Mtn High that morning, 12 body-bags returned to Mtn High that evening. Ten were killed by this young blonde who was not quite a teenager; the other two died in a police shoot-out north of town.


Shelby stays Healthy

Now, it’s four years later with a Colombian drug cartel wanting to take over the South American cocaine industry.

It’s mid-April 1988 walking four blocks home from school, I know I’m being followed by a GMC Suburban with blacked out windows. I have not had one date in six and a half months, only one more day and it will be another lonely weekend.

I’ll ride my horse, go for a few runs on the two-mile track, play golf by myself, then swim a few laps in the half-mile long pool. The Hill is like having my own private resort since I was very little.

My only problem is not one boy has asked me for a date in six and a half months. Damn, I’ve looked at myself in a mirror and I know I am HOT! Why am I not getting any dates? Oh well, maybe I can sneak a peak at my true love, that man drives my crazy.

DAMNED IDIOT! Why didn’t you learn to drive?” an old car just jumped the curb in front of Shelby and slid to a stop.

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Over 1 Million Visitors

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Aliens, Angels & Flying Saucers

Willie Johnson

Willie Johnson

Shelby is only 16

Shelby is only 16

Shelby takes help from anyone who wants to be her friend. Her boy friend is older than Adam & Abraham put together, but looks pretty good for his relative age.

With over 900,000 visitors since the first book was published, Shelby is catching interest. Super Hero, she is NOT, but she does have friends willing to help when she has problems.

Shelby traded her skateboard for a Caddy convertible that gets her to school before the bell rings. Running two miles morning and evening is not as lonesome as it used to be before Willie. Willie Johnson has been her Dad’s boss for the last several years, but since she was nine and saw him for the first time, Shelby wanted Willie.

Every girl must have a dream and Willie has picked up a few Ex’s over the years, last summer she had a run-in with his most recent. That was then and this is NOW, time to move on with their future with no time for regrets. Then Shelby learns there are rules she has to abide with or not even another kiss until she turns 21. Uh-OH! …that’s a real bummer.

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About the Author

Ancient History UPDATED

Ancient History UPDATED in 2nd Book

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

Shelby Gore makes a Damned Good Hero

When I was 7, I met Laura Ingalls Wilder “Little House books” who was 89 at the time, buying a Big Chief tablet and #2 pencils she used to write her last manuscript. I was 8 in June 1954 when over 1000 people witnessed the flying saucer at Mtn. View, MO. The previous Monday the Springfield News & Press had carried an interview by Frank Farmer with Bucky Nelson a 17 year old English teacher from a University on the planet Venus.

Over the next few years, I had the opportunity to talk with several people who were there that Sunday afternoon. In autumn 1959 at the home of Andy Anderson, I got to meet General Curtis E LeMay who actually got to take a ride in this craft and manage the controls. He, Farmer and Colonel Gray who headed Project Blue Book all got to take a short flight. Upon returning to the sight, LeMay was the last to leave the craft, which sped away with USAF jets giving chase. Radar showed the craft leaving the Earth’s atmosphere at over 5000 mph.

A few years back “Defensionem – The WarBible” published an article by: Patrick Morrison, (“AREA 52?”: Dugway Proving Grounds) which includes the following picture. There are more realistic photos elsewhere of actual craft photographed at this base.

Area 52

Dugway Area 52

Dugway Proving Ground is a U.S. Army facility established in 1942 to test biological and chemical weapons, located about 85 mi southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, and 13 mi south of the 2,624 sq mi Utah Test and Training Range forming the largest overland special use airspace in the United States. This is said to be the home of the Mars Mining base active since 1968 with two black triangular craft that take workers and supplies in 33 hours one way. There’s a NASA portal in Southern California that can transport people to that base in less than a few minutes.

He ruled many years ago

Have you met me?

Want some FACTS?

The most famous space traveler of all time is Jesus the Christ. NO the Egyptians did not build the Great Pyramid at Giza, nor did a group of natives build Machu Picchu in the highlands of southern Peru. You must realize Earth is just one place among billions of populated planets throughout the Universe. I write about these people and their travels. They are NOT little GREEN men as shown on TV and in movies.

The Archangel Michael has made many trips to Earth within the last few years, many people meet with him. Governments and so-called scientists do NOT want the public to know what really happens. They would rather promote the Theory of Evolution which is a HOAX to make Earth people too DUMB to be able to think for themselves, nothing more and nothing less.

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She’s an American Girl

Will Kick Your Ass

Bad People Need to Fear this Young Woman!

Shelby Fights to WIN.


Curtis E LeMay

Curtis E LeMay

Springfield TV, Radio, and Newspapers have kept QUIET about some items over the years. Examples include: Organized Crime, Crooked Politicians, and the June 1954 Mountain View Flying Saucer Event. Over one thousand witnesses ALL lied about what really happened; it was just a story cooked up by a few people wanting to get in the News. Even though a top US Air Force General was there in person, it was just a hoax and NEVER happened.


This is a quiet little town of 1,400, where 1,000 people are employed at the local steel plant. Cedarville Steel has always made parts for large truck. In 1970, a South American company (PSL Holdings LTD), bought the local steel plants here and in two other nearby towns. This is the company involved with the U.S.A.F. in a joint venture, building advanced aircraft. Their manufacturing facility is located in an abandoned limestone quarry, twelve miles north at Mtn High.

4 yr old Shelby

4 yr old Shelby

February 1976, the day was sunny and cool, Marcella Gore and her four year old little girl were playing ball in their yard. They were playing Annie-Over ball, Momma in the front yard would yell out “Annie-Over”, little Shelby would figure out where the ball is coming over the roof and catch it. Having played for just over an hour, the little girl realized it had been several minutes she’d heard from Momma. Starting around the house, she met a man dragging Momma by the hair to the back yard: “Bitch I’m going to kill you and your brat!”

Little Shelby demanded: “Don’t you hurt my Momma!” to which the man took a swing of his fist at the child. She grabbed hold of his arm and flipped herself through the air to the man’s shoulders. Her legs firmly wrapped about his neck, she grabbed his chin and the back of his head and gave a twist.

Tommy Walters had not planned on this being a possibility, the pain and everything was going black. The man let go of Momma, trying to get the peskie little brat off, he heard a cracking sound. Shelby jumped to the ground and went to stand in front of the headless creature: “Did that hurt?” she sassed, placing his severed head in his outstretched hands.

The Security Detail realized something was wrong and came running with guns out. Marcella called the Sanders women soon as Tommy let go of her, they were already on their way. Mother and daughter were both drenched in blood, Jodie and Jessica were already on their way to the Gore home, having sensed something was wrong.

This chain of events could not have happened, Tommy Walters was locked in his cell on Death Row at the Jefferson City prison. When he was found sitting on the floor of his cell holding his severed head, blood covered even the ceiling.

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BAD Things can Happen!

You must Help Yourself

You must Help Yourself to SURVIVE

Leave Me Alone or!

Shelby Gore is the Talk of Cedarville

I have things to do

Over the years, I’ve tried to be nice. I go to church with my parents every Sunday, exercise, ride my horse up at The Hill, and get good grades in school. If you don’t want to get your ass kicked? Leave me alone or I’ll send you home in a body-bag. When it comes down to you or me, YOU made your choice. I have to kick your ass into the next world if I’m to survive for another day.

I was only four, Tommy Walters came to Cedarville to kill my Momma and me, that didn’t work out very well for old Tommy. He only got what he deserved, saving the State of Missouri lots of money on his appeals.

Turning twelve there were twelve hoodlums extorting Social Security check money from old folks here in town every month. The Police were scared to do anything, since other officers had been killed by these criminals in a nearby town. Friends helped me arrange a few free meals for fifty old folks which was no big task. It was the next Friday, the day for checks to arrive at the Post Office. I arrived at the city square before 8:30 a.m. and waited. With my skateboard leaned up against the back of the park-bench, my Security team were to keep the police out of my way.

Twelve big bad-boys arrived, explaining what they were going to do with me, before throwing my remains in a dumpster. Ten bodies were left laying on the ground, two escaped and died in a shoot-out with law officers north of town. These boys only got my clothes exceedingly dirty, without one bruise or scratch. My Momma had me put the clothes in a paper bag and throw it into our gas-fired incinerator.

Check out my Book: The Dreams of Shelby Gore to find what kinds of mischief I can get into.

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